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The Mystery of the Ghost Train

Elijah is an Amazon best-selling author, blogger, previous columnist for an award-winning blog, past creative editor, socialite & traveler.


The Mystery of it's Origins

Most (if not all) of my articles on this blog are extensively researched before being written about, however in this case this blog entry subject was not researched. This is because there is absolutely no records or information whatsoever about this mysterious train.


My Story and Fascination

I've always been fascinated with trains and train tracks, especially abandoned ones. Train tracks have symbolism behind them and abandoned trains have an eerie beauty behind them that I love.

I finally arranged a small group of people to come with me to explore. After an exhausting hike we finally reached the ivy entangled train of legend. There were many cars, most of them in which were reduced to rubble. There were however, some cars that were in tact. The best two cars were the last two, the dining car and the engine car which had tons of newspapers from the 1950's and luggage tags. The dining car contained lots of tables and chairs and a kitchen, you could almost here echoes of the past at how nostalgic it seemed.

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My Story

When I was sixteen I heard about an abandoned train in Albany, I wasn't sure if it even existed or if it was just a legend, but I was determined to find out. After searching the internet I found photos of the train and a set of coordinates, but there was no information or history on the train that I could find.

My first book's photo-shoot took place at a train bridge because getting photographed on the track was symbolic (life is a journey that keeps on going) and I wanted to embody that. It was only natural that I ventured out and tried to find this train.


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Derek from Albany, NY on April 28, 2019:


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