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The U.F.O. Truth Files, Part IV, The Truth about the Roswell Incident and Area 51


On 2nd July 1947, late in the evening two UFOs allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. One of them crashed 175 miles north-west at Corona, the other 160 miles west at St. Augustine. On the morning of 3rd July a shepherd named Mac Brazel discovered the wreckage of one of them. The burnt parts of the alien spacecraft spread around about 3 square miles of area. The distorted remains contained amongst them a lot of strange objects such as foils made up of a metal like substance. The strange fact about the foils was that they were nothing like aluminum or tin foils. These could be folded many times but every time they were folded, they would unfold themselves. Some of the distorted parts contained a wood like substance which could not be burned, broken or cut. On the corners of this wood like substances were purple colored symbols which nobody was able to understand.


On 8th July 1947, all the newspapers across the United States consisted of more or less the same front page news which said that the US Army had in its custody, two alien aircrafts. There was a surge of excitement as well as fear all over USA. The initial official statement about these crashes was disclosed by Lieutenant Walter Haut under the orders of Roswell Airbase Commander William Blanchard who was a colonel at that time. But this excitement was short-lived. Within 24 hours of collection of wreckage under the responsibility of Major Jesse Marcel, General Roger Remey announced that a mistake had been made in recognizing it. No more news of this incident was heard. According to the ufologists the US government still has those UFOs with them and are still covering up the matter as they did back in 1947.


According to the US government there was no such cover up. One thing is for sure, an incident did take place. Cover up or not is a different question. In spite of all the hassle, no solid proofs were displayed in public which could prove the crashing of the UFOs. The ufologists use this as their greatest weapon in order to prove the existence of UFOs but the scientists criticize it strongly. According to them there is no such evidence which could prove their existence. If with the help of this case the existence of UFOs cannot be proved, it can’t be disproved either. Thus the quest for answering the question, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ continues.


In the book, 'The Day After Roswell,' Colonel Philip J. Corso gives a comprehensive description of the 'Roswell Incident.' The book claims that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and was recovered by the United States government who then sought to cover up all evidence of extraterrestrials.The majority of the book is an account of Colonel Corso's claims that he was assigned to a secret government program that provided some material recovered from crashed spacecraft to private industry (without saying where the items came from) to reverse engineer them for corporate use. Corso was a Special Assistant to Lt General Arthur Trudeau, who headed Army Research and Development, and was in charge of the Foreign Technology Desk. In this position, he would take technological artifacts obtained from Russian, German and other foreign sources, and have American companies reverse engineer that technology.

It is believed that the events which took place at Roswell may have begun on 2nd July 1947 with the sighting of a disc shaped object passing over Roswell to the north-west. while a nasty storm brewed up, several people heard a loud bang which they at that time had thought to be a random explosion. Later on during the investigation that ensued, it was indicated that the loud sound was created by the crashing of the UFO. The next morning, when 75 miles north west of Roswell, the infamous debris was found, it gave rise to the epic 'Roswell Mystery' that has perpetuated till this day.


Something happened at Roswell and that is undeniable. The description of the incident changed many times and the nature of the crashed object has been indicated to be intentionally changed. If United States Army Colonel Philip J. Corso's account is correct, which has every chance to be that way, then the Roswell incident might explain many unparalleled technological advancements of this era as indicated in the book 'The Day After Roswell.'

Either way, one thing is for sure, all UFO accounts that have been floating since the last 65 years cannot be false and if even one of them is true, its time to change the history books forever.



