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The Truth About Crystal Meth, Witchcraft And Demons

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons have a connection and Team Wiseman has exposed and revealed this Truth in their Articles. A Must Read!!

The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons Show on YT!


Can Using Crystal Meth be Considered Witchcraft?

YES! We know it can. Crystal meth is different from other controlled substances, because it deceives. Crystal meth is in a league of its own. Not to downplay the negative impact of other illegal drugs, but crystal meth destroys every aspect of the user's life. Its sole purpose is to separate you from your own life, from your wife or husband, kids, family, friends, finances and finally your right relationship with God. We have seen countless people fall to the deceit of crystal meth and have their families and relationships disintegrate as a result. Our new goal in life is to educate people about the spiritual battles they're engaged in every time they pick up a needle or that little glass portal to Hell. We will share some of our own experiences with the Death drug and how we got to where we are today. If you get nothing else out of this article, our hopes are that you will find the Answer to Peace and Sanity that you may be seeking, due to the damage that crystal meth has caused you in your life.

Our hope is that you will also share your experiences in the comments.


Crystal Meth and Demon Hallucinations?

First off, we do not believe in crystal meth-induced hallucinations. That's right, we don't. We do believe other drugs cause hallucinations but crystal meth actually causes your eyes to be opened to an evil and invisible realm. Let us tell you why we think this to be true and lets see if you agree or not.

On crystal meth, people will commonly report seeing shadowy figures, blurry faces, tall men in dark cloaks appearing and disappearing quickly with a small flash. Animals seem to pay extra attention to you when you're high on crystal meth. Dogs and other family pets seem to bark at nothing or shy away from areas of your home as if in fear, lifting their nose in the air and whining as if trying to point to someone or something. People also report seeing aliens, UFO's and other strange creatures. The list goes on.

Note: If you are seeing strange visions or hearing strange voices and you're not the only one experiencing this, then it is not a hallucination, but rather, a 'spiritual awakening'.

If you have had a sighting you would like to share, then please do so by commenting. All sightings mean something. I'm here to say that these sightings are real, they do exist and YOU'RE NOT CRAZY!


Shadow Men and Demons

Shadow Men are real, not in your head. They are really there in the corner of your eye, spying on you from behind, always lurking, and these Shadow Men have been seen by drug users and non-drug users alike. Some people are naturally sensitive to the spiritual realm so when that person uses crystal meth, the evil realm explodes into their life.

The thing about Shadow Men is that they aren't men at all. They are demons, written about in the Bible. They are Fallen Angels who chose the path of unrighteousness to follow Satan. They are referred to as "Shadows of Death" in the book of Psalms 23:4: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil..." Their duty is to roam the earth, helping Satan destroy mankind. Some roam free seeking to devour souls. Others have made homes inside us, gaining power over our every decision, calling themselves the "Legion", amongst many other names. All demons have a particular task and rank.

On crystal meth, your soul and spirit are closer to the jaws of demons. You can see them more clearly, and you're more susceptible to giving into their wishes.

Humans can never become demons. They are a totally different type of being, just like angels. Angels and demons are the same entities, they just serve different masters. "Shadow Men" or "Shadow People" are without a doubt glimpses of demons lurking about.

Wiccan Claiming Religious Right to use Crystal Meth

Using Crystal Meth as Witchcraft

The most popular way to use crystal meth is by smoking it out of a glass pipe which can be purchased at almost any convenient store. They sell these witchcraft gadgets for only three to five bucks. Many people prefer this method of use but it is shot up using a needle, crushed and snorted or even eaten. The crystal meth pipe is hidden by its user and protected from the view of strangers. After smoking crystal meth from the pipe the user typically crushes and buries the broken glass... like a dog does a bone. Anyone who has used crystal meth with a pipe knows that when it breaks... replace it or all hell breaks loose. When using crystal meth, you might as well consider yourself a witch or warlock, and the pipe is your magic wand and this video you see here helps to prove that people are using this drug to be 'enlightened' by the evil realm and perform black magic spells on people around them and to even influence law enforcement with mass confusion.


Satan, The Master Puppeteer

Jesus Christ taught us about the power of faith moving a mountain in Matthew 17:20 and Matthew 21:21.

When you're under the influence of crystal meth you will say and do crazy things. You will begin to 'Believe or Have Faith in' situations and scenarios around you, and in fact, you are believing in it so much that things and events come to pass just as you "foreseen". People often believe that they have psychic abilities or divine foresight while using crystal meth... This is a Lie from Hell! Demons are simply lurking about listening to your "worries and concerns" and help bring the destruction you have dreaded upon you. You believed it so the demons have every right to your life. We are to believe on Christ and Him Alone, but lets just admit that staying connected to a righteous God is difficult while "playing with the devil", so RUN FROM CRYSTAL METH and RUN TO JESUS NOW!! When you use meth, the Devil and his minions see you as an opportunity, an opportunity to puppeteer a flesh puppet. Ever done anything immoral that you regret while high on dope? And you just didn't feel like it was even you that did it? Well, cause you didn't. It was your "puppeteer" controlling you through drugs. All you did was say yes to being a puppet and no to Real Life, the evil realm takes care of the rest. With each use another string is attached to you in order to keep you trapped and to do the bidding of an evil puppeteer, the devil.

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2 min. video "Crystal Meth Completely Took Over my Life"


Self Worship is worshiping the devil.


Using Crystal Meth Transforms You into a Puppet

While using crystal meth the body does something strange which we believe is the cause of feeling 'psychic' or having the ability to see or hear the evil spiritual beings around you.

Devoted Christians around the world often 'Fast and Pray" to feel closer to God and to find Gods Will in their lives or gain spiritual insight or Divine and Holy Discernment... well, we believe that the typical crystal meth user is essentially doing the same thing while under the influence of crystal meth. It is like a forced fast, an unholy fast ordained by demons and the devil alike.

Forced Fast

The devil would do it no other way than to force a fast because Gods children fast out of a desire to want to do that, but the devil does the opposite of God on all things in an attempt to pervert Gods Ways and standards. Most, but not all individuals that use crystal meth are unable to eat and sometimes find it difficult to even drink. In the Christian Faith many people will fast from food and drink as a means to express their denial of self which gives God the ability to Work Miracles in their life and share Himself with that believer whenever they are HUMBLY bowed down to God through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Well, as soon as a person uses crystal meth they have essentially bowed down to themselves, acting like Satan, their father... the father of lies, serving your own desires and potentially leaving yourselves in the devils hands. Crystal meth often curbs the desire to eat or drink and this lack of food, water and nutrition have an impact in the spiritual realm. It seems as if the lack of substance in our bodies signifies our 'empty vessel', in the spiritual realm allowing either Life or death to enter into our lives, especially if prayers are included whether to evil or good entities. Practicing Wiccans know this to be true so it is used by them for false gain or false safety. I would like to note that I don't believe EVERY practicing wiccan is on crystal meth but I am certainly saying that many are purposely using crystal meth to summon demons to do their bidding in today's society. Alchemy or (Chemical Philosophy) has always been in the wiccan practices and the popular choice of chemicals they like to use these days for spiritual enlightenment, is crystal meth.

Forced Prayer

Prayer is described as meditation and you can choose to meditate, (or pray) on whatever you want, whether for good or for evil. It is your God given right to choose what you wish to meditate on. Meditation creates faith so we must be careful to meditate on what God instructs us to meditate on in the Bible and that's Him. Psalm 1:2 says... he delights in the LORD's instruction, and meditates in his instruction day and night. The Bible tells us to meditate on His Word and Jesus Christ is The Word made flesh, full of Grace and Truth. (John 1:14) If you are meditating on evil, then evil will come upon you, Meditate on Christ and all good things will be upon you.

Romans 6:16 says this: "Don't you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey--whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?"

You are fasting for and praying to Satan himself when you use crystal meth, therefore allowing all evil to enter into you and change your life for the worst with an ending that results in death. By repeating your greatest fears, or whatever, you are giving every right to the devil to cause those thoughts and beliefs to come to pass. You must keep your eyes and thoughts fixed on Christ to gain freedom from crystal meth.

Romans 6:23 says "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

When you use crystal meth you are inviting the devil into your life and when he has access to you he will begin to connect strings or (LIES) to you in order to deceive you and separate you from your family, friends, finances, sanity and finally your soul before it takes your life. These "Strings of Lies" is what keeps you closely connected to death, the Master Puppeteer, and the strings are applied each time you use crystal meth. Stop being a fearful crystal meth puppet.

Witchcraft in the church?

Whether or not you have been affected by crystal meth, witchcraft and demons... Please Share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any social site you may have. Many people are suffering from trauma due to the use of crystal meth, witchcraft and demons and one of the things these demons go after is the persons life through suicide but these demons also cause people to believe they are insane. You may or may not understand this but we are witnesses to this evil.

Crystal Meth and Demons


Finding Freedom from Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

The devil is a copycat of The True God and wants to be God. Satan follows his own ways so the devil believes himself to be god and desires worshipers. Satan serves himself only, Christ serves others. The devil focuses on himself but Christ put all his desires into His Father in Heaven and Gods Will. We, therefore, have a choice set before us, A Choice to choose Life (Christ) or Death (Crystal Meth). Man represents their god by the choices they make in life, are you self serving or interested in serving others? There are only these two choices set before us in Life, that's it. We either choose Life or Death by our actions. The devil does not ever deny himself and this is what you have to do in order to be free from the lies around you... Deny yourself, Deny your own desires because your desires are killing you and leading you to hell. Mark 8:35 says "For whosoever will save his life (or serve themselves) shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life (or deny himself & serve others) for My (Jesus Christ) sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it ."

To be a follower of Christ, you must act as Christ acts because you believe His ways is The Way, The Truth and The Life... So you do as Christ would do, deny yourself and deny meth OR you can satisfy your fleshly desires and act as your god, as the devil and live life in his ways. He also serves himself. This is what you call a selfish sin that leads unto death.

Choose Life for You and Your Family, Choose Life!

Deuteronomy 30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore Choose Life

Read more about Jesus Christ Here>> Introducing Jesus Christ, The Person of Grace

One Mans Last Words

William Pope, who died in 1797, was a leader of a company of infidels who ridiculed everything religious. One of their exercises was to kick the Bible around the floor and tear it up. Friends present in his death chamber spoke of it as a scene of terror while he died crying. This was his last recorded words...

"I have no contrition. I cannot repent. God will damn me! I know the day of grace has see one who is damned forever...Oh, Eternity! Eternity! Nothting for me but Hell. Come eternal torments... I hate everything God has made, only I have no hatred for the devil -- I wish to be with him. I long to be in Hell. Do you not see? Do you not see him?"

Wisdom Valued Higher than Gold

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

Those who have been released from this destructive drug, crystal meth, seem to have one thing in common, Christ has set them free and when Christ sets you free, you are free indeed!

