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The True Love of a Real Father

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"


A Look At Father-Hood of God

Beloved reader, this message is about getting to know the God of the universe that created all things both seen and unseen as Father and praying that he may reveal his heart unto us that he is not only a wonderful master planner before the world was formed, but he loved to be referred to as the Father of creation.

Dear reader, God is Holy in his character, his deed and is not bound by space and time. Beloved, this is what distinguishes and separates Him from all other created things.

Beloved, God has granted us the gift of prayer to enter his divine presence and discover that not only is he seated on his throne in Heaven with his Angelic host, but His Spirit is here on earth with us.

Dear reader, this revelation awakens something like a deep voice within saying this world is not our true home and we are just passing through, yes beloved, our treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue where a loving heavenly Father is looking down with love that chose us in him before the foundation of the world for he stated in (Isaiah 49:16) that he has us engraved on the palms of his hands.

Beloved, prayer causes us to realize that there are more around us than we can see and because of circumstances involved, it may take some time before we see physical results.

Beloved, we need to receive revelation that God knows all, sees all and is looking at people around us when answering our prayers because beloved, He is observing what affect our answered prayers will have on them.

Dear reader, prayer is the means to satisfy our desire to know Him who delivered us from sin, giving us a deeper desire to be in His presence and commune with him.

The Model Prayer to God Our Father

In Matthew 6:9-13, we find the Lord instructing His disciples concerning the proper way to pray and approach God?

Beloved reader, some like to refer to this passage of scripture as "The Lord's Prayer."

Beloved, here we find the preacher of all preachers standing overlooking the Sea of Galilee instructing His disciples concerning the right way to pray and approach God.

Beloved, the Lord instructed His disciples to take their prayer life serious and not exploit themselves like the heathens who love to pray in public and be known for their educated words but to enter into their closet and pray in secret. He encouraged them that their Father who sees in secret would reward them openly.

Dear reader, the Lord began His prayer by addressing God as our Father and t was not uncommon for Kings in the Middle East to be addressed or called the Father of their people. Beloved, history reveals that many times George Washington was called the Father of America.

Dear reader, when we address God as our Father, we are identifying ourselves as being the children of the King and in so doing we are confessing that He is our sovereign, Lord and beloved, this is a Kingdom prayer.

Saints, in this prayer, we are not only praying for a time He has set in the future when His Son will sit on His throne here on earth and reign in righteousness, but we are making a statement that we acknowledge His right to rule over all people including us.

Beloved, God has a Kingdom, and that Kingdom is now at work in our lives. It is an established Kingdom where Satan has been defeated and Jesus has been seated above all where He rules as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Beloved, we find in Luke 22cd chapter that Jesus delegated the same authority given unto Him by the Father to His church which is His body.

Dear reader, we as His children need to realize this same authority has been delegated unto us and direct our prayers asking God to mold us to become one unified body doing His will even as it is already being done in Heaven.

Beloved, when we pray the words “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, we enter a new level of respect for God and reverence for His person. Beloved, can we pause in this study for a moment and thank him for not giving up on us, even when we were not so good?

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Dear Lord, we give you praise for who you are and what you have done for us. Church when we give him praise and place him on the throne of our heart, we are willfully giving into to His will and call upon our lives, by placing Him on the throne of our heart even as He sits on His throne in Heaven.

Beloved, we as his children are expressing unto Him that we have a burning desire for our lives to reveal His love and His character to a lost and hurting world.

Dear reader, did you not know that we do this in our everyday lives, both in private and in public, which is played outwardly to a hurting world by our actions and it does not take long for those around us to know if we believe in what we are presenting and telling them that they need it to live a prosperous fruitful life.


God is A Father to the Fatherless

Saints, God expresses in Psalms 68 of his Holy word that He is a Father to the Fatherless. Beloved reader, some, like myself, bear the memory of a rough childhood with an abusive father who showed very little love toward His family.

Dear reader, I never got to hear the words "Son, I am proud of You."

Beloved, my Father was always telling me "You will never amount to nothing" and acted as if he were in competition with me".

Dear reader, unlike an Earthly Father, our Heavenly Father desires to develop a loving relationship with us and, clearly, shows in His word, the true characteristics of what a real Father should be.

Beloved, the word states in (Matthew 23:9) for us to call no man on Earth father but beloved the writer expresses that in the Greek language as do not refer to any man on Earth as the model father because beloved, only God can fulfill that position.

To better understand this, we can study the life of the Apostle Paul and find in 1 (Corinthians 4:15) that Paul refers to himself as being the father of the gospel to the people God entrusted to his care.

Beloved, if we desire to see a true model father then look no further than God's Holy word for it plainly declares that God's possesses a Father’s Heart, a Father’s Love, a Father’s Strength and a Father’s Concern for His people. Yes beloved, we have a father that will never change or lose his power. Dear reader, Isaiah gives us a livid picture of God as our model Father which can be found in the book of Isaiah.

(Isaiah 9:6) For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Beloved, this scripture reveals to us the attributes of god our Father. Dear reader here we might make the comment that something is wonderful but God says let me show you wonderful as you view the risen glorified Christ that has been made both lord and Christ mediating and representing you before the courts of Heaven.

Dear reader, listen as God through the prophet Isaiah gives us a picture of the awesome mighty power of God that is available to us that is able to save and deliver us from all temptation and bad habits. Yes beloved reader, observe the prophet as he shows us an Everlasting Father that will never change how he feels about us and will never die off or lose his power. Look beloved, as he comforts our hearts in knowing that because we have been adopted into his royal family, we not only have peace with him like the world does but dearly beloved, we have peace with him as his Sons and Daughters in his royal family and that my friend is the True Love of A Real Father.

