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What is the Most Terrifying Truth in the Bible

Robert is not a theologian; even so, he has a love for God's word and finds great joy in sharing what God reveal's to him through His word.

Very generic face, could anyone, even you or a loved one.

Very generic face, could anyone, even you or a loved one.

What is the Most Terrifying Truth of the Bible?

God is good! This may very likely be the most terrifying truth in the entire Bible. You might ask how in the world is the truth that God is good, terrifying. Well, let us first consider just a few of His countless attributes. The Bible says in Job 37:22-24, “Fair weather cometh out of the north: with God is terrible majesty. Touching the Almighty, we cannot find him out: he is excellent in power, and in judgment, and in plenty of justice: he will not afflict.” In this scripture we find God is “terrible in majesty”, “excellent in power”, “excellent in judgement” and “plenty in justice”.

What is His Terrible Majesty?

What does “terrible majesty” mean? Majesty here comes from the Hebrew word “howd” and means splendor and vigor. When one day we see Him, we will bow in awe, admiration, reverence and fear before His great and terrible majesty. For His saints, this will not be a fear that terrifies, but a fear that comes with the understanding of the magnificence of Him in whose presence we will be that day. Those unsaved souls who die in their sins will experience a different kind of fear. Their fear is translated as “piel” and means to make afraid, to terrify. The child of God will have no reason to be terrified; but the lost soul will know terror such as they could never have imagined. God is “terrible majesty”.

What Power and Judgement!

God is “excellent in power”. From Exodus 15 we learn God is an all-powerful “Man of War”, that He is excellent in His power. “Excellent” is taken from the word “saggiy” and means great, or mighty in power. He is superior in power to all other forces, whether of man, nature, or spiritual darkness; He cannot be overcome! He is also “excellent in judgement;” His judgements are beyond reproach and cannot be questioned; they are complete, distinguished, and superior to all others – perfect and right! Psalms 98:9 says “. . . with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity”. There will be no bias connected to His judgements, only impartial distribution.

What does it Mean God is “Plenty in Justice”?

God is also “Plenty in justice”, He cannot and will not make unjust decisions and no innocent person will ever be unjustly condemned before His throne. We find in Romans 3:10 that we are all guilty already “As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one”. However, unlike the sinner who will stand before the Great White Throne, we who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb have also had our own filthy righteousness replaced with the righteousness of Jesus Christ and will not have to face this dreadful judgement. The author of the book of Job wrote that God “will not afflict”, meaning He will not, nor can He ever subject any of His Godly attributes to dishonor, He will be perfect in all His judgements and in His meting out of justice.

Why Should His Goodness Be Terrifying?

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So, why should this truth that God is good be so terrifying? As Paul Holder said, “It is terrifