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The Real Exorcism of Emily Rose/ Anneliese Michel

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From the Movie

From the Movie

Anneliese (The real Emily Rose)

Anneliese (The real Emily Rose)

The Real Exorcism of Emily Rose

I watched the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose as I am fascinated by films based on true life events. The film was actually very good, but it left you wondering how much of it could possibly have happened in real life.

The film Exorcism of Emily Rose came out in 2005 and was immediately a box office hit. The film is about a young girl believed to be possessed by demons and the suffering she went through to try to be freed from them.

The real life Emily Rose was a girl called Anneliese Michel who was a young and clever girl born on September 21st 1952 in a small village in Bavana, Anneliese was raised in Klingenberg Germany by her catholic parents Josef and Anna she also had three sisters.

Anneliese had a normal upbringing and was deeply religious, however at seventeen she began to have unusual seizures during the night where she would feel paralyzed like an enormous weight was pushing down on her chest, making her unable to speak.

Anneliese began having difficulty walking and would lean on furniture to support her weight.

Doctors at the Psychiatric clinic diagnosed Anneliese with Grand Mal Epilepsy and she spent almost a year on a psychiatric ward. During her stay she started seeing Demonic faces especially during her daily prayers and she would hear voices telling her that she was damned.

Doctors then began to medicate her, however when the medication failed to help Anneliese she continued to see faces and become more and more depressed.

Upon her release from the ward, Anneliese returned to high school and for a while lived a relatively normal life, even going on to graduate and gain a scholarship for University.

Anneliese had a devoted boyfriend called Peter, he would visit her most days, even when she began to be violent towards him.

In 1973 she moved to the city to attend University, once there Anneliese became convinced that the medication was not helping her condition and she started to believe that it was in fact a spiritual infliction. Anneliese requested that the church perform an exorcism but they refused instead suggesting that she should devote herself to a more religious life.

Annaliese's condition soon worsened, and she began self harming. She would bite her family members, eat flies, spiders and coal and more shockingly bit the head off a dead bird.

Anneliese would rip her clothes off and bark like a dog for days on end, she would also urinate on the floor then lick it up. She began sleeping on the stone floor at her parents house and destroying any religious symbols such as rosaries, crucifixes and paintings of Jesus.

Her family reported seeing Anneliese violently hit off the floor and walls repeatedly, which resulted in injuries to her head and to her face.

Five years after this all began happening, Annaliese's parents started seeing many number of priests requesting an exorcism, but all they got were suggestions for treatment and medication to be continued. Certain requirements have to be met before a church can approve an exorcism such as supernatural powers, speaking in other languages and an adverse reaction to religious objects.

Father Renz and Pastor Alt who tried to assist in Anneliese's condition, claimed to have sent her to various Doctors and Psychiatrists to no avail.

In September 1975 after finally declaring Anneliese Demon possessed, the Bishop ordered that a exorcism be preformed and pastor Ernst Alt and Father Arnold Renz were given the assignment.

The exorcisms began in September and continued through to the end of June 1976, within this time over 40 audio tapes were recorded of the exorcisms to preserve the details. While preforming the exorcisms Father Renz asked "Who are you?" and "What are your names."

To his surprise, they spoke and he discovered that there were 6 major Demons possessing Anneliese's body.

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Adolf Hitler

Judas Iscariot



Fallen Priest

For ten months the rites were performed once or twice weekly and sometimes continued for four hours at a time. It was during these sessions, that Anneliese would have strong attacks and have to be held down, sometimes even chained down.

Anneliese would also speak with a Demonic voice in several different languages including some that had died out years ago. Anneliese refused to eat saying the Demons wouldn't let her, she also ruptured both her knee caps from performing up to 600 genuflections. (dropping to your knees repeatedly).

Anneliese's final resting place

Anneliese's final resting place

Annaliese Michel Trial

One Sunday, Anneliese and her boyfriend Peter decided to go for a walk around an area called Paradise Mill. They drove up to Paradise Mill, but by this time Anneliese could barely walk without help, and Peter considered driving her back home.

