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The Silver-Lining Is Him

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Just five days after my High School Graduation, I experienced a life that I’d never expected to happen in my lifetime. But it was amazing.


The plan of our fate is much better than ours…

Now, my life begins to darken. Everything that is happening right now becomes challenging. It awakens my spirit, my faith in God, my strength, my capability in standing for myself, and my verbal ability which roots in my INFP-T personality.

Tomorrow, I will be asking for God’s guidance. I know everything happens for a reason. I am praying that God will give me my wisdom for tomorrow and I pray that He will guide me with my speaking tomorrow.

There is no one I can ask for help but Him.

Thinking about life seriously for a young person like me is such a difficult thing. It is like a burden to me especially when you think that it isn't the time to be earnest yet. Because we believe at this age we still crave fun and easy life. Then when thorns and lightning strike in our lives we think it is already the end, like there is no hope already. We forget to remember that tomorrow exists.

Tomorrow is a word maybe I can use as a metaphor for hope.

Make this your habit, and build a mindset about everything that happens today always has happened because something is going to occur in the future. Never think and believe that when you are in the darkness today your tomorrow will be darkened, too. No, that's crazy. This is my habit of telling myself this: Something good will happen. There is a twist to this problem. Whatever happens, today occurred for the state of tomorrow. There is always a twist in our life if we only try to be more observant. And most of all, never forget to tell this yourself: If you surrender today you might regret a single day that awaits in the future that might be the day where great things could ever happen if just believe in Him as your silver-lining. Program yourself by making yourself feel the guilt in you for not trusting your fate. Believe that fate is fatal but fate is maybe Him because it is Him who does such things planning for your future and has already been saving you. Remember, we came out in this world with much void in knowledge about what is the root of anything you can ever think.

There are so many things in the world that we never expect to come into our life and flip our world upside down. Life is too mysterious. It has so many surprises to offer. It is even so complex and unpredictable. I can't understand why such a thing is even misunderstood by many.

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In my own opinion, it is even a tool we must use to sharpen our strengths and courage to face thorns and fire on our way ahead.

Scriber, don't be too affected by the darkness of life. Darkness is as essential as our learning. In the darkness, we will remember how important to find the light. Darkness is friendly in a way that it motivates us to be stronger than we have been.

And if you think that today when you feel like you, can't find any solution to your problem, just observe what happens every day even the littlest thing, you'll notice how interconnected the happenings in the world are. Whatever happens in the past has happened for the upcoming occurrence in the future. Never lose your hope because there are always stars behind those gray clouds if those stars were blocked by those clouds wait for the rain to come and after the rain stars will emerge.

There is always a silver lining in our life.

No matter how hard you explain things to people who already had a negative mindset you can't convince them of anything. Especially those people who are not even happy knowing that they are yelled out by someone even if they did not do anything. Narrow-mindedness is one of the factors why communication goes wrong.

Learn to fight for yourself and for what you think is the truth you hold and you believe in. Albeit people never believe in you the same way. But never forget to admit your mistakes because it is a sign of humbleness. But if you are bailed out by somebody for a mistake that you did not commit, be honored, because it is great to save somebody's reputation. It is a sacrifice and you have nothing to be guilty of or worried about that because you know you did not do anything. And the most spectacular trait a person could have is when he or she knows how to be empathic, knows how to be understanding, knows how to look at the deeper level of the situation, and knows how to listen to each other's explanations, and knows how to be neutral when weighing things out. Never be swallowed by your clean reputation and untouched record of being good because a protagonist with perfect traits is as boring as it won't relate to anybody who is watching or reading the story.

Life isn't about not making mistakes. It is about when you make mistakes learn from them and never be ashamed of making them because if haven't made any mistakes yet, means you did not do anything. And it is boring.

But most of all, always remember God whatever you do, wherever you go, and whichever path you choose. It is God who knows everything and it is only Him who can help you get out of that quagmire. Because even though how many mistakes you've done in this world when you are humble enough to ask for forgiveness, He won't flinch to help you escape out of that cursed maze that is our problem.

And never ignore things that are happening around you because through those occurrences He is trying to send you a message and a warning of what might going to happen next. He is always talking to you and it is only upon you if you are willing enough to listen to him.

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