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The Seductive and Alluring Scorpio Woman

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

Katy Perry (October 25, 1984)

Katy Perry (October 25, 1984)

Scorpio- October 23-November 21

Scorpio is the ninth sign of the zodiac and represented by the Scorpion. Scorpio is considered the darkest and most mysterious of all twelve signs. There are also many misconceptions about this sign because Scorpios are very secretive and not everyone can truly get to the essence of their heart. Scorpios are like the Grinch of the zodiac, many people think they're just plain bad without really understanding what made them that way. At the end of the movie, we realize that even the Grinch has a heart after all, no matter how small. He's just very misunderstood. Just like with every sign, there's both good and bad in a Scorpio, it's just amplified to the extreme on each side of the spectrum. Depends on how you treat a Scorpio woman, you will see what that means for you. If you mistreat and abuse her, you will live to regret it greatly, but if you treat her with kindness and compassion, she will show you the true meaning of love. Do you dare to know more?

If you're even thinking about dating a Scorpio woman, know going in that it's going to be a life-changing experience. There's nothing normal or standard about them. Everything you know about women will go right out the window because a Scorpio woman is nothing like any other woman you've ever met. She's strong and confident and doesn't take any crap from anyone. She's usually the leader wherever she is because she knows how to take charge and lead her team to success. She's the boss, there's no denying that. If you want to date her, know that she has the tendency to take charge in relationships too. She's not going to be that woman who lets men walk all over her or abuse her, she'll put you in your place real fast and you'd better stay there before she loses all respect for you.

Jenny McCarthy (November 1, 1972)

Jenny McCarthy (November 1, 1972)

If you want to get the attention of a Scorpio woman, you have to go all out. She's used to getting asked out and admired by men all the time, she's sexy as hell after all. She knows she's got it, so you have to do something out of the ordinary to get close to her. Scorpio woman likes a man who's confident just like her. She wants a man who can challenge her and push her buttons. She would be bored with someone too agreeable or meek. She needs a powerhouse just like herself. Sweep her off her feet with a grand gesture that even she can't resist. Slowly, but surely she'll warm up to you and let you have a peek inside that beautiful mind of hers.

Scorpio woman takes a long time to let anyone really get to know her. She'll breadcrumb you for awhile to see if you're really trustworthy. She's been burned in the past and she won't let it happen again if she can help it. If she likes you and deems you deserving, she'll let you in little by little, but don't expect to ever truly get inside her mind, that's one place she won't ever let anyone in completely. If you must know one thing about the Scorpio woman, it's that you should never lie or cheat on her. If you do, then you'll really see the dark side of her personality. There's nothing like a Scorpio woman scorned. She can become vengeful and ruthless. This is the deadly sting of the Scorpio you have always heard of, it's real and feared for a reason. It's that other side of the spectrum we talked about earlier. She'll do a 180 from being the kindest person you know to your worst nightmare. You have been warned. Proceed at your own caution.


Scorpio women are so intuitive, they might as well be psychic. If you're lying to them and keeping secrets, they'll know it and start to resent you. Scorpio women tend to have large eyes whose stare can penetrate deeply into your soul. It's like they know what you're thinking before you actually say it, it's kind of scary actually. So honesty really is the best policy when it comes to Scorpio women. If you messed up, tell them and they might forgive you, although they'll never forget it. Better yet, just stay on your best behavior around Scorpio women. Trust me, their wrath is the stuff of horror movies.

You have to remember that when a Scorpio woman loves, she loves deeply to the core of her soul. She gives her partner everything he could ever want. There is a price to pay though, she expects the same from you. There's no half way with her, if she's giving 100% then so are you. She won't tolerate anything less. It takes a lot for a Scorpio woman to really open up to her partner so when she does you should consider yourself lucky and do your best not to mess it up. This is the zodiac sign that will love you the hardest but also hurt you the most if you do them wrong. The Scorpio sign is famous for their sexual appetite and the Scorpio woman is no different. She has the highest libido of any sign and is known to be quite the seductress in the bedroom because it just comes natural to her. So that's one way you can show her how much you care.

Scorpio woman is the type who can be your best friend or your worst enemy. And please don't make her an enemy, because she's the one who will make your life unbearable. If you prove your loyalty as a person, Scorpio woman will make the best friend you have ever had. She'll always have your back and defend you to no end. She's a force to be reckoned with and at the end of the day, you need that type of person on your team. Scorpio women make great friends to those they trust. Again, you have to be honest and never take them for granted or lie. A Scorpio woman can be just as kind as she is evil. You get the side of her that you deserve. Pick wisely.

A Scorpio woman can make a great mother. She will love her children just as fiercely as anyone else in her life. She will protect them against anyone who tries to hurt them, but at the same time she'll let them make their own mistakes and be their own person. She has a way of balancing the freedom she gives them with the discipline she teaches. The children of Scorpio women tend to be responsible and confident individuals. This mother is not raising any weaklings!

Overall, you'll have your hands full if you decide to date the Scorpio woman. It's worth it, no doubt, but don't expect it to be easy. Not every man can handle such a dynamic and fierce woman. The best partners for Scorpio woman are other Scorpios, Cancer, and Pisces. These water signs are the ones who will understand her the best because they also feel everything so very deeply. Earth signs like Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo can also make reasonably successful partners for the Scorpio woman because they can ground and calm her when she becomes too much too handle. In the end, the Scorpio woman can make any man happy, but the question is who is man enough to satiate her immense appetite?

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Katy Perry- October 25, 1984

Rachel McAdams- November 17, 1978

Julia Roberts- October 28, 1967

Emma Stone- November 6, 1988

Kendall Jenner- November 3, 1995

Kris Jenner- November 5, 1955

Anne Hathaway- November 12, 1982

Hillary Clinton- October 26, 1947

Ivanka Trump- October 30, 1981

Demi Moore- November 11, 1962

Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes

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