It was while on this outing, that Anneliese said she had a vision of Mary, Mother of God. Anneliese claims that she and Mary walked side by side talking. Strangely, Anneliese really was walking unaided, something she had not been able to do for a very long time.

Peter claims to have seen a change in Anneliese that day, he said she knelt down to pray and then began running around in no pain. When they arrived back home, Anneliese told her Mother all about her vision.

Anneliese said that Mary told her she would have three days of peace, but would need to use those days to decide if she would like immediate freedom of the Demons or let the possessions continue a little longer to save souls.

Anneliese gave a written letter to the Priest stating that she no longer wanted to continue with the exorcisms.

She wrote of The Virgin Mary coming to her and offering her two choices, she could have immediate freedom of the Demons or she could let the possession continue for a while longer to reveal the danger and power of the demons to the whole world and save souls.

Anneliese also wrote that she was told that before her death she would be freed of the demons and die in grace. Anneliese decided to remain possessed and stopped the exorcisms, she also predicted the time of her own death.

At midnight on July 1st 1976 the exact day she had predicted, Anneliese sadly died in her sleep, she had come down with Pnemonia and was running a fever at the time of her death.

Annelieses's parents called the family Doctor who had no choice but to inform the public prosecutors office as he could not be sure that Anneliese died of natural causes.

The autopsy report confirmed that Annaliese died as a result of malnutrition and dehydration, she weighed just 68 pounds. Strangely none of the tests that were performed during the autopsy including a microscopic study of her brain, resulting in no recorded reason for the causes of the seizures.

An investigation concluded that Annaliese had starved to death and that had she been force fed she would still be alive. Her parents and the Pastor and the priest were all charged with negligent homicide and the trial started on the 30th March 1978.

The state prosecutor claimed that Anneliese's death could have been prevented, while Doctors testified that Anneliese was not possessed, that she had a psychological effect caused by her epilepsy and her strict religious up bringing.

Anneliese's parents, plus Father Renz and Pastor Alt were all charged with Negligent Homicide. They were all found guilty of Manslaughter and initially sentenced to six months in prison, although this was later suspended and instead they were given three years probation.

After the trial, her parents requested that Anneliese's body be exhumed so they could give their Daughter a proper burial in a new oak coffin.

Anneliese's grave is still visited by many people today.

So after reading all this I still don't now what to think of it. My first thought was perhaps she had psychiatric problems possibly schizophrenia? Many will argue that Anneliese was truly possessed, others will say she was a very ill girl who should have had more professional help.

Either way it is a very sad story about the tragic end of a life so young.


Moral Man on June 24, 2018:

There's more to say about this. If that was really the Virgin Mary that Annelise claims to have seen and talked to, then what kind of immoral, insane, cruel request to expect Annelise to continue suffering from the demonic possession? No this cannot be the Virgin Mary. Maybe what she really saw and conversed with was a deceptive spirit. Maybe it was really some demon disguised as the Virgin Mary who lied and deceived her in order to gain PERMISSION to enter and possess her. The Devil and his minions took advantage of Annelise's religious fanaticism and tricked her into allowing herself to become demon possessed, and she foolishly allowed it. She thought she was doing it for a good cause, but she was really deceived by deceptive spirits. These deceptive spirits or demons don't play fair. Who in their right mind would choose to be demon possessed? No one. But Annelise was manipulated and deceived, and this was a victory for the Devil and his minions. How could a person of such strong Christian faith fall prey to the Devil? It doesn't make sense for a God to allow such horrors as this. Where is the God of love and mercy? There's not a trace of Him here. As Christians, we should be hanging our heads in shame at a God who allows this kind of horror. Its embarrassing and a disgrace. The world is a Satanic hellhole and horror movie ruled by the Devil and not by a loving God, and millions of years of history and prehistory illustrate this tragic fact.

Moral Man on June 24, 2018:

This Annelise-Michel case is so screwed up on so many different levels. Was it mental illness or demonic possession? We will never really know. Either way, its a sick, disgusting, loathsome story.

