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The Power of Grace in Nature and Humanity



Grace is a well-known concept in the Bible, especially in the New Testament section; preachers and teachers of the Christian faith use it in their teachings or sermons. Gospel ministers teach grace from various perspectives. Some teach grace as unmerited favour from God, God's divine wealth, as divine permission to enjoy some privileges like earthly riches and attain certain positions and status in life; Some define Grace as God's divine offer to accomplish great things in life; others groups define the Grace as God's divine help unto man to overcome sin, temptations, trials and to conform in the image of Jesus Christ amid suffering.
Contemporary scholars have their own understanding of grace from the worldview, though their perspectives are narrowly different they still contributed to the explanation and understanding of the concept of grace. These modern scholars are certainly from various fields and cultures of learning. Certain scholars defined grace as a divine attribute, some groups of scholars defined it as an earthly wonder, and others defined it as a virtue or an attitude inherent in man. Various religions and religious groups as well have different perspectives on the concept of grace. Some of these religions affirmed that grace is only a divine virtue, some relate grace to both divine and human virtue, while others agreed that grace is a human attribute.

The Power of Grace

Grace is an attribute of God shown to individuals that do not merit it. People did not seek after it, but still, it found them. God is glad to shower his grace on all who desire it. Not because we are worthy of God’s grace, but because we are utterly undeserving of God’s grace. Grace is a spiritual phenomenon that has the power to change an individual’s lifestyle and whole being for good. There is no living being that does not need the grace to proceed with what this life offers. Grace is what keeps a person for eternity. Grace renders favour to make an individual appreciate life and its’ goodliness; grace offers help to anyone in need to overcome life challenges. This is one of the most wonderful and least understood principles in the Bible. Grace is a wonderful gift from God.

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