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The Responses We Get

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Our statistics page has said that on Feb. 16th we received over 600 views. This is a phenomenal number for us as we are lucky to get 50 or even 10 views. But that number is not a point of pride.

While it makes us happy that people are taking the time to read what we have written on this delicate subject, we still need to be responsible and be careful about what we write.

This is why we are going to start with a passage of scripture before we start talking about the responses we get

9 Do not accept an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. 20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. 21 I solemnly exhort you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality. 22 Do not lay hands upon anyone too quickly and [e]thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself [f]free from sin. (1 Tim. 5 bold ours)

There was one person who commented under one of our posts at Christian Post (CP) that he could not figure us out. Yet, we stated our purpose very clearly one day and one of the reasons we were writing posts in the manner that we were was to keep Christians from sinning in this issue.

It wasn’t till after we had posted those words that we saw verse 22 above and realized how important it is to God that his followers do not sin even in emotional and delicate situations like the one surrounding Mr. Zacharias.

We learned long ago that rational thinking, the rules of evidence, and law and logic are often thrown out the window when certain crimes are committed or alleged to be committed. That has been the case in this situation.

Christians let their own personal opinions and preferences along with their emotions rule over their reception of, analysis of, and conclusion drawing of this and similar issues. They are not unlike the unbelieving world in this response.

That makes it sad as we see claimed Christians making many responses under the many articles at CP, and other outlets carrying this story, that do not follow God’s rules. We have seen them abuse the Bible to justify their sinful responses and condemnation of a man who died almost a year ago.

That is not right. Christians are to find God’s truth then speak that truth in love, even if it goes against what the secular world wants to see. We are to please God in all situations even those where emotions, feelings of betrayal, and dismay abound.

We are not free to break the rules of God no matter what. God has shown consistently through the Bible that obedience to him and his word is of the utmost importance. Even when men of God fail or have been perceived to have failed the followers of God.

It is not an easy thing to do but it must be done if the unbelieving world is to see the light of Christ, the justice of God, his mercy and grace, and his love. If the people of God do not do it, then no one else will.

You will notice that we do not get a lot of comments on our articles. That is because we put rules on our website to govern how those comments should be framed. People may want to be free to say what they want and how they want but as Christians, our words are supposed to be glorifying to him even in tough situations. we do not have that freedom.

Our comments must reflect what God has taught us which is why you will see that our posts and articles will not always be worded as other people expect. We are not here or involved in any issue to please people, jump on the current popular bandwagon, or make the unbelieving world happy.

We strive to lead people to what God wants them to know and we do get a lot of flack for doing it. So much so, that it is hard to know where to start and we can’t be specific on every response.

At the Christian Post, we have been called a fool, a liar, and so on. The derogatory and badly written remarks do not glorify God nor do they bring any truth to the discussion. Instead, those responses are reactions due to the fact that we do not agree with their point of view.

We can’t because a man is condemned and cannot defend himself. Piling on has never been seen as justice or even a good method of discussion. Our participation at different atheist forums has opened us up to such treatment and it should not be done at a Christian forum.

The Bible has over 200 verses talking about the truth, yet we see so few respondents, not only to us but to others who dared to post an opposing view, go for the truth. They would rather take the easy way out and join the chorus condemning a man without his side ever being heard.

When it was, it was dismissed and given less credibility than unsubstantiated oral comments made by women. Women still haven’t learned that they need real evidence to support their accusations and that their word is not good enough.

The blame for that lack of learning can be attributed to the many men who will ‘defend a woman’s honor’ without following the rules of law or evidence. While women know the rules of law and evidence, they are often given a free pass which is wrong.

We do not believe women just because they said something was a crime. We know that women lie and if you look at the examples of Noah’s Flood and Sodom’s destruction women were punished just like the men were for their sins and disobedience to God’s word.

But we must move on. There have been some good comments at CP for which we are grateful and thankful to receive. Yet those have been few and often overshadowed by the trolls, the unbelievers, and ‘Christians’ who post there s well. They are sinning by their disobedience to God’s word and their abuse of it.

We have had private conversations with different people. One of those people was Zenbanjo an admitted atheist. We came across his blog during some of our research and we contacted him about his lack of spiritual insight into Christian matters.

Like all discussions with atheists we have had over the years, there were one or two good e-mails then Zenbanjo didn’t like what he heard and did what every atheist does–attack the messenger and insult them.

There was no point in continuing to discuss with him as he could not accept the fact that he was spiritually naive and did not grasp all the nuances of the Christian life and so forth. We can’t say more as we do not have permission to say more.

But he is like the owner of Meerkat Musing and thinks they are greater than God and know more than he does. ZenBanjo is also like Robert Cargill, an atheist who happens to be a professor of Bible at Idaho University I believe, and may still be on the editorial staff at BAR.

Mr. Cargill thinks that as an atheist he can speak on biblical matters & biblical content with no problem. He too does not accept the fact that he is blind, deceived, and without the Spirit of Truth to guide him to the truth.

But all atheists that we have encountered are arrogant and close-minded to any viewpoint that disagrees with their accepted ideas.

Then there is the Roy Report. In the past, we have sent messages to her and talked to her directly but she dismissed our words so we wrote an analysis of her website at our sister site theoarch which has stated our views on her so-called Christian content.

Her website has the banner ‘reporting the truth, restoring the church yet from what we have read, she is trying to make the church after her own image and wants the church to operate her way, not God’s.

She can’t even allow Christian leaders to have wealth as she does not understand the difference between John MacArthur’s situation and a prosperity gospel preacher’s pursuit of wealth.

Her bias is well known as she attacks men and organizations she does not like ONLY. We have yet to see her do an investigation against the many women preachers filling pulpits, church leadership offices, and true disobedience to God’s word.

Her reporting is suspect and certainly not in line with God’s word.

Next, we have not heard back from the C&MA. We sent them links to 3 of our articles including the one where we called them cowardly. They licensed the man for 40 years and yet had no inkling of what was going on in Mr. Zacharias’ life.

Worse yet, if they had heard of his supposed extra curricular activities why didn’t they launch an investigation while Mr. Zacharias was still alive? Yes, we called them cowardly and their response, which we posted in a previous article as being political.

They had the authority to investigate yet never did. Ms. Roy and Zenbanjo do not have the authority to investigate. As one C&MA pastor, we know quite well said, what was the purpose of revoking his ordination and license almost a year after he died?

We would like to know the answer to that question as well. We also think that the C&MA is cowardly as their comment on the situation was sent out by their media outlet NOT their president.

In a situation like this, it is up to the president to speak directly if anyone is going to have confidence in their stance. Using a generic media persona does not invoke confidence or that there has been any divine guidance in their words.

Instead, the content and method used make it look like the denomination is covering their collective butts. We wait to hear from them and see their side of the story before we say anything more than what we have already said.

We have received responses from other people we have contacted in the past and we are grateful for Dr. Bob Cornuke’s response when he said some comments about his organization.

As for ABR’s response to our words, we will leave it at they were and are less than Christian. We are sad to see that they took the approach that they did. People who claim to be Christian do not always follow God’s instructions when it gets too close to home.

Finally, the final report. We do not accept it as truthful, honest, factual, or even biblical and we stated many reasons why in our ‘to be specific’ article. But we forgot to include one important characteristic that was left out of that report.

We did not see any mention of asking God to guide the investigation, we did not see any mention of God and his word to support their conclusions, and we saw nothing of God in the report.

If God is going to be glorified then he should be part of the investigation and leading it to the truth. No Christian should accept that final report because it is strictly atheistic and non-Christian.

While we have not been specific in some cases, we always pray that God will help us get our content right. Often our articles end up a lot differently than the content we were going to write.

What we can say for the majority of responses that were sent our way is that they were not following God and his ways. If you are going to correct anyone make sure you have God leading your rebuke.

The Bible says no one can do anything against the truth and that is what we strive to publish here. If you are going to investigate, comment and so forth on Christian leaders and their faults, remember two things:

#1. Do it God’s way and make sure you know the truth

#2. 6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; 7 but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. 8 If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. (1 John 1)

© 2021 David Thiessen


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 09, 2021:

I often encounter Atheists and I do my best to love them just as they are...we are all God's children.

I can only show them the way. The rest is up to them & God.

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