You Must WANT to quit using Crystal Meth before you ever will, Don't Quit on Life, Quit Crystal Meth!


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Susan Larson on November 06, 2020:

This is why i can not open my third eye because i have been using meth for over twenty years and still havent learned even though i died on several occassions. I went into a deep depression and started having vivid dreams and an evil spirit or demon would come and try to touch me sexually. Its a long traumatic story an action that also came upon my four to six year old son who recalls everything and hes 33 now. I never knew anything i just thought he had night terrors and watched him fall asleep and then i would go to bed. I asked the demon in my dreams one night whats your name and i heard it say my name is legionnaire. For many such as an army according to the Bible. When i sold the house and moved to another house in a different town i went to rehab and was clean for almost five years and i didnt see him in my dreams anymore. When he would come to my room before he entered i would hear a herd of horses huffing and hissing like a horse does when he senses something wrong or from what i believe. My life took a turn for the worse and i started using meth again. But seeking God more in my life has brought me into a deep desire to meditate in the spiritual realm and am slowly trying to change myself and be used for Christ. I know i am falling short of the depth of addiction and each time i got high i would get sick to my stomach, get headaches and felt suicidal. I am bipolar type two diagnosed when i was 26 years old but also have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD.i am 56 years old now and need help. I dont trust many people to share my story because people would say ive lost it. But i know what is going on with myself more than anyone could imagine. Any help or advise would be appreciated. Christian based conversation and love spoken. I know i need help and i need it now.

Daryl Chausse on October 04, 2020:

Thank you for this article I know for an absolute fact that what you wrote is absolutely correct, I not only felt the darkness around me I captured it on film I took pictures of actual faces coming out of my cupboard of a girl standing in my living room, I see entities all over the place I call them watchers they just stand there looking.

But the most damning thing is I have actual pictures and when I show them to people they say yeah I see it so those are not hallucinations

Anonymous on September 28, 2020:

I was on a road to recovery in 2018 2 years clean of that demonic drug .....relasped with my now ex 3 months ago and what i seen horrified me to the core.....I have always believed in Jesus christ my lord and savior so for me my spiritual realm was reversed i was not a horrible evil person but i sure felt and seen the depths of those around me, God had me at the tips of his figures through it all....what i seen and still have trauma from i will never forget but im definitely scared sober....Its a underground santanic world of lies, deceit, sex, murder and death.....

Donovan SOLDIER IN THE FRONTLINE of mind and spirtual warfare !!!!! on September 22, 2020:

Speak life in the situation of your apparent CRAZY MIND just say something positive to yourself in the mirror when you feel that insignificance and just believe that your mind is well and your heart is GOOD !!!! Thats the ultimate victory in the apparent insanity trap of the METH MONSTER or EVEN WITCH TRAP !!!! THE ANTI PSYCHOTICS people need just to help the lazy mind RECOVER its power to decide again and not just fly in auto pilot,the mind is a muscle that needs exercise well the drug is excess fat that builds up and causes discomfort which is really just another way of being unhealthy !!!! Next time you think oh shit im evil or demons hehe just chill many fall into this thought pattern so relax heres the KISS method (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) Many people go insane(lose their rational way of thinking) because they overthink every little detail in existance or their entire personal existance which therefore leads to a whole lot of inaccurate and irrational fears(its really just a sudden chemical imbalance causing shock) they really are just formed by you giving them power while thats happening you have begun overthinking them and bam you just got trapped by your own trap !! Its a mind fuck really ..... however letting go is not optional because this makes it problematic(auto piloting bad trips can end really bad) for personal health and wellness eg Charles Manson is proof of that !!! If thats the case heres A SIMPLE METHOD IN THE MADNESS of the mind... Your HEART has soul and soul has the power for prayer and prayer is direct communication to GOD and GOD is good !!! Imagine that ?? Evil has a direct way to have no power in your BEAUTIFUL MIND just by the act of a simple prayer from your soul AMEN (eg.Dear God I believe you Amen )

I digress what i meant to say is let go and let GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 LOVE 1 SOLUTION 1 WAY !!!!!! Cause the other solutions just suck major balls TRUST ME !!!! Fighting evil with evil has no effect !!! Darkness(EVIL) is abscence of light and get this LIGHT COMES BY PRAYER AND therefore no darkness AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN

Need i say more.... Be blessed your life is someones light !!!

Lance Cooper on August 26, 2020:

Many truths about life have been revealed to me a result of my meth use. I started using meth about 3 years ago, and one thing I will say, is that it brings out the darkness in me. I become a person who is evil, without a conscience. I've always felt like when I'm high there is Darkness surrounding me. It exists behind the fabric of reality that I know. There are multiple people in my life that know nothing about me that have told me about this darkness. It is the devil it lives Within Me and it wants me to become someone that I hate. Someone that I cannot live with, it tries to convince me that I am someone whom I'm not. I remember sitting with my brother, God of nowhere he looks at me and says I don't know why I'm saying this but the darkness trying to drag you in, if you keep getting high it's going to turn you into someone you hate, or make you kill yourself. It is turning me into someone that I am ashamed of. I can feel it dimming the light of my soul. It wants me to burn people's houses down. When people wrong me, it makes me want to strangle the life out of them. Makes me want to do all these evil things, because if I do I know that when I come to and I'm sober I will feel so terrible and my conscience will crush me. I truly believe that meth is evil in a way that no one can truly understand, yet it is done positive things in my life as well. I have had to face the darkest corners of my mind, so evil that it scares me to this day. I have had to face the parts of me that i hate the most. It has shown me the truth to many things.. I no longer think, I KNOW. Pretty much this s*** is evil, and if piece of God that lives within your soul does not burn bright enough, or is not strong enough, that this drug will destroy you

Death on July 03, 2020:

Hail Satan

Clear Man on April 11, 2020:

Jamez 007, I've been having experiences like yours my whole life. To answer your question: It was a demon. Astral projection attracts them as they know the spiritual rules and you don't, making you fresh meat to them for all kinds of deceptions to ruin your life, kill you, and drag you to hell with them. The reason is: most people simply don't believe in God. It could also be a "familiar spirit" (a demon) that is connected to your family through a curse. This can be alcoholism, domination, drugs, crime, and I've heard it can go back even further to an ancestor sacrificing children to "foreign gods", demons in antiquity.

Numbers 14:18

18 ‘The Lord is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation.’

So, if you have family members that are good people, and you're the black sheep of the family, the curse and demon can skip them and land on you.

The astral plane is actually what the bible calls "sheol" or the pit. (hell) That's why it's always dark there. You were probably in the upper levels. Less dark, but plenty of demons to follow you home. Out of Body Experiences/astral projection are what normally happen when you die, except your spirit has left your body before your body death.

Based on your "goodness" (closeness to Jesus and God), or "badness" (faithless-ness and general self centered evil) determine which level of consciousness you land on when leaving your body. By death or OBE-ing/astral projection. The higher your Spiritual vibration (Love) the closer to Heaven you get, the lower is darkness and whatever level of hell you end up at according to your evil.

I think God allows "astral/hell travel" so that "sensitive" people can figure out that's not where they should be. Also, He may very well have a plan for you, but you have to come to Him not the other way around. He will do the same thing with other people in the natural world by: (example) a car accident that doesn't take their life, but brings them closer to him. Some of us just need to be shaken up. lol

I've seen a very similar demon to yours standing outside my bedroom door (about 8 feet from me) when I was floating about a foot above my body, OBE-ing. It was over 6' feet tall. Had no facial features, like eyes, nose or mouth. However, I could feel it looking at me like I was a steak dinner. Pure black like tar. I've seen others, and fought with one in the astral I thought was going to kill me a couple of times. But I've also seen the outside walls of Heaven, Angels, God, Jesus, and Moses which was really interesting and cool.

You have free will. God gave it to you. He's So Awesome and Loves you so much, I can't even explain to you what it feels like to know him. And I'm not talking about religious banter. I'm talking about being taken to Heaven by Angels in a similar way you astral project and being in His presence. I've had so many great things happen since I started going the other direction, it makes that astral stuff, look like a cheap carnival ride. It's much better to be on Gods side, than on the devil and his flying monkey's side. It's never to late to just do a 180 bro. :) God Bless You!

*Shadow People = Demons

They like to pretend to be dead relatives, "spirit guides", even Jesus. They're scum! All they want is utterly destroy you. Test ALL spiritual contact!! Angels, God, and Jesus know you can't discern spirits very well and are patient + will repeat what you ask in your test. (example) "Blessed is Jesus and Mary." Demons will not respond at all, or try to get by, by saying just one word like: "Blessed." Or just say Jesus's name. That's when you know you have Fake contact.

Also, keep in mind not all thoughts that pop into your mind on yours. If it's thoughts of suicide, murder, or even that you're seeing fairies, and the general garbage that creates feelings that you're a bad person and don't deserve good things in life or to be with God, That's demons telepathically screwing with you. You're enemy is clever, and a serious jerk. Say some Our Fathers, and start learning that Bible. It's such a relief. :))

Doug carter on March 04, 2020:

I believe in this been saying something simular my self

Jamez 007 on February 26, 2020:

sometimes i get pulled or fall into the astral world, this started at 17 when i was straight, can't sleep and then ufo i could see lights on the roof, i got pulled through the walls of my house through the air by something, Because i was conscious and have no indication of shifting into astral/dream states, i thought i was crazy, how could i go through walls on this physical plane. But was astral plane, when the ufo lights appeared i was paralyzed, unable to move until something grabbed me out of my bed, i was to scared to .look at what was dragging me.

Same pattern for a while - can't sleep, too awake, then paralyzed and my body fells like it shaking violently, sometimes i can will myself awake again, depends how deep i have gone, but if not the next sensation is falling, everything is black and i can feel my body falling fast into the darkness and then i arrive somewhere. I have the ability to will myself out though, and wake up. Also i have come to astral world through meditation, and only known i'm there because something is not right in my room, one time i clicked that music was playing and i hadn't put any on, i was in jail at the time and i walked through the door, and then decided to fly around the compound (my flying was not good, not an ability i have trained in the astral world.

One time i was pulled into the astral world and i felt a cool wind and can hear the sound of the wind, everything was black except what look like a old victorian street light off in the distance, i saw a figure there, get the fear, thought oh fuck i better run, and in that time i saw the figure come at me with incredible speed, not running but, and i was grabbed by what seemed a feminine creature much like a fairy, and it laughed at me with mischief, it thought me fear was amusing or funny, i felt no danger, and it meant me no harm, and then im back in my body awake. Also hard to stay in astral world if get to excited and that can drag you out. Another time i had sex in the astral world, i was young and under the impression i had called or willed my ex-girlfriend into astral plane for sex, but now i think was probably a succubus.

