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The Problem of Hell: Islamic Points of View

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The author is a student of Islamic philosophy and news reporter.


T main statement of “the Problem of Hell” is that– an infinite merciful, the most gracious, the most merciful creator can never create hell for punishment for his servants. Since almost all Abrahamic religions have come to the existence of hell, then the concept of the creator described in the scriptures is contradictory to each other according to them. Some people from this place denied the existence of the Creator and became atheist. Someone becomes agnostic or someone skeptical. But they all denied religion directly.

I think the concept of the Problem of Hell speaks more about emotion than the argument. And the atheists apply “An Appeal to Emotion” fallacy to decline almost many laws of religion. Actually, people argue emotionally. Because it is seemingly strong as an argument, but there are some gaps in this argument.

Famous atheist Dan Barker wrote in his book “God the most unpleasant character in all of fiction that–

-"Jesus seemed obsessed with fire,just like his father.One of the actually new teachings in the New Testament was his promotion of scorching torment in the afterlife''

Wikipedia said about the "Problem of Hell" that–

-"The Problem of Hell is an ethical problem in religion in which the existence of hell for the punishment of the soul is regarded as inconsistent with the notion of a just,moral and omnibenevolent God."

Surely those who disbelieved from among the People of the Book and the polytheists will be in the fire of Jahannam , in which they will be living forever. Those are the worst of all human beings.

— Al-Quran 98:6

Anyway, you got an idea about it !! Now let's see if it is logical or unreasonable !!!

— Point I : Allah [origin: al-ilah] actually means someone who is worthy of worship. He is our only one LORD and saves us with infinite blessings. Quran says that—

❝and He gave you whatever you asked for. If you (try to) count the bounties of Allah, you cannot count them all. Indeed, man is highly unjust, very ungrateful.❞

—[Ibrahim 14:34]

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Imam Ibn Kaseer wrote something explanation about this ayah that–

"He is always infinite in power and qualities. Imam Bukharin said in his holy book Sahih Bukhari that, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would say: "O Allah! All praise belongs to you. Our praise for you is not enough, and it is not also full too. So O our Lord! (Forgive us for our disability)"

Famous Islamic scholar Talaq Ibn Habeeb said,

"the right of Allah is more than that has been shown from us. And the blessing of Allah is more than that we can count. So o all! In the morning and evening, pray to him for repentance and forgiveness."

Imam Shafi' also wrote that–

all praise belongs to Allah. We can't be thankful without consuming another blessing! And for this other blessing, we have to be grateful again. This process is continuing eternally because GOD's blessings have no end. An Arab poet wrote it in his poetry. He said: "If I had the language of every hair in my body and thanked your blessing every time, it would not have been completed, but the blessing would have increased. Your Ihsan and the blessings are numerous."

However he is only worthy of worship.

— Point II : To worship the LORD is a natural prominence, it is known as the NATURAL HUMAN DISPOSITION. Dr Justine L Barred wrote in his famous book "Born Believer" in which he wrote that (substance)–

“every child is a believer to GOD which we say 'natural belief'....”

Oxford University psychologist Dr Oliveira Petrovich mentioned in one of his studies–

"Some religious beliefs that are probably to be universal (Such as believing an abstract one as the creator of the universe), In favor of this, strong evidence is coming out of science rather than religious view ...."

Quran says about this,

❝So, set your face to the Faith uprightly, this (faith) being the nature designed by Allah on which He has created the mankind. There is no change in Allah’s creation. That is the straight faith, but most of the people do not know.❞

––[Ar-Rum 30:30]

— Point III : If the creator does not exist, then nobody can reach this, meaning those who are going to apply the creator to this argument, he already captured a Creator. But the question is that- what kind of creature did he think? If he takes a creator as his arbitrary, then it will be the example of Straw Man Fallacy. Because at first, he must understand what kind of creature is actually believed by believers! I don’t want to explain out of this context. So I will write about The Believe of GOD in future.

However– and if the creator exists, then he will be logically perfect, complete and universal from his own Perspective. Whether such a creator can make a mistake, that's a wrong question --- we can identify it as a category mistake or False Dilemma. All his actions are logical and at the same time he is the source of all logic.


— Point IV : After all, The Creator ordered us to worship him. In Quran, our LORD says us–

❝Surely, I AM ALLAH. There is no god but Myself, so worship Me, and establish Salāh for My remembrance.❞

––[Ta Ha 20:14]

Allah is the supreme authority. He has instructed us to worship. If he violates the rights of an infinite, best and highest power, he deserves the infinite punishment naturally. The highest crime to Allah is denying the existence of the Creator or deciding any partner with him. Allah says in Quran that–

❝Surely, Allah does not forgive that a partner is ascribed to Him, and He forgives anything short of that for whomsoever He wills. Whoever ascribes a partner to Allah commits a terrible sin.❞

––[An-Nisa' 4:48]

❝That is due to what your hands sent ahead, and that Allah is not cruel to (His) servants.❞

––[Al-Anfal 8:51]

It is seen that the name "Allah" means that it is kindly accepted that he is most merciful. And he did not do injustice. Apparently, hell seems to be injustice to anyone, but it does not cancel the existence of Allah. Because he is "Al-Hakim" means the wise. And if you understand the wisdom of the complete entity’s knowledge with your incomplete human brain, then how can he become Al-Hakim?! So this type of concept should be canceled.

