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The Quantum of Prayers and Why They Mostly Don't Work

Val offers his views on dogmatic aspects of cultural paradigm with its religious, political, and medical sterile indoctrinations and taboos.

Praying in vain makes many a believer secretly wonder.

Praying in vain makes many a believer secretly wonder.

God is just as merciful in things He does not allow, as He is in the things that He does.

-- Andrena Sawyer

To whom Do We Really Pray?

As we all know, praying is a part of religiously motivated ritual, in which we are addressing our god and asking for a blessing of some kind.

And then we also know that our prayers mostly stay unanswered, but we still continue praying -- as if hoping that we may catch our Maker in a better mood some day.

Quantum physics is offering us another form of "praying" where a deity is eliminated from the equation, and the whole responsibility for the outcomes is dumped on our own lap.

Which normally calls for asking to "whom" we are supposed to address our prayer -- if not to our god.

First, let us be clear about our definition of "god", from which the whole problem may originate. What we need to do is to realize that god is not our concept of god. A photo of a Rolls Royce is much more of a tangible car, than a picture of a bearded heavenly dude is that universal intelligence that created countless universes.

Let's face it, folks -- in our heads we are only wired to construct concepts, and we are not wired to fathom anything remotely defining the universal creative force. Amen.

So, if we don't know who we are praying to, it might as well be a Fairy, a Santa Claus, or any other of our imaginary figures.

Meaning that we should de-personalize our god, not give him names, looks, forms, and human qualities which might suggest that we are actually creating him in our own image -- not the other way around, as it was stipulated in our holy book.

Let me give you some news -- no one knows who or what god is, but out of our intellectual arrogance we fancy that we have answers to something unanswerable.

None of this denies the existence of "something" that's behind everything created -- even it's no more than a virtual, simulated reality, an illusion created by our "consciousness" -- still another thing that we are talking about without anybody having been able to identify it beyond calling it "consciousness".

It's good to know that we know nothing about the divine realm, for then we can start talking about prayers from an entirely different perspective.

Maybe we could humbly talk about a bunch of quite impersonal laws governing this whole cosmic racket.

Like, take electricity and its laws, which are impersonal, meaning that electricity doesn't give a shit whether we'll use it for cooking our dinner or for electrocuting ourselves.

It's simply given to us, along with other laws, and it's up to us how we use it for our benefits -- or not.

That's why your Bearded Dude doesn't care if there are innocent kids being killed, if houses get destroyed by disasters, and if we have famines, and also a garden variety of idiots in responsible places.

"He", and along with all other ignorants I am being a male chauvinist by calling god a "he" -- created a quantum field of infinite potentiality in its wave form, and it's up to us what we will collapse into our material manifestations to become "our world."

We are cocreators of our reality in this participatory universe.

We are cocreators of our reality in this participatory universe.

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We don't have a blessings shortage, we have a capacity crisis.

-- Andrena Sawyer

It's a Participatory Universe, and We Are All in It

In terms of quantum realm, we are all constantly "praying" with frequencies of our dominant emotional energies, frequencies of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

Our prayers are answered in sense in which they are subjected to universal laws.

We are told it's a participatory universe, and whether we want it or not, we are a part of this global scheme of creation. It's our collective consciousness and its crappy contributions that we are having global warming, disasters, famines, fires, earthquakes, etc.

Of course, you don't have to believe any of this, I am simply sharing my views -- so I am also submitting that our beautiful planet with its highly organized life on it, has its own frequency, and when we are out of synch with it, we are paying for it.

That fine scholar Rupert Sheldrake is talking about morphic fields, which roughly speaking are "energetic clouds of some energies of the same, or alike frequencies that we have generated with our mental and physical behaviors."

Thus all those arrogant idiots, including politicians, have created theirs, and all nice people like you and I have our own morphic field -- so with our individual dominating thoughts and emotions we are tuning into that morphic reservoir drawing to ourselves inspirations and energies to persist in our mind-styles.

Thus, if it's health that you are praying for, think and feel and act as a healthy person in order to tune into frequencies which will energetically support your health.

And so on, meaning that our dominant thoughts, beliefs and, especially emotions, will attract to us reasons to feel more of the same.

By being politically active with your hate for "those bad guys ruining the country" you are energetically joining all the others of the kind, and together you are keeping your country even more divided, since you are not having thoughts of harmony, thoughts of unity of all your people.

That's how prayers work, my dear grasshoppers -- you are co-creating either something positive or something negative with the way you vibrate.

We are constantly sending our prayers into the universe -- and getting their manifested equivalents which we call "our life's circumstances".

We are constantly sending our prayers into the universe -- and getting their manifested equivalents which we call "our life's circumstances".

One reason for unanswered prayer is insufficient capacity to accommodate and handle what we are praying for and desiring in our hearts.

-- Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Clarification of Faith

It may come as contrary to what people believe, but faith is not counting on any benevolent entity "up there" to fulfill our wishes.

Faith is a state of mind in which we envision our wishes already fulfilled and with joy in our heart we feel grateful for it.

That gratefulness, again, is not a feeling of giving a credit to any of those outside of our personal space -- but rather a deep feeling of satisfaction that our actions of heart and mind have been successful. So that gratefulness feels more like a victory.

Now, of course, we have to express gratefulness to people when they give us something, or do something for us that feels like a gift, but that doesn't apply to prayers.

So again, we don't thank god for giving us electricity -- along with the choice to use it either for cooking or for electrocuting ourselves with it -- we give thanks to our ability to know the difference between those two uses.

Let us open our eyes a little wider, and realize once and for all, that if god really cared for the well being of the mankind, he would intervene -- preventing the innocent to die and lose their homes in a tornado. He might even care to destroy all those humans who are causing suffering to others.

I don't know about your image of a good father, but I would try to prevent my children's suffering with all my limited powers -- let alone if I was "almighty".

Again, it's all about how our mentalities fit in the existing universal laws that's resulting with what we are getting out of this universe.

Thus, if you want to prosper financially, don't experience yourself as "someone in a need" -- that way you will just become even more needy, maybe in some additional way.

Have faith that more of the same will come to you, by feeling as if you already live in an abundance.

If you want to be healthy, smile more, laugh more, joke, sing, listen to music and talk about nice things. In the theater of your mind see yourself as vibrantly healthy, and keep that faith in your heart that your health already exists in the quantum field of infinite potentiality -- just waiting for your signal to become your reality.

Welcome all your discomforts, go with your spirit beyond your pain and see yourself as whole again.

It's all about a law, not about that Bearded Dude showing some mercy on you. The law says that with your powerful mind you can either heal yourself or kill yourself, or anything in between.

Try to memorize the metaphor with electricity. As far as universe cares, you can play a dummy and grab a live wire, or you can use that energy to bake a nice cake.

Life works on principle of blessing in -- blessing out, or shit in -- shit out.

And that's the whole beauty of praying -- it works, when we just use it right and knock on the right doors.

Well, I have said a lot of things here that most of you are bound to disagree with. At the risk of sounding rude -- I didn't write it for anybody, I just enjoyed expressing my views -- then, who likes them, fine, who doesn't, fine again.

I cannot love people enough by catering to everyone's taste. But I can still love you all, while not giving a damn about your tastes. Amen and cheers!

© 2022 Val Karas

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