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The Spiritual Awakening

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What is New Age Religion?

The Spiritual awakening is the ultimate goal of many, although the way to achieve it can vary, depending on individual viewpoint, from orthodox religion to the more abstract concept of metaphysics, something more likely to be found in a newage store. On the subject of new age, is there such a thing as new age religion.

To answer this question, we also need to ask, what does new age mean? When we consider that science has proven we use less than ten percent of our brain capacity and that there are powers and energies within us yet untapped, perhaps the so-called new age is simply a remembering or rediscovering of dormant powers.

The so-called new age movement is not so much a religion as such, it’s more of a combination of ideas and ideals adopted from a number of sources:

  • The surprising origins of the initial term “new age” dates back to post WW2 years, where there was a surge of UFO sightings in the late 1940’s and 50’s, where a number of people claimed to be receiving messages from extraterrestrial sources who were coming to establish a new age of enlightenment on Earth.
  • By the 60’s and 70’s the new age movement had morphed into a mixture of many beliefs, including the esoteric teachings of Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, dating back to the late 1800’s which, in turn, included esoteric teachings from earlier societies and cultures.
  • Philosophy metaphysics also plays a big role in new age belief and those ideas stem from earlier ages, originating from Aristotle.
A ring to rule them all

A ring to rule them all

Define Metaphysics

Taking into consideration that the current so-called new age movement is largely based on metaphysics, it’s perhaps helpful to define metaphysics and the origin of that term:

  • Originally named by Andronicus, the first century head of Aristotle’s school
  • the meaning of the term is literally “beyond the physical”
  • it is largely based on the teachings of Aristotle, from a combination of fourteen books
  • the word itself is derived from Greek, the title of one of Aristotle’s writings
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Philosophy Metaphysics Spirituality

Although there is a crossover of philosophy and spirituality in metaphysics, there are also some differences:

  • Metaphysics is more philosophical in that it’s about the nature of existence and the role humans play in that existence
  • spirituality is more about experiencing life and, through spiritual practices, discovering the true self through that experience,
  • however, metaphysics has also been likened to a study of the creator, in contrast to the scientific big bang point of view, From that perspective, metaphysics, philosophy and spirituality go hand-in-hand and therefore, by default, so does the new age movement.

The Spiritual Awakening

Regardless of one’s personal viewpoint, religious, the spiritual, new age, metaphysical or philosophical, the spiritual awakening is generally regarded as the ultimate goal. However, the approach is quite different.

  • Established religions, including Christianity, describe the creator as a trinity - the father, son and holy spirit. The Spiritual awakening is achieved by putting faith in the son, although the son is no longer in physical form, having long departed the earth plane.
  • Metaphysics and, by default, the new age movement, also accept the trinity concept, although they lean towards going back to the creative source by tapping into the power within themselves, achieved through the practice of certain meditative processes or, in some cases, occult rituals.
  • Those who are more into philosophy will often have studied all religions, seeing a common thread in all the teachings, although the original messages might have been altered somewhat as the religions were established after the departure of the spiritual master. Considering that the core message of all the great masters is similar, that the way back to the father is through the holy spirit via the son, one might come to the conclusion that there has always been, and always will be, at least one such spiritual master alive on the earth at any time throughout history.

Although the ultimate goal of all three groups is the same, whereas the religious are convinced that the only way to achieve the spiritual awakening is via their particular deity, the metaphysics and new age believer would argue that the power is within. The philosopher might agree with both, likening the spiritual awakening to a perilous trip and suggesting that, if one were planning to trek the amazon, it would be prudent to do so under the watchful eye of an experienced guide.

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