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The Story of Moses in the Bible for Kids

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Moses from the Bible

The Story of Moses from the Bible

The Story of Moses from the Bible

The Birth of Moses

King Pharaoh, the new king of Egypt, was afraid of the Israelites. He made them all slaves because he was afraid they would take his kingdom. After he made them slaves, he was still afraid of them, so he ordered that all the baby boys be killed hoping there would be fewer Isreaelites.

At the time that Noah was born, he was in danger of being killed, but Moses' mother hid him so that he could not be killed. Soon he grew older and she was afraid that the soldiers would find him, so she made a boat out of reeds and put him in the river. Soon, an Egyptian princess came to bathe in the river and found Moses. The Egyptian princess took him as her own son.

Baby Moses Floating in the River

Baby Moses floating in a basket in the river.

Baby Moses floating in a basket in the river.

Moses Prince of Egypt

Moses grew up into an adult man. Moses did not like the way that the Israelites were treated by the Egyptian people who had enslaved them. Moses often stood up for the Israelites when they were being bullied or mistreated.

One day, Moses had enough. He saw an Egyptian man knock down an Israelite man and he stepped in and killed the Egyptian. Soon he heard people talk about what he'd done, so he ran away in fear to the land of Midian.

He still stood up for people when they were bullied and one day he stood up for women at a well when they were being treated unfairly by shepherds. When the women's father, Jethro, learned Moses had stood up for his daughters, he invited Moses to stay with him and care for his sheep. Moses married one of Jethro's daughters.

Moses the Shepherd and the Burning Bush

Moses was a shepherd caring for his flock and one day God spoke to Moses from a burning bush. He told Moses that he had seen how badly the Israelites were treated and asked him to lead the people to their promised land.

Moses was blessed to have God speak directly to him. Moses was also blessed to be chosen to lead God's people to the promised land. However, Moses was afraid. Instead of being grateful that he'd been chosen by God, he told God he didn't think he could do it. It's important to remember that when God calls us to do something, God strengthens us. No task is to big or difficult we have the strength of God with us.

Moses and the Burning Bush

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Moses and Aaron Visit King Pharaoh

Moses did not feel that he could free the Israelites himself, so God allowed hm to take his brother Aaron along to speak for him. God sent Moses to talk to the Pharoah with a few miracles that he could perform to show the Pharaoh that Moses was sent by Him.

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and asked him to release the Israelites, but King Pharaoh refused. Moses performed the miracle of turning his staff into a snake, but the Pharaoh still refused to let the people go.

God sent Moses to visit the Pharaoh and ask again to release the people of Israel. The Pharaoh refused, so Moses performed another miracle of turning all the water into blood. The Pharaoh thought this was magic, instead of a miracle from God and he still refused to release the Israelites.

God sent a plague of frogs and Moses told Pharaoh that he would get rid of the frogs if only he would let his people go. The Pharaoh agreed, but after Moses prayed to get rid of the frogs and the frogs died, Pharaoh refused to release the people of Israel.

God Sends Plagues to Egypt

God sent more and more plagues: a plague of lice, a plague that killed all the animals, a plague that caused people to have large boils on their bodies, a plague of hail that killed the crops, a plague of locust, and a plague of darkness fell on the land.

Finally, the last plague arrived killing the oldest son of every family that did not have lamb's blood on the doorpost. The Pharaoh's own son died in the final plague called "Passover." Pharaoh ordered the Israelites to leave the land quickly. He wanted the Israelites gone from Egypt.

God made what once seemed impossible, possible. Never doubt that God is all-powerful and can accomplish anything. By sending Moses to persistently request the release of the Israelites, the Pharoah finally released them.

Let My People Go Song for Kids

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