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The Inside Noise (Episode 2)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller

The Inside Noise (Episode 2)


Great Echo in the Sea

Oceanic voyage is a weird course with no boundaries. You can't stop boasting of its beauty, love, and dread. Yes, the sea is sternly dreadful. It pays no regard to anyone except the sender. The noise of the ocean is fear, distraction, terrible and difficult. The look of it is more boisterous than any man. You can not tame it by its own hands, nor can you create a path for it. The ocean never provides a negative by its dreadful appearance, but the Son of God commanded it. In His statements, Jesus said that a man would be able to overcome the rambunctious sea with a strong heart to exercise the first rule, inward ability. If you were not ready to shove your ship against an eerie hurricane in the sea, you would agonize over the wreckage. A horse is strong, but a weak man has control over its mouth. It is impossible to dig a channel through the ocean, but you can dive to the center with a strong key in your heart to control the raging waters. Heeding to the decision of your sincere heart amidst the troubled calm of the horrible seas A heart speaks even when the mouth is closed. Be quiet and see the salvation of the Lord in the great sea of life. Understudy the trend and why it acts against your will. Do not be afraid of its greatness. You'll see the beauty of it, peeps, and a sharp edge will be assigned to you to choose. Simplicity is the key to life. It allows you to see the end of a situation, and the importance of paying close attention to the possible outcome prompted the apologetic decision to enchant. Be simple, life is fair. Do not look at the dread, lest you fall and miss your way to a tiny gutter until you reach great milestones before getting back to the ocean again. It would be a waste of time and a bad long journey would hardly be loved to arrive. Peter would not have made it if the Lord had not helped him. Stop seeing yourself as more important than the raging seas and winds. Hang on to the power that got you into that distress. Peter quickly forgets the power that set him on course. It is enough for the same power to get you out safe and protected.

The noise of the ocean is solid, stripey, and brutal for a neophyte to withstand. When a novice ventures into the sea, the journey becomes unhealthy and seasick due to the foul odors that warn of impending dangers. God said to Cain, "See, sin lies before you, but you must overcome." He failed, because of his irresponsible prayers, to receive a momentous frontier for what was laying in the corner of his heart. The highest understanding is highly magnetic. The noise of the entity is nothing to be compared to the magnitude of His container. Man is made in the nearness of the Almighty. We also hear the noise of creeps in the night and see handmade objects like running vehicles, airplanes, energy plants, and great sparks, which form an insightful pictorial of the context. With no doubt, I have concluded that there is a larger being, above anyone else. The man subdues only his sight, but the evidence is clear that a presence contains the entity. The Bible gives a clear record of God. I read it every time, as there is no knowledge anywhere else in the world but in it. I found the anatomy of life in the reading of it with no biased heart. I read to learn, to inquire, to receive, and live. A man will never find life unless he gives himself up to the truth. Unbiased information gives enlightenment to everyone that seeks to know the truth.

Terrible Noise Everywhere

wickedness, evil, and murderers come from the heart. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” said the Lord Jesus. A man is justified through his heartfelt faith in the Lord. The thoughts that devised evil displease the Lord. Here is my submission; when the road is no longer how it used to be and difficult to tread, then try to figure out the spur of such a menace. You will discover the value of the supplication offered from the heart by noise. The effect of noise could be seen to be traced to the acts of the Apostles; there was an event of rushing wind and tongues of fire everywhere. It brought change and purpose to the human race. The troublesome noise in the sea is as loud as the echo of an empty drum that takes away momentum and peace. There is no peace for those coming in and going out. The sign of rejoicing is abstrusely taken away by the mirage of a heavy downpour of malicious soul.

Great panic is everywhere for those who are simple but always careful. I do not want to get hurt because I am not a terrible person since my life has been identified by myself. Eventually, simple people are mostly hunted for their non-challant attitude to being part of the system that shapes their existence. The gang of dangerous people gathered based on their evil thoughts, resulting in a dangerous noise but leaving God with an empty threat. They lay in wait for the righteous to destroy him in an ambush. How come that the simple-hearted fellow fell to the temptation of time and was ready to be swallowed up? Wisdom is the bedrock of one man in the assembly of serpents. He is very bold, trusting in his inward ability to navigate by the rules of life, walking the stoning and torn places. Sometimes a serpent doesn't get hurt by other serpents. The simple is not like that, but his solitary and segregating decision causes him to be unhappy. The Highest opens his hands and provides for all of his works. How come the righteous, simple, and wicked people all survive on the air that is freely given by God? The Highest is good to everyone, and the righteous work the same paths to sustain peace, lovingkindness, and protection from terrible echoes in the sea.

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