So usually i smoke a lot of pot and i don't go or get pulled into astral world, or remember my dreams hardly, only the real important ones. but not much pot around and been doing more meth than pot.

Unlike pot though i come to suspect that meth was a tool or put one in the state to go to astral world consciously, whether that be your place, or deeper in the astral world.

In last 2 years i had a 2 weird experiences what i thought were dreams i remembered, were i was standing in my bedroom so full of fear, can't so nothing, but feel the presence of something dark and i'm so terrified, my whole body is consumed by terror and compelled by fear i shout into the dark at the thing i can't see come on motherf***er lets do this, nothing appears and that is all i remember. bit unsettling asked my friend an astral traveler and she thought it might be my dark side of my consciousnes i was confronting but that didn't sound right to me. I have explored other states of consciousness on mushrooms, and meet a more powerful consciousness, part of me, outside this human experience, who appeared in a vision, he was trapped in a cell, but there was no roof, and he was looking up at me, and he sort of look like a roman general and he waved his fist at me and shouted with real rage - what have u done to me, which i interpret as i could be doing better in my life, i have more potential, and that this was a high part of my conscious that transcended my currant human existence and time as we know it.

So anyway like i said i been doing meth, and falling into astral, but usually pull myself out then 2 mins drift off to sleep, but yesterday was different i fall in i could feel it happening, i tried to fight it, and then i'm in my room and i can sense something there, real evil, i was terrified, beyond anything i known in the waking conscious world, i could here walking and creaking and banging, i couldn't so anything, i was still consciously aware enough to decide to leave, i wake up but i'm groggy and i can't stay awake, i'm falling back in and i really don't want too, the terror is still with me, my bold is cold and flushes of terror or going down my back, just as i go back in, stuff went bad quick, something was on top of me holding me down in my bed, i couldn't move at all, i could feel its weight on me, i tried to physical move, no use, i was now real f**ken terrified, i used a inner strength, and belief that i could do this and i turned myself around in its vice grip my hands were fists and i was now in a looser grip on my back punching at the air shouting what are u, and f**k u at it, it was dark and i still could not see this thing, at this stage my terror had turned into extreme rage, now it let go and i was loose of its grip, but i could still feel it presence somewhere. when you sense entities like this the atmosphere is just evil, wrong, your heart races, you panic, anxiety, fear. then suddenly i came out awake again, but same thing i couldn't keep awake, i was falling back in. But i was still in a state of intense blind rage, I know it was a astral parasite, maybe demon or something very dark. this time back in astral world in my house and i'm standing i can sense it, a high part of my conscious is here with me, i think the rage brought it to the forefront of my consciousness, i was acting now without conscious thought but fully aware, my high consciousness was fully disgusted and insulted by this parasite that had come to feed off my energy (i think that what its up to) and i was having none of it. i sensed it outside my window, just outside my door, but my door was now a black nothingness, like a portal to outside,i walked to the door through the blackness and then appeared about 5 meters out the other side, on my lawn. And then omg i i saw it, it was tall, and ubeleivable skinny, and mutant looking, exactly like someone else described on forum, like something from the horror - hill has no eyes, it was repulsive and i just felt so much rage!!! and it was looking in the window at me in bed, grunting and making funny noises loud breathing, and i roared at it - what the fuck are u as loud and with so much rage, i saw it jump, i actually gave this thing a fright, i advanced, and it started backing off, the weird thing is it had a dead skinned chicken in its hand that it was holding by the neck, and as i advance it was swinging this chicken in a backward circle motion around and around. i ran it yelling get the f**k off my property, everytime i got close it moved away as if by levitation, but it was on the run it didn't want to mess with me, i had serious bad intention towards whatever it was, i was going to try and destroy it, i yelled oat it as i chased it from my property raging and shouting get off my fu**en property. it left i went back inside, i was ready to rumble but it was gone, and then i woke up. this happened yesterday. I'm sane no mental issues, i don't hear voices in normal waking consciousness, or ever heard demons talk to me when i'm on drugs. I have transcended the matrix of organised religion and its mind control were u all vibrate on fear, shame and guilt. You are all gods, we are all connected as one, and u have the power to banish or beat these dark entitie that u might encounter. I am of the light, and good, this is the side mt soul and spirit is aligned with, and i believe i have the power to win any conflict, and make them leave.

What i want to know is what was it, i believe it was a parasite, low level demon, anyon else seen anything similar, and why was it swinging a dead chicken.

i could sense its evil, and when i was terrified, it had the advantage, but when i raged it was scared of me. Also when i gave it a fright, it looked so genuinely surprised that 1, i could see it and 2 that i had managed to get behind me and that the hunter was the hunted. Can anyone that is into astral experiences, tell me what this exp was?, or the creature, or why swinging the chicken. This is all true.

Laura on February 19, 2020:

Wow this is a good read! I believe it's TRUE! ! I've tried it, I've seen the work of the devil. I've been fascinated with the sky so sure something was up there knowing what I was doing. I've seen the evil and blurry faces in all our pics. The chemicals radiating off of our bodies. I've felt the evil on my bed. The deviant sexual behaviors. It tore my family apart. And I mean all of us ended up separated. My kids were taken away. What's real is I've called out to God, Jesus, our heavenly father and seen the beautiful power scare my then significant other out of the house because I prayed out loud casting the devil to go away and he left the house. He became scary for me, he put me in the hospital more then enough times.. broke both my ac joints in both my shoulders, too many beatings, the last straw was being hospitalized with a collapsed lung on mothers day. That opened my eyes enough to want righteousness.

By my wanting, willing, and choosing to quit, by the grace of God, He helped me through this! I thank God for helping me! I asked! I fought for my sobriety, my kids, and my life! I have my kids home with me, a wonderful husband now who shares the same sober interest with me and never lays a hand on me, and God has blessed our home with a beautiful baby boy!

So yes, I do believe that if you choose crystal meth, evil and dark ways will pull you down and will eventually kill you. It tore everything apart. And once I've called upon our Lord and Savior we've been abundantly blessed!!! Praise be to Jesus Christ I love you God!!!

Humbled777 on February 12, 2020:

I woke up tonight... and decided to search meth and spirituality... As I typed in Meth, autofill took me to this article. THIS IS EXACTLY what I have been experiencing from the VERY FIRST TIME I used. I see demons, shadows, goblins, creepy crawlies... As long as I stayed focused on pornography or any task I was able to block it out to a degree . I do not enjoy human touch when high though I feel extremely sexual... The overpowering feeling of the evil connected is too overwhelming. I kept wondering WHY I would continue to use knowing all of this going into it. It was like something said, do it... this time it will be more fun... and on and on and on... A cycle of torment that began to haunt me in my dreams when I was sober... I found myself telling other people who were high what was happening around them... it never stopped them..

I cannot even begin to share all the "things" and situations I have witnessed.

God is working in my life. I have ZERO desire to go back to that dark place again. My prayers for those I have come across who are users have also changed.

I may sound nutso but I met more people who practiced sex and blood magic than I ever care to know about. We are living in the darkest of times.

Pray for one another constantly. Pray for healing for our world.

Anarch on January 31, 2020:

Hi everyone,

I`m totally new 2 this kind of manipulation; I`ve personally consumed every kind of natural "medicine" never any chemical stuff as far as I can recall, but I^m absolutely sure about the fact, NOW beeing surrounded by a huge Crowed of consumers etc., besides all that am I more than convinced knowing at least ONE of my Son`s beeing cought in that dirty messy rotten crap;

I swear to stop that....

RaShae on January 18, 2020:

I was an iv meth user for years. I never experienced the seeing and hearing things. I was enlightened by mother nature. I done a lot of nature hiking. I become more grounded. Rocks and vines become my new hobby. Eventually i was drawn to wiccan. I have never felt like i belonged anywhere until then. I finally had a sence of belonging. So it was a spiritual guidance for me.

christopher harper on December 28, 2019:

WHen you use meth, it does open a door and this demon comes out. a real person. lots of them, and they will hang you if you dont submit to them. depending on where you are and what your doing. But if you sell your soul to them, you become a part of there organization. your able to trancend, from one spot to another literally riding a lightning. I swear on Jesus and this is my truth before they get me and I die, However, i believe i wont die because my faith is i know is i woke up on the lightning man ficking my ex. i wasnt thinkning just opened my eyes and there was a line of them getting ready to do a number on her. I caught him later that night in our bathroom. I fucking hate that guy and I promise to never sale my soul to them. Amen

Anonymous on December 18, 2019:

Listen to the lyrics in metalicas master of puppets. They are singing about meth. Just about everything in this article is true people. I have shot meth for over 5 years now and I have seen and experi

6 weeks ago

Listen to the lyrics in metalicas master of puppets. They are singing about meth. Just about everything in this article is true people. I have shot meth for over 5 years now and I have seen and experienced a lot of thing I’d rather not go into detail about. This past year after giving my life to YAHWEH I had relapsed and went on a 5 month binge and the devil started to attack me severely. I have been in the dark and have seen cats eyes staring at me among other thing that seemed like coincidence but now the HOLY SPIRIT has reveled to me how much of the spiritual warfare I was tapping into. I have seen shadow men as big as trees resembling kkk hood men. There is a big connection here with witchcraft and demons.

Edmond Bolander on December 04, 2019:

Psalm 38 describes perfectly what a meth addicted person goes through in detail. From the physical manifestations of sores and withdrawals all the way down to the level we stoop to to get high.

The psalm also describes in detail of the relationship with the dope dealer. One of humiliation and hurt. Please understand that God always knew of the evil associated with putting a needle in our bodies and He recognizes our need for Him at the end of ourselves.

Don’t be discouraged! The same God that rose Jesus from the grave, can raise you from the ashes of your pain and hurt.


“O Lord, don’t rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your rage! Your arrows have struck deep, and your blows are crushing me. Because of your anger, my whole body is sick; my health is broken because of my sins. My guilt overwhelms me— it is a burden too heavy to bear.

My wounds fester and stink because of my foolish sins. I am bent over and racked with pain. All day long I walk around filled with grief. A raging fever burns within me, and my health is broken. I am exhausted and completely crushed. My groans come from an anguished heart.

You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh.

My heart beats wildly, my strength fails, and I am going blind.

My loved ones and friends stay away, fearing my disease. Even my own family stands at a distance.

Meanwhile, my enemies lay traps to kill me. Those who wish me harm make plans to ruin me. All day long they plan their treachery. But I am deaf to all their threats. I am silent before them as one who cannot speak. I choose to hear nothing, and I make no reply. For I am waiting for you, O Lord. You must answer for me, O Lord my God.

I prayed, “Don’t let my enemies gloat over me or rejoice at my downfall.” I am on the verge of collapse, facing constant pain.

