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The Ten of Cups in Tarot and How to Read It

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

The Ten of Cups is a sign that you have reached emotional maturity. You're in a good relationship with yourself. You're also in tune with your inner child. You can now provide for relationships outside of yourself.

The Ten of Cups is a sign that you have reached emotional maturity. You're in a good relationship with yourself. You're also in tune with your inner child. You can now provide for relationships outside of yourself.

The Ten of Cups in Tarot

Ten cups are arranged in a rainbow. A young couple raises their arms up. Two young children are playing. These are idyllic images. The card is about wishes coming true.

In some Tarot decks, the rainbow image is removed and there are no children. There is typically a young happy couple on the card. The couple image indicates you're in a healthy romantic relationship. It can also mean your conscious and subconscious are in a healthy alignment, so you're in a good relationship with yourself.

The Ten of Cups means you are satisfied emotionally. You've made choices that have benefited you, especially in your relationships. This card is seen as the happy marriage card. It is considered one of the happiest cards in Tarot. If paired with the Sun or the Six of Cups then you can expect good times.

Fair warning: the card in the reversed position is categorically different from the upright one. The reversed card can be in reference to quarreling, violence, and disruptions to relationships. The cups in the sky fall to the ground, leaving ceramic shards everywhere. (There wasn't enough emotional support to keep the cups afloat.)

Other Correlations

The Ten of Cups is sometimes attributed to the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. The Ten of Cups is attributed to the tenth sephirah of Malkuth. The correlation to the terms is translated to perpetual success.

The Ten of Cups and the Seven of Cups are the only cards of the suit where cups are up in the air and not physically supported. These two cards symbolize contentment without material means.

The Ten of Cups is often read as the happy marriage card. This card indicates you have a soul mate level connection with someone. You do have the skills to maintain a happy, healthy, and loving relationship.

The Ten of Cups is often read as the happy marriage card. This card indicates you have a soul mate level connection with someone. You do have the skills to maintain a happy, healthy, and loving relationship.

Card Alignments


Divine love, marriage, blissful relationship, buying a new house, family, harmony, alignment, healthy relationships, emotionally strong, wisdom, happiness, contentment.


Misaligned values, struggling relationships, disconnection, breaking up, divorce, anger, resentment, destruction, violence, mishaps, distraught, betrayal, lack of support.

The Suits









Material Resources (The Physical Body)



Poker Cards















Suited Face Cards






Head, Heart, and Thighs

Throat (Voice), Chest, Legs

Arms, Kidneys (Midsection), Ankles

Hands, Root Chakra, Feet

Yin and Yang











Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Ten of Cups shows a happy couple with two young children. This is the card of emotional contentment. You feel mature. You desire healthy relationships around you. You've found harmony.

The Ten of Cups shows a happy couple with two young children. This is the card of emotional contentment. You feel mature. You desire healthy relationships around you. You've found harmony.

Upright Ten of Cups

The card is about a happy young couple with children. The couple supports themselves by making good emotional decisions. They're content with their lives. They have a good home, they're raising their children right, and if they continue to stay in this direction they will have perpetual happiness.

This is the real lottery people want. They want a happy family. They want to be married to someone who madly, deeply loves them. They want healthy and happy children. They want a home that supports all their dreams.

You're not automatically handed the Ten of Cups in life. You have to learn all the lessons from the previous Cup cards. To earn the Ten of Cups you must show a mastery of emotions, maturity, and charisma. You have to be mature to support a home, a spouse, and children.

Not everyone desires the traditional home and family. The Ten of Cups could reveal another type of emotional growth, perhaps from successfully moving forward in your career and putting down roots in a community where you can develop and nourish friendships.

Idyllic Images

The card's images are rustic. The home is surrounded by flora and natural beauty. The landscape is pleasing to the eyes. The children will grow up in a paradise. You don't have to worry about the school district: you know it's one of the best ones. Your neighborhood is kind and responsive. You live somewhere pleasant.

The couple has everlasting love. Their bond is strong. It would be near impossible to break them apart. They have faith in each other. They are great teachers for their children because they understand love. They're natural nurturers.

The home symbolizes stability and comfort. This is your castle. It's your place to break away from the rest of the world. You live, play, work, and create memories in this space. With such a strong couple at the front, this will be a home of incredibly beautiful memories.

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The river represents emotions. The grassy landscape represents health and fertility. The rainbow signals an end to difficult times. Things will be okay if they're not presently.

Perpetual Happiness

Let this card follow you for the rest of your days. You have mastered your emotions. You have developed charisma to make your friendships successful. You are caring, kind, gentle, and a steward of others. You bless people with your spirit.

This scene is what we want out of heaven. We want Divine love and emotional fulfillment. People who attain the Ten of Cups did so by accepting their spirit. They put in the hard work to understand their emotions. When you are in a good relationship with yourself, you can be in a good relationship with others.

This card is about happiness, and not just temporary happiness but lifelong happiness. You are so happy that even if things are taken away from you, you'll still have your memories and good spirit. You have everlasting gratitude. People wish they knew your secrets for well being.

You Have a Strong Support System

It's not hard for you to share your love with others. You seem to keep expanding your heart. This card indicates you have good people around you who support you. You're not alone. You have found spirituality in the company of others, and people feel comfortable to gather at your home.

You are also overjoyed and excited for when your loved ones succeed. You're not self-centered. You're not manipulative. You want everyone to be in a good place. You have happy and healthy wishes for all.

