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How to Walk in the Power Beyond Imagination

Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.


The Mystery of God within Believers

Christian believers all over the world must awaken to knowledge of their true nature: a new creature that possesses an inner kingdom, filled with power beyond imagination. This awareness of unimaginable power is the only way believers can establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth and prepare for the second coming of Christ.

The power beyond imagination is God’s authority operating within the mind, heart, and soul of man. The believer’s mind is saturated with a deep understanding of uncommon truth that operates from God’s perspective. God takes control of man’s consciousness and makes it the mind of Christ.

Assuming the Mind of Christ

“Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus” Phil 2:5. The mind of Christ is the unlimited wisdom and power of God, consisting of righteousness, authority, joy, and freedom to do things that appear to be impossible. The power beyond imagination is activated and multiplied through constant prayer, praise, and meditation in truth. Those who possess the power are able to perform great and unimaginable things such as:

1. Heal themselves and others of sicknesses and diseases-because the kingdom of heaven is holy and pure, sickness and diseases cannot exist.

2. Initiate and establish peace in any environment: command the atmosphere-the presence and power of God is designed to eliminate all demonic activities operating in any area.

3. Commune with God and Christ endlessly, resulting in great energy and constant joy-the presence and power of God consists of abundant energy and vitality.


The Power within You

4. Operate in supernatural boldness, experiencing great freedom and miracles in life-because there is no real outside challenges against the power of God, there isn’t anything to fear in people, conditions, and circumstances.

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5. Hold back the challenges of death and all its approaches-because Christ has already defeated death for us by dying and arising from the dead. Christians are alive from the dead. The power of the resurrection-Christ-is within every believer.

The believers who are proactive in these wonderful powers have an unshakable faith in the impossible. They believe in the power beyond imagination, the gift of God to those who trust in Him and His mission. However, these powers are unreachable for those who are skeptical and have not submitted themselves to the Christ consciousness.

No Impossibilities

The power beyond imagination is ready for any kind of emergency that may arise in the life and affairs of the believer. It delivers from all oppressive traps whether they are personal, financial, or social. The believer receives freedom of mind, body, and soul as he operates in this power. Freedom of mind means that there are no impossibilities. All things are possible to those who possess the power beyond imagination.

Beyond Human Nature

The power to perform things beyond the imagination is not an option for God’s people because God wants His glory to be revealed in the earth. He wants all mankind to recognize and acknowledge the great truth so that the earth can return to perfection. The earth will only recover once the believer recovers from his ignorance of the impact of consciousness upon his environment. When our consciousness becomes pure and righteous, the earth (our environment) will react positively to this new state of mind. The bottom line is that we must not recognize ourselves as mere human being. You are no longer human. You may have degrees of human nature still left within you after you have submitted yourself to God and Spirit. But as you give your attention more deeply to God in mind, heart, and soul, your nature will become more divine and less human. This is the promise of God to all Christians who are willing to believe.

When believers awaken to their true nature, the world will be transformed into an oasis of goodwill and fellowship toward all people, regardless of nationality and culture. What will follow from the believer’s change in consciousness is the transformation of all living organism on the face of the earth. This is the ultimate purpose and mission of all believers in Christ.


Paul K Francis from east coast,USA on January 29, 2014:

No impossibilities when we are alive in Christ and when we let Christ be alive in us. I enjoyed reading. from upstate, NY on August 26, 2012:

I wholeheartedly agree with all you say, most of the body of Christ is sin conscience when we need to have a righteousness conscience! Our focus needs to be on God and not on ourselves! We need to see ourselves as God see's us, washed by the blood of the lamb, pure and holy. Our minds, thoughts, and hearts must come into alignment with God's in order to bring God's kingdom to earth and walk in the power and victory that you mentioned!

Tony L Smith from Macon on April 17, 2011:

Good teaching, full of hope to let Christ arise in us and be who we are meant to be.

pamsonnett on August 05, 2010:

Thank you. I will enjoy this site and prosper by the insights and faith shared

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