But I confess my sins; I am deeply sorry for what I have done. I have many aggressive enemies; they hate me without reason. They repay me evil for good and oppose me for pursuing good. Do not abandon me, O Lord. Do not stand at a distance, my God. Come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭38:1-22‬ ‭NLT‬‬



Ethanandmegan on November 28, 2019:

I’ve also had these experiences for a while me and my wife had lost our children due to our meth use I was completely honest with myself and began to get addicted to trying to catch these demons on camera my wife and I had always had a wild sexual life but we were always so close and could talk about everything and anything but when we started using meth it tore us apart now I have a lot of resentments built against her. One reason is the sexual things I saw her in the act doin things that we had talked about and agreed for her to do then afterwards she would deny doing over and over also I think she is having sex with multiple demons or something because she can look at me and lie through her teeth to me about anything. Sometimes when we are in bed I can feel this electrical pressure feeling on my legs and I can feel her legs twitch and her stomach Jult if I get up and leave the room I can her her moaning and the bed moving around I chalked it up to me just tripping for a long time but I have too much on camera and witnessed too much to just pretend nothing is happening. I have asked her and she swears up and down she has never done this but Funny thing is she has always been just as high as me and claims she has never had any kind of experiences as I have I just don’t know what to do besides get sober but I have to know what the fuck has been goin on because I don’t want to be with somebody who can lie to me that easy I have tried talking to her many times about this but it always just causes a fight please if anyone has any suggestions or comments please tell me!!

Kay on November 25, 2019:

I was on Meth for 23years I never thought I'd get off it and only god saved me, I believe in the spiritual warfare and when I look back I know I was in the hand of the evil one, even with the shadow men, seen them everywhere, I've seen lives lost to this drug and minds lost to this drug and Satan is the dealer of this drug and I praise god for saving me from hell's pits amen..

Tammy on November 23, 2019:

Im interested in learning more

James on November 23, 2019:

100% it brings on demons! There's no question about it (same with Crack but just not as bad as Meth). Also I'm 97% sure UFO's/Aliens have much to do with demons.

Adrian on November 18, 2019:

I thought about the fact that i had been FASTING for the DEVIL or unGodly reasons. I realized that I was going in to a dark demonic spiritual place. I just sent this article to my casual sex partner/ DEALER.

My leaving HOMOsexuality is tied up with my addiction to Meth. I also have a codependentancy with people not just a substance. I really enjoyed reading this article bitter sweet i should say. I really felt alone in the spiritual portion of the struggle

Shalom God peace and blessings to you all

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on November 08, 2019:

Knowing that evil existed proved to me that God existed! Same experience here brother!

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on November 08, 2019:

We emailed you, here to help.

Elizabeth on November 08, 2019:

I was on meth for about 4-5 years and I saw all sorts of crazy stuff while I was high. I even felt like something was trying to invade my body. I have been sober for over 2 years now and never want to go back to that way of life again.

Dawn on November 08, 2019:

My x was on it bad he was coning to kill me but beat his father to death with a baseball bat and wrapped him up in a blanket and drove around and the police got him in georgia and he just hung himself in jail 2 months ago

Jeani on November 07, 2019:

I was bad..i thought i had drmons breathing inder ny skin,bugs too..i still have scares,been 10 yrs..

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on November 07, 2019:

I'll tell you a funny thing. I never once believed in any sort of God or any of that silly Christianity stuff I was raised with. Then I started doing meth. After years and years of doing meth, I started seeing all that demon stuff.

So as funny as it might sound to folks, doing crystal meth turned me into a Christian.

Eric Reed on November 05, 2019:

I've known for years that meth was connected to the spirit world. The things that I've seen and heard with my ex wife when we lived in mobile were ridiculously scary. Stay away from meth, this shits as real as it gets.

Carl h Schmidt on November 04, 2019:

I used meth my roa was thru iv. I saw everything that any one else has posted on here. I had the bed shaking experience . I had the scratches on my body, the pictures I took showed many evil faces. I had things that would be by my side at all times and places , things that would torment me torment my dog. Once I sat on the edge of my bed , looked at the window of my great grandmothers home in the master bedroom. I cried out loud, WHO ELSE HAS LOOKED OUT THIS WINDOW , AND PRAYED FOR DEATH!! .At that exact moment, something unseen fell upon my bed behind me. It slowly walked across the bed , and sat down beside me . I watched as the bed conformed to the weight of this unseen entity . I new at that point , that whatever it was , wanted me to kill myself ! And every time I used , right before I got my shot ready ,while sitting on the bed . It would crawl across the bed and sit beside me. I'm clean now for 5 years. I could go on forever with the experiences I had with these evil tormenting spirits that were around me when I used meth.

Edmond Bolander on November 04, 2019:

Could I please receive a consultation online at least to verify I’m not crazy? Today wasn’t a good day for me. I didn’t use meth but consequentially used alcohol to bring myself back to reality. I helped others. I loved others extremely. But still feel like my tank is empty. I need poured into or the inevitable is going to occur.

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on November 04, 2019:

Edmond, should be visible now, Thank you for sharing!

Edmond Bolander on November 04, 2019:

I posted a comment before I signed in fear of being judged by my perceived real life experiences. If you have the ability to post that comment I made I would appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you.

Edmond Bolander on November 04, 2019:

I used meth for approximately 8 years. It helped me initially to cope with my addiction to alcoholism which nearly killed me. Once I began to overcome my addiction to alcohol I began to see other benefits rise out of regular use of meth. I began to see clearer. I began to focus on regular daily task. I began to have enlightenment in regards to hearing, seeing and perceiving things that I couldn’t have heard, seen or thought of before.

I believe in The God of The Universe. Jesus came to set the captives free, and in fact I have eternal life through faith through Christ.

I believe I experienced evil possessions, but through faith was able to expel those demons through prayer and meditation.

I have been surrounded by Angel Armies, (brothers and sisters in recovery), during my meth addiction in my opinion, and believe the powers of darkness have eluded me because of the characteristics I displayed throughout my addiction to meth. I have been blessed with an incredible durable body. I’ve used meth at such a high level at times believe enlightenment came to me at an incredible rate. Even being able to read peoples minds, see through walls in total darkness, hearing up to 4 or 5 voices at one time, hearing voices through music, animals, insects, motorized vehicles and the list goes on and on.

I abstain from meth use for one reason and one reason only now. Because of these gifts I believe God has given me and cannot be revoked as it describes perfectly through His Word, I’m in a position now where I can help others in the depths of their addiction for the good and Glory to Gods Kingdom. I regularly go and find or as I put it sometimes, God puts people suffering in my path and I help them understand that they are created in God’s image and they have their life story to help others as I have.

I’m a convicted felon with a past that competes with the worst of sinners in the Bible. But I believe God uses people just like me who’ve been in the trenches to save other warriors in this world. I perceive that Satan really hates the fact that I used such sorcery to help other, but am blessed beyond measure I can serve a mighty God in spite of who I once was.

Lauren on November 03, 2019:

This is absolutely a fact. My bed would shack and my tv would flash light even when it was unplugged from the wall. My friend who wasn’t on it would see flashes of light coming from the air ducts in the bathroom. I was under such spiritual attack that tried to commit suicide. Then I fell to my knees and started calling on Jesus to save me and boy did He ever. Glory to God. Jesus pulled me out of the pit and rescued me. By the grace of God I survived

LOYAL432 on November 01, 2019:


Raylene on November 01, 2019:

Hi i have a testimony of my own. My husband died in my arms from a Over dose that was called blue flaming it caused his heart to stop he died in my arms i serve God knowing the devil had apart in that i ask God for forgiveness i find it hard to continue to live with out my husband

But i have faith the God will be my direction till we meet again im to help as many people as i can with my testimony

Use to be addicted on October 31, 2019:

The things you speak of are caused by lack of sleep and convection. It is the Devils drug. One has to choose to quit. I done meth for about 20 years. I was a functioning meth head,for about 15 years. Then started making my own. The doing it nore often and it started taking its toll. Its nothing to experiment with nor try one time. It was called crank,speed,crystal, the chit,but its all causing the same thing. I prayed even read my bible while methed-up. It took me away from everything i loved. Simply because of my choices. Just dont do it. Its not worth it. They say pit is the gate way drug. Wrong,,,,its alchohol. It all begins with a choice. Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Remember God didnt leave you. You left him. But the best thing is God will wait.

Living dead firl on October 31, 2019:

I have been struggling with addiction my husband and family have been acting strange I keep thinking they are hiding my children from me and are doing horrible things to them like I never would think these things before and I keep seeing ghost children my children as I'd they'rede dead they're supposed to be at my dad's in a different town I am terrified and scared keep getting told I'm delusional they're want to to build a wall say 3 layers and I have 3 kids little kids I'm panicking

PrincessP on October 31, 2019:

I have had to do many different things to rid my house of demons because my siblings are addicted to meth and the demons follow them and live beside them.

I hate feeling like im being watched or get the creeps for no apparent reason.

Drugs are bad and alcohol too- just steer clear of these things altogether

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on October 30, 2019:

Insanity is the goal that the demons pursue. They want us to believe we are insane, however, the Truth is we are afflicted. The Armor of God and worship to Elohim, sing songs of worship or read the Words of Jesus Christ out loud with your regular voice, no need to yell unless you wanna lol. This confuses the demons afflicting us and they flee. They do come back so do this daily. Walk with God joyfully, they will eventually flee for good! May God continue to bless your journey and thank you for sharing. You’re not crazy, NEVER believe that! You’re afflicted, and Christ will free you from this when you walk with Him. Your Choice.

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on October 30, 2019:

Praise God! Whom Christ sets free is free indeed!! Thank you for sharing your testimony beloved.

Alan Davis on October 29, 2019:

May Jehovah our God and Creator destroy the Devil and his demons forever Only Jehovah can do this

Jet on October 29, 2019:

I can't even begin to explain what meth did to me. I snorted it mostly for about 3 years and when I quit almost 2 years ago, it left me needing medication to fight schizophrenia. Or was it demons? I had 3 voices in my head berating me continually. I thought I was living with evil witches and it was me who sought witchcraft to rid myself of their oppression. I am SO grateful the Lord delivered me. I feel if I use it again I will continue onward to insanity.