The Ten of Cups shows your family is in harmony. You're not having fights, there isn't any tension, and family members want to be together. Sometimes this card indicates people will be coming together for a holiday or reunion.

You should encourage events with your family. Events can help build positive memories and create strong bonds. Hold onto these familial connections while you can. Be thankful for your family.

Soul Mate Level Connection

If this card appears in a relationship reading, it indicates a blissful match. You and this other person will likely enter a long term commitment. You may both have a desire for marriage or for starting a family. Something in your intuition draws you to this person. You actually have a vision of what life would be like with them.

This card is for people who have a kismet connection. It can feel like you've found your soul mate. When you have your soul mate, things can change radically. Puzzle pieces fall into place.

You find it easy to trust your partner. You feel a wholeness within yourself. You also feel like you've been granted a better hand. Do you feel lucky all of a sudden?

Continue to follow your heart. Let your intuition guide you to the right opportunities. Your intuition will align you with what's right for your spirit, while kicking what doesn't work to the curb.

You will have a fulfilling life if you listen to your heart and intuition. Don't chase after flashy cars and big job titles. Materialism is misleading. It won't make you feel satisfied like spending time with your loved ones will.

The Ten of Cups is about emotional contentment. This card reveals that with the right actions you can have perpetual happiness.

The Ten of Cups is about emotional contentment. This card reveals that with the right actions you can have perpetual happiness.

Reversed Ten of Cups

Sometimes in Tarot the reversed version of a card isn't that different from the upright version. Unfortunately, the Reversed Ten of Cups is very different: it's about violence, rage, discord, a lack of emotional maturity. This is a card you want to release as soon as possible.

In the Reversed Ten of Cups, the cups crash down to the ground. It's messy. It's upsetting. No one likes broken dishes. They're not useful unless you're making an art project.

When this card appears, it means you are seeking greater harmony and connection in your relationships. You are either aware of this consciously, or it's buried in your subconscious. Things are not going right. Puzzle pieces have been forced together. You feel an excessive amount of tension in your emotional sphere.

You feel disconnected from your loved ones. This card spells disaster in romantic relationships. You and your partner are separated from each other on some level, perhaps you're physically separated and living in different homes. You may desire reconciliation with this person or you want to make things more official and opt for divorce.

One thing is for sure: feelings are all over the place. You have rosy memories slapping you in the face and then the next moment you're remembering something awful that you struggle to process. You might even call this relationship abusive.

You two are struggling to communicate. You may need time apart to air out the issues. Time does heal wounds. Being alone can help you decide what to do next: seek permanent separation or try to reconcile.

Desiring Harmony

You ultimately desire harmony. You want to put yourself on track so that you can invest in a positive future. You need to sit down and think to yourself if that is possible with your current partner.

Your expectations of the relationship might be off. You're not viewing things correctly. You might be looking at things with rose-colored glasses, or worse, you're too pessimistic. You need a realistic viewpoint: one that can see the bad and the good.

It's extreme to be too optimistic or too pessimistic. This will hinder your decision making. You won't be able to decide what's right because you're easily led by anything shiny or you're too hard on everything. Stop acting like everything is perfect, and stop picking apart every single flaw your partner has.

Negativity is what drives people apart, generally not optimism. Optimism can lead to bad decisions and be too hedonistic, but it's consistent nagging that leads to a divorce. You need to say more sweet things than negative things. You need to be supportive not a critic.

If you're only hearing negative things this will have an impact on you. You'll eventually become depressed. You may end up disconnecting from your own self worth.

Spotty Support System

The Ten of Cups in the upright position shows that you have emotional maturity and a strong support system. In the reversed position: you're not emotionally fulfilled and you're lacking a healthy support system.

In a job reading, it means you're in a toxic workplace. Your managers don't care about you. People around you are constantly complaining. You can't take a step without hearing someone badmouth another person. A bad workplace can lower your spirit. It's not worth your time to stay in a sour workplace. Leave.

Same with a marriage. If your spirit is low and things are not going well you have to do something about it. Get marriage counseling. Consider how your relationship with your partner could be a detriment to your kids. Don't try to be resilient to everything: stand up for yourself. Negativity is something you have to nip at the bud.

Consider Your Expectations

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Realign your expectations otherwise you won't be fit for anyone. Seek out common ground. Be comfortable with the word compromise.

You are deserving of love. The people around you are deserving of love. If you want to flip this card into the other direction, you've got to look at what kind of energy you're putting into the universe. Are you a negative person that people want to avoid or a burst of positive, enthusiastic energy that is contagious?

The energy you put into the universe is the energy you'll attract. If you're negative then you'll be paired with negativity. If you're insecure, you'll be paired with insecurity.

Be compassionate, understanding, and merciful. Seek understanding. Don't put yourself on a pedestal. You're not faultless; you're not 100% evil either.

When you have more empathy to give, you'll treat your relationships and self better. You may be struggling to show empathy because you're misaligned with your personal values.

Maybe you need to reconsider your values because maybe they've changed. Spend time alone and try to get to know yourself better. Often the best way to fix emotional things and to have better relationships is to first have a better relationship with yourself.

Too Obsessed With Material Gain

The Reversed Ten of Cups may reveal that you're neglecting your family to pursue material gain. You're more interested in your career and in making money than to nourish the relationships that are closest to you.

Life is about relationships; they raise your spirit. Money is an illusion. Careers won't fully satisfy you. In the work world, you are replaceable. Your family loves you, and you're priceless to them.

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