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The Rise of the Self-Professed Guru!

The increase in self-professed experts and guru's is on the increase!

You may disagree with this statement, and that's okay. Ask yourself are you a self-professed master of something you believe in? Are you following someone else's perception of reality or are you following your own?

People's understanding of acceptance and tolerance seems to be reducing at an ever increasing rate, especially over the past decade or two. Often individuals who achieve expert status in something, whether that be self professed or they have a certificate, the more shortsighted they seem to become in their views. Only their perspectives and ideologies seem to matter as they drive themselves through life attempting to collect believers and followers on the way.

All differences of uniqueness should be praised, celebrated and encouraged! Instead it appears as though there are many who disagree and those individuals attempt to utilise censorship, aggression, ignorance, manipulation techniques and fear to convince others to believe their own shortsighted ideologies whilst at the same time offering false promises to their followers.

Angry Guru

Angry Guru

The World is Changing

As the 21st century powers through different cultural changes, the world is having to learn to adapt at an ever increasing rate. The population of the western world especially is taking on challenges of new technology, new scientific discoveries and theories. As well as new belief systems arising and older belief systems beginning to shrivel.

Many now are becoming overly confident with their perspectives in this challenging environment barely taking time to lift their own heads to see or accept there are many other perspectives available around them.

What may work for one, may well work in the opposite direction for another, yet those who push their own narrative whilst neglecting other perspectives or knowledge risk crossing the line from confidence to arrogance. Becoming a hidden limitation in the life of that individual, one whose pride is no doubt going to have to be overcome if they are to pursue their life path and choices that they truly desire.

The Who is Right and Who is Wrong Mentality!

Many still reside in this mentality of who is correct and who is incorrect. Within this mentality, black and white boundaries seem to be set, with no space for any grey areas.

Although this dualistic mindset has been drummed into the propulation of the world in many realms, including but not limited to religions, wars, economics, laws and societal beliefs on a whole. Its no wonder an extremely large proportion of the world still live in such a mentality.

Many, now see this for the trap it is!

Information Overload!

It is in this last 20 years that one can see a correlation between the increase of information available to a person on a daily basis and the ever increasing growth of self-professed experts. A study was completed by researchers at the University of California-San Diego, supervised by Roger Bon on American participants in 2008, the study found that the average American mind consumes around 34 Gigabytes of information per day. Now that was back 14 years ago, think for yourself, how much has that increased by in today's world of 2022. Worldwide we are now in the use of smartphones, in 2007 the first Apple i-Phone had only just been released. The same study also found a huge decline in attention span due to the increase in information.

Compare the amount of information given to the average person today, to an average individual in the 1970's or 1980's. The average person in the 1970-80s may read two newspapers per day on average, a magazine, watch television for a few hours, to further note, in the 1970's only 4 television programs were available in the United Kingdom for instance. When in comparison to today's immediate accessibility to the internet, staggering amounts of program networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime all available 24 hours per day, the information increase is quite literally mind boggling.

As this new information is readily available people are finding their interests, beliefs or communities online and going full board into them. There is nothing wrong with this but all their focus now seems to be blinkered on their particular forte. Individuals are arising from their newly gathered information whether it be true or false and projecting their findings with solid conviction on others in an attempt to sway the belief system of a particular individual. Re-creating the black and white mindset due to their attention being consumed by this new information that they have found themselves participating in. Many then dismiss any other information that doesn't back up their new found beliefs or interests. Those who challenge or have a separate opinion to the newly self appointed expert is often met with anger and disdain. This can also be seen in many larger organisational sectors including science, of all the sectors that should be open and willing to challenge their theories, science should be at the forefront leading the way. This is not the case and has evidently been shown over the past half century the vast amounts of censorship and misinformation delivered by scientists and organisations supporting them. Most likely driven by money and the funding it receives, this is non progressive on a huge scale for our human society on a whole and it seems to be having an effect on the individual level too. Science is not the only sector that does this, governments, religions and banking systems to name a few are also guilty of restrictive measures that impose their will and narrative on others, essentially removing an individuals rights and in drastic cases self worth.

This is happening in spiritual circles too with many claiming they have found the way to self empowerment and enlightenment. Individuals collect followers, converting their followers thoughts and actions into their own ideologies. The followers never seem to become empowered in any way other than feeling part of a group or community. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as ideologies are shared, however, if the self professed expert or guru is promising self empowerment to his or her followers and they are in a constant state of giving to the guru and not receiving much back other than false promises and quotes cited by other individuals, then it would appear the self-professed guru is a clever parasite. The followers blinded in their actions and falling under some sort of hypnotic trance that all will be well, whilst returning to the guru to give further donations and energy. Challenge the guru's ideology and the response tends to differ dependant on the intellect of the guru, some respond with fear and aggression, others with pure ignorance and others with mockery of some sort attempting to belittle the individual who is seeking to engage with a new perspective. This behaviour proves how artificial they are. True self empowerment comes from freedom of choice rather than a set of ideological narratives set by someone else. For an individual in a situation like this where cultist behaviour starts creeping in, true empowerment would be making the choice to leave it behind them, learn from the experience and move forward in their own life .

