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Thoughts About Waiting - And so We Wait

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

We Are All Waiting ~



Fundamentally, we are all waiting for answers or someone we love to receive theirs.

What are you waiting for today? Are you waiting for the end of a school day, five O’clock, the weekend, that sweet cup of coffee to brew?

Maybe you’re waiting for the cut to stop bleeding, the pain to stop hurting, the smile to start coming?

Regardless of what we’re waiting for, we continue to expect! We wait for wisdom, feelings of hope, some form of guidance, something to go away, or something to show up.

We want the reason for our wait to reveal itself, indeed, as waiting remains mindlessly absolute. There’s a commonality in the process, and consequently, we all wait for something.

Undoubtedly, patience comes with virtue. Unfortunately, a virtue many of us lack. Nonetheless, we pray, seek direction, furthering our thoughts of attaining righteousness. All of these actions or thought processes can bring a blossom to our spirit. However, we avoid the slowdown refusing productive activity, thereby placing ourselves in a waiting state until we take the time to act!

As a means of managing, we subconsciously distract ourselves from our suspense. Our focus becomes necessary. A composition of cheerful readiness begins to develop in desperation, forcing us to move within our interruptions.

Somewhat hypnotized, we begin providing personal service to others, reaching out, opening to new concepts, and merely surrendering when there is no other option. Surrender is the key to allowing movement as we respond more freely when in submission.

Oh my!!!!


Frustration can build

Frustration builds as we linger in the waiting game, and yet, with a moment of grace, the dynamic can change, allowing a calm in a difficult situation.

The delay of waiting can be tedious; nonetheless, it opens us to the perspective of looking outside of ourselves while hoping for some sense of control in an uncontrollable current.

Naturally, we become aware of others and their struggles while trying not to focus on ourselves. Contemplating how to assist in transforming a situation sometimes allows for the resolution of our predicament.

The idea is to bask in the joyful successes as we consider our season and hope for answers. At the same time, we swirl together like particles in a dust bowl. Our goal is to support debris clearing, moving us to a visionary path.

There’s plenty of time for introspection while waiting. Recognition of our faults and shortcomings makes us aware that poor behavior often stems from misunderstandings and a chaotic reaction to circumstances.

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Already gems in the making God’s excellent hands are working, and we need plenty of polish. So perhaps waiting isn’t such a crummy state because it brings us closer to God’s perfection.

Self-righteousness is never the intent, as life by no means exemplifies perfection. However, in our humanness, there is a painful awareness that each time we must wait, another lesson is learned, thereby seeking wisdom in the process.