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The Prophetic Word of Prophecy

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The Prophetic

Often associated with the words of a prophet, the prophetic message is generally a foreseeing of things yet to happen. The word of prophecy:

  • often dates back to ancient times
  • relates to future events
  • sometimes written in guarded or obscure terms
  • hard to decipher
  • open to interpretation
  • often misunderstood and mistranslated depending on one’s beliefs

Prophecy has always held a fascination throughout history and in all cultures. That fascination with the future has fuelled fortune telling, progressing from the early gypsy crystal ball reader to the more recent proliferation of online similar services.


Word of Prophecy

The traditional word of prophecy often takes the form of religious texts, the recorded visions of ancient prophets. Although each culture has its share of such texts, the Western world is more familiar with biblical prophecies, even though the majority of people can’t understand them because of the heavy use of symbolism in those visions. A common theme of an apocalyptic future has appeared in records of several cultures, including:

  • Hebrew texts
  • Hindu
  • Greco- Roman
  • Hopi Indian
  • Mayan
  • Egyptian
  • Zoroastrian
  • Islamic, and
  • Christian texts
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However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Even though there seems to be an abundance of material pointing to a rather turbulent future, there are also indicators of a very positive outcome after the turmoil.

The Prophecies Book and Old Testament Prophecies

What is often referred to as the prophecies book is a work co-authored by Christopher Columbus, an interpretation of old testament prophecies, some of which he saw as being fulfilled by his mariner voyages. However, the earlier visions described in the old testament prophecies of Daniel were written with such symbolism that they have often been misinterpreted throughout the ages, Much of that symbolism is only now becoming obvious after certain historic events have already come to pass. The same thing has been said about the prophecies of Nostradamus, the seventeenth century prophet, whose quatrains were so obscure that they have generally been accurately interpreted only after the events occurred. The common theme of ancient prophecies is they are:

  • like a time capsule, waiting for certain events to unfold
  • often reinforced by subsequent prophecies, sometimes centuries apart
  • a mystery to many generations from the time of the prophecies
  • use symbolism that can only be interpreted as time unfolds

Visions Future

Although many have tried and failed to interpret ancient prophecies, the symbolism too obscure to decipher, more recent studies of the symbolism has shed light on those visions of our future. The so-called end of times is not as dire as it might seem. Although turbulent times are ahead, there has not been any time in recorded history where the world has not experienced turbulent periods, such as war and climatic strife. A more positive interpretation of end of times prophecy presents a more positive future that:

  • will come as a surprise to many
  • will challenge personal beliefs and views on life
  • presents a controversial view of our future role in the universe

Throughout history, humankind has had a dread fear of the end of the world. Much of that fear has perhaps been fuelled by a belief of earlier generations that our world was the centre of the universe. On the contrary, modern science and space exploration has shown that our world and solar system is but one of billions of such planetary solar systems throughout the universe. Rather than the end of the world, perhaps it is more a case of end times as we know it, a rebirth or awakening to our wider role in a much bigger universe.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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