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The Perfect Love Of God

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What is love? Where can we find the perfect love?

We tend to love others but others cannot love us back. We want to experience comfort and assurance but we cannot find those in a snap. We may asked, "Where can I find a perfect love?"

They say...
"Love is blind"
"Love is a feeling"

But I say...
"God is love"

There are things we can view the unconditional love of Christ. It has three main points that will make us happy upon pondering His wonderful love.

Three (3) main points of love:

Point 1. God's love can be seen in Nature
Point 2. God's love can be seen in a Mother
Point 3. God's love can be seen in the Scriptures

God's love can be seen in Nature

Look around you, trees and flowers testify the love of God for us. He showers us with bountiful nature that are marvelous in one's sight. The colors, shapes, sizes of these things are amazing to ponder and witness. These trees can provide us shelter, a shelter that God wants us to endure. The sweet fragrance of these flowers, scented as the love of God. All the things in nature, represents the love of Christ for us. It is true, amazing and satisfying.

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God's love can be seen in a Mother

A mother carries us in the womb for nine long months. Imagine the sacrifices she had just to keep us safe and warm. Even if she does not have anything, as long as we have the things we need, still she smiles. She continues to support our needs even if we have our own ability to think and act. She never gets tired, she understands all our mistakes. A mother will comfort us in times of struggles and sorrow, just like Jesus. Our Father in Heaven used our mothers to be the light wherein we can see His unconditional love.

God's love can be seen in the Scriptures

When we feel tired, bothered, the Word of God is the medicine. It is the Bible, His scripture is the cure where we can see and be comforted because of His love. His scripture will give us peace and understanding towards His love to us. Every book in the Bible provides the comfort His children needs. It is written in every pages, because its pages are perfumed with God's love. Because His love is amazing and perfect.
In this world, there is no such thing as perfect love but God's love alone is perfect.

We love sunsets, rainbows and waves in the sea, let's remember who made those things. It is God! Because God loves us in an unchangeable way. He love us more than we can imagine. His love never fails because it is true, sincere and unconditional.

The love of Christ is amazing, He is the only One who can give us the perfect love.
1 John 4:8 "God is love".

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