Our honorable sir, Assistant Professor of philosophy, Chittagong University– MD Mojammel Hoque said_

Although we think evil from our smaller viewpoint, we can not say certainly whether the alleged natural disasters or the overall allocation of all the alleged things are evil. Since there is no awareness of nature, we can not blame nature for disobedience. Again, we can not know exactly anything bad or evil because we do not accept and process all the information and knowledge.

From God's direction, we understand that God is a universal entity, so he does not depend on any world or any personal entity. It is impossible for God to do any illegal work because he is not dependent on any predefined rules. That is, the nature or all the work of God is always moral in the policy-neutral sense. In this sense, the creator is always the greatest, the merciful.

Because, if he did not create the world and did not create this world like this, then we could not exist here. We could not do this discussion. If we did not come into the world, there would not have been any profitable someone else in it if we did not want us. Even in such situations we have been deprived or damaged, we could not even get the opportunity to think so.


Then they argue that they will stand ‘justice’ and ‘kindness’ against each other. They say that justice and kindness are these two qualities and these two qualities are retro! How is the Creator at the same time, justice and merciful? Suppose an examiner is watching someone's writings. He is honest, merciful, and just. So, in the exam, he saw that a student fails for only one number. He later saw his book and he passed him with a number where there is a chance to increase the number. Here he made kindness and justice together.

Again, a student did not write anything in the examination. But the examiner also passed him. Say, is it kind to do it? The answer is, no. This is injustice. Because the student did not write anything, it is not justified to pass him. If this does this, then it will be injustice with other students. The student who fails for not being studied is completely the result of his fault. Now if that student is given any punishment for him beforehand, then it is remarkably his fault. For this, if you think this teacher as merciless, as it is ridiculous, it is also the same ridiculous to think the creator as merciless due to his creation of hell. Likewise, claiming the concept of the existence of hell against GOD is also a logical fallacy named an Appeal to disgust. Means, they don't like the existence of hell, so they deny the existence of God!

Bangladeshi doctor, researcher and philosopher of science Dr Rafan Ahmed once answered these questions in one of his books, in which he wrote an interesting thing that (substance)–

  • You have the whole life in this exam to pass easily!! (Mulk 67:2)

  • The exam has been arranged considering your ability and weaknesses. (Baqarah 2:185,286 ; Nisa 4:28)

  • If you make any mistake during the test, you will be given the opportunity to correct mistakes. (Jhumar 39:53 ; Qasas 28:16)

  • Minimum 10x will be given for a right answer, but only 1x will be cut for a wrong answer. (An'am 6:160)

  • The answers to the exam that will come in the examinations, are sent by the examiner already. (Every Aa'mal like salat, Hajj, zakaah, saum- means dry-fasting and others that Allah ordered in Quran and also Hadith by Muhammad)

  • Not only to send the answer, he has sent an experienced teacher to successfully teach you all the suggestions that will come in the upcoming examinations so that you can pass easily! (Ghafir 40:78)

If someone fails in the above exam, then who can blame anyone except the examinee? Just think and match it with your own life!!

Then the question is that, What will happen to those who did not get the da'wah of Islam?! Please read this overview of a Hadith, I hope everyone will be clear after reading this–

“Imam Ahmad and Ibn Hibban narrated to the Prophet (peace be upon him), "The people of 4 categories in the trial will present excuse to Allah– The deaf man who never heard anything, crazy, old aged man and the person who dead in the middle time between Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The deaf man will say “O my LORD, Islam came but I could not hear anything.” The crazy man will say, “O my LORD, Islam came; But the boys ran on my back and stoned me.” The man who dead in the time of Fitrah will say, “O my LORD, no messenger did not come to me.” At this, Allah will take from them the promise of loyalty. They will be ordered to jump in the fire. If they jumped in it, it would have been cool for them; they would have been safe for them.” [substance]

—— Musnad Ahmad, Ibn Hibban

But I though, those who are mentally strong, not crazy and hear the name of Prophet Muhammad only one time, he should know about him from anywhere. He is not crazy or he doesn't have any physical or mentally problems. Allah has given us a brain to think and enrich knowledge. So when he hears any unknown thing, he must have to know about this. As a conscientious person, it is his responsibility.

After all we learnt that, those who did not get the da'wah of Islam in the world, they will not be entered in hell in the Hereafter firstly, but they will be tested there at first.

Man is only satisfied with his existence. Displeasure is ‘not getting anything necessary to survive better’. So, for his own welfare, negotiating unconditionally with the only overwhelming eternal great creator is the demand of self-esteem.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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