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The Real Reasons Aquarius Can Seem Cold and Unemotional

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People born under the sign of Aquarius have a bad reputation for being cold, aloof, and unemotional. Aquarius are an air sign, so naturally there is some form of flakiness about them, but there is so much more underneath the surface than meets the eye. Aquarius people wear a tough outer exterior as a suit of armor to protect themselves from being hurt. When first meeting an Aquarius, you might think you met a carefree and freedom-loving human being when you really have met a complicated individual with many layers to their colorful personality. Let's dig deeper..

Aquarius are known for being cool and drama free. They can be the life of the party or the wallflower, but either way there's so much more to them then you initially see. Aquarius don't like to show their emotions to people they've just met. In fact, they may not show emotions to people they're known for a long time if they think someone's not trustworthy. They ain't got no time for that! Aquarius are famous for keeping people at arm's length and never letting them get too close. They won't be mean about it, they just won't let you get close enough to manipulate and hurt them. Aquarius keep their emotional walls up until they know you are worthy of their trust. They are like New Yorkers that way, who meet everyone they come into contact with distrust until they know what the person's really about.


This next part's really important so listen up. If you are serious about getting close to an Aquarius man or woman, you should really be their friend first. Show them you are going to be there for them by living up to your word and not letting them down. That is really the only way they will let you get close to them. If you're interested in them romantically, friends first is the way to start your relationship. Never try to move things too quickly with an Aquarius person. This will scare them off quicker than anything. They will go running and you might not catch them. Not all hope is lost though. If you have moved things too quickly with an Aquarius, just give them some time and space to think things through. If they like you and feel some chemistry with you, they will come back to you, but you have to give them the time and let them come to you. You can initially chase them and show them that you're interested, but do it in a way that is light and fun. Don't try to stifle them.

It's funny when people think Aquarius are unemotional when that couldn't be further from the truth. Aquarius are constantly thinking and analyzing everything around them. Just because they're not verbally expressing that doesn't mean there's not so much going on in their minds. Aquarius have many feelings that they simply don't express because they're afraid of rejection. Once upon a time, when Aquarius was younger, they probably wore their heart on their sleeve and it didn't end well. They were hurt and disappointed and from that point on they promised themselves they would never open up to anyone again until the other person was deemed worthy. That is why you get the cool and unemotional exterior of the Aquarius person, they're not cold, they're simply afraid.

Slowly and steady is the one who wins the heart of an Aquarius person in the end. The person who takes the time to really get to know the Aquarius and show them they're the real deal is who the Aquarius will pick as their life partner. Aquarius aren't in any rush to settle down and get married either. They could care less what society thinks about it. They'd rather be happy alone than miserable with someone else. So dangling the promise of marriage or commitment is not going to make an Aquarius fall for you or open up. Material possessions and money really don't matter much to the Aquarius person either. They're too worldly to care about things like that. If they don't like you as a person, they wouldn't care if you're a millionaire or not, it's just not going to happen. Aquarius people know who they are and what they want and you can't buy them with any price.


So how do you know if an Aquarius is really into you? It's all about communication with them. If they like you and are interested, they'll want to talk and spend time with you. Aquarius are social creatures and just love to talk and have a good time. Just because they're not writing you love letters right away doesn't mean they're not interested. Through your communication Aquarius will determine whether you are right for them or not. They're very intuitive creatures and rarely will they not listen to their inner voice. If an Aquarius is texting, messaging, or liking your posts on social media, they're definitely interested in you in some way because they don't do that for just anyone! Aquarius doesn't communicate for no reason. They're not the type of people to just say hey what's up or check in. There's always a reason why they reached out to you. Aquarius doesn't like to put themselves out there, so if they are doing it for you, it's already a step in the right direction. Consider that like a first move made and now it's your turn to not screw it up..

Aquarius are tricky people when it comes to dating. There's a battle going on inside them; one side of them wants to open up to the person they're seeing and express their interest, while the other side wants to just sit back and see what happens. It's on a case by case basis as to which side will win. If an Aquarius person likes someone, they want to open up, but they usually hold themselves back in fear of getting hurt. Sometimes they take too long though and the other person thinks they are not interested and moves on. This is when the Aquarius who is interested will make a move and make their feelings known. The fear of losing someone who they love will always motivate them to be brave and make a move.

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You can tell if an Aquarius likes you if they tease you and try to make you laugh. Aquarius usually has a weird and twisted sense of humor that borders on offensive. It takes a lot to offend them so don't be afraid to make a weird joke. Their sense of humor can definitely take it. Mentally stimulating conversation and joking will only make an Aquarius person like you more. They like someone who is smart and witty like themselves and crave an intellectual connection as well as a physical one. Just like in card games, Aquarius has a tell if they like you. Their tell is they'll touch you physically in some way like playfully touching or patting your arm. They'll find some way to touch you without even realizing they're doing it. That's a big sign they're into you. Congrats you now officially have the golden ticket. You can proceed.

So hopefully this has helped bust the myth that Aquarius is cold and unloving because they are anything but that. If you take anything away from this article, remember this, in all situations give the Aquarius time and space if you want things to work out. Go at half the pace you usually do in your relationships. Give the Aquarius a chance to let their heads catch up to what their hearts already know. You might need to have the patience of a saint, but it's all worth it in the end I promise. While an Aquarius might be slow to love and open their heart, no one loves as hard as they do. When you are officially "their person" Aquarius will give you the world and more. They will do anything and go anywhere for the person they love. So in your pursuit of the Aquarius, remember that your time and patience will be rewarded with a person who loves you so much you might doubt you've ever been loved before.








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