Many people have forgotten that dialogue, debate and perspective are healthy, not only for one but for all. Instead there is a lot of people who want to follow their ego or another's ego into the abyss of their or anothers beliefs disregarding anyone else's perspective, experience or opinion. If your willing to follow someone like this, then I assure you they will be very polite and friendly as you feed their ego, but the moment you disagree or challenge their point of view, the response won't be quite as friendly.

Also a major tell tale sign of a phoney self professed guru, is an individual who claims they have removed their ego completely. One could say that this is probably the biggest ego trip anyone could be on!

Unfortunately ones progress in following such a guru may not occur quite like they imagined or desired as imposing self censoring techniques with the mindset of 'my way or the highway' tends to lead to conflict of sorts further down the line, a lot of the time with themselves, which often leads to denial and further self imposed limitation. Nevertheless this would open up an opportunity for that individual to address their own inner demons or limitations and thus create a new lesson to learn from, hopefully showing them self a new perspective. There is no right or wrong way in life, this way will no doubt bring some form of chaos for the individual closed off in one particular belief system.



The Move to Progression!

"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people."

— Socrates

Emotions and How They Get Prayed Upon!

Many of our new public speakers and self-professed guru's work towards creating followers and believers to fuel their own ideologies. Some but not all are willing to discuss and debate their ideologies, whilst the majority seem to want to ignore, dismiss or attack when their particular ideology is challenged. When one steps back and witnesses this behaviour it becomes evident that the guru is in fact in fear of something, where in turn lies that individual's particular limitation.

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Most individuals are aware of what is bad, such as harm to others, theft and general dishonesty. What some don't see is that a self-professed guru who is in denial of new information or acceptance of others perspectives is actually harming themselves energetically, robbing themselves through limitation and is being dishonest. This then applies to all of the self-professed guru's followers, at some point those who follow will learn of the phoney behaviour or the guru will be honest and retract from the situation he/she created in the first place, which is rarely the case.

Majority of this bizarre effect takes place through the power/energy the guru receives from others as well as money which often happens to be the biggest driver of the situation. The self-professed guru sells themselves to the followers in return for energy in its many forms and the most common form being in donations of fiat currency.

There are many true highly spiritually evolved individuals out there in the world who infact improve others lives for the better. This is because their intentions are correct and honest to begin with. Their aim is to empower others rather than disempower others such as the many copycat guru's that are ever present in today's societies.

The biggest difference is a true 'guru' or teacher, will teach an individual the path they took to empower themselves from their own experience with the aim of the individual learning and never needing to return. The copycat 'self-professed guru' will aim never to fully empower an individual so that they return often to deliver energy in whatever form it may be to the self-professed guru. Very much like a fortune teller!

You will often notice a self-professed guru will only re-use other people's quotes to sound enlightened or full of knowledge, but never actually create or speak their own philosophical truths.

Find Yours!

Find Yours!

Empower Yourself!

The only person who can truly empower one self, is you!

Through life individuals have become masters at creating their own limitations to overcome. This has occurred through self censorship, peer related pressures, organisations and the constant bombardment of programs on television screens promoting elite narratives, perceived normality's and external agendas.

One must realise that when we perceive ourselves with others as completely equal regardless of status, fiat wealth, education and race. Then you can truly start seeing the beauty in the world, the vast amount of differences, uniqueness in each and everyone's own life story and path.

The most sincere action you can take is to be yourself! When you are being you, then your desires and passions will show. I can imagine that most who become aware of their true desires and passions will begin to create and not copy. Those who copy tend to be in denial of themselves or chase fiat currency gains. When you start creating for yourself from your own desires and passions, you own that creation, you may begin to see the world from a slightly or completely new perspective.

Creating is human kinds most natural endeavour and somehow many have forgotten this and got lost on their current path. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as it creates new opportunities to realign oneself with true desires and passions. Whatever a desire or passion may be, majority if not all desires when truly believed and pursued by an individual will incorporate some form of creating.

Go ahead I dare you to follow your passion and desire's, see where it leads you!

Be you and always you, follow your heart even if its guidance seems illogical, be strong in your will and move forward doing something that you enjoy!

James Annan

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 James Annan

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