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If you once showed a film on genie, maybe in the film you see it emerge from an antique lamp, and can grant anything you wish.. But in the reality, genie is not like it, nor the performance.

If you once showed a film on genie, maybe in the film you see it emerge from an antique lamp, and can grant anything you wish.. But in the reality, genie is not like it, nor the performance.


Do you believe in the existence of soul, angel and genie ? Some people, like the atheists do not believe in the unseen creatures for they are not seen physically by human vision. But, every one can not deny the signs of their living around us. I will tell you some as follow:

  1. Do you dream in your sleep ? Maybe, you once dreamt of going to a jungle; after walking for a couple of hours in the dream, then you met a big poisonous snake; she ran after you, and she got and bit you, you underwent a very bad pain; at the time she would eat you, suddenly you see a big falcon coming toward you; you screamed as loud as you can, but no voice coming out from your mouth, you were so frightened at that time … terribly frightened, …. Then, you got awake and realized that it was a dream.
  2. Did you ever feel something wrong on someone you cared or you adored ? Then you tried to meet her or got any information about her; in the end, you knew that she was taken to the hospital owing to an acute sickness.
  3. Did you ever feel so worried on something you did not know ?
  4. Did you ever feel so comfort standing by someone you just met, no matter you never knew him/her before; or the vise versa, at the first time you see an acquaintance, there had been hatred in your heart to see him/her even though you do not any bad thing on him/her.
  5. Have you ever seen someone who raved or be delirious in his unconsciousness ?

The five indicators exposed above are the sample proofs of the existence of souls, Angels and genies around us.

To get clearer understanding before discussing further on these spirit creatures, we had better discuss the nature of the three before coming to the deeper aspects on them;

1. Angel

Angels were created from the shine by Allah. They are billions, even maybe trillions in number. Allah created them and propagate them by His own way, not through biological process (having birth, or other processes in which animals or plants are multiplied). They are given thoughts and feelings, but they do not have passion, desire, lust or appetite. They are indeed special creatures; in the condition like that, Allah made them to be the ones who have no genders – no male as well as female, need not eat and drink, even breathe. Like robots, the live of angels have been controlled by Allah to do many special duties that they have to accomplish until the end of the world and then continued to the live after the judgement day; that is the live in heaven or the hell.

Maybe, you wonder why I say the number of angels are trillions in this universe. The first reason is lying on Surah Ar-Ra’du verse 11:

For human, there are angels which always follow them in turn – in front and behind them, they (the angels) take care of them under the command of Allah. Indeed, Allah will not change the destiny of a society until they make efforts to change their own destiny. And if Allah wish to give some bad lucks to a society, nothing can deny it; and there is no other protector for them but Allah.

In some books that I have read, the race names of these angels is Hafazhah. If there are 7 billion human living on the earth at this time, it means the numbers of angel Hafazhah are around 14 billion. These angels are the dynamic ones; they are given power by Allah to help the one that they guard if they are ordered by Allah to do so in some circumstances. The help can be physically, or giving some whispers or warning to the ones that they guard through their feeling, mind or their dream.

Beside Angels Hafazhah, every human is also followed by two other angels, the races of the angels are Raqib and Atiq; both of them are static angels, they can not do anything on the one that they follow except just only to do things that have been asked them to. Angel Raqib is placed on the right of every human; his duty is only to take note on the good things done by the one that he follows, meanwhile, Angel Atiq is placed on the left to take the note on the bad things done by the human. The notes taken will be the proof for the Almighty to put the human into the heaven or to the hell in the day after. Continuing the calculating above, if the number of human are 7 billion, there will be other 14 billion of Angel Raqib and Atiq on the earth; 28 billion altogether.

Every human who is born into this world will be given the four angels, and for the ones who had passed away, Allah will take the angels to His side to pray for the ones that they have followed until the end of time.

Out of the angels above, there also many other angels whose duties to pray to Allah in certain times; in the dawn time, in the morning, afternoon, evening and in the night; praying for forgiveness and blessing for the Muslims who ask for them. There are also numerous angels whose duties only to praise Allah, say tasbih for Allah, and say the words of Allah. There are also billions of angels which are sent by Allah to a battle to give extra protection to the muslims who are in the fight against their enemies. And after the doomsday later, there will be numerous angels whose in charge of torturing the sinners in the hell under the leadership of 19 angels Zabaniyah. Indeed, there are billions of angels in this universe.

