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A Mysterious Story of How My Twin Sister and I Shared the Same Dream at the Same Time.

I'm an identical twin & love every minute of it. My sister and I are best friends & have enjoyed twin pranks throughout our life.

My Twin Sister and I


Mysterious Shared Dream Between Twin Sister's

Mom tucked us into bed like she did every night. "Sleep tight Linda and Laura; don't let the bed bugs bite." This particular night, the five year old twin sisters would enter a world that was well beyond sleeping and dreaming, and they would enter it together. How could this be? Laura and I had shared a similar dream before this encounter, but this would be the first time we would have the same dream, simultaneously. Later that evening as mother laid in bed next door to us, she began hearing noises and whispers she couldn't place. After about fifteen minutes of trying to convince herself the night noises would eventually calm, she could no longer ignore the goings on outside her room. She nervously walked to our bedroom and opened the door. What mom witnessed that night was something she never imagined possible. She stood in our doorway and became an onlooker into a mystical journey of a paranormal twin episode.

Laura and I were both intensely searching for something we had lost. Laura was looking under her bed and I was looking under mine. What had we lost? How could we both be having the same dream simultaneously? Mom had seen some inexplicable experiences between Laura and I due to our uncanny connection, but even this rattled her. After quietly observing Laura and I babble with one another as we searched for some unknown, lost item, she eventually knew it was time to end our evening escapade. She softly murmured, "I found it, go back to bed now." Like nothing out of the ordinary happened, we both stopped the incomprehensible chatter and curious searching and went back to bed. Till this day, we still wonder what it was we lost and were so determined to find. I guess we'll never know...Or will we?

True Stories of Twins having Same Dream

In an article titled 'Twin Dreams' written by Patrick McNamara (Ph.D.) in Psychology Today, dream phenomena is not unusual for twins. If you speak to virtually any pair of twins about this sort of thing, they will often recount similarly amazing stories. The article written on June 13, 2011, describes true stories of twins having the same dream on different nights; and some twins having the same dream at the same time. Although there hasn't been a lot of research on this subject, it is definitely a fascinating topic that merits more study.

Here are 2 accounts of twins having the same dream:

"We were walking through this primeval forest. Giant pterodactyls scooped Rick and me up; we were screaming. I could see Rick in the jaws of the pterodactyl. Then I looked over at Rick at the breakfast table and he had a pale look on his face. He had had that same dream a couple of nights ago..."(Kohl, 2001; pps 132-133). "On this particular night I fell asleep in my older sister's bed and Sarah fell asleep in my mom's bed downstairs. When my older sister, Carrie got home, I woke up to find her standing over me and laughing. She told me that I was dreaming, but I was actually in that state between sleep and consciousness. I was frantically looking for the ‘papers' that I needed. While I was laughing with her I still knew the importance of finding those papers. When mom woke Sarah up that same night she had been having the exact same dream, and they encountered exactly the same experience with the ‘papers' (Kohl, 2001; pps 134-135).
Here are two accounts of exactly the same dream occurring in two different people-though they happen to be twins. In one case the dream occurred to the two persons on the same night and we have some sort of objective testimony as to the content of that dream: it was about frantically looking for important ‘papers'. Apparently the two dreamers (who were in different rooms) were talking in their sleep about the need to find important papers. Two different people verified that that is what the dreamers were sleep-talking about.
These kinds of dream phenomena are not unusual for twins. Source: Psychology Today

Paranormal Twin Experience

another Dream Article by Minnetonka Twin

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Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on July 24, 2015:

Thanks for the thoughtful comment Rachel. It's such a blessing to be a twin. I know God sent me here with my twin for many reasons. We really try to use our close bond to show others the concept of unconditional love.

Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on July 24, 2015:

Who knows just how much connection twins have, not just in this life but before conception. We all started somewhere and some day we will find out just where God plucked us from and planted us the wonderful arms of our mothers. That's wonderful that you and your sister are so close. Thank you for sharing your story. I voted up and interesting.

Blessings to you.

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on June 19, 2015:

Aww, thanks so much for the nice comment, prospectboy. We've had some pretty crazy stuff happen to us with our close bond and it's all worth it. She's my best friend in the world!

Bradrick H. from Texas on June 19, 2015:

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Wow! That is definitely a mysterious experience that you two had, but the even more amazing thing was that you both had it together. I really enjoyed reading this, and thanks for sharing. Voted up!

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on April 13, 2015:

I'm with you Au Fait-I too love these mysteries that make you go 'HMMM'-sis and I have had some pretty crazy twin things happen to us over the years. This story is one of the wackiest! Thanks so much for coming by, voting and sharing-I really appreciate it :)

C E Clark from North Texas on April 12, 2015:

Growing up I experienced strange dreams where I would 'wake up' still in the dream and speak clear words that made no sense, sometimes looking for things or trying to do something that I thought had to be done at that moment. But I never shared it with a twin anytime much less at the same time. There are so many mysteries in this world. I wonder if we will ever discover the answers to them all? I love reading about things like this even though I rarely ever find out why something like this happened.

Voted up and AI, and will share with followers.

