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Adam & Eve's Real Story: Dust Episode Four

Sometimes writers distance themselves from religious subjects. Religion is still taboo to speak about. Read about it instead.

Adam and Eve's lives represent a treasure of the Abrahamic religions. God partook of the elements of the Earth and created two beings to populate a planet. Many stories exist because of this true story. This article, one in a series, addresses the origins of the bodies of Adam and Eve.

The Dust of the Earth


Of Dust

Dust, as in particles of this planet, are building blocks in the production of the bodies of Adam and Eve. The word ''dust'' refers to the particles composing all things. Dust represents the modern elemental concept written in the original texts of Scripture to explain the meaning of particles as small as atoms.

Speculation on the origins of the "dust" that helped produce Adam and Eve's bodies abound. Some refer to dust as dirt or clay. Some speculate a sexual act occurred between unworldly beings to produce the bodies of Adam and Eve.

None of these opinions, if excluded from the religious narratives, prove detrimental to the salvation of individuals' souls. No. The stories provide intriguing details to discuss among creation believers AND those who consider the Biblically sanctioned creation simply a myth.

Atoms (Dust?) in the modern scientific narrative are a concept of recent historical discovery. Regardless of the meaning of dust of the Earth explicitly, Moses used generalities and broad concepts to explain the first parents.

Though the Scriptures record Eve came to be due to an extraction of the rib of Adam, I offer such a concept as a metaphor for her position with Adam in addition to any physical, tangible meaning. She, too, is of the dust or elements. Eve, taken from man's side, or the same dust/element as the man, establishes her equality with Adam.

Being that Adam is of the dust/element, any part of him is also dust/element, making the use of his rib still a product of the dust/element. Eve is of the dust/element. Being relatable to the differing creation concepts and myths regarding Adam and Eve, defining how they come from the atoms of this sphere called Earth helps to breathe logic into what may only be a story to many.

An important point to make, also, regards the value of humans in general. Again, Adam and Eve are equal before the Lord and made of the same atomic materials. The narrative of inequality between men and women espoused by most of human society has no origin in pure religion or the concept of a scientific approach to the doctrine of Adam and Eve's narratives. The current status of the value of women in relation to men comes as cultural interpolation to oppress half of humanity as subordinates just because God organized a man's body first. That's another topic, however.

Adam The Man & Eve The Woman


Bodies of Adam & Eve

God the Father authorized the creation of physical bodies for Adam and Eve, following the expulsion of Satan or Lucifer from Heaven, another disputed but true history according to Moses.

As stated previously, Adam was created first and Eve second. Adam saw to the naming of the animals and found no companion among them--no companion or female mate--as did the animals have. Nothing more has been revealed by God about the process of the creation of the bodies of Adam and Eve that is also accepted as revealed canonical Scripture by most any major faiths.

Once God organized the bodies of these great people, He placed their spirits in by the breath of life. Heavenly Father, it is possible, breathed the breath of life into the physical bodies of both beings, I assume. He alone had a physical body at the time of creation.

There is no scriptural source for this inference that Heavenly Father breathe in the breath of life to Adam and Eve's bodies, just a logical determination. Those of the Restored Gospel as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints assert that God the Father is a glorified man of flesh and bone, not some ethereal creature of essence alone.

The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. (Doctrine and Covenants 130:22)

Because the three individuals, Father, Son, and Spirit, make up what most call God or the Godhead, God is of spirit and body, which is another topic of consideration. The doctrine asserted by the same religious organizations states that Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth and all things therein, and He is a separate individual apart from Heavenly Father.

Death to Physical Bodies, Not Relationships!

God intended that Adam and Eve's marriage continue as immortally as did their lives when He united them in matrimony in The Garden, married as immortal beings. Their union, as God designed, had no end. There existed no clause ending their relationship if they ever sinned, only their lives in mortality should end.

God did not intimate that if they ate of the fruit they would get an automatic divorce, even though many of the Abrahamic faiths assume that death ended their marriage. Many Christians cite the teaching of Jesus that there is no marriage in the resurrection (Matthew 22:30) to prove it.

There is no marriage in the resurrection, true. Marriage ceremonies should occur before the resurrections, sealed by the power of God. Jesus possessed and gave to His apostles the power to seal, approve, or sanction things in both heaven and the Earth. Our salvation, our relationship to Him, and our relationships with each other are dependent on this sealing power. Baptism and forgiveness are examples of things God seals in heaven and earth. His power to seal things is not limited to those two things, but all relationships He deems worthy of His approval, completed by His power will continue forever. Adam and Eve's relationship received solemnization by the eternal power of God in Eden. Just like their lives, their marriage is meant to be forever. Through Jesus Christ, their lives are just as eternal as their marriage.

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No Others Besides Adam And Eve

No other people lived before or with Adam and Eve on Earth during that time relevant to humanity. Adam is the first of his species on Earth followed by Eve. Together, these two sired others making all humankind the descendants of Adam and Eve.

Theorizing regarding the existence of other humanoid life during the time of Adam and Eve creates doubt in the minds of faithful believers. It appears that God purposely avoided providing a complete picture of the details of creation. He decided to hold back information surrounding the reasons for the many pieces of evidence science has unearthed regarding the existence of fossils and remains that suggest Earth's age is much older than previously believed, basing time on the model of Earth's current rotation around the sun equaling one year.

It is also not in accepted scriptural accounts the age of the Earth other than that there have been 6000 plus years since Adam and Eve’s mortal condition began.

What God DID give humanity is an explanation through Moses--a version of creation that appeals to the simplicity of most of humanity. Just as a toddler does not have the capacity to understand how to support him- or herself beyond sleep and play, God waits until humanity's intellectual maturity rises enough to understand how He organized the universe beyond speculation and telescope.

Empirical science at this time escapes humanity to reconcile what experts conclude happened for the human family to develop and what Canonical Scripture reports. Theories exist to help reconcile why there seems to exist some disagreement.

One postulate suggests that both science and Scripture are correct. The Earth existed for millions of years without humans as presently constituted. Adam and Eve were not mortal until six thousand or so years ago. Also, there is no fast rule among leaders of the Church of Christ that people have to accept that humanity came as the result of evolution or reject it to enjoy its sacraments.

Where science and religion do not meet becomes a matter of faith and interpretation. Science does not need to cancel out faith or faith mute science. Religion and science both derive from faith in a concept.

Religion's concept simply submits there is a Great Creator.

Science's faith is that there was no creator, but multiple theories of humanity's development pieced together to form an arguably logical possibility.

There will follow a correlation at some point, a stance supported by the Church, and many enlightened religionists the world over. Millions may question the veracity of Adam and Eve as true individuals, but billions still believe.

The Veil of Heaven


To Forget Or Not To Forget....

Not remembering what occurred before Earth life is the condition of most of humanity because of the Plan of Happiness God created. The veil, blanket, dark glass, etc., was created so that all humankind could live true to individual character.

Each person has the opportunity to make decisions based on his or her character without the influence of his or her heavenly home looming over each choice. This film that shields human minds from remembering pre-mortal life events applies to Adam and Eve, therefore to all of their offspring. Separating Adam and Eve from God assured each choice they made occurred at their will. This heritage of "Will" extends to the rest of humanity.

Adam and Eve could not recall their home in Heaven with God and Jesus. As they heard true teachings and concepts associated with their heavenly past, they accepted them because, possibly, the veil became permeable so that truths seemed familiar when taught. In addition, the only parent Adam and Eve knew was their Father.

Other than slight familiar feelings from life prior to earth life, it took a revelation from God to gain knowledge of what once existed in their lives. The same applies to humanity today.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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