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The Sect of Salvation of the Devotees Is the Warkari Sect


I am from India. This is a spiritual article. How Warkari sect is serving Lord Vitthal ? Lord Vitthal's temple is at Pandharpur.


The Importance Of Warkari Sect

Saint Tukaram Maharaj used the word devotee for Pundalik, a devotee of Vitthal. Pundalik was an ardent devotee of Vitthal. Pundalik, through his devotion, manifested Vaikunthi's Parabrahma on this earth. So we are all forever indebted to Pundalik. Devotee Pundalik brought Vitthal to Pandharpur and all the devotees are appearing in Pandharpur in the form of Lord Krishna Vitthal. Vitthal of Pandharpur is the deity of all Warakaris.

Any sect is a religion. Therefore, such a religion should gain status. If any sect wants to gain prestige, it needs three elements. The first element is the deity, which is in the form of Vitthal at Pandharpur in Maharashtra. Lord Krishna in the form of Vitthal is standing there. His name is Vitthal.

Similarly, the name of Vitthal will not be seen in any Veda. Also it is not found in any scriptures (Purana) and it is not mentioned in any Shatra. Similarly, Ramayana and Mahabharata do not mention Vitthal.

There is a different way of worshiping this Vitthal. This is an important point. As such, each deity has a specific form of worship. Some worships apply to all deities. Worship is an important issue in devotion to God. Shri Khandoba has a worship method. There is a worship method of Bhavani Mata of Tuljapur. There are different parts to this particular form of worship. Vitthal is the deity of Maharashtra. And the worship of that Vitthal is Pandharpur's Wari.

The village of Pandharpur is situated at the bank of Chandrabhaga River. Vitthal is there in the form of Lord Vishnu. Every Varkari is going to Pandharpur to see Vitthal. But when to go to Pandharpur? So we can go to Pandharpur anytime. There is no such a different rule. The Warakari sect does not even say that. But, Varkari has to go to a Pandhapur for a specific day. This day has a different significance. And this day is Ashadh Shuddha Ekadashi.

Hence it is called Ashadi Ekadashi. Ashadhi Wari is just as important as Kartik Shuddha Ekadashi Wari. Many people go to this Wari with great devotion. The Warkari sect is mainly a sect of peasants and Bahujans spread mainly in rural Maharashtra. Therefore, their form of worship cannot be called ritual. Because people believe that rituals are performed for the purpose of getting fruit after doing something and get its fruit.

What is the fruit of Lord Vitthal's Wari?

What is the fruit of Pandharpur Wari? The Warakari go to Pandharpur does not demand Vitthal for anything in return for doing Wari. Any Warakari serves Vitthal with a sense of selflessness. Warakari is a devotee of Vitthal. Devotees of Vitthal do not demand some worldly, material happiness. Any devotee who goes to Pandharpur to take the darshana of Lord Vitthal. Then, those devotee became satisfied after taking the darshana of Lord Vitthal.

Another important thing is that Vitthal of Pandharpur does not make any vows. Truly this is a different kind of deity. Therefore, the method of worship of Vitthal is Wari. Wari means every warkari goes to Pandharpur to see Lord Vitthal. Some people cannot go to Wari on Ashadi Ekadashi. It all depends on the farmer's schedule.

Normally when Warikari leaves for Pandharpur, it rains. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn't. But it rains regularly. The farmer sows the seed after the rains. The time it takes for the crop to come after sowing in the field is the Wari season of Pandhapuri. Therefore, farmers' working hours are never wasted.

Therefore, the Wari of Pandharpur would have been planned by looking at the work of the farmers.


Wari Of Lord Vitthal Is A Festival

They used to go to Pandharpur to visit Vitthal and stay there, this is called Wari. Every Warakari goes to other places of pilgrimage in Pandharpur. While performing Warkari Wari, they go to other places of pilgrimage, sometimes to Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj in Alandi and sometimes to Nivruttinath Maharaj in Trumbakeshwar.Warakaris also have a separate Dindi. Wari is a form of worship. Wari of Pandharpur is not usually done alone. The group of Wari performers is called Dindi. The meaning of the Warkari sect is the groups of people.

Warkari sect is inspiring to all of us. It is a kind of spiritual cooperation. If you want to search God, you must search Him. It is believed that any devotee should hope for devotion to God. But that is not possible on the strength of one's devotion alone. If many people come together and serve God together, the fruits of that devotion will be reaped sooner than doing this work alone.

Wari of Pandharpur is not a sadhana but a festival.

We human beings were born and adopted the Warakari sect. All Warakaris are going to Pandharpur. So Warkari dances on Abhanga and sings Abhang, this is the type of Warkari sect. On their way to Pandharpur, Warakaris stop at a place, sing hymns there, there are discourses, there is kirtan, that is, they do the work of enlightening the people around them, this is a very important work.

This is a community awareness program. Therefore, Vitthal's Abhang is the wealth of Warakaris. That oral tradition has survived for several days. Every Warakari saysTukaram Maharaj saga or Dnyaneshwari text.

The point is that this bhajan or abhang is said by the Warakari on his way to Pandharpur. It is community worship. They are enlightened in the society on that occasion. There are two practices of Warakari kirtan. The morning kirtan is not very crowded. So that kirtan is for the salvation of the soul. It is about the relationship between you and God. We want to tell the state of our heart to the Supreme and communicate with God. The evening kirtan is for the salvation of the people. Many people come to such kirtan. They want to preach through this kirtan. This is the sect of Warakaris.

When you walk in the Palkhi ceremony, you do not remember any kind of sorrows of the world. After dinner, you get a good night's sleep, but when you are at home, you have to sleep thinking. After participating in the Wari, we walk by chanting the name of Lord Vitthal. It gives satisfaction to the mind.

All Warakaris are engrossed in Namasmarana. All the pleasures and sorrows of the world are forgotten. It seems that human life has been blessed due to the participation of Wari. Everyone gets satisfaction from Wari. It is a great pleasure to hear the name of Lord Vitthal on the way to Pandhari.

But for the last two years, Pandhapur's Wari has been stopped. Because of the Corona epidemic, all the temples are closed, so all the devotees of Pandharpur are so much excited to take the darshana of Lord Vitthal. We all pray to Lord Vitthal's that this corona epidemic should end from all over the world as soon as possible.

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Dr Nilesh Jaybhaye from India on July 13, 2021:

It is good ,and truly informative

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