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on March 18, 2014:

Thanks Nadine-I agree-so much we have to learn about our minds. I thought it was so creepy that sis and I were both having the same dream at the same time. Poor mom :-0

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on March 18, 2014:

What a funny story of your hat-even though you never wore a hat. LOL Thank goodness you didn't fall down the stairs. Sleep walking can be dangerous-it's a good thing you mom was there.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on March 18, 2014:

That was really an incredible read. There are so many things that we just do not understand about the human psyche. Thanks for sharing.

Nell Rose from England on March 18, 2014:

That's amazing! I used to sleep walk, one night I nearly fell down the stairs looking for my 'hat' ! I never wore a hat, but my mum said that's what I was looking for and that's what I wanted! lol! but no, I have never heard of this before! amazing story!

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on March 18, 2014:

Thanks for sharing this Susan. Yes, Laura and I are really connected and have lots of weird stories. One of my freaky favorite twin stories is when sis felt pain when I got a chest tube put in. My lung collapsed after the lung biopsy. Poor sis felt it when they inserted the tube into me. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest. It's on hubpages. Thanks for coming by Susan.

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on March 18, 2014:

Wow, I wonder if this has ever happened to my twin boys as they are quite close too. Have you two every experienced this same thing again since that time?

Very interesting hub that I'll be sharing around as I know many people that too would find it interesting.

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on November 25, 2010:

Dense-I know, it's pretty freaky stuff. Thanks for checking out my hub Dense:)

Dense from somewhere in a concrete jungle, hugging a green plastic tree, and wondering what happened on November 24, 2010:

This has got to be the first twin shared sleepwalking dream ever - at least I'd never heard of the possibility before - or is this a "sleepsearching" dream?

Nice share! ;)

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on October 05, 2010:

Hi there dallas93444-Thanks for stopping by and making such a nice comment. Laura and I have always felt that our twin connection is unconditional and has always been a good role-model for other people. We don't compete but always root for the other. It is great to always have such a good friend and good support in life. Have a great day dallas:)

Dallas W Thompson from Bakersfield, CA on October 05, 2010:

Your "twinship" has provided an ideal of true friends. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 29, 2010:

I love a man who has endured labour pains. Brings him to a better understanding of what it is like to be a woman. Hee hee. I will definitely be writing a hub soon about another bizarre twin thing between sis and I . Thx for taking time to comment on all of this. Much appreciated.

Amanda Severn from UK on August 28, 2010:

My husband's twin is actually female! My husband even had her labour pains! I look forward to more of your twin reminiscences. It's a fascinating subject.

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 28, 2010:

Hi Amanda-Wow, twins living near one another. What a surprise(just kidding) It is common. Sis and I have always lived near each other except for our first year in college. Disliked it so much I ended up going to college where she was the next year. Of course I live with her and her kids now which I have mentioned before. I will have to write another hub about the weird shared pain thing your husband and his brother went through. I have a goodie but feel bad for sis. Thank you so much for coming back to fill in the blanks for me.

Amanda Severn from UK on August 27, 2010:

We're actually in the UK, but yes, we live only a few miles from my husband's twin. My father-in-law tells me that they would often feel each others pain as children. When one of them suffered appendicitis the other was doubled up in agony.

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 27, 2010:

Hi Amanda-Does your husband's twin live in the same state as you? I do know that other twins that are not identical can still have the same experiences as identicals. Actually, I think any time you are very connected to someone, anything can happen. thanks for stopping in and commenting on my story.

Amanda Severn from UK on August 27, 2010:

My husband is a twin, though not identical, and he and his sibling have often had shared, simultaneous experiences. I guess there's still a lot we don't know. Thanks for sharing your story. I wonder what it was you were dreaming about?

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 23, 2010:

Thanks JannyC-Never a dull moment being a twin. Double the trouble(at times) and double the fun and love.

JannyC on August 22, 2010:

That was the sweetest! Great share!

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 12, 2010:

Hi Tim-That is unbelievable that there are so many twins in the family. I bet gramma loves it. My oldest sister also has a set of twins. Thanks for taking time out to read my hub, it means a lot. Have a great day.

Simple Tim on August 12, 2010:

Sounds adorable.My sisters husband has twin sisters and they each have a pair of twins. Including my sisters kids there are three sets of twin grandkids in that family.Grandma is one happy lady!:)

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 11, 2010:

Hi Simple Tim-Thanks for reading my bizarre twin story. I live with my twin sister and her two kids. They have NEVER had a problem telling us apart because I have spent so much time with them since their birth. They call me Auntie Mama. Cute huh?

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on August 11, 2010:

Thanks MJClarke17Twelve-Bizarre is very fitting but tis the story of my twin life. Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot.

Simple Tim on August 11, 2010:

Wow..must be iincredible being a twin! must feel like you are looking in the mirror all the time. I have twin nephews who are now six. They are adorable, alike but different in so many ways so its not too difficult telling them apart...still it must be a unique experince when you are older and have kids of your own. How do they react to your twin sibling?

MJClarke17Twelve on August 10, 2010:

How bizarre! :) Good hub, i enjoyed reading it. Rated it :)

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on July 29, 2010:

Thanks-a little freaky too-It's ok, you can say that. ha

Angela Michelle Schultz from United States on July 29, 2010:

That is really cool!!!

Linda Rogers (author) from Minnesota on July 26, 2010:

Thanks donotfear. Twinship is fun. Thanks for following me.

Annette Thomas from United States on July 26, 2010:

Really cool & interesting. Wow.

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