Alli on October 29, 2019:

It took one time for me to become hooked! Here is my testimony! “ I grew up in a home that was as close to heaven on earth that you could get to! My loving parents took me and my sister to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. My daddy knelt next to my bed every night for 18 years and prayed God’s protection and blessings over me! My parents were both amazing Christian parents! I was so sheltered by the world that I truly did not know there was any evil here on Earth! Yes I grew up in church and knew all about hell, and that it was not a place I would go to! But I did not realize that there was hell here lurking on Earth....... Until one day in my early 30’s when life seemed to be great! I’m married, with three children and very happy! A tragedy happened in my family and I literally felt the pull of the devil on one end and God on the other, and I LET GO! I smoked METH and was hooked! Two weeks later I left my home, marriage of many years, family that I loved, church family, and most important my relationship with God! For one long year I went through pure HELL on earth! I saw evil on earth that you would never believe! I was so scared and frightened! I did not trust anyone! Everyone around me was so messed up on meth! They used me, abused me! My mind was so far gone that I could look at the color red, knowing it was red, but my drug dealer boyfriend said it was blue and I believed him! One night high out of my mind on meth and up for 4-5 days I was given several drugs without knowing and I overdosed. My heart stopped and I knew I was dying! I cried out to God please don’t let my children have a mother who died of a overdose. And I tell this story because..... I LIVED! I am 4 years sober! By the grace of God! Married to a living miracle! A man who used 20 plus years! Who is now clean and sober 4 years as well! All of my children are in my life! They all have a personal relationship with Christ and are amazing! Don’t give up! My heart literally stopped on a floor in a old trailer house surrounded by drug addicts! And God breathed life back into me! Please God, anyone who reads this, do a miracle in their life! Even if it’s only one!

Jason Michelle on October 29, 2019:

I am a meth user. I often say "stuff", things without realization, even saying God's son name without realization. I can't even discern lost seconds as I feel I can account for every second. Boggles my brain. Set me free from this puppet master

Ash on October 27, 2019:

I saw bushes...that were chasing me...the devil actually spoke to me..called me a bitch...i saw graffiti on our garage walls....i always thoroughly believed that people were in my house if i was outside of it...i could hear not a nut case or idiot..this stuff was happening in front of my eyes...clean now for years

KC on October 22, 2019:

So I'm sensitive to the spirit realm but only when the are directly related to me and the only shodow people and voice's I heard when I used was that of the living people in my family also to be considered you God given conscens I do bleave in the Lord Jesus and though I have relapsed a couple of times reading my Bible every day helps me more then any INP or OUT treatment did

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on October 17, 2019:

Hey Kieth, excuses are walls we build in order to accomplish our goals. It’s no problem though, you’re still tight with God! Be strong and break through the very wall you built.

Keith W. on October 14, 2019:

Ive been on this drug for 10 years now and i cant find a way to quit!! I have a pet Dixie a mountain Kerr that i csnt leave for treatment. I cant get back to meeting because my driver's license is suspended at this time for no insurance. Everything is so messed up I mean messed up I used to be an ironworker great balance I have no balance left none I can't even hardly walk my vision is going out I can see if my video cameras the demons are everywhere I mean Bunches of them the tall men have arrived with or without the camera I have a snake I don't own it but it's around my trailer I thought I chopped him in half and felt bad about it because he wasn't a poisonous snake but I didn't kill him I seen him maybe two weeks later pretty much completely healed on it was on my porch I've got better that I didn't kill the poor thing couple days after that he's a sitting at my doorstep I come up to it and he slithered away I told my friend about it he said it was an omen I hate to kill animals but I got to get rid of this thing thanks for friends now or something pretty scary very scary everything about me is gone gone gone gone I used to pride myself we working with my hands play myself with knowledge stability accuracy and loved it all that is gone I have no eye hand coordination all my motor skills are disconnected pretty much completely I I commented a few minutes ago a short one because I thought I was running out of space anyway I went back in the house and that lasted 5 minutes I had to get out of there it just felt bad real bad so I guess I'll sit outside all day I don't know LOL I don't know how to stop this s*** before I started this comment I took a hit off the pipe knowing knowing that is making it worse that's f***** up my poor dog Dicky I broke her heart she stays in my bedroom all the time now usually she's right by my side no matter what no matter where I'm at I take her everywhere I don't take a lot of time now be there in a frayed I might get pulled over for driving with no license or an accident or something so I can keep her safe by leaving her at home he don't know what's going on and yes she Leary when I smoke she hates me smoking drugs he tried and tried to get me to sup that was two years ago 2 / 2 years she feels neglected now I hate this f****** s*** there is no word from God and at least two and a half years I'm not used to that me and God were pretty tight at one time this is horrible I need horrible I mean horrible suicide is never been an option it's just not in me I've never entertained the thought to this day but the future concerns me well I get so far gone that I do I don't know it's really f***** up my dad is so worried about me but it has affected his health

Julie on October 07, 2019:

Ive been an addict for 6yrs i have had an entity get into bed with me i was able to see the bed and blankets push down around me like it was on all fours above me but i couldnt see it above me and it was heavy n big at least 300lbs 7ft i froze in fear and physically could not move even though i tried so hard only my eyes could move i teared up started crying it slowly got off of me and went walking out the door you hear it walking away i was staying in a 5 wheel at the time the whole trailor rocking from every step it took and it went out the door no doors opened or closed it walked threw. This is not the only experience ive seen shadow ppl running and jumping n walking multiple of them at least 30 of them they would get so close u could reach out and touch them my dog would look at the ceiling in the corner and bark n growl, another me n my husband wer sleeping and in the next room was my 11yr old son i woke up to hear his xbox being messed with i was trying to wake up my husband i heard a bang and turned and looked at the door and there was my deceased cousin well looked like him standing in my door way i was shocked n scared i yelled at my husband to wake up he finally did i looked back i told its jordan he looked puzzled and said where i ssid in the door way he was gone then we heard a bump like a door open so my husband grabbed a bat and yelled hey wtf whos there see we had these crawl spaces on each side of the room upstairs old house whatever it was it used the energy from the tv n xbox n burnt them both out in order to show it self and went back into the crawl spaces we moved right away there are many more experiences similar to these my husband n i have been clean for almost a yr now

Eve on October 06, 2019:

I use to be an addict, although meth was not my drug of choice, i got addicted twice. Reading this gave me chills and tears flooded down my face. I lost my husband to this drug. He would see the Demons, i would feel their presence. We were trying to be believers of christ. Somehow, very quickly meth came back into our lives, took everything from us. He believes the lies of the enemy (satan) so much that hes tormenting me day and night. I look in his eyes, his soul is gone. His eyes black. Even on the phone i can tell when hes high, the way his text messages are. Demons have took him over. The Lord for some reason spared me. Pulled me out of that darkness, something inside me, a demon, took me over and i could feel the battle raging. Physically, mentally, spiritually. Once i used once, i lost control to something much stronger and deeper to drugs. Straight demonic. I would hear things, see things. I almost went crazy. God saved me, but satan ripped my family apart. Took my husband from me, my daughters father. He is still lost. There was a demon living in my home at one point. I had to keep praying it out. I thought i was strong enough but at times i got sucked back in. There really isnt any words to describe how evil that realm is. My goal is still help others fight that spiritual battle. Step in the gap for them. Everything you said was point on. Before i met my husband he had a specific demon torment him his whole life. Its so bad so evil, it makes your head spin. You dont know which way the sky is up, yet even if you want to get out, demons wont let you. My spouse in detail told me how he was going to kill me. He had orgies left and right. He made things up in his mind that he actually believes them. That it was all me. I did things that never happened. Things he actually did do. My husband would hear music playing. He'd walk somewhere and not know how he got there. Its been 3 yrs since i first lost him to it. I went to church high on it once, i was so desperate to get out of that. They prayed over me i could feel a lift off me. The people praying said they could see it leave just from my eyes in 20 mins. I am straight blessed jesus pulled me out of it, otherwise id still be there. Because he loves me that much.

LeeAnn O'Donnell on October 05, 2019:

Not from the Christian aspects of this article, but as a former meth user ..there is alot of scary truth in this!!! I do practice witchcraft. But also stay clear of "dark maigick". I have seen and heard things. And seen darkness in myself, while i was using meth. This is no joke.

Adelphos Euangelion on October 05, 2019:

I have pictures of them, and also, audio recordings.

Where can i post pics?

John Besancon on October 04, 2019:

I agree with article, I was on bath salt , which was basically meth, & when they banned that I went to meth.... Looking back , it was very dark & demonic... I saw shadow people, i once smelled death, it smelled what i would imagine a tomb would if it were opened. I could lay a blanket on the bed & it looked like someone was lying there. The spirit of suicide was there also... What made it worse was the satanic heavy metal music I listened to... On January 18th 2014 Jesus delivered me from all that.. Glory to God.... Meth is most definitely the devils drug.....

David Jared on October 04, 2019:

Although my soul is being torn, I try to talk to god(a few times) sober and I believe I love Jesus. He died on the cross to save ours sins and rose again. This is why I’m getting these panic attacks (3 hours plus) and how I had the strength to dump an ounce of the crap in the toilet yesterday(I believe).... maybe I’m wrong. So I’ve seen showdow people that create themselves from normal shadows of objects such a recliners, buildings anything. But not the tall guys...I’ve seen what I call “the thems” and they can littlerally come from anything you look at too long fearfully. I’ve seem what’s looks like the bobadook(idk how to spell) I’ve seen people’s faces turn pointy(eyes,teeth,ears,) and I’ve also jus seen them just change to a completely different face. I’ve seen a thundercloud in my room that had three cloud necks protruding from it with skull heads on each neck.... as well as litterally just flapping mouths, or lips..I’ve seen them inside of my own head (maybe I’m possesed)talking to my brains giving directioon... hard to understand I know... I have a strong feeling they don’t start there but have wings and could be the voices you hear and can’t find.... last but not least. I’ve seen a crucifix that was a tint of green as well as the man nailed (demon thing) to it with snakes all over the horizontal piece, had a huge head and eyes were like huge holes, outside of the church and I remember thinking it was Devine intervention because it felt like I was elevated and energized but it was false, the Nasty thing wanted me to open the church. I did not, I’m going through a panic attack now... I am high so maybe don’t listen.... The devil wears many disguises and you might think this about me.... because I am high right now...don’t try to be like me tho, I got a weird relationship with god and my mother reminds me how when I was just able to talk 2 1/2 I explained god put stars in her belly when I was in there. Not saying I’m the only one, but prolly not a dime a dozen. I would like to learn how to witch hunt though. I feel so stupid and guilty Every day for mocking and humiliating Jesus.

Caylee on October 03, 2019:

Iv battled adiction for 14 years I believe most of this may be very true all I can say is armor up ad hit your knees prayer works

Melissa Koerner on October 03, 2019:

I used meth for 20 plus days, long story short my family was destroyed. I've seen and felt every kind of demon you can imagine. Today I can say, thanks be to God and a lady He sent me to i havr been purged (freed). I've been clean over 10yrs. Praise be to God! I have No desire anymore to climb on that destruction wheel.

Sincerely Melissa K . Mo.

William Yule on October 01, 2019:

Wow, as I spent the last 4 hours searching the web looking for a picture or story of one particular demon that seems too torment m life, I stumbled across this article and I am shocked. I thought I was losing my mind along with all my friends and family. I have proof of demon in a photo I took a few months ago. It’s as clear as day, I first took the selfie with colored lights on alone in my room. I then used another app to turn it into a sketch and sure enough, there was a creature sitting beside me as clear as day. You want to see it ? Click the link.

