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The Pearl of Sufism Shams and Rumi

If we think about Sufi miracles, then Shams and Rumi come first to our minds. Why? Let’s know a bit about their lifestyle and life stories.

the facts

the facts


Moulana Jalal Uddin Rami was the most famous poet and intellectual of his time in 11th C.E to 12th C.E his real name was Jalal-Uddin-Rumi, but he got the title of Rumi and Balkhi after became a famous Islamic philosopher. When he was a student, he received training from leading scholars and obtained qualified education in Islamic studies, and later on, he becomes a philosopher. He had almost 40 thousand students under his schooling when he became a complete leading personality. Dramatically he met Shams Tabriz from Iran, who was Spiritual and Friar's kind of personality but he kept highly natural knowledge and spirit in him, he was living his life in rough appearance and poor ways, making it difficult for people to recognize him, Shams was well aware that he could be in danger knowingly or unknowingly. When he met Rumi who was a great writer and obtained a high-rank knowledge of that time became weaker because of Shams’s mysterious power. Rumi was amazed at the knowledge of Shams who had never seen such a miracle before, and at first, Shams was called the magician of perfection. When Tabriz showed Rumi more of his wisdom, creativity, and miracle which surprised Rumi felt him as straw in the sea. His knowledge and perfection were awesome Rumi began to felt him limited when he experienced these miracles. Shams had great spiritual power and imminence knowledge of the truth.

Miracle of shams Tabriz

There was no other intellectual like Rumi his writing and orders in courts were very famous and accepted at that time. When Shams met Rumi, he was writing some books which were in accordance with Islamic law and principles. Rumi was writing these books very carefully and attentively.

So Shams said!

What are these?

Rumi replied! This is what you do not understand.

Shams threw these books into the well that beside them was full of water.

Rumi caught fire! He asked Shams with anger do you know what it was? Rumi Explained this was all the important Rule and regulations he written in concludes of his whole knowledge obtained.

Shams went down into the water well and took out all the books that he had thrown off exactly like before.

Rumi attacked and picked up the books and said in surprise what was this?

Shams smiled and said, "These are the ones you can't socialize with."

All this was strange to Rumi, so he asked Shams for more details.

Rumi took Shams with him to his monastery where he met all his friends and students present there, Rumi said to everyone, "This is our special guest who is the spiritual teacher and perfection in himself."

Rumi began to empower Shams and took Shams as his teacher with deep love and affection. Rumi's passion for knowing and recognizing had become more attractive and different than ever spent months in search of knowledge in solitude with shams. As a result, the students of Rumi were disturbed and understood nothing from these changes happened in their life. Shams Tabriz was a great scholar gifted imminence power of knowledge by God, his practice and passion for his belief, in general, was very difficult and in-depth. Defining Shams Tabriz is very difficult as we can try to know him from his miracles and mystics.

“The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was.

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.

They're in each other all along.”

— Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi,

Shams Walked On a Liquid State

The locals have been told orally that one day Shams and Rumi were immersed in the depths of conversation about seeking knowledge of creation But Rumi got bored and Shams Tabriz took Rumi to the river to teach him an important lesson. When they both reached the shore of the river with that deep conversation, Rumi considered that whether shams had walked through the top of the water of the river.

Then Shams turned to Rumi and said, "Take my name over and over again like oh Shams oh Shams oh Shams and start come from the top of the water by following me."

And don’t stop reciting my name.

When Rumi started reciting his name the water became stronger and he kept moving upwards. When they both came to the center of the river Rumi listen to the reciting of shams which were oh Muhammad oh Ali; continuously

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Rumi doubted! He thought this is a shirk (avoid or neglect) and start reciting again oh Allah oh Allah suddenly he drown in the water.

When Shams saw Rumi in this state, he said, "How can you recognize Muhammad and Ali when you do not know me?"

How can you reach Allah when you have not reached Muhammad and Ali?

This whole story gives us a great lesson that we can’t succeed without a teacher who teaches us accordingly, about the right path of our destination. Teachers are teaching at the school, professors are teaching college students and then students come to know their objectives.

Rumi Start Poetry with Word Flute and Its Sound of Separation

Rumi said!

What do you hear from the flute?

Do they complain about their separation?

Ever since I have been cuted from the stem

Men and women cry because of my mourn

I want a chest that is separated from each other

Such I explain to the details of the pain of love

Anyone who goes far from their origin

He tries again to rediscovers his original time

I cried in every gathering

Lived with around bafflers and eloquent people

Every one became my friend according to their own ideas

And no one searched for the secret within me

My secret was not far from my mourn

But there is no light for the eye and the ear

The body is not hidden from the soul and the soul from the body

But for whom there are no rules for sight the soul

This sound of the flute is fire, not wind

Where there is no fire, there is destruction

There is a fire of love in the flute

The passion of love that has come in wine

The flute is the endurance of the one who cuts it from a friend

Its melody has torn up the curtains of our hearts

Who seen poison and antidote like a flute?

Who sees a friend and Isaac like a flute?

The flute speaks of a dangerous way

It tells the stories of love of crazy

Like a flute, we hold for two months

One mouth is hidden in his lips

One mouth is crying toward you

But he who has the eye knows.

The cry of this head is from this side

The sound of this flute is due to its blows

The noise of the soul is due to its warnings

The secret of this consciousness is none other than the unconscious

There is no one like ear as the buyer of the tongue

If the cry of the flute had no result

So the flute does not fill the world with gratitude

Days were wasted in our grief

Many of our days ended with inflammation

It doesn't matter if the day passes let it pass

Oh, you! There is no one as pure as you; long live

Everything filled with his water other than fish

The unemployed time has wasted

No imperfect, find the condition of perfection

So conversation should be shot, Goodbye

This is the first poem from Rumi's book Masnavi I which he describes the pain that comes from the separation. When Moulana Jalal Uddin Rumi becomes a complete disciple of shams Tabriz after some controversial circumstances he went far away from Rumi’s place. After long Grief and search Rumi find and take him back home but again he went to hide somewhere for which Rumi remain anxious till his death.

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