The Area 51 covers more than 60 sq. kilometers of land. This area is situated 14 miles on the north west of Las Vegas. It was developed by the US Air Force for the experimentation of fighter jets right from the 1950s. People claim that they have seen innumerable UFOs flying in this area. These claims of people have made Area 51 the most controversial air base. Glenn Campbell who is the founder and detective of Area 51 research centre seriously doubts such controversies. According to him these controversies started in 1989 when a man named Bob said that he had seen a UFO being repaired and tested in the south wing of Area 51. People started swarming on the outer bounds of this area in order to see UFOs. People have seen a lot of strange lights in the skies above Area 51 and have pronounced them as UFOs, but according to the authorities, Area 51 is one of the most highly developed war weaponry research and experimentation area and because of this many lights, sounds and other activities go on here which are beyond the knowledge of a layman. There is no doubt about this fact. The strict security arrangements made to secure this area add fuel to the fire.

Whatever the truth, there are two schools of thought. One staunchly believes that US government has kept an ugly secret from the world for a long time now. But according to the other, all such allegations are baseless. This controversy started in the 1980s but has been increasing ever since. May be we will have to face the stunning truth sometime, that we are not alone in the universe.

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gaurav oberoi (author) on June 29, 2016:

No, its not that. Actually I have read your war related Hubs and appreciate you articles a lot. I am open for discussion on ET.

Para wise reply.

1. Just as Charles Moore narrated his version, so did Colonel Phillip J. Corso. Col. Corso was also one of the most respected high ranking officers in the armed forces. His book that I mentioned above explains in great detail what happened subsequent to the crash.

2. Roswell Air Base Commander Colonel William Blanchard would have known about the HAB because he would have otherwise ordered to shoot down an unknown object passing through his airspace. Its that simple.

CJ Kelly from the PNW on June 29, 2016:

I guess we will agree to disagree. I just don't believe in extraterrestrial life and these incidents can easily be explained in the context of the Cold War, especially anything going on near Area 51.

Two last notes:

1. The man who launched the balloon that night, Charles Moore, was well known. He was a very respected scientist and talked about the incident many times before he passed away in 2010. (not sure if you mentioned him already, sorry, it's been a while).

2. Regarding the base commander - Why would they have let him in on the secret project? Even after the crash, all information would have been need to know. You don't discuss this with a CO at a regular AF base.

gaurav oberoi (author) on June 29, 2016:

I apologise for the late reply.

1. First of all when RAAF got the debris under their custody with the help of the two field officers Marcel and Cavitt, the initial statement that was released under the direct order of Roswell Air Base Commander Colonel William Blanchard featured in many of the world’s newspapers. This statement categorically mentioned that the wreckage belonged to an unidentified crashed disc, not a balloon, a disc.

2. This statement was later retracted and ratified. The question is, if the wreckage was a part of an experimental balloon, which was flying somewhere near the airspace of the Roswell Air Base, Colonel William Blanchard being the commander of that base, would have been taken into the loop and would have known about the experimental balloon.

3. The debris of the object spread over three sq. miles which makes t highly unlikely to be a High Altitude Balloon used in Project Mogul which carried a payload of not more than 200-350 Kgs.

4. As for the crash test dummies, Project Mogul had nothing to do with them. Why? Because, Project Mogul was a top secret project by the US Army Air Forces involving microphones flown on high-altitude balloons, whose primary purpose was long-distance detection of sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb tests. Why would anyone increase the weight of the balloon unnecessarily by throwing in crash test dummies in an HAB designed to detect sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb tests. There were no crash tests taking place in Project Mogul.

CJ Kelly from the PNW on September 09, 2015:

What crashed at Roswell was a balloon with advanced technology being tested as part of Project Mogul. The flexible aluminum that was described by so many "witnesses" was part of the balloon. Probably very simliar to the helium balloon material of today, only heavier. And the "alien bodies" found were an early version of crash test dummies used for weight.

It was not an alien spacecraft. The program was headquartered in New Mexico and ran from 1947 to 1949. It was the foreruner of Project Gentrix, the advanced spy balloon program that flew intelligence missions over the Soviet Union throughout the 1950s. This was all brought out over the past decade and should put to bed any silliness over UFO crashes. Remember the time period. The Cold War had just begun. The Soviets had just tested a nuclear weapon. Fear ran wild. Pre-satellites, this was the only way to get information.

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