As I said before, it was a selfie and then saw something in the photo and somehow was brought to an app to change it into a sketch. That’s it, no joke, no BS , the demon is real and I believe that it wanted me too expose itself. I am not crazy, I am not making this up, I don’t even know how to alter a picture if I wanted too. It’s time I asked God for Help and allow Jesus into my life again. I will not play victim to this hell anymore.

Almost 50 on September 30, 2019:

With all elective substances, moderation and abstinence should be practiced or undesireable circumstances may arise. Amphetimines are powerful substances but tolerance develops quickly. Expense and illegality creep in and one's mode of living ultimately degrades. Are there forces at work outside of our control? Yes and no. It is ones own choices which cause the suffering, not some demonic evil force, right? I dont really know, but I know providing such things when they are obviously causing detrimental effects is not moral or ethical to my values and beliefs. In our society however, it is perfectly legal and accepted, regarding other things. So fight for what you believe in without belligerence

MindBodySpirit180 on September 29, 2019:




















This was my life on crystal meth. This is my story of Freedom. I just made a Youtube video last night of my testimony. I found this article high out of my mind in 2013. I desperately wanted to get clean and also desperately wanted answers to what was going on all around me. I was losing my mind and under heavy spiritual attack for years. This article was the first step in a long road to experiencing freedom and finding the truth. Please consider giving my story a listen. If you are reading this, just know that God loves you and will absolutely help you just like he helped me. You are not too far gone and there is hope.

Ronnie McQueen on September 28, 2019:

I agree with the things written on this page because i know them to be true.

Meth is one of the greatest destroyer that has ever taken hold of mortal man. It promises good times and days without end and it never shows you the truth til you are fully in its grasp looking in a mirror at a empty withered shell of what you once were.

By this time we are so eaisly minulipulated into thinking well i am going to have to stop this but i will do it another day and sadly for many that day never comes til they are placing you into a wood box and placing you in the ground..

This trash knows no could be a doctor, lawyer, judge or a preacher of Gods word..deception can overwhelm anyone ..

I once was a minister..a called man of God and i was having some kind of crisses in my life .i read about the narcoleposy in this ad and i was having that sort of problem almost wrecked and killed my son ..i let that arouse my courisety so a friend was using one day when i dropped by to give him a ride n i ask about the affects and so i tried it..

Well that was the beginning of my end..i walked away from my new home..paid for..walked away from my tools i loved so well my workshop buisness my boat my ATVs my precious i see its devistation and its power over our minds and i know as good as anyone these people can give their testimonies amd how it destroyed their lives yet it really dont change our feelings or our struggles though we knkw the truth we have given our very souls to these demonds and the magnetic pull that grasp our desires arent so eaisly dismissed..these demonds take root inside us and the longer they stay the greater controll they take over our want to..

If we dont find the heart to call upon the name of jesus with all our hearts and souls im afraid we are going to open our eyes up in the flames of Hell and forever regret the fiirst time we took the chance on our souls by trying this devils brew..

Im just another face in the masses of faces that have fallen into this demonic spell but i pray to Almighty God in the lovely name of jesus that we find the strength to look up and call upon the only hope we have..JESUS!!

I once had a great love for my fellow man but at one point i had so much hate inside me i could have literally took my boot and stomped the fingers of those grasping at the edge of Hell trying so desperatly to escape and said go on and get your just oie n ill join you shortly but i thank God he has taken that from my heart..i see the demonds..i see the shadows and every other bad thing that goes along with it..but i ahve also saw one other ..just because i walked away from my lord doesnt make me deaf to his words it only made me weaker and more subject to make another bad choice but Jesus told me he was coming a lot sooner tban a blinded world thinks..he said he was coming as a theif in the night didnt he? Well he confirmed that with me and thats why satan is working ever evil work to decieve us he possably can..

Meth tells us a lot of things but one it purposely leaves out..Jesus is coming soon and if we arent prepared...we arent going with him when he comes..i want to join that croud instead of walking through hell here to only find myself in another hell..this Hell we can turn around while we live through Jesus but the Hell after this there wont be a Jesus to help us out so while you have a chance you better dig deep into yourself and reach up towards heaven and cry aloud and ask Jesus to take your hand and lead you out of this darkness while there is light to run to my friends ..i love you all caught up in this living Hell but always Know JESUS LOVES US..AND HE WILL PULL US FROM THE FLAMES WHILE WE LIVE BUT IF WE FOLLOW THIS POISON TO TJE GRAVE HELL SHALL FOREVER BE OUR HOME..lets chose Jesus he is the truth we have been searching for not this white lie..

Brad on September 27, 2019:


Satan was never a fallen angel that was literally walking around trying to influence Christians to watch R-rated movies and listen to rock music. “He” is a personification of anyone or anything that is opposed to YHWH. Lucifer is a man in Isaiah 14:12-16. Satan is Peter in Matthew 16:23. Satan is Rome in Revelation 2:10. Satan is Judaism in 1 Thessalonians 2:16,18. Satan is also sin itself in Luke 10:18.

Contrary to religious tradition, Satan didn't fall from heaven. Isaiah 14:12 is often used to picture Satan’s rebellion in Heaven and subsequent “fall” to Earth, however, the context of the chapter isn’t about a personal fallen angel, it is about a man, the king of Babylon.

In Isaiah 14:16, we see that Lucifer is actually a man who exalted himself among other men. It is an assumption when approaching this text, to believe it is speaking of a spirit or angelic being. The chapter starts with the description of a man. There is nothing further to indicate anything other than that this king was just a human being with great authority. Jews often used idioms to describe seats of power. This would have been true of someone like the king of Babylon.

Isaiah 14:12 “How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer (Day Star), son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations!”

Isaiah 14:16 Those who see you will gaze at you, and consider you, saying: “Is this the man who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms?”

We can discover the identity of this man by looking a few verses back.

Isaiah 14:4 You will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: "How the oppressor has ceased, the insolent fury ceased!”

Jesus spoke of Satan with Jewish idioms concerning the gaining or losing of political power. He is not referring to a personal being here. It is a common idiom that shows the loss of power through the loss of a kingdom and the authority that it brings.

Luke 10:18 And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.”

In both Isaiah 14:12 and Luke 10:18, “falling from heaven/falling like lightning” is a Jewish idiom for losing authority. Just as the king of Babylon lost his authority, so sin itself lost its authority when the gospel was preached with power to heal. This is the claims being made by these Jewish men within their system of Jewish beliefs.

The word "Satan" literally means "Adversary". It is a title. It can be applied to any man, group or organization who is seen to be hostile to YHWH or “God”.

lona McGrew on September 27, 2019:

My son has been on it for a long time.And i do feel i need all the help i can get for him

Ash on September 26, 2019:

The spiritually world does exist even without drugs people have been tormented by these demons. As a child threw the son of what my father did to me it opened up a gate to the spiritual world and I was terrorized by many different demons for more then 5 year for the age of 5 two 10 was the worst year because my mom did not know god much then. After that she found god and started to pray with me and over me and had many people pray. Slowly one by one the demons went away and left me alone over the year. It was the most terrifying time of my life and I still remember everything. I remember one demon vividly he was an evil tormenting scary shadow with red eyes that followed me everywhere I went. This one Finally left somewhere in my twenties when I got close to god. People need to be aware of these demons cause they are there and they will strangle the life out of you. With or without drugs

Everette Dylan Chandler on September 26, 2019:

This is 100% Truth I've also noticed after using/sleeping with a demon I can no longer drink coffee or I end up seduced and led astray as I did on meth when I used to feel a 200 ib being ontop of me, I also hallucinate a red/black serpent eye that changes its pupil to an upside down pentagram that also shows lustful thoughts I have within it please Pray for me!

Jerry on September 25, 2019:

Please find an Apostolic church and ask for prayer.

Kristina on September 25, 2019:

There r people that fall asleep driving and can't stay awake. Narcolepsy is real and they benefit from taking prescription meth and when doctors won't prescribe it, they self medicate and I think it's sad that they have to. Valume's r prescribed all the time and I see upper's and downer's as same problem either way. This meth thing has gone way too far and if u look at side affects of the medications doctors prescribe instead of meth, they r so much more dangerous and risky. The real puppet's r the people and doctor's that believe this stuff and instead of wanting what works or is helpful to a person, because of these puppet's, people r forced to go to street drugs and self medicate.

Lindsey on September 25, 2019:

This article is on point in a lot of areas!! I too was once a crystal meth user and agree that all drugs are doorways, but particularly crystal meth. That makes sense since the recipe for the drug was given to some of Hitler's men in dreams by (you guessed it) demons. While I was using the drug one night I laid down to try and get some rest. While in a state of sleep paralysis, I heard a voice that I immediately knew was demonic. I was so scared and the room looked like it did while I was awake. I tried to turn my head to see where the voice originated and all of a sudden thins thing that looked like it had just stepped out of the movie "Silent Hill," wrapped it's unnaturally long, skinny fingers around my neck and began to choke the life out of me. I was a Christian at the time, and had fallen away from God because I didn't know my identity in Christ but I knew what to do in that instant. I called out the Name Jesus and instantly, the apparition was gone and I could breathe. It would be a few more months before I finally got clean and sober, but get clean and sober, I did. It's been two years. I still have a long way to go, but God has helped me rebuild my life and prioritize. People don't wake up one day and say, "wow, I think I'll be a drug addict." They are deceived and trying to numb their pain by unhealthy coping mechanisms. And so many are enslaved. I share my story in hopes of setting someone else free!!!

Trace on September 25, 2019:

My best friend was addicted to meth and he seen shadows alot... he was horrified of them but talked about being a warlock alot also.

One night he even crawled on all fours backwards ... please get help.

Christine on September 24, 2019:

Wow Johannes!

Brandon on September 24, 2019:

I was a crystal meth user for 5 years and during this time I experienced all that you have mentioned. For a long time I didn’t understand what was going on and I knew the voices I was hearing were not in my head. For many years I went through pure hell with the demons trying to destroy me. I wanted to commit suicide, I just wanted to put a bullet in my head, absolutely blow my brains to pieces so I didn’t have to go through the constant voices which were driving me crazy. But I couldn’t do suicide. I loved my family too much to put them through that and also it just wasn’t in me. I guess God would not allow it. After struggling for awhile I turned to God and asked for help. He gave me the help I needed and within 1 year I was completely of the drug. My addiction was totally gone, I had also given up drinking, smoking and the severe depression and anxiety I was going through was also gone. I did not go into rehab, I did not go on antidepressants. My total transformation from hell to a born again Christian now, is all due to the grace of God and His forgiveness of my sins. Thank you for your article. If I can help with your cause in anyway, please let me know.

