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The Saturnian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mount of Saturn


The Saturnian

The second personality type, identified by the portion underneath the middle finger, is the Saturnian. This is one of the most misinterpreted personality types, and I've found that a pure Saturnian specimen is a rarity, owing to the Saturn mount seldom being the most prominent mount of any palm. Thus, you will usually find a Saturnian in combination with another type, such as a Jupiterian-Saturnian, though that's not to say that the pure Saturnian type has become extinct.

Appearance-wise the Saturnian is the tallest of the personality types, and their towering height is their most prominent factor. They also tend to be thin-framed with a whitish, pale complexion. Their cheeks are usually sunken and their eyes give a dark impression upon others. Their neck is long and the Adam's apple is usually quite prominent. They usually stand with a stooping posture. Their hair and beards are commonly jet-black. The hands of such a person are also a dead giveaway for their inherent Saturnian qualities. Both the fingers and palm tend to be longish. The nails tend to be short which complements their critical nature. Both the knots of the fingers and on the thumb are well-developed.

Career-wise the Saturnian is a born detective. They are always suspicious of others and thus become successful investigators, financial analysts, professors, etc. Their choice of subject in the latter is usually in the STEM fields as art doesn't usually appeal to them. They do make great writers but mostly of mysteries, tragedies, and historical-fiction as romance and sensationalism are against their attributes. In any line of work they prefer to take on the most serious of professions. For example, if they enter the realm of film entertainment, they would make contributions to the non-commercial side of cinema rather than the glamorous showbiz side. However, with their attention to detail they will most likely still make more money than their commercial counterparts. They are not attracted to politics but would work for political organizations if the pay is financially fulfilling and if they are recruited as problem-solvers or analysts as they are apt in going to the heart of the problem and seeing beyond the superficial. They also make excellent scientists.

The Saturnian prefers solitude to companionship. They are bound to keep a very small circle of friends. Yet, at the same time, they usually lose companions due to their own preference of being alone. I have read in many books that Saturnians are awesome orators, and thus make amazing teachers and lecturers, but they will most probably not succeed as religious leaders or vocal social workers as they have a tendency to put themselves before society. Though, combined with a politically-orientated personality type such as the Jupiterian, their attractions towards the political realm might overcome this lack of interest in matters of the state.

Health-wise they are usually fine due to not having a predisposition to obesity. They keep a fixed diet which leads them to remaining thin for the majority of their lifetime. However, their weak point is the circulation of the blood, and they have an inclination towards developing lung-related problems, thus smoking is to be avoided though they usually take up smoking as to seemingly strengthen their intellectual capacities.

Their favorite colors are dark grey, navy blue, and black.

On the downside, this type can become stingy, turn into a recluse, and suffer from gloominess and depression. At their worst, Saturnians are misers and might become dogmatic in their views. They might not openly showcase their criticism of other people or established systems due to their own conservative personalities, but these traits are often found out by their spouses. That is, if the Saturnian marries, as they have a tendency to remain lifelong bachelors or bachelorettes. A Saturnian might be unlucky socially but they are usually financially and professionally successful due to their cost-effective ways of living as well as their analytical devotion to their chosen line of work.

Famous Saturnians: Abraham Lincoln, Ann Coulter, Hugh Laurie, John Lennon, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Note: Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective, can be considered an archetype for the Saturnian. This applies to both his early illustrated appearances in the canonical works authored by Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as his investigative tactics; how he relies extremely on science rather than spirituality.

Now, we examine the various lines and signs on the mount of Saturn. Positive markings include the single vertical line, the square, the triangle, the circle, etc., while signs such as the cross, the grille, the island, the spot, the star, etc., are considered inauspicious in palmistry.

The meaning of the single vertical line on the mount of Saturn has been widely debated amongst palmists. Some have said that it shows a person with a single-minded focus or a single career. According to my research, I state that whatever be the meaning behind the single vertical line, this sign is a very positive marking, and perhaps the best marking to have on the mount of Saturn, other than there being no marking on the mount of Saturn.

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The single vertical line, from what I've seen, showcases not only exceptional luck in life, but also, a spectacular drive in a person's middle-age. Instead of retiring and laying back in your 50s, you become more energetic, and thus are able to keep working and making money deep in your late years. I saw this marking on a professor who retired from his university post in his early 60s, but due to his excellent luck and energetic livelihood, he was able to make full usage of any opportunities that came across his way. Thus, if you have a similar marking, and your friends do not, then you'll find them retired, and you enjoying work from your 50s to 70s. The professor also had a large family but nothing stopped him from pursuing his ambitions even in his old age. I also consider it a lucky sign to have health-wise, as only a person with superb health, can work hard in his 50s-to-70s period, though the individual's health can only be calculated by doing a comprehensive study of the whole hand—this is especially in regards to the state of the line of life during that time period. Tom Cruise also has this marking and him being in his 50s (as of March 2020, he is 57 years old) has not stopped him from reigning as one of Hollywood's top action stars. His health is also superb owing to his strongly-etched life-line. I am certain that he will remain in top shape, and that he will continue acting in big-budget Hollywood flicks, till his late 70s as well.

