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The Paranormal Rock Portal of Sedona


"Doorway to the Gods"

It took place in what is now Arizona. It was long ago. Three young Native Americans had just returned from a hunt. They were successful, so naturally they were happy, overjoyed. They ran through the desert, chasing each other in a form of celebration. Then they happened upon an unusual natural stone arch. They started to run through it, as they continued to pursue each other. They kept up the pace jumping, through the arch and then circling back around for another run. They were still elated, excited but then something bizarre happened. As they ran through the arch for what would be their last time only two of them would emerge. Frantically, they looked around wondering what was going on. Their fellow hunter and friend had suddenly disappeared just as he had crossed the threshold of the arch.

In complete terror, the two Native Americans ran home, fearing that they had tread on the grounds of the gods. After informing the members of their village, many of them returned, curious about this arch. Together, many of them threw stones through the opening but nothing happened. The rocks just passed through with no affect. But when an elderly women from the village threw a live rabbit through the arch, it disappeared. The Native Americans quickly and permanently backed off from this place in panic. From that point on, this place was now sacred to them and off limits. From then on, they referred to this place as the “Doorway to the Gods.”

Many Years Later the Portal Still Works

This would not be the only time that this abnormal rock formation would show what it was capable of doing. In 1948, another Native American, while riding his horse near the stone arch, noticed something very peculiar. A storm was moving in. After sometime, the entire sky was dark but when he rode past the arch he noticed sun streaming through the opening. When he dismounted and drew closer to the arch opening, he noticed the exact same scenery but it was sunny with barely a cloud in the sky. However, when he looked around the arch, to his horror, he saw the same scenery but it was dark and cloudy with storm clouds that were everywhere in the sky. Quickly he mounted his horse and galloped away in a hurry.

How Does it Work?

What exactly is this rock formation? Is it a portal to an alternate dimension? Or is it a portal to a different time? An interesting aspect is the location of the rock portal. It is situated south of Sedona. The rocks and mountains of Sedona are one of the points on earth where the magnetic ley lines converge. In UFO lore these are the points on earth where the most UFO sightings and other bizarre occurrences take place. Is the rock portal somehow connected to the magnetic field of the earth and this convergence at Sedona? Certainly what the rock portal can do, obviously classifies as bizarre. But still, where does it go? Where did it take the Native American and later the rabbit the old women threw into the opening? It is believed that the portal is time related. There is some indication that this is the case.

A guess or simple concept of what the arch looks like?

A guess or simple concept of what the arch looks like?

It Could Be a Time Portal

Louie Romero, a local rancher working at the Arivaca Ranch in the 1940’s, along with a fellow coworker, happened upon the skeletal remains of what appeared to be a Native American. It was missing its skull and a leg but it was clothed in animal skins and a decaying bow was also found nearby. The location was not too far from the stone arch. Was this the hunter that disappeared on that day so long ago when he never remerged through the stone doorway, to the horror of his two friends? This lone person must of had the same experience seeing his two friends disappear not knowing that he was the one affected. The location of his body was also in the vicinity of the now non-existent Native American village. If this was the missing Native American, was he trying to get home, only to find out that his home was now gone? Did he wander around completely alone, trying to find out where he was and what was going on? The ability to feed himself also must have been difficult since the prey he use to hunt was no longer present in the area.

Eventually a proper burial was given. Considering how well preserved his remains were, you could possibly conclude that he died only a few years ago, but assuming that this is the person who vanished in front of his friends, then he must of run through the portal nearly 200 years ago. This obviously explains the condition of his body, that anything remained at all. The only other way that a body can be preserved is through embalming, or mummification, but this requires preparation. In Europe, a well preserved body was found in a glacier. This person died roughly 5000 years ago. However, the body found in Arizona was not frozen, embalmed, or mummified. So were did he come from? Did he step through the portal?

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Other Ghostly Encounters

There have been other weird encounters. Other people have been seen near the stone arch. Individuals that should not exist in our time. For example, there is the instance of two cowhands on horseback. One day, as they were looking for a wayward bull, one of the cowhands noticed something peculiar. At first, he was hit by a few rocks. When he looked around, he noticed no one nearby. At first he thought that his friend was playing a joke on him but he noticed that he was some distance away. His friend had already located the missing bull. Using his binoculars, he looked around until he caught something interesting in the other direction. In the distance, he saw five men on horse back traveling in single file. They were wearing tunics, and helmets and were carrying lances. From their dress, these individuals looked like Spanish soldiers. He watched for awhile as they slowly rode away from their position. Their mere presence was disturbing enough but soon it would get worse. To his surprise, he watched as their image faded and eventually all the soldiers disappeared.

This is not the only instance of ghostly encounters. Another involves a jesuit priest, who built a small mission near Arivaca. He died more than two hundred years ago but in the present he has been seen many times, again near the stone arch. Is he a ghost? A rancher, who once caught sight of the Spanish padre thought otherwise. Even though he saw the padre for a only a few minutes, until he slowly became translucent, then transparent, and until he finally disappeared, he did notice something odd. When the padre was walking, he was disturbing the sand and gravel on the ground. He even had a shadow.

So what is going on? Is this stone arch a doorway to another time? Or is it just a hoax? The challenge is actually visiting the stone arch in Arizona, if you dare.

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