Annelise suffered greatly from illnesses even before she became demon possessed. The demonic possessions lasted for the last one to three years of her life and were both physical torture and mental torture. Its also speculated that she saw and spoke to the Virgin Mary who asked her if she wanted the demonic possession to end or to continue. If she allowed it to continue longer, supposedly that would atone for the souls of others and prove to the world that demons and the Devil are real. WHAT? What kind of sick garbage is this? So this poor girl has to become demon possessed and the possession has to drag on for months until she literally dies? So Jesus Christ's sacrifice wasn't enough to save our souls? So this poor girl was chosen to be tortured and killed to save the souls of others? Does this make any sense? And this disgusting, cruel, monstrous spectacle has to be allowed to prove to the world that demons and the Devil are real? Really? Aren't there more merciful, humane ways to prove to the world that demons and the Devil are real? Aren't there more intelligent and constructive ways to prove to the world that demons and the Devil are real? There is something so wrong, so wrong, with this scenario. The exorcisms utterly failed to save her. God and Jesus utterly failed here. What kind of God allows this monstrous ordeal? This is like some screwed up horror movie. This is immoral, insane, irresponsible, stupid, and cruel. This is utterly, utterly evil for a God to allow. This is another example of God using the Devil to screw his creation with. This God uses the Devil to do His dirty work. Its the story of Job all over again. Its a God who is cruel like the Devil who is supposed to be His enemy. Human evil of all kinds and Natural evil of all kinds abounds, and the Devil and his demons get to ruin and rule the world.

Kitty Fields from Summerland on October 16, 2012:

KATHRINA - really...herbs can make one become possessed? Wow.

kaitlin on October 27, 2011:

Sorry misspelled a word it is the witchen hour

Kaitlin on October 27, 2011:

I only read this so i could wake up at three in the morning. The wichen hour

Zoey (author) from South England on October 11, 2011:

Thank you for your comment Brooklyn. I agree, i too found the movie more chilling when i watched it the second time after finding out the facts behind it. That's a great idea getting a group of friends together for Halloween, hope you have a good night :)

Brooklyn on October 11, 2011:

I’ve heard the audio tapes of the exorcism and it’s definitely scary to listen too. I watched the movie and I was instantly intrigued to google it and find out more information as to what happened to the girl. Now that I know the story is real, it makes the movie a lot scarier to watch and I’ve decided this is going to be the perfect movie to watch during Halloween this year! I’m getting a few friends together and we’re going to rent about five movies from Blockbuster using my Blockbuster Movie Pass. It’s better than Netflix and Redbox and new and existing DISH Network customers can enjoy all of the benefits from it. I work at DISH and I know all of this is true and I think people should join me and get the most value for their money!

truth on May 24, 2011:

THE FACT IS that no one can make a offical report about paranormality! IN our physical world we have to translate all paranormal and supernatural things to scienitific way!

If someone gets ill or some disease then its actually controlled from the other side, "ghost land" or whatever you wanna call it.

Everyone who has been sick or had some disease has always some physical explanation to it!WE CANT deny that there are no other side and somebody is there manipulating with us because no-one has never been to other side and that's one of the Gods law!

THINK LOGICALLY, Yes or No, Hot or Cold, Good or Bad, Heaven or Hell! Truth shall set us free, luckly we r all gonna find it out :)

lacy on February 08, 2011:

im baptist but totally belive in people being possessed by demons i would like more information as to how being possessed happens what makes the people that are chosen be picked in the first place i just want to learm more of the truth on this subject so if anyone knows of sites i can visit to learm more please post a comment here so i can get them yhanks

brittany sanchez on January 27, 2011:

i think that girl dar angel is lying....i know she has to be makind itup...none of that stuff makes sense. and she shold learn how to 1 year old brother could speel better hen her. that boy shane, his story makes a lot of sense...and he knows how to spell. but for both of them, how would they be able to write oif they relly were possessed?