Two vertical lines have also been debated by palmists. Some have stated that it is less positively effective than a single vertical line (that is true) and others have stated that it denotes luck but very late in life. In this modern world, however, the meaning of two vertical lines has been newly found. According to my research, two vertical lines showcase a person earning from two income sources in his 50s-to-70s, and thus it's less effective than a single vertical line which is an indication of obtaining a lot of money from one income source. Three vertical lines denotes three income sources in the 50s-to-70s period but more than three is bad luck as too much diversity in financial pursuits will most probably lead to ruin. Thus, on any mount, a single vertical line is always better than having multiple vertical lines.

The square, as I've mentioned earlier in this personality types section, is a marking that almost always indicates protection. A square, in accordance with being present on the mount of Saturn, indicates preservation from a disease which is usually marked by a comprehensive study of the palm. It could also mean preservation from a fatal accident, such as a person experiencing a near-fatal car collision, yet miraculously surviving.

A triangle is an auspicious sign to have on the mount of Saturn. It denotes a high level of intelligence veering towards the path of research. Also, it denotes a strong aptitude towards studying and even specializing in the occult sciences. It is a prosperous sign to have as long as the individual is not inclined to utilize this newly-found knowledge for dubious means.

The circle is a very rare sign to be found on the mount of Saturn. Nonetheless, it is a positive marking, denoting success in long-term goals such as the obtainment of a doctorate degree (this example could fit with the ambitions of a Saturnian).

One thing to note about the mount of Saturn is that signs such as the cross and the star, which are positive indications on the mount of Jupiter, are actually negative markings on the mount of Saturn. The cross on the mount of Saturn is indicative of a high likelihood of the individual suffering from an accident. In ancient palmistry, it denoted the possibility of the individual being executed due to them being a criminal. As I've already stated that my take on palmistry shall not feature a reliance on death, then in my opinion, the cross on the mount of Saturn represents barrenness, a high probability of near-fatal accidents, and an inclination towards the criminal side of life. In my experience, I've noted that the latter is quite true though the accident factor can be indicated on the other lines of the palm.

Example of a cross on the mount of Saturn as well as a broken life-line (insert sample illustration): A Pakistani medical student becomes entangled with a non-Pakistani accountant while the former goes to study at a university in a foreign country. The cross symbolizes that their first attempt on conceiving resulted in the woman having a near-fatal miscarriage. (insert sample illustration).

The above statement is verified by the timing of the breaks on both of the subjects' life-lines. The male's age is 25 while the female's age is 26, and at the period of 24-26, both their lifelines are broken, signifying the loss of their child. This reading is amplified by the fact that one of them (the male) had a cross on the mount of Saturn. Also, due to the aftermath of this miscarriage, and a decrease in the quality of their lifestyles (again shown by the poor condition of the lifeline at that mid-20s point), they had to rely on a few illegal means to financially carry on their turbulent relationship. The male has also suffered from persistent health problems which could be from the cross on the mount of Saturn as well, though nothing fatal, and I've already stated that I will not give any concentration on the concept of death in palmistry, and as such, death in the realm of palmistry shall not be elaborated on in this book.

In ancient palmistry, a grille on the mount of Saturn stood for imprisonment. In modern times, it stands for continuous bad luck in life, especially in old life. It is well to remember that I do not fully agree with the statement that the individual will only face bad luck in life. This is because one sign does not show the whole picture. A comprehensive study of the palm of a person with a grille on the mount of Saturn might show lines and signs that counter this grave marking. However, I have found that the statement of the individual having bad luck in their later years might hold true, because the single vertical line on this mount showcases the opposite. A grille on any mount means a reversal of the good qualities associated with that portion of the palm. Hence, a grille on this mount, in my opinion, showcases continuous bad luck in a person's 50s to 70s. This might not be bad luck in the sense that a person doesn't have any money, respect, etc., during that time period. Rather, it might denote that the person frequently suffers from different types of setbacks in their 50s to 70s.

The island is a universally-accepted negative sign on the palm. On the mount of Saturn, it denotes an extreme loss of wealth during the 50s to 70s period of an individual. It could also showcase that the person does not gain an abundance of wealth during his lifetime and remains either lower class or lower middle class throughout their lifetime.

The spot on the mount of Saturn denotes certain evil inclinations. This could mean that the bearer, when faced with extremely difficult circumstances, will think of pursuing his goals through dubious means. Again, this spot signifies a tendency towards wrongdoing, but not a confirmation of that person carrying out his wicked intentions. This trait can be countered by looking for more positive indications on the other parts of the palm.

The star, as I've mentioned before, denotes explosion. On the mount of Jupiter, it denotes an explosion of ambition, which is a positive aspect for a person to have. On the mount of Saturn, however, it's probably the penultimate-worse sign to have—second only to the island. It showcases an explosion of the Saturnian qualities of a person: wisdom, meticulousness, etc., but this is eclipsed by a Saturnian's negative aspects such as depression, selfishness, etc. A star on this mount might also mean that the later years of an individual's life, in this case the years of 50+, will be filled with severe bad luck, and that the person goes from riches to rags during this time period. A star on the mount of Jupiter showcases that an individual ends at a better station in life than when they began. The reverse is true for a person having a star on the mount of Saturn. An island is an indication of bad luck. The bigger the island the longer the duration of this bad luck, however, as it is found on the mount, this bad luck starts presenting itself during the subject's middle age.

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