But, above all, among the numerous one stated, there are some angels which every muslim has to know, they are:

  • Angel Jibril. He is the chief of all angels. He is given a great power by Allah, included to do something which are regarded as great miracles even impossible by the ones who do not believe in Allah. He was the messenger who deliver the words of Allah to His Rasul (prophet) and Nabi, started from Adam ‘Alaihissalaam to Nabiyullah Muhammad Salallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam. Indeed, some other angels also can be given power to show miracle to human, but Jibril is the greatest one, that there are some human who regard him as a god. He is not a god, he is nothing compared to Allah. It is through him, Allah gives command to the other angels.
  • Angel Mikail. He is the one whose duties to distribute the subsistence, livelihood, victuals, daily needs or lucks to every one living in this world every time, second, minute, hour, day, week, …. He has been doing that since Allah created living creatures in this world, and will keep doing it until the end of time.
  • Angel Israfil. He has only two duties; blowing the trumpet of the doomsday and blowing the trumpet for the judgement day.
  • Angel Izrail. His duty is to omit the soul from every living creature in this universe; it can be human, genie, animal and plant.
  • Angel Ridwan. He is the one who watch the entrance of Heaven.
  • Angel Malik. He is the angel who watch the entrance of the hell.
  • Angel Raqib and ‘Atid; we have discussed on these angels before.
  • Munkar and Naqir. They are the race of angels whose duties to ask several questions to everyone who has been buried or passed away, at once to torture the sinners before the coming of the doomsday.

2. Genie.

Have you seen some fiction on genies ? Just say, the story of Aladin Lamp and its Genie. Do you think a genie really can do things like told in the story ? Not at all, they are only fiction, narrative story. Genie is not as strong as that, though to some extent, these unseen creatures are much stronger that human in general but not too excessive. They can not grant what somebody wants, but in certain condition, they can help the one that they want to. Genies were created by Allah from the arc of fire. They are like human; have thoughts, feelings, lust, passion, desire, appetite; having birth, grow, getting old, and die; live in society; live in countries; go to schools; get well, ill, angry, sad; eat and drink; and so on; like human being. They can see us but we can not see them. Like human, genies are also grouped into many races; the strong ones, the weak ones, the big ones, the little ones, the red ones, the yellow ones, the white ones, Ifrit, and so on. They also can be Muslims, christians, budhist, hindist, taoist, even atheists. There are good genies and there are also the bad ones. They usually occupy the places in which no human live there, such as the sea, the river, the lake, the pond, jungle, forest, woods, empty house, empty rooms, and so forth. One of the ability which can be done by some genies is; they can form themselves to someone that they want.

In general, we have to distinguish the genies into some kinds:

  • Common genies, like the ones that we have discussed above. These genies are like human in general; also treated like human. The good ones will be put into the heaven, and the bad ones will be in the hell. Each of them are also followed by 4 angels. If only we could get the number of genies in this world, of course we would be able to estimate the number the four angels that follow them.
  • Qarin. This is a special race of genie which is given by Allah to every human or the common genie when they are born. He can be a good one, or possibly also the bad one. Like the four angels, this kind of genie also follow his master wherever he/she goes; the angels can see him/her but she/he can not see the angels. Owing to the condition that he has followed his master since she/he was born, the genie really know every single spot of the one that he follows. If his master die in proper way, Allah will let him gather in a community of Qarin; but if his master die not in proper way (like being murdered, assassinated, drowned, and et cetera), he will be so sad, lost, or disappointed. Some of them even trying to emerge like his master to some human, that some of us call him as ghost. Qarin, like other common genies are also given the 4 angels.
  • Satans. These group of genies are the unforgiven ones by Allah. They are not given any angel to guard them. They have been predestined to be the false guides for every human and genie; to direct them to the hell; not believe in Allah; not believe in Islam. The King of Satan is iblis, he is the one who has made Nabiyullah Adam A.S steped out from the heaven.

3. Soul

This is the spirit that stay in every living creature body. It is his existence that make human, genie, angel, animal, plant and the others stay alive. Without soul, a man is corpse, carrion, or cadaver. There is no much insight given by Allah about this creature, whether in Al-Qur’an or in Hadits as well. There are many secrets behind soul. Only Allah knows it more.

As a closing, I want to say again, there are only three unseen creatures in this world; angels, genies, and Souls; nothing else.

Payakumbuh, Saturday, 7 May 20011 – 3 Jumadil Awwal 1432.


Abhaque Supanjang (author) from Kumango - Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat - Indonesia on May 12, 2012:

Thank you, Mimi...! I only tell the truth about these creatures seeing from Islamic point of view; not more not less.

Mimi721wis on May 12, 2011:

Voted up. I wish I had more time to study on the topics in this interesting hub. It's amazing how some Christians refer to the Muslim religion in a negative way. There's so many things that when looked up or referanced the translation are interpreted in a Muslim language.