Beloved reader, we were predestined to become His sons and daughters at the cross. He approaches us with the preaching of the cross which encourages us to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Our accepting Jesus is the first step in His plan that was predestined for us before the foundation of the world. God demonstrated a desire to save people by His Love, His Grace, and His workmanship in our doing good works to glorify His name in the Earth.

Beloved, God desires for us to maintain a family relationship with Him and even though He already knows our needs, He wants us to come to Him trusting and believing that He is able to meet and desires to meet everyone of them.

Beloved, because we are members of His family, God desires for us to ask Him for what He already longs to give us.

Saints, our prayer life prepares and enables us to enter into His presence that we may receive instruction and blessings.

Beloved, sometimes we just need to come to Him and unburden ourselves and know that He will always make time for us his children.

Galatians 4:6 "And because you are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts crying Abba Father"!

Beloved, how we approach God and what we are willing to ask Him for, will reflect how we view Him!

Dear reader, as I am writing this hub, I would like to ask you a very important question which could change your view of Father God and your view of your fellow man.

Beloved, do you view God as one that works on a merit system that requires you to satisfy some demand to gain His favor like other religions, or do you approach Him as a loving Father that loves His children?

Saints, sometimes, we tend to make our requests in accordance with what we understand about His character and that beloved could and will affect the way we approach him for our needs.

Dear reader, may I ask you to think a moment and think about how would a child that has an abusive father approach their father?

1. What will they ask for and how will they approach them?

2. Will they be fearful that he may burst into an emotional uproar?

Now beloved reader, may we ask ourselves a very important question that could have a great impact on our life, our family, and our ministry including those we may come in contact within our everyday life?

Saints, are we as God's children approaching Him with fear having the mindset that He is waiting for us to fail, or can we approach Him as the model Father, full of compassion and love who is determined to bring us to a good end?

James 4:2 states that we have not because we ask not, and we are expected to ask Him for the things He has promised.

Beloved, if God were to give you a blank check how would you fill it out?

Dear reader, would you use it to better yourself or would you use it to help others and advance the Kingdom of God?

Beloved, one thing we must recognize is that timing is everything in the Kingdom of God.

Beloved, we must not be praying a one-sided prayer, but we must stay in His presence and allow Him time to place His burden in our heart.

Dear reader, again, we must realize that He is all knowing and looking at everything and everyone around us that will be affected by our prayers.

Saints, we need daily strength to continue this journey and what we had yesterday is not sufficient to face what we may encounter today.

Beloved, when we come before Him and express our needs, we need to recognize that He instructed us to ask because He is concerned.

Beloved, in knowing him as Father, we can stand with confidence knowing that our God is able and has a sincere desire to answer our prayers fulfilling our needs.

Dear reader, have you noticed that the Lord linked the word “and” in the phrase between asking for daily bread and asking for daily forgiveness.

Saints, because we do not know what dangers we may encounter, we need God's hand of protection to cover and protect us, therefore we are instructed to pray in the lord's prayer the words, "Deliver us from evil."

Beloved, did you know that we, as His children, need to discover in His word that all temptations must have His approval before they can be sent against us.

Beloved we have a heavenly Father that loves us with a pure, intimate, providing and unconditional love therefore may we come boldly unto him making our requests and petitions with boldness, confidence and humility, remembering His word in Hebrews 11:6 that states, “without faith, it is impossible to please Him."

Thanks' be to God our Father Saints, for he has extended His grace unto us that we can come boldly unto Him with praise and thanksgiving in our heart for we are His children the work of his hands.


Beloved reader, we were predestined to become God's Sons and Daughters at the cross of Jesus Christ. Father God approaches us with the preaching of the cross which encourages us to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Beloved, our accepting Jesus is the first step in His plan that was predestined for us before the foundation of the world. Beloved reader, God demonstrated a desire to save people by His Love, His Grace, and His workmanship through us his children in our doing good works in the Earth to glorify His name.

Beloved, we are coming up on a special day this Sunday that recognizes the fatherhood of dads called "Fathers Day." Yes beloved, many of us no longer have our Earthly fathers with us but we that know God as our father have learned to trust and fall upon his Fatherhood especially when we have no others we can depend on or confide in.

Beloved, I am finding it hard to cease writing on a love that has been there for me when I never knew or experienced true love until I was sixty one years old. Beloved, all I knew and experienced most of my life since early childhood was being used and abused by those that I thought loved me but beloved, that is what it took to harden and mature me to preach in other nations for the glory of the King who chose and called me at a young age.

Dear reader, we can study the life of the Prodigal Son and see the heart of God that is full of love and forgiveness. I awakened this morning around 2: 30AM hearing the song in my spirit "He Lifts me Up to Stand on Mountains" and beloved let me tell you that our God is there to lift us up when we fall, he is there when we cry and we can rest assured that he will be there to comfort and lift us up when we are broken.

Dear reader, I am reminded of the poem "Two Sets of Foot Prints" which when the man questioned God why at some points in his life, he only noticed on set of prints to which the lord replied "Son, that is when I was carrying you."

Beloved, in closing, I hear that O song, "I've wandered far away from God, Lord I'm coming home," Yes beloved, it does not matter what you have done or how far you have strayed, just like the father of the prodigal son that was watching for his wayward boy to come home, Father God is doing the same and he wants the lonely to know that they do not have to be lonely, he wants the widows and widowers to know that they do not have to suffer loneliness for they too can become a part of his royal family. Yes beloved, those lonely mothers that may have a son or daughter on death row can find comfort in a True Loving Heavenly Father that wants nothing but the best for them and their family.

Dear reader, 1st Corinthians 8 verse 3 expresses the fact that the man who loves God is known of God and I want to close this message with Romans 8 verse 37 which says, “Who can separate us from the love of Christ, shall trouble, hardship, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger, or death, “Nay in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” A-Men

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