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The Mystery of Mudhouse Mansion

This article is about a now demolished haunted house in Lancaster, Ohio. It was known to be the most haunted house in the State of Ohio.

The Origin and History of Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse mansion is a huge structure that was built around the mid-19th century in Fairfield County outside of Lancaster, Ohio. There have been several dates that have been given to when the property was built, but the most reliable date given is between the years 1840 and 1850. Although the house was unfortunately demolished in 2015, Mudhouse Mansion was the product of several urban legends and embodied the very essence of folklore.

The house was reportedly the most haunted residential structure in all of the State of Ohio. It was so well known that many paranormal investigators as well as regular people would travel to Lancaster, Ohio from many American states just to see what the hype was all about. Although the mansion was boarded up and there were “No Trespassing” signs posted all over the property, that still did not prevent people from breaking in and investigating the place.

One of the most common things that regularly happened was that the local high school teenagers would break in on Halloween night and conduct séances. Mudhouse Mansion had not been occupied since the 1930’s when it was sold to a particular local wealthy family. Local residents have claimed that the house was abandoned during this time due to the constant supernatural activities that had taken place there. Other people have claimed to be scared out of their minds while visiting the house because of strange noises and apparitions.

Mudhouse Mansion with Slave House

Mudhouse Mansion with Slave House

Legend and Local Folklore

One of the most common legends of Mudhouse Mansion was that it was built by a wealthy state government official that kept and owned slaves in an outbuilding on the property. Many people doubt the veracity of this legend because Ohio was a free state before and after the Civil War. However, there were known people who broke the law concerning the institution of slavery. Many people are not aware of the fact that although slavery was indeed illegal in the Northern states, it was still permitted in some of these states that people could lease slaves from slave owners in the South. John Hart Crenshaw of Illinois is such an example who got away with this travesty.

The original owner, according to local legend, was an incredibly vicious man who beat and tortured his slaves consistently. One night, apparently, one of the abused slaves got loose from his chains and walked through an underground tunnel leading to the basement of the house and worked his way to the bedrooms. It is said that the slave brutally murdered the owner and his entire family while they were sleeping in their beds.

The Origin of Bloody Mary

Before the house was demolished, many people have testified that they have heard the wailing cries of slaves and have seen the spirits of the deceased family that was murdered there. A second tale of folklore that was often repeated is that the house was the original home of Bloody Mary. She is the apparition that supposedly appears in the mirror after you repeat her name three times and will scratch your eyes out and haunt you for the remainder of your life.

Some people believe that the tale of Bloody Mary originates from the 16th century tyrant monarch who was the daughter of King Henry the 8th of England and Catherine of Aragon of Spain, but the folklore connecting this ghost with Mudhouse Mansion has been around much longer than the latter one.

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The Ghost of Bloody Mary

The Ghost of Bloody Mary

A third tale of folklore asserts that a psychopathic woman (who could have been the origin of Bloody Mary) murdered her entire family and committed suicide much like the Bathsheba witch in the film The Conjuring. Finally, there is a tale that a family moved into Mudhouse Mansion around the early 1900’s and mysteriously disappeared. When nobody could discover their whereabouts the local authorities searched for them and found every member of the family hanging in a secret room. They were apparently wearing pure white garments.

Whether any of these ghost tales are true or not is unknown. However, what is true is that Mudhouse Mansion for well over a century was considered to be the most morbid and haunted place in all of Ohio. It speaks volumes that such a place would gain such a reputation that hundreds if not thousands of people would come to visit from all over the country every year in order to get a thrill. Perhaps the notoriety of this house is why it was ultimately demolished in September of 2015. It is sad and unfortunate see a historical landmark destroyed, but I’m sure the owners felt compelled to do it.


Stephen A Brown (author) on October 13, 2019:

Thank you, I appreciate your comment. Mudhouse Mansion was a historical landmark in the state of Ohio. That alone should have been reason to restore it, but then again, the negative attention that it was receiving apparently started to become a nuisance. It could have been a beautiful home.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 13, 2019:

I found this very interesting Stephen. It is a shame that the owners who had it since the 1930s didn't see to restore it but if it was really haunted I guess that was easier said than done. To sit there unoccupied for so many years was a shame. The video was also enjoyable.

Stephen A Brown (author) on October 09, 2019:

It was probably a very nice home. I wish that they would have restored it instead of demolishing it.

Tonya on October 09, 2019:

From the looks of the outside, it must have been a beautiful home at one time. It's a shame that it went to ruin. But I guess, if it was as haunted as they say, it is no wonder.

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