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The Mystery of Krishna Butter Ball

Archana Das is a voracious reader. She likes to dig into the stories of Indian mythology and pen down her thoughts on paper often.

Krishna Butter Ball

Krishna Butter Ball

Krishna’s Butter Ball is an untold and unsolved mystery. It rests on a short incline in the historical coastal resort town of Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a gigantic granite boulder in a ball shape.

No one knows how it comes into this size and shape.

There are many such secrets and mysteries buried in the land. We humans don’t know about it. It’s time that unfolds the untold stories mysteriously. We only witness and get stunned.

Today, let’s dig into this mystery and know about Krishna’s butterball.

This giant granite stone is famous as Shri Krishna Butter Ball.

You might think this is an ordinary stone, but this stone is adamant, defying all the laws of science.

The stone rests on a sloping hill, at an angle of 45 degrees, occupying a space of only four feet, without rolling.

The weight of this stone is 250 tons. Once an attempt was made to remove it with the help of elephants, but people failed. They even were not able to move it for an inch.

Smashing the Believes of Scientists

The Butter Ball is breaking the backbone and confidence of geologists, scientists for the last thousand years. They are not getting any clue how it can flout the laws of physics.

However, it is not a surprise that the stone rests on the slope on its own, without moving an inch downside. On the contrary, it does not even move after splendid efforts by prominent people. And it is a matter of great surprise.

Krishna Butter Ball, situated in Chennai's Mahabalipuram village.

Krishna Butter Ball, situated in Chennai's Mahabalipuram village.

The British and Pallava Kings Tried to remove the Stone

The Pallava kings attempted to remove the Krishna Ball from here, but even after all their efforts; they could not move it.

After that, in 1908, the British tried to remove it. 7 elephants were used to remove this stone, but the stone stood like a stubborn.

During the time of the Pallava kings, the number of elephants was much more than the British. However, the stone did not move, so what was the point that the British would shake the stone?

The Mystery is Still Unsolved

Till this time, geologists could not solve the mystery of the stone. They also believe that this type of shape cannot be formed naturally, even if it is made, it can at least be removed. The persistence of this stone is beyond the comprehension of science. And they are in absolute stun with its mystery.

Why is it Special?

Of course, you must have seen enormous stones, rocks in many hilly places, but they are not mysterious stones. Are they?

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Krishna Butter Ball is around and colossal. It is been proudly standing on the sloping hill for years. The residents of Mahabalipuram believe it is not the stone, but the butter of Lord Krishna. The Lord must eat butter in heaven, and a part of it has fallen here and, with time, it turned into stone.

Therefore, people have named this place Krishna Butter Ball.

Earlier this place was deserted, but because of this story, it becomes a tourist attraction.

The Archeological Survey of India protects the group of monuments at Mahabalipuram under UNESCO, a World Heritage Site. So, that people can not destroy them. However, after the naming of the stone, people fly here from nations and international countries every day to witness it.

Perhaps the local people are more correct than the geologists in order to solve the mystery. Aren’t they?

Don't leave me until I merge in you, Krishna

Don't leave me until I merge in you, Krishna

Poetry- Krishna: Don't Leave Me Until I Merge in You

You are the eternal being who rests within me

I adore you;

I may not able to see your handsome face with my naked eyes

But, I can feel you; your sense of security & the umbrella of protection

I may remain unworthy of the world, but never leave me alone when I am shattered

You are the one who knows me, who am I

My core is starving for you, for your presence.

I am a part of you; never leave me as the ordinary does

And remain in me until I merge in you

-Poet Archana Das (18th Sept, 21)

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