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The Mystical Side of Clouds

A beautiful heart-shaped cloud seen while visiting New Mexico

Photo by Karen Kliethermes

Photo by Karen Kliethermes

Our Skies Are Talking to Us; Sending Messages of Love, Hope, and Guidance

Ever see a cloud that truly has a meaningful shape? It’s not just your imagination. If you’re noticing, it’s probably because there is a message in it for you.

When you see a cloud shaped like a heart, an angel, a feather, or even an exclamation point, you are probably being sent a message from above. Consider yourself blessed. There is an ebb and flow to all aspects of our constantly changing Universe, and it seems that right now, there is a flow when it comes to clouds, our skies, and blessed synchronicity. Yes, our skies talk to us!

At the moment you see a cloud shape that appears meaningful, consider the thought or thoughts you were holding at the time. The message may be one of guidance or validation regarding what was on your mind in that moment, or an expression of hope about what’s going on in your present life situation, or it could just be a wink from above—a message of love.

Consider that sometimes we get whispers from our angels to look up now! We are often so busy with our lives to take the time to notice, and our angels sometimes give us little nudges. When you allow yourself to listen, life becomes magical and deeply meaningful, and the realization that we have angels around us causes us to know we are never alone.

As life on earth is changing, and I believe ever so strongly that it is definitely for the better (however challenging these days), our skies are showing us glimpses of change as well. On July 22, 2009, we witnessed the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, and we continue to reap amazing energies from this.

I recently noticed a new type of cloud I don’t ever remember viewing. It looks like bunches of little pouches attached to clouds and their uniqueness makes them interesting to observe. After some research on the net, I learned they are Mammatus clouds and people are seeing them in places never seen before.

Noctilucent clouds, normally seen in the polar regions of our earth are being sighted in other places, including the U.S. Some people fear, or are concerned about the appearance of these clouds, when seen in unexpected places. I'm by no means a scientist, nor do I have a scientific mind, however my intuition tells me that they are mirroring the changes occurring on the earth plane, and are not to be feared. In my view, our skies are blessing us with awe-inspiring shows and hugely transformative energies these days.

So keep looking up, for the love, the messages, the validations, the beautiful energies, and the guidance!

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David Mentzer on February 08, 2020:

How about seeing specific shapes of animals in dreams? Like a gorgeous horses head with swirling white clouds...seen overhead then over our shoulders as we turn right and are looking behind us.

teresa on May 13, 2019:

this happened to me 2 times

Cari on January 28, 2018:

I have seen a heart cloud shaped when I was with a guy in the beach but he doesn’t talks to me. Then, I also seen the Virgin Mary in the clouds. Our lady of Fatima. All of this, was when I was with this guy.

GalaxyRat on April 15, 2017:

Happened to me... it was the shape of a running cat, another of a roaring lion, and another of a fowl. One was of a dragon chasing an angel-like creature.

I believe the dragon was my own fear and the angel was me...

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Can you interpret the other shapes?

Jeff leach on August 15, 2015:

Hi I see many shapes of wonderful things in the clouds. God says in his word if you give him all of you he Will show you many things from his heavens. One of your Spirit gifts is visions my mom passed away October 12, 2014. a month Or two I was in my backyard and I looked up and I saw a heart up above Air garage.and look like a form of a person next to the heart. I believe it was my mom telling me that she love us and that she so happy. Ps what do u thank.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on June 12, 2014:

Only you know, Trina. It could mean so many things, having to do with him, the angels sending you love, or promise of new love. Your intuition and perhaps other signs will unfold and tell you.

Trina on March 17, 2014:

Hi I've seen a cloud in the shape of a heart and I've recently split up with my fiancée would it have anything to do with him??

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on October 31, 2009:

So glad you all liked it! Some may really wonder about my perceptions and that's okay but I appreciate your interest and hope you all see many miracles in the sky!

cloudgrl on October 06, 2009:

lovvvved it!

vanderhaven on September 04, 2009:

This article has some information that I had never considered before. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Mike Dennis on September 02, 2009:

No wonder some of us keep our heads in the clouds as the saying goes. It seems the angels like the mystical clouds as well. This article is magical.

Mary Soliel (author) from Colorado on August 27, 2009:

Thanks Kiernan! That one is coming soon...

Kiernan Antares on August 27, 2009:

Congratulations Mary on this fabulous article! You should post the one of Michael Jackson too!

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