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The Transforming Power of Fire Baptism

Fire Purges the Soul

Refiner's Fire

Refiner's Fire

The Principal of Life

Luke 3:16 , John answered and said to them all, As for me I baptise you with water, but One is coming who is mightier than I, and I am not fit to tie the thongs of His sandals, he will baptise with the Holy Spirit and with fire.


This is one of most necessary subjects for this season, even as the Holy Spirit is breathing on scripture once again and bringing to the surface, revelation that was hidden from the saints for far too long because there was no man available to dispense this Truth, who had a sufficient and relevant context to deliver this to the saints. Hence then, revelation will only then be unmasked to those who have a context for the application of the revelation and to those who have the culture of the Kingdom, in these last days. It is therefore vital that if you are called to be a part of the Government of God the Father, that you learn to change with the seasons of God and remain relevant and receive Ancient Wisdom that is vital for the bringing forth of mature sons in the Kingdom.


Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance states that people will either change their behaviour to match their beliefs or change their beliefs to justify their actions. The righteous spiritual order of change applicable for this is, I am, therefore I think and therefore I behave, so change can only originate from the spirit through the soul, into the flesh resulting in behavioural change. This is being led by the Spirit with the mind of Christ; this is the order of the sons of God. When you are being controlled by your soul, the order is reversed you react to external stimuli through your five senses, your flesh, which then results in soulish thinking which will revert back to your flesh as behaviour, which is the order of the orphan and slave. The resultant behaviour of the soul is to self preserve always. The Holy Spirit communicating this same truth through Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:16, Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For the momentary light afflictions is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen, for things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.


Let’s return to the subject at hand. I will first lay a foundation for what I am about to say. All life originates from the Trinity, let take a look at Genesis 1.1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. The first Person of the Trinity that earth was introduced to was the Holy Spirit, the scripture says that He moved or hovered over the surface of the water. What was happening during this interaction between the earth and the Spirit? The Spirit was infusing within the fabric of the earth the Spirit of Life. This Life is only activated at the crescendo of death; this is a very important principal to understand. God the Father then steps and starts the making process, by calling into existence all things on the earth, heavens and the waters. It is as if the Holy Spirit lays a foundation for the Father to build upon.The scripture says that as long as the earth remains there will be seedtime and harvest. This passage has always been misquoted with regards to financial blessing, saying that this is the principal of sowing and reaping and the entire prosperity gospel has this text at its foundation, this is absolutely inaccurate. The sequence of this process is (SEED) – (TIME) – (HARVEST). Now we all know what planting seed and harvest is. I will explain the part of time in the middle of this sequence, what happens during this, time. Jesus said, “Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone”. Now I always thought that life was contained inside the seed, and I am sure that’s what you thought too, right? I have now been renewed in my thinking to a higher order. Now prolonged exposure to the water element and the earth element can only produce decay or death of the seed. So another point to observe is that life is not contained in the soil. Because if that was true, then we could plants pebbles and grow rocks. So there is no life in the seed and there is no life in the soil. Where then is the Life? Something happens when the seed reaches its full state of death and decay; it meets up with the Spirit of Life which was infused into the earth at creation. Death meets Life and suddenly out of death comes life because Life swallows up the death. O death where is your sting? This is how death gives way to life in the biological order of creation, because it’s the Holy Spirit that has pre-programmed this function from the beginning of time. Now this is also how it functions in the spiritual too.


The Parable of the Wheat among the Tares which is found in Matthew 13:24 which is explained in Matthew 13:36. Here is what we have;

  • The Sower is the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.
  • Good seed is the Sons of the Kingdom.
  • The field is the world.
  • Tares are the sons of the evil one.
  • The enemy is the devil.
  • The harvest is the end of the age.
  • The reapers are the Angels.

So we are reminded in this parable the sons are the wheat, they are the seed, being sown into the world and they are to produce a return, but all seed must die first in order to yield a return. This dying to self is the baptism of suffering.



