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The Mysterious Hebrew VAV


The Magical Mystery of the VAV

The VAV speaks of YESHUA/JESUS "If one letter could tell the Gospel it would be VAV"

You could write a book about the many facets of this unique letter. A little history first. The Hebrew alphabet is a consonantal language, that is there are no vowels. There are vowel sounds but they are not recorded, just known. Around 400 AD the Jewish people were assimilating with other cultures and they were forgetting how to say the Hebrew words. So they developed a set of dots and dashes. [note the picture above] as helps. They did not add them to the alphabet and normally you won't see them in everyday use. For places where people need them, they use them. As you get used to it you really don't need them and they can actually get distracting. Like a lot of early languages, it started out as a picture language that evolved into clear letters. Each letter has a picture associated with it. In the case of the VAV, it's a spike or hook. Each letter has a name, the "VAV" is a letter that usually has a "V" sound. The Hebrew letter "BET" can have a "B" sound or a "V" sound, In Hebrew is called a "VET", but it is still is a BET, with a different sound. The letters also have a number, and for the "VAV" it's the # 6 because it's the 6th letter. From the Hebrew mindset, all of this is very important. You can get a good sense of what a word means because when you understand the pictures of the letters they represent. Very few words actually start with "VAV", it is usually used as the word "and" but it is always a prefix, not as a stand-alone word.

The VAV - As noted above It is a letter, number, and word. IT ALSO GOES MISSING! When it is missing from a word, the word is called "deficient", which implies that there is something of interest to ponder. It has many interesting nuances and some curious dynamics about it.

One is a special thing it can do It's known a the "THE REVERSING VAV" it literally reverses a word! An example is "he has gone" changes to "he will go" and "I came" changes to "I will come". This is done by putting a VAV in front of the verb.

It can also be the word "Hook" and is used in connecting the curtains of the wilderness Tabernacle.

It can also take on the nature of a vowel, it becomes silent and gets its sound from the invisible vowel.

It can be used as a hooking force and a dividing force. The scribes use it as a checking point in their writing copies of a Torah scroll. because in Leviticus 11:42, there is a "VAV" the word "belly". In Hebrew, it's the exact center letter in the Torah, so they check the accuracy of their copies, by counting the number of letters forward and backward.

The Hebrew has over 400 Laws for the precise copying of a sacred scroll. One of which is every letter must be perfectly formed. If a scribe made a mistake in making a Scroll copy, it couldn't be "fixed" it had to be taken out and buried. BUT there is an exception. If there is an "oddity" in the original it had to be left there! Noting the pictures above are 2 examples. One is the Leviticus 11.42 verse above the VAV is "enlarged", it is taller than a normal letter. The enlarged VAV In the middle of the Torah points to Jesus, referring to a verse in, Psalms 40.7 "all the Bible is about Me" The other is a "broken" VAV, In Numbers 25:12 Phinehas "won a victory" by killing someone, who by offending GOD, caused a plague among the people. It says In verse 12 "I give unto him my covenant of peace" The word "peace" in Hebrew is "Shalom" and it has a "broken" VAV in it. Why the broken VAV because It is referring to a man being broken for our peace. Our VAV, the "man Christ JESUS" had to be broken, for us. In the New Testament,1 Corinthians11:24 Jesus said, "My body broken for you. These "oddities in God's Word are His doing.

Another example of missing VAV's or "incomplete words" is In the original Hebrew manuscripts the word for "Generations" has a VAV in it before "the Fall" of Adam, it is called "complete", after the fall of Adam it is "missing", from the word "generations" you won't see the VAV back in Generations again until Ruth 4:18, which is speaking about the "generations leading to Jesus, the VAV is back in the word. It is Jesus who makes our "Generation" complete. There is an even more awesome example in Exodus story in the Hebrew word spelled "Lamed-Vav-Tav", which is pronounced 'oth' in Hebrew. In English the word used is a sign or token, in Exodus 12.13 the word "sign" has the "Vav" missing, Interestingly King James Version of the Bible, from out of 79 times it is used, 60 of them, it translates the word as 'sign' and twice as 'miracle' and once as 'mark'.


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