Johannes on September 24, 2019:

[09/24, 13:43] Ruan Potgieter: There is maybe 4 spiritual realms...on earth the 1st is just normal ordanary people...then you get introduced with drugs alkohol or pills depresiion anxity pills...that a temporart gate way to the second realm...thats why you get memory loss and seeing shodows and hiluucinacions...its not hilucinations its actualy realy there...why you get memory los so you cant really remember what you saw and did in that realm all substances is n temporary gateway so every time you get high or get on pills you start where u ended in that realm you remember again what happened last its spiritually these days witches can give you access to the next realm permanently...for a price for money they let you think you living higher and have more power and say over others its true...cause now they are in that realm you can still see the as ordanary people but now the devil can control them more and so they appear diffrent towards you not your closest friend anymore not your loveable wife anymore cause there head is more opened but to evil and being cold hearted and not seeing things like good people good hearts and all lies from the devil..3 realm is now an even bigger upgrade remember the bible says so in flesh also so in spirit so they have exactly everythimg same shops sam building same everything but now they have stiff you cant see as an ordanry person like demons or shadows mice rats and cats that guards their houses and bellongings sometimes spiritually gifted ordanry people can see it in the corner of their eye or when you ar in Jesus and have the holy spirit it opens your eye to the spirit realm the stronger you grow in the 4th realm even more upgraded and improved now people can walk by night unseen so also people by day the grid like witches...or ghosts or demons like the ordanry us thinks when we accedently saw one of them...thos people are even more controlled by the devil..actual his main witches who created these realms so they can lie cheat kill and destroy under and off the gridd that voice you hear that thought you get they place thoughts in your head every can chose to satisfy or to think more of that thought until you do what is called sin

..they can destrack you they can minupulate your loved ones your friends people at work they can actually destroy your life and let it look like it was you who did it or everything that day just went wrong...and you lose your job car or house? People buying them selfs into this realms starts off inisently like they dont really know what thry buying them self into...cause they feel like Vip...cause ordamry people cant see now what they see...better cleaner building brighter lights...brighter shop lights supermarkets nicer food better shinnier logos..and they all get these stuff at a spesial price pay diffrent prices then ordanary peopl like its almost priceless...but its all a hoax its eye blinding...the older the product the better witch craft they can do so it appears better looking shinner better logo more fresh...but they actually being old old products thats why they almost pay nothing fot it...and they think and it appears to them as the quility the older stuff you eat and drink the better they can do witchcraft on you...decieve you use you to minupilate other people controll you to do funny things at night you cant remembet..using u as a puppet without u knowing...3 realm even worse its even better upgraded...theres no people on the streets evetyone drives smart cars all the buildings and shops looks like can draw your house or download a photo of an house and at a price they can magicly give you that house buy upgrading your 1 bedroom house to that 6 bedroom one over night but its eye blinding only you can see your house like that well everyone whose in that realm can see your fake mansion like the one on the photo the people ordanry people stil in the normal world they still see your house as that 1 bedroom shack...but to you in the 3rd realm it appears like a 6 bedroom mansion...

[09/24, 13:43] Ruan Potgieter: If you temporary eneters a realm frequently through your depression pills the can read your mind thought  and control you fully...either they see you have alot of money so they will connect with you through your android device or smart device pairing with your eyes and placing exactly all the ideas in your head to also become one of them and exactly how it works if they can gain someone else whose an investment a family member a friend a person they know it automatically pushes them to a better and higher level of living cause the brought another soul with money who the witches can deceive and gain from that how people are more connected then others sometime a whole community or town can operate together without talking without knowing eachother driving in tge same direction acting the same way to you make u feel lonely unwelcome unloved all false objects appearing real all fals emotions driving you to depression and anxiety not getting a close friend your family doesn't want nothing to do with you people cutt you out...its because they are all in the same but diffrent realm then you working together for the bigger picture of you destroying yourself all because of lies...and confusing you pushing you to the edge to drink more depression pills then you should so it looks like u had an overdose and kill yourself...but because they are in a different realm in the devils territory he can wipe that out of there mind the next morning that town or your family can wake up not knowing memory loss..confusion and totally unaware that they actually contributed to you taking a life or your own thats the dangers of substance abuse....and thats the dangers of buying ur self a vip ticket to paradise? Cause you are the totally controlled by the Devil (Witches witch craft demons spirits..jezabels and the list goes on...thats why the world forgets about Jesus cause only The power of Jesus and your faith can help you get you out of any situation but if your in a different realm it would be more difficult knowing Jesus or calling for help cause that realm controls your thoughts and actions so they can just wipe the memory or thought of Jesus everytime ...  and like the bible said when Jesus comes the world wont know him anymore....but still then every knee shall then bow and every mouth confess that Jesus is Lord...even though most out of everything was just illusions it started all with dust and till dust it will go...

[09/24, 13:43] Ruan Potgieter: Now all of this is just costing you money and money...but its all fake...and so you work and you pay money for nothing you pay money to be eyeblinded more witch crafted more seeing things better 4k quality...and those witches leave you in that realm with your imaginary mansion and upper class life...and they come back to the ordinary and spend your money here buying the real stuff on this side now you wonder these days why most people appear ordinary here but all driving new cars youth all in new cars....but its because of all the realms others got stuck in imaginary world living a fake thos people is in the witch realms so they are all puppets all work together all after money they dont have...cause eventually there money dries up as soon as your money dries up so does your health on your flesh you can't pay anymore to be witchcraft so everything that appeared real is going away now...and you end up overdosing on pills or alcohol or you disappear from this earth or end up stuck in now where.

So what you do is you go after everyone that has money loved ones friend..... just to get anything something out of them to use borrowing money why when you have money you got alot of friends and when you dont have money theres non? Its all those friends they know exactly when you  get money cause they are actually in a different realm using and abusing you...its all difficult to explain and still a bit blur to me but i know this because i was there Jesus took me through all those realms i walked the road saw everything but

Phaedra on September 23, 2019:

I have been overcoming the addiction to meth and I'm loving myself more and more and i do see now how it's the devil i lost the love of my life to the devils ways to get to people no he isnt dead but I've prayed so hard and so much that he be saved from this wretched drug and the devil he's become someone i don't know and a horrible narcissist and I've thought for month's he was sort of possessed by a demonic entity but my ex comes to me in my dream's like a part of him is seeking help and is begging me to help him I've been an empath all my life and I'm connected to a few people like my 3 kid's but my ex was the strongest empathic connection I have i always knew what he's doing when he wasn't here and i may be an ex meth addict but I didn't and never have before i used always saw good and bad spirits it's been that way all of my life and still is is it possible though that my now ex fiance is coming to me cuz he truly needs help and wants to be free of the devil's hold and the meth? This had happened so many times in the past and it's been going on now too

Tommy on September 23, 2019:

I had 5 years of torment from this in past

Swear I see and diff feel this ever single nigh fir last 5 years

But lord is there with me with his angels so I fear no evil tku lord

Bruno on September 23, 2019:

I had to find out but how i was lost and out of sorts my one and only true love, had decided to hook up with a freekin devil a thief and dark soul probably one of uour darkshadows, her revenge to me a year down the line after our daughter had passed at the age of three months but it was still sane to remain in the ever so evil and toxic relationship, having threesoms etc but i was also ashes and vitious wanting an escape a way out but i had no way no oppertunity o had lost everyone and everything very nearly with the bank lurking to reposes my flat and auction it off the place mimiced hell i believe, my son thank the Lord had been removed from our care too so the best thing was to end myself asmyown demon on me i was possesed im sure was convinsing me to eat handfulls of antipsychotic and diving off a bridge or ligh in the traffic or wakeup at the oddest hours in the centre of a walkway people walking past and over you having no clue how i got there, then being looked after buy somilar people as i also addicts but some scence of existance deep down inside there yet i could see in them the same as i beating our girls from being the strongest defenders of woman to this, but i know Christ had a major hand in all this,from my survival on the bridge to the man who approached me with an oppertunity for recovery at the south coast recovery centre, to hearing my dad confided in someone for the first time ever in his kife that he cried in another mans arms, a man who alqays recognised crying as a sign of weakness, i know that was God, there was no chance i would ever surrender to such intervention had Christ not shown such intervention, i would of lookedxthis man i the face turnrd and walked away, i took a decision to change completly 180 and it was so i had many devils and disgraces inside to deal with being labeled a baby killer this guilt sat with me deep, but i somehow had the strength and hope to deal with thos and deal with life however it may present itself to me but to my son i needed to bea present father, so far by Christ and only christs grace i am here, still far to go with a hard family dynamic and hard

oldschool mother with much struggle a continuous bumping heads and emorional abuse i will do this battle with all the pain and sorrow involved, consious of my feelings makes me feel more admarible and closer to God. That was alot im not going to spell check that is but a taste as im sure many og you stories may be just the same , there is hópe, just try the spiritual path but truely try be involved spiritualy at church in the community with friends seek hwlp stop at nothing call every single rehab ask who ever you can Gods grace is reall and he will make a way, try it!

Bruno on September 23, 2019:

I have experienced many demonic sighting including physical attacks, many more infact i also believe it had a hand in my daughters passing but i preffer not to open that door again. I can comment on the other syuff though, i lived among these demons with them consistently present in my life.

Saved person on September 23, 2019:

The devils are taking part of the immoralities in meth induced humans. That’s pornographers are not themselves anymore... as well as the acting ones.

Dawn stevens on September 22, 2019:

This is so scary i used this drug on and off many years and literally thought i was crazy now i have been clean and i still have days where the battle to stay sane is real. I will never use again bc of the crazy train it put me on. This story made alor of sense to me. Thank you

Me on September 22, 2019:

James 4:7

Submit to God

Resist the devil

And he shall flee from you

Sandy on September 22, 2019:

I hear what you are saying though I have done many drugs through out my life thank God he saved my life. Now I have a few things to say about your claim on crystal meth and other drugs the first relationship we lose is with Christ you mentioned as the last relationship. Alcohol,weed,coke,crack and meth do all the things you mentioned if used in stronger and purer and more often they are all destoryers of life. Its not witchcraft it is sad. We need to pray those stuck any any addtiction. We can not say one is worse than another. I lost my everything many times with all the different addictions I had

Stacy Wheeler on September 22, 2019:

Those demons are real, they will haunt you, taunt you! I wish i could share a picture, i have a photo of one plain as day!

