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The Purest Souls: Animal Messengers From Beyond

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Best Friends

This amazing story was sent to me by a woman who grew up on a farm in East Texas. She explained that her family had owned many animals over the years, but one in particular had possessed a loyalty like no other, both in life and after death.

Evelyn Snider* conveyed that her father, Buck, had always kept an assortment of outside dogs on the property, although he never seemed to care much for any of them one way or the other. That is, until he adopted a black and white collie mix the family named "Tippy."

According to Evelyn, her father and Tippy had bonded right off the bat and were nearly inseparable. They were so close that she was the only dog that was ever allowed inside the house. She spent her days shadowing Buck and her nights curled up on the floor beside his bed.

Evelyn says that, one morning when Tippy was around ten years old, they awoke to find her lifeless form lying near the kitchen door. She remembers that her father had shown little emotion as he gently lifted the body and carried it outside. She watched through the window as he proceeded to dig a hole that would be the final resting place of the dog he had adored.

Even though they had been as thick as thieves for nearly a decade, Buck never once spoke of the events of that day and would leave the room if anyone mentioned Tippy. Evelyn thought, at the time, that he was indifferent to the loss, but she knows now that the opposite was true. The dog who had been his constant companion was never far from his mind.


Where You Go, I Will Follow

Some twenty years later, Buck was diagnosed with emphysema. As his condition worsened, he became petrified of what was to come. Evelyn recalls how shocking it was to witness her father, who had never been one to show weakness or fear, crying and thrashing about as if he was trying to fend off death. Sometimes, in his frantic state, he would rip the oxygen tubes out of his nose. In order to keep him safe, someone had to stay in the room with him at all times which proved exhausting for the family.

Everything seemed to change one evening when Evelyn says that her father suddenly perked up and began talking to a presence that only he could see. Judging by the loving tone of his voice, his family assumed that he was being visited by his parents who had died when he was very young.

Buck's anxiety melted away in an instant. His constant state of agitation had been replaced by a sense of calm that seemed to settle over his entire being. Over time, as he became progressively weaker, he seldom acknowledged the family members who were always by his side. He seemed to prefer to use what strength he had left to communicate with his ever-present, if invisible, companion.

One evening while Evelyn was sitting in a chair next to her father's bed, she saw him lift his hand and pat the covers. It was a gesture she had witnessed on numerous occasions in the past when he wanted Tippy to jump up on the bed or couch.

She knew then that the spirit who had returned to comfort her ailing father in his final days was not his mother or father, but the dog he had loved above all others. Later that same night, he passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Evelyn believes that Tippy was sent, not only to banish her father's fears, but also to guide him into the hereafter. The family he left behind took solace in knowing that he did not face the journey alone. The best friend he had ever had was there to keep him company every step of the way.


The Presence

This somewhat disturbing tale which includes, among other things, visits from a winged messenger was shared on an online forum by a gentleman named James who lost his wife to breast cancer in 2018.

After his wife's untimely passing, James was left to raise their two children on his own. He related that it was just as they were settling into a new normal that unusual events began to take place around them. The first that he could recall was when feathers, as white as freshly fallen snow, started turning up nearly everywhere they went. The phenomena happened so frequently that they wondered if the heavenly treasures were some sort of sign from their lost loved one.

James' wife had requested that two songs be played at her funeral. They were little-known tunes, but ones that were close to her heart. A few days after the service, her daughter was walking along a busy street when a busker began singing one of the songs just as she passed by.

These occurrences were only the beginning of a continuing saga. To this day, when the family visits the cemetery to pay their respects, James says that, without fail, a robin perches on her headstone and remains there for the duration of their stay. The bird only takes to the sky after he and the children say their farewells and retreat to their car.

Not all of the strange happenings are pleasant. James claims that, not long after his wife's death, he witnessed movement out of the corner of his eye that appeared to be a shadow figure. This was repeated on two other occasions when he was alone in the house.

Since he didn't want to alarm his children, he kept details of the sightings to himself. It was only after his son spoke of seeing a dark human-like form in the residence that he confessed that he too had seen the mysterious presence.

James is not completely convinced that his late wife is behind the incidents, but he doesn't discount the possibility. Although he was skeptical of such things in the past, he admits that these events have changed his views on the subject. Since the activity is ongoing, the jury is still out.


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A Most Unusual Sight

This account was shared by Rachel Meadows* whose ex-husband lost his battle with terminal cancer in 2010. Having parted on good terms, the two had remained close friends till the end.

Rachel recalled that, although her former spouse had loved all animals, he had always had a special fondness for birds, especially herons. On the day after his passing, while out running errands, she was surprised to see just such a marvel light on a rooftop.

She was so taken aback that she pulled her car over in order to get a better look at the majestic creature. As she observed it from afar, so too did it cast its gaze upon her. After locking eyes for a good five minutes, the bird had risen up to the sky and disappeared from view.

Rachel spoke with her son on the phone later that evening. During the course of their conversation, she mentioned her encounter with the heron. She had no more than finished the story when he piped up with one of his own.

He stated that, earlier that same day, he had seen a heron in his garden, something that had never happened before. He told his mother that he had watched it stroll around the yard for several minutes, seemingly without a care in the world. At the time, it had slipped his mind that the birds, which were a rare sight in the region, had been his father's favorite.

Rachel found out later that her daughter had also spotted a heron on her lawn around the same time as the other sightings. After comparing notes, they agreed that someone had been trying to tell them something. Given the circumstances, it wasn't difficult for them to figure out the messenger's identity.

That three members of a grieving family, all residing in different areas, would have brushes with a relatively uncommon bird at roughly the same time was more of a coincidence than they were willing to accept.

They agreed that their departed husband and father had sent the herons to remind them that, although he was no longer with them in body, he was nearby in spirit. Moving forward, anytime they were feeling low, they would look back on that day and know that life, in one form or another, is eternal.

*Names have been altered in order to protect the privacy of those involved.