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The Scorpio Man in a Love Relationship

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I am a Ph.D. Nurse Therapist, who uses the astrological signs of a person to enhance the therapeutic process.


The Scorpio Man in Love and Relationships

I decided to write this article after reading so many comments women have written about Scorpio men, and whether or not the Scorpio man loved them. I have been an avid reader and researcher of astrology since I was a child. A LOT of years. I even provide cognitive-behavioral therapy to individuals based upon their astrological sign, among other things.

From my experience, people do display qualities based upon their astrological sign, and in knowing this, it has helped me to provide quality therapy. For example, the Pisces individual is dreamy, creative, and emotional. When talking with the Pisces individual, I use creative techniques when giving homework assignments.

As a Pisces woman, I have always asked prospective dates what is their astrological sign. If I come across an Aries or Leo, I usually run, unless I do a birth chart to see if they have a compatible moon or ascending sign. Now, my husband is a Scorpio with a Cancer moon, and Virgo ascending. He is compatible with my Sagittarius moon and ascending signs. You might ask, what - a water and earth compatible with fire? But yes, we are very compatible. He helps me to "quiet" the fire, and I help him on an emotional basis.

Now, I am by no means an expert, but I can give you some pointers on how to get the Scorpio man to commit in a long-term relationship. I hope you enjoy the article!

How and Why do Scorpio Men Commit in a Relationship?

Scorpio men are very intense, passionate, and emotional. However, they usually do not show their emotions unless they trust the individual. Trust is difficult for the Scorpio man, yet they can trust. For the Scorpio man to trust a woman, she needs to be very loyal and honest. I cannot stress this enough! Scorpio's are very intuitive, and they can "see through" a pretense. My advice to any woman who wants to be in a committed relationship with a Scorpio Man, is to be herself! Do not put on airs, act differently, or "trifle" with his mind. He will see right through you!

I have read so many comments by women asking, "does my Scorpio man love me?" If you have to ask, then the answer is "probably not!" The Scorpio man will tell you in no uncertain terms that he loves you, or he doesn't. He also shows you with his actions. For example, I have chronic pain, and there are some days that I don't want to get out of bed, never mind clean the house or cook supper. My Scorpio man is very intuitive, and can always tell when I am not feeling well. He will cook, clean, grocery shop, and give me massages! Now I ask you, is there any clearer message that he loves me than that? I can have on a house dress, no make-up, and unstyled hair, and he will tell me I am beautiful. In fact, he tells me this every day, several times a day. One thing I do know about Scorpio men, is they WILL tell you the truth, no matter if it is not what you want to hear!

How did we get into a committed marriage? Well, I did not "lure" him, or play games with him. Scorpio men LOVE to discuss any topic under the sun, and they admire and like women who are knowledgeable enough to have a decent conversation with them. I happen to be the same way, so we had many long discussions (and still do) about various topics. Scorpio men are passionate, but this does not just apply to sex. They can be and are passionate about topics that inspire them, and interest them. They are also avid researchers and can make great detectives. My guy spends hours researching and watching videos about every topic under the sun. Ask him about any topic, and he is sure to have a knowledgeable answer!

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We both love the paranormal, astrology, crime stories. In addition, we love to play online video games together. Scorpio men like to be with the one they love, and enjoy doing things with their woman. They also like when the one they love will listen to them talk about their passionate topics. If you cannot listen, or do with the Scorpio man, then better to leave now.

He also likes mystery, and being a Pisces woman, mystery is our middle name. Don't tell him your life story in one setting - it will run him off quickly. Let him discover things about you on his own. Don't be an open book! Once the Scorpio man is in love and knows what he wants, he will pursue you until he has you. My guy told me after we got married, that he would only marry once in his life. He committed himself to me, and he would be with me for life. How romantic is that? However, he means it, and Scorpio men are really that way.

He is extremely loyal, and expects the same in return. He expects honesty as well. I feel the same way, and my thought is, why get married or commit to someone if you are not sure, or are not in it for the long haul? Why lie about something, when the truth will come out in the long run?

To conclude, if you want to commit with a Scorpio man, then be loyal, honest, and ready to commit. Have interests in line with his, and listen to him. Don't play games! The Scorpio man will only commit when he is ready and knows he loves the woman. Don't question whether or not he loves you - you will know. The Scorpio man may hide his emotions, but when he trusts you, he will show them. Be confident in yourself, and stand up to him if needed. He likes a woman who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to say it or get it. If you find yourself in a committed relationship with a Scorpio man, consider yourself one lucky person. I do!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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