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The First Covenant of God With Adam

Attending Bible school at age 17, it was expressed there is a need for modern day Christian writers. So I have accepted the challenge.

The expulsion leads to the first covenant of redemptive promise from God.

The expulsion leads to the first covenant of redemptive promise from God.

Was The First Covenant Lost?

It is not a secret that the Books of Adam and Eve were contained in the original manuscripts of the Bible. Whether these 2 books were left out of our modern bible accidentally, or intentionally remain the big question. Even if they were left out by ignorance of the historical scribes and scholars; they have been included in past editions and then removed; and God has allowed them to be preserved regardless of man's oversight.

The forgotten books of Eden, The Story of Adam and Eve, the 2 books that contain much information which is mysteriously missing from our current Old Testament, are something I could relate to the power of dynamite or TNT when we begin talking about the early events of the history of Man, the history of Gods creation and the story of the first family which has been hidden from most Christians, and treated for hundreds of years as "second class information, even though it is allowed the status as being part of the Pentateuch, and as authentic but irrelevant to the main Bible. But how could this be?

Let me lay out an indisputable argument of the cause and effect of exclusive continuity; directly relating to the process of redemption. An otherwise missing first covenant debates the missing link both of evolution and the missing link of Gods established method of his covenant relationship with mankind.

If this volume was ever truly "lost" then from now until forever it is truly "found".

the author, M. O. Jones

the author, M. O. Jones

God's Covenant given to Adam (Book of Adam and Eve)

I will not have to dispute anyone's doubts, after they have first read the Forgotten Books of Eden, the Story of Adam and Eve, and after they link the evidence of authenticity based on the divine covenant.

It has its roots established in Genesis, and describes the struggle of good and evil; the conflict of human nature with sin, and in short, the great deception brought upon mankind by Satan which caused the great fall. We will agree that we all know the basic plight of man when he disobeyed God, and how he was expelled from the Garden, or from the paradise of God.

This story for all of its primitive and almost fantastic events, hard to believe by modern Christians, relates the effect Adams expulsion had on God. God helped them in the matters of survival and how to deal with this new life, which both stripped them of spiritual powers and left them almost helpless in a hard and unforgiving land of sin and desolation. However, God helped them each time they came to the gate of Paradise and before the cherubim, feeling sorry for their plight and right away now, I want to bear down on the part where he makes a covenant with Adam and Eve, that in several thousand years, 4-5000 years, he would come to earth and redeem or save Adam's descendants. To fully appreciate this covenant and what it meant to Adam, one must read the story that has been passed down from generation to generation and from civilization to civilization, through-out time and is still in print, and can be bought as a supplement to your bible. Why Church fathers were so irresponsible I will never know.

All that I want to do with this is show you that God fell in love with his first humans and established a covenant with them to come back and restore them to their original state. In fact, I do not believe God has ever forgotten his promise to them and I also believe imminently that Jesus on the Cross was God incognito, coming to earth to redeem both Adam and Eve and all his descendants.

You will see in the next section, how it relates to the subsequent covenants that God established with Noah, and with Abraham, and With Moses, with David: and also with future generations a covenant revealed through the prophets and through the prophecies of the coming of Yeshua/Jesus, the Christ. The covenants are all in sequence from the first civilization of just Adam and Eve, to the following civilizations I mentioned above.

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I suggest that these are interlocked evidence that connect the Story of Adam and Eve to the Book of Genesis,and which incidentally fits with it "hand in glove".

The Known Biblical Covenants.

Let me just list these covenants, for we don't intend to study them so deeply, as we only want to use this essay to establish the order of covenants and the interlocked first Covenant that God made with Adam, which you read in the above section. This is offered as irrefutable evidence to the authenticity of the Books of Adam and Eve, their exclusive story; kept and recorded as part of the original Bible manuscripts.

-Gods Covenant With Noah In Genesis Chapter 9 to never destroy the earth by flood again.

-Gods Covenant with Abraham IN Genesis Chapter 13-17, to bless him and his descendants, and to multiply his seed as well as give him the land of Israel.

-Gods Covenant with David in 2nd Samuel Chapter 7 and 1st Chronicles Chapter 17, to build a lasting house of God in Jerusalem and to bless his seed forever.

-There is also a Covenant involving Grace and the Blood of Jesus Christ that is written in Isaiah Chapter 53, and other Old Testament Books, including Genesis Chapter 15, of the first makeshift blood covenant. If we take that a bit further back, God showed the significance of blood when he killed an animal to cloth Adam and Eve after they left the Garden.

The greatest point I want to make is that God did not start his covenant making with Noah or with Abraham. I want to state as powerfully as I know how, that we never would have made it that far, unless he had first established a covenant with Adam and Eve at the beginning. You might well say, part of it is spoken in the New Testament, and in Genesis! But I counter with "the full spoken covenant is well documented in the Forgotten book of Eden/ the Story of Adam and Eve, Book one and Book two!"

The premise, evidence and conclusion of this study is based upon the above. By the interlocking of the covenants, and the fact that without the first covenant with Adam and Eve, we have no second or third covenant. History is built upon stepping stones and leaving the Adam and Eve story out of the bible is a sad tribute to both history and to founding fathers. One might say, Oh, God would not let them leave anything out, but friends, lets say again, whether it was by mistake, ignorance, or intentional for political reason, "God is and was big enough to allow the original story of Adam and Eve to be preserved for us to read and glean its valuable information involving our first Family and their Post-Garden relationship with Almighty God."

© 2021 Oscar Jones

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