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The Mysterious President Abraham Lincoln

The lives of extraordinary people are full of extraordinary events. A classic example of such a life is that of the 16th President of United States of America, belonging to the National Union Party. His larger than life persona and legacy is owed to many reasons out of which one being his ability to lead the nation through the American Civil War, which was America's bloodiest war and its greatest time of crisis.

The Lincoln Funeral Train

The Lincoln Funeral Train

Once queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands paid a visit to President Franklin D.Roosevelt. While she was sleeping in the Rose Room one night there was a repeated yet quiet knock at the door. As she opened the door, she was stunned to find Abraham Lincoln at the door & standing in the hallway. He was wearing a dress contemporary to his time of office. The Queen later came to know that the sightings of Abraham Lincoln were not an uncommon experience in the Rose room which in the time of Lincoln was known as Lincoln’s room.


The assassination of President Lincoln on 14th April 1865 consists of a very strange incident that preceded it. The president used to have a lot of supernatural experiences. So much so, that some days before the day he was to be assassinated, he had a bizarre yet vivid dream. He related this dream to his wife as well as his friends. He said that while he was sleeping in his room he had a dream in which he heard people crying softly. These voices were coming from a room called the East Room. He said that in his dream he went to the room in order to investigate the events going on there, only to find people standing beside a coffin containing his body. It seemed as if they had gathered for his funeral. This dream had disturbed the President a lot as the intensity of the dream was such that it seemed more of a real happening than a dream.

Between the day the President had the dream, and the day he was assassinated, he was seen in deep thought. It seemed that he knew that some accident was going to happen to him.


Another mind boggling incident related with the death of the President is that when he died, his coffin was put in a train which passed through every major station in America so that the people could see their beloved President for the last time. The stunning fact is that a ghost train passes on the same route every year. This train is a black colored one and has an eerie atmosphere around it. People in dark blue dresses can be seen in the bogies following the engine. This train, like its original counterpart, contains a coffin in it. It also stops for exactly 3 minutes at every station like the original train containing the President’s body.

Some facts about the original and legendary funeral train are as follows:

  • Lincoln's eldest son Robert Todd was aboard that train.
  • The train travelled 1654 miles while the whole country mourned and a grave and saddened atmosphere had ensued the most unfortunate event.
  • The train also went through the route which Lincoln had travelled to Washington as president elect during his first inauguration.
  • The train started from Washington D.C. at 8 A.M. on Friday, April 21, 1865 for the final destination of the beloved President which was his home-town in Springfield, Illinois.
  • The train consisted of nine cars out of which the ninth car was the President's car.
  • Only those people were allowed to board who were pre-approved by the War Department.
  • The train moved at a speed no more than 20 miles an hour.
  • Lincoln's funeral train was the first national commemoration of a president's death by rail.
  • The train passed 444 communities in 7 states.
  • The Lincoln's funeral car was destroyed in 1911 in a fire.
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A few facts about the great President:

  • When he was young he was nearly undefeated in wrestling.
  • Lincoln Bedroom was actually his office.
  • Lincoln came perilously close to fire on the battlefield during civil war in 1864.
  • Lincoln owned a patent for inventing the ballast tanks for ships and boats to be used till date. No other president till date has such an accolade.
  • Lincoln created the U.S. secret service the same day he was assassinated.


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