We know that when the seed begins to sprout and take root, that the outcome of the seed is exponentially greater on the other side. The principal is this, when something in the natural dies it meets up with Life and the outcome of that interaction results in a superior state of existence. Life after death takes on a whole new meaning. Many only have a one dimensional understanding to that statement life after death, which is when you naturally die and or your expiration date is up, then you die and go to be with the Lord, in Heaven. This is where the baptism of fire, needs to be explained, let’s get into that for a moment. Jesus understood this in a Kingdom context and that was what He was trying to tell us. Jesus died physically on the cross, so that we don’t have to die physically too. His death on the cross was a means to an end, it was not an end in itself, it was the only way for Him to leave this planet and change location. His death saved our spirits, He redeemed our spirits, and therefore we are seated with Him in heavenly places, our physical bodies will change from mortal into immortality when the last trumpet shall sound, if we are still alive, should we die before that time, then our bodies return to the dust and our spirits return to the Father. There’s just one more aspect of us that needs to die and that’s our soul. This happens daily, we die daily. So our soul is in a natural state of decay as we hand over more control of our soul life to the spirit, this is where the baptism of fire comes into play, it kills our soul.


John 10:17, Jesus says, “For this reason the Father loves me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it up again”. Remember Jesus said that we must take up our crosses and follow Him, He said that we must die to ourselves and to the World, so that we can be completely saved in Spirit, soul and eventually the body too. Paul said that I die daily, bringing the flesh under the control of my spirit. Romans 8:36. Now daily dying shapes our character, and the fivefold gifts have been given to the saints for that, but the next stage of dying is dying to the World, dying to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life. This is the Baptism of Fire, this is when you have to die to providing for yourself, protecting yourself, this stage of your death is very intensive and because it requires a complete change of mind, the Spirit wants to change you from the mind of the orphan to the mind of a son.


Now the Baptism of Fire is not something that you pray for nor do you rush ahead to have this happen. It cannot be pursed like a spiritual gift, nor can it be imparted through the laying on of hands. This event is only done by Jesus Christ Himself. The Holy Spirit will be leading you and co-ordinating with your spirit, this most important spiritual stage of your maturation as a son of God. It is at this stage that an earthly Spiritual Father is needed to guide you, because it requires constant reassurance and encouragement to stay in the furnace, until the complete work is done. It is also vital that your spiritual father must have gone through this furnace process too, so as to give you, the proper counsel. Most Church going Christians do not have a context for this experience and give up, thinking that God the Father has abandoned them in their worst possible time, and that He is not a God of love and compassion, because if He was He would put an end to their suffering. What is even sadder is that most Church leaders have not gone through this process and will pray for God to rescue the saints from this process. It is this lack of context that most of the saints quit and revert to trying to save them and by so doing they abort the completion of this spiritual transaction and end up, going back to their vomit and returning to the world. The New Testament Apostles saw this in their day and warned of the many that where with them that have now turned back to the World, seeking their own lusts and leading many astray with them. The present Church does not view suffering as beneficial to the believer, and therefore cannot identify this stage for the believer as from the Lord. I have heard leaders say to those that are walking through this process, that they have left doorways open for the enemy to come in, or that they have not been tithing and robbing God therefore the Devourer is unleashing a barrage of attack on them, what rubbish.


Romans 6, Talks about how water baptism is the burial of our dead old nature in us and identifies it with Jesus Christ, doing away with sin once and for all, and that we are alive to God, that means our spirits are alive to God. If we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection. Water baptism is a symbol not of the death, burial and resurrection as some teach, it is a symbol of burial only because it recognises that death has occurred when repentance took place. When you say to the Lord, "Lord, here's my life, take it and do with it what You want" we may think that's some great offering to God. But the fact is that God prepared a way of life that He intends to live through you when you will give the life that you have to Him and invite Him to take control. So it's not like He saves you and then gives the life back to you. He saves you for Himself and He takes that life that you have offered and He now intends to live through it but your soul doesn't like it-your soul wants a different outcome. So what the soul does is that it fights against the spirit.