Sethakemon on September 22, 2019:

I'm on ice as I'm typing this message folks and to be honest I'm actually relieved to discover it's not just me who believes there is a spiritual, and almost obvious affect once meth infused... obviously shadow peeps, but someone very close to me was completely taken, not killed but mentally altered.. even after months of abstinence from the drug and healthy life habits practiced, not much improvement... she is and always will be the love of my life and whom I call wife, but Satan has taken what I held most dear, my soul mate.. yes physically she's still here but not like my finish my sentence best friend as before... now just a delusional, paranoid, adulterer, who seems possessed at times considering her actions... but I made my choice and before God vowed my loyalty to her and that is a covenant I'll not let the snake take.!!! In Jesus name I praise for having breath in my lungs and the opportunity to serve him another day.. please god rid me of my pain and desire to continue using drugs to mask the pain of my heart and soul.. I love you Jesus and I wanna serve you I just can't seem to get out of this rut... to all the other people still in active addiction I pray you will be a light to th as u often are to me to remind me of my pirpise and worth! Amen and praise god!

Nichole on September 22, 2019:

Wow. How does meth have anything to do with Witchcraft?

Godschild231986 on September 21, 2019:

This is all very true for people who actually know and understand the truth to reality the spirit realm and Gods WORD. I am a former user and saw demons many times. They spoke to me etc. Once we all smoked a lot and then went outside. Had been up for a while and I looked up in the sky and saw the Devil himself along with 2 Demons a Trinity of Hell... The person that was with me without me saying anything to him looked me straight in the eyes and said now you have seen the devil...

I will never forget it... Demons are fallen angels, 1/3 of angels became demons in the fall. They went from beautiful light angelic beings to dark demonic beings.

They lost Holy and became Unholy. I know God and he knows me. We talk daily! Praise God! What I have said is true and can Ben trusted...

Joe on September 21, 2019:

You have some things right as a man who was delivered from a severe meth addiction. I lost count at 28 days with no sleep. And many many time went 3 weeks without sleep. Demons are not angels they were not created by God. They are a product of Genisis 6 where angels mated with humans. This is described in detail in the book of Enoch. I was open to witchcraft and I did know things about people. I knew the weather in advance. I saw spirits and shadows. It does not make you a witch or warlock. It does not make you a puppet. You still have control. There was a demon in me but it never made me do anything I didn't want to do. I did however want to do most of what it wanted. I agreed with it. But I still had control. The gospel of Jesus Christ set me free. And I will never go back. Jesus is the only hope. Meth does open doors but you have control you still make decisions and you are not a puppet. Ever the devil doesn't have to power to do anything to you that you don't allow.

To those who think its cool to post unwanted post on September 21, 2019:

Anthony you are a very bored, and hateful person I can tell. Just because you feel you can't be helped doesn't mean our God isn't powerful enough to do it. You should give it a try instead of posting obscene post out of fear. And to Michelle Paganism is Satanic. It is all about witchcraft, and mysticism. And that is all Devil worship. Just because you feel into the lies doesn't keep it from being true. Weather its black or white magic its all asking Satan to help you to do something. If you are praying to anyone but God you might as well be praying to Satan. Even praying to the Virgin Mary is a trick of the Devil. I will be prying for you lost souls.

2ndChancer on September 21, 2019:

I have been dealing with Demons in my life for several years now because of meth, and the things I'd do while on it. It causes you to want to do sinful, and immoral things. Weather its stealing lying, our one that I had big problems with addiction to pornography. And now that I have opened up that door it won't close. I have been harassed by Demons almost every night for several years now because of it. They always hiss, and whisper hateful thing at in the night, and I feel them touch me, and jump on to my bed when I try to sleep. The only thing that slows them down is when I pray heavily to Jesus. But they still come back again. I also so discolorations on my walls that just appear out of nowhere that look like sets of eyes looking at me, and sometimes laughing faces. Its very disturbing, so much so that I think I now have PTSD. So yes I do believe that Meth is a gateway to another realm. The only good thing that came from this is it has brought me closer to my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.Please pray for me so that these things leave me alone soon so I can get a normal nights sleep soon, because even though My praying does help most of the time I have to pray for hours at a time for them to lighten up, and still after that I can still feel, and hear them there. Thanks and God bless.

Aaron on September 21, 2019:

Yes meth is whitch craft and yes animals act weird around you i could sense snakes and methinduced sycosis is very real you think your are talking to a group of people yet you sre only talking to yourself and doing it for hours and hours you are actually talking to demons and they cuase deception between you and others and cause them to believe something you didnt actually do or viseversa and when you stay up for days it only gets worse you dont eat dont shower your health hits the fan you become numb to suffering and when you are not high you become very depressed and suicidal and it created a dependancy of the drug because your just a hit or a shot away from feeling better and then the cycle starts over and yes demons will mist themselves into being behind windows or in the window but you wont respond as nornal to them becuase you are high so you dont react normally this is the ultimate drug of tricky possesion god brought me out of this mess and if you think people are crazy for saying these things then you are being decieved the blind lead the blind this wicked drug is extremely evil if you think not you are wrong god bless

Steve on September 21, 2019:

There are no examples of Jesus or the apostles healing a drunkard/addict.

However, He healed many demon possessed who were probably drunkards and addicts along with their affliction.

It's important to pray FOR them and not WITH them when engaging them.

An emotional or personal relationship with them can put you at risk of taking on a 'spirit' through them.

Tina Quezada on September 21, 2019:

Some kind of stupidity tries to control me I hate it meth to the top of my head to the bottom of my feet I just heard something break because of rejecting it Jesus forgive me for doing that ever Please angels of heaven protect me help me not to lead astray again....Come into my my life Sweet Jesus

Cheryl on September 21, 2019:

I shot meth hardcore for 5 years and my house was the dope den. I can't even begin to tell you all the things that had been seen or went on in my house due to all the demonic activity. I hit rock bottom and found Jesus. The day I got saved, when the people in the church laid their hands on me, I began coughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. My guts were being ripped out by something. It took 3 times of being prayed out before I finally coughed the demon out. Yes this is all

Ashley Rae on September 21, 2019:

Very true. They pray over meth, heroin and cocaine in an evil way. My brother has opened portals to hell messing in satanism and by doing what they tell him to do. Yes he has fried his brain from drugs but I've faced those demons personally. I mean battled them hardcore for days tp the point my spiritual energy was insane for months. I seen him this summer and when my grandmother told him about everything he said Jesus himself couldn't close it. I looked him in his eyes and told him, "Jesus himself closed it; the preachers, Bev and I cleansed that house. I will go back and get whatever mammaw needs and I am not worried because it's closed!" I walked through the house even though it was locked up and boarded up by the bank. I had an intense need to stand my ground and to protect my bloodline. I wanted to show my grandma that it is safe and more importantly I wanted to show my brother and the devil that even if they are powerful that GOD IS ALMIGHTY!

My brother needs to be baptized and exorcised because it's using him for evil and to spread evil.

The demons scratched me, pushed my grandma down stairs a few times, tried to push me, made it feel like I was stepping on balls and I had to push down hard to get my footing. I moved boxes out by bumping on my butt down the top 4 stairs and sliding it to my sister standing below. It threw my phone several times because it was playing worship music. When the demon(s) busted out of the back closet [main portal] it was so forceful it shook me like an earthquake. It spun my sister in a circle from the force and she took off running. My sister in law just passed and she was trying to get my brother help thru the Catholic church. After the boom & Bev spun I heard Kendra, my deceased sis in law, scream what I thought was "G damn MOTHER FUCKKKKEERRRRRRRRR" then a crash was so intense it buckled my knees. At my visit with bubba he said kendra was one of those demons. I stared him in the eyes and told him she was NOT a demon she was an Angel. She bursted through and screamed GET OUT mother f-r and she battled that demon all long. She protected us. She was done and untouchable by the grace of God. I could feel it with my entire being. The struggle was crazy. The mental and spiritual battle telling my brother what happened was exhausting even though it was a year later.

I've always believed in God but now I have a deep understanding. I felt the protection amd being led.

I have used drugs including meth with no hallucinations or awakenings.... I was sober for 5 years when this happened! I have been there when meth is made. It truly is some evil shit

Christine on September 21, 2019:

This is also true of crack cocaine.

Janet King on September 21, 2019:

My daughter was/is not ever sure a meth user. Do demons stay attached even if not using but you still have not turned to Christ?

Mark smith on September 21, 2019:

I looked I saw n wept. The passing of time how it swept. The damage meth had done to everything under the sun. But the hi coast of Love came down from above n rules, cause I am now free. But darkness almost had me, the stench from the grave that others r starting to c. Who can I send who's already been was the question Love ask me. Then I raised my hand n said pls help me to stand I've been there, I Kno what can be done. Then love picked me up, looked n my face n whispered, tell them about Me. So I walked thru the valleys of the shadows of meth n lifted my voice on hi, don't b discoruged as meth snarreled it's face n said, oh it's u...GET READY TO DIE. But all who were chained, locked n restrained, saw a glimmer of hope n my eye. As I started to sing, I Kno of a King who's promise comes from on hi. For u who r locked n prisons n chains with deaths recipe n ur hand, for heads that hang low I want you to know. There is a King n I bear His ring n He sent me to tell u today, don't give up hope this death they call dope will flee when I come your way. Then we will sit down with peace on the ground as joy continues to play n u won't even notice, meth has no rule... Cause LOVE has drove it away.

Josh on September 21, 2019:

I see them often but i learned the cannot hurt me and if dont look for the or acknoledge they are there they go away. I see there refelections outside my windows i see them in the trees. At first. I didnt know what was going on an. My parentz were about to admit me because i would be wondering around the house at 2 am with a gun thinking someone was in my house i could here them wispering i look but i wouldnt see them or i would see them but when i try to show someone they would be gone. I can never understand what they are saying tho just wispers. But iv learned to ignore them

Marilyn Redwood on September 21, 2019:

Yes Drugs iilegal drugs ,crystal meth are instruments of Satan to destroy human souls and spirits.

Janet Morgan on September 21, 2019:

My son used Crystal meth and he used to tell me that he saw shadow people. He even argued with me one night that there was a man in my bedroom and he kept seeing him walking back and forth from my room to the bedroom. He would hear people talking that I could not here. He eventually got severally depressed, didn't sleep for fear that someone was trying to kill him. Wouldn't eat because he thought the food was poisoned. If he slept at all he begged me not to leave the room. He only ate what he made himself or what I made for him. This went on for nearly two years and on October 1st, 2019 he hung himself and wasn't able to be revived. I have always thought that there were actually demons brought about by the meth that ate at him constantly. Yes, I do believe meth opens doors for evil to get into your life.

J.L. on September 21, 2019:

I had an experience while on meth thay i cant explaine very well. These ppl i was around turned out to be wiccan. They wanted to cause me harm. They had blood spatter all iver their walls. They couldn't harm me bc of my faith in they tried to, "peal away the white" from me.... i knew if they did that before i lefr, they would harm me and i would never get away. I ran out and never returned there and i stopped using.

Renee on September 20, 2019:

The night I got saved I actually had a demon come out. Just a few minutes after . It was so . crazy .I thank God for my Salvation and peaceof mind.

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