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The Ravi Saga Continues

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We looked over at Protestia this morning and found an article that just disgusted us. No, it was not about Protestia or their articles, etc. Rather, it was the actions of someone who is said to be the president of RZIM.

It has been 14 months since Mr. Zacharias died and yet people from his former organization seem to have become addicted to apologize for actions they claim their founder was involved in. You can read the latest apology here.

In February 2021, the RZIM board made a statement, acknowledging the pride and arrogance that led us to trust Ravi Zacharias, his account of his actions. I made this statement my own earlier this year, and would like to reiterate my wholehearted agreement with it.

That is the start of his apology and it just gets worse from there. It also doesn’t differ that much from previous apologies sent out by that organization. The people of that organization continue to take unbeliever’s words and accusations over the word of God and God.

That is what disgusts us. if you want to destroy a ministry and lose true spiritual content, then just have the Christian organization believe lies and false accusations. Then get them to ignore God and his word.

This strategy seems to work almost every time as denominations and now RZIM has fallen for it. They are too afraid of the world, to be honest, and stand up for their father and founder.

They are too afraid of the negative criticism they will get because ‘they did not believe the women’ or the professional law firm that continued the scam against Mr. Zacharias.

We do not limit our news to just one side of the issue. Mr. Zacharias’ son has created his own website, as you already know, and he continues to post legitimate counter arguments and real evidence refuting the claims made against his father.

The latest discovery can be found at this link. And we will quote briefly from it:

I can tell you that so far I have not seen any questionable/concerning photos in both of the phones I have searched. I also have not found any questionable/concerning correspondence or data. This includes the device they supposedly found the most information.

But what is also of interest is what I did find. The report said Dad had a note in his phone for how to say “a little bit further” in Thai. They (Miller & Martin) presented that information in a way that alleged that his interest in, and use of, the phrase were for illicit/sexual reasons.


That’s why he had the phrase noted. “Just a little bit further” is in a list of terms to direct a cab driver. Left. Right. Straight. Bridge. And “a little bit further.” The context could not be clearer.

What is also clear, is the dishonest intent of the people who wrote that report. There is no reasonable way you can see that list and think that phrase has an inappropriate connotation. Their misrepresentation of this detail is blatant.

This is why you do not engage non-believers to do investigative work in Christian matters or against people. They do not tell the truth. We have looked at his son’s evidence as well as his wife’s statements and found them to be honest, not blinded by love or devotion as well as factual.

At least they post the evidence they find for all to see for themselves. Something Ms. Roy, the final report, and others have NOT done yet and they have had years to do so.

Being honest means looking at all the facts involved and not just the ones that tell you what you want to hear. Again, with this added post, we continue to stand by the late Mr. Zacharias and lament that the words that God has given him to speak to the world have been silenced.

A woman’s words, no matter how many of them there are, do not provide real evidence of sinful behavior. Just like Mr. Cosby’s case. The real evidence is supporting Mr. Zacharias’ innocence.

It is up to you to honestly look at all the facts and then make the right choice. Make sure God is helping you though or you may be deceived like so many others have.

© 2021 David Thiessen

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