Now suffering-in the life of the believer-is what focuses attention upon the way the soul is and brings the believer into conformity with how God designed them to live-indeed, what God intended to do in the person. So the conflict within the human being-between the soul and the spirit-is that conflict between whether the human will run the show or whether he will truly submit to God and the Spirit of God will direct his life. That's the conflict. Suffering is the way that the soul is saved.

Suffering transforms you from what you think you can do for God, which is nothing, and useless, in fact, it's characterized as works of iniquity when you are running the show and you are doing what you think is what God wants. You are transformed from that to submission to the Spirit of God. And by submission to the Spirit of God, He then directs your entire life beyond that point because the life beyond that point, you see, is the life that God created you to live. And He created you as a vessel to which He could come, in which He could live and out of which people could see God's own goodness in your face. It is not normal for the human being to submit himself to God in this way because before you give your life to God your soul rules the show-you are governed by your emotions, you are governed by your own thoughts, you are governed by your own perspectives.

The fiery trials that you must go through are those things that God has designed to shift your perspective from this idea of what you can do for God to making you available to God so He can live in you and He can live through you. Suffering disabuses you of any notion of your own perfection and you only change incrementally when-by reason of suffering-you recognize that you must give up some area of control in your life that you've always had. When you give up that control, God comes and He takes it and in that place where you rule, He expands your capacity to receive new revelation, new understanding, new insights into the nature of God.

Unless you suffer, as a believer, your soul will always remain in control and when your soul is in control your view of God will always be what humans can come up with about God. When suffering works its work, your soul will be put down and your spirit, elevated and your spirit then is able to receive, from the Holy Spirit, the fresh impulses as to the nature of God. It is Jesus who holds the steady hand upon this baptism of suffering. He is the one who can be trusted to bring suffering into your life when He wants to and how He wants to. The baptism of suffering is therefore, one of the two baptisms that Jesus is qualified to administer in your life and He does it faithfully to bring about the necessary changes.


The purpose for my writing this hub is to encourage the believers that will face this in days ahead even as the global financial meltdown will affect many saints, houses & cars will be repossessed, you may be fired from your job, your business may go belly-up but that you should seek wise counsel from spiritual fathers and that you should stay on the furnace because once you have reached the crescendo of death, life will swallow up death and resurrection will occur. For who have suffered in the flesh have seized from sin.

For a fuller understanding of the baptism of suffering see my hubpage on the Elementary Doctrines – Baptisms. Grace, mercy, peace and love.


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gracefaith from United Kingdom on December 03, 2011:

Great work!

Leon Elijah (author) from The Tribe of Sam Soleyn - Durban - South Africa on May 29, 2011:

Hi Randy

Glad to have met your acquaintance, this subject is taboo in the Charismatic circles and Church Culture at large. To forgo your life and die has always been the way of Sonship in the Kingdom. The N.T is full of this kind of talk. I pray that you have a Spiritual Father who will walk with you through this most important stage of your spiritual development.

This is bread for the children you are free to quote, copy and spread this word as the Holy Spirit leads you. I am just a "Sent One" a postman. I pray that you come to trust the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ your big Brother, who is exclusively given the authority to take you through this much need time, for he holds your hand through the flames, and you must see the fourth man in the fire with you. The burning of the World and the flesh and the soul, is imperative to your maturity.

Are you the Randy Goss from Georgia who knows Jeremy M Rowland and Sylvia Mobley? They are part of the Household of Elijah, in the USA.

Grace and Peace

Leon Elijah

Randy Goss on May 07, 2011:

There is so much here that I will have to visit it time and again till it becomes so ingrained that this takes place in my life. I WANT Jesus to do this in me. Truly I have been in the furnace and this has brought understanding and hope. Thank you for this and will be back many times. Blessings. I pray I might use this as well in the ministry the Lord has allowed me. THANK YOU!!

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