Eve84 on January 26, 2011:

I think she was a really bad case of demon possession. I listened to the audio tapes on youtube of her speaking you can hear the demons talking and roaring at the priest in the room with her. Maybe it was the demons that made her think that the medication or doctors weren't working. Its awful to think that she was neglected which led to her death. People in the court did not believe that she was possessed but that she had a mental disorder caused by personal problems. They believed her father and mother had bad influences on her. She should have been in a psychiatric hospital under professional supervision.

Zoey (author) from South England on August 20, 2010:

Thank you for your comment, unfortunately i dont know very much about this subject, i just found this particular story interesting after watching the film.

Have you thought about seeing a specialist in this area like a phsyciatrist for example, sometimes they know a lot more about these sorts of things than an ordinary doctor would. I hope you can find the help your looking for.

Dark angle on August 18, 2010:

Hey,in 1997 smethng bezarre hppen 2 me doctrs cudnt c wt was wrng so ma parnts tuk me 2 a spritual healer,in 1 week i was my life ive been seeing weird creatures bt i wud always jus tel myslf they nt ther untl abt a 1 and half yrs ago whn sumthng weird hppn 2 me agn,wer it wil attct me and if sum1 wud say a prayr it wud sound like a demon tlkng 2 me,it gt so bad i gve up ma job.thn i went 2 a spritual healer agn and i ask hm the thngs tht ive bn seeing since i was jst a grl ,did i imagn myslf?he tld me no im nt i was glad bt not so glad,bt thn he explain 2 me wt im seeing and hearng nw b4 i cud tel him,he was ryt...he gve me herbs,bt i didn't believ in hm so i didn't thnk it ive bn havng slplss nyts im 2 afraid 2 slp i was neva scared of darkness,i love hrro mvies i love black thngs,my room is dark i love bt al these yrs ive bn living with these things and voices and its realy startng 2 gt 2 me,wen i cncntrate on wot i seeing they wud talk and shw me thngs tht nt veri nyc,i shout,scream in ma d.o.b 13.08.1982 my mum sed i was born on a ther any1 out ther dat cud jst hlp me put my mind at eaz?i neva had friends cz of wat i see,everyday of every hour of my life i see and hear these thngs

Shane MASON on July 18, 2010:

I am possessed by an evil spirit, I hear screaming voices while I lie in bed, its been going on for over 3 years and I am being treated for schizophrenia I feel hands on my body, I look and there is nothing there. I took an OD of paracetamol tablets on the 17th July 2010 to put an end to the demonic force which has taken control of me. I fell into a deep sleep but woke up in the morning and was very sick. The screaming voices came back and the hands continue to play with my body. One voice tells me I am the son of satan, another voice says I never raped a baby, never raped a girl called vikki and never killed anyone, but the voice of satan says otherwise. but I say daily prayers to as I have a real father who is at the moment in hospital, but he loves me and I love him.

I have had 2 exorcisms, one in hospital after the manifestation took place in a police cell in St Asaph(UK) and on in a place called St Winifreds well, but they both failed to release me from the torture of the devil. The spirit that took control of my body commands the devil what to do and sometimes I can hear 4 voices or more chatting across each other about me. The only thing that satan can't do is command me to shout out things he wants me to say as he is unable to take control of my vocal box and speak for himself.

These are all based on true facts and I am being given risperdone 37.5mg every 2 weeks, but the fact is, its failed to control the voices and the screaming voices start right after the injection.

Contact me

Zoey (author) from South England on May 13, 2010:

Yes i to wanted to know how it happened in the first place, but all the infornation i could find just said that she had some sort of seizure one night and it all went from there, Thank you for your comment.

Elizabeth from Some Sunny Beach, USA on May 13, 2010:

Interesting hub. Its hard to say what typically causes an actual possesion of demonic forces. I am interested to know why this happened. Where was she or what actions did she do ( ie ouji board, satanic rituals, etc.) that caused her to contract these demons? Usual there are a number of outside influences that can result in a type of demonic possesion but none of these are mentioned in this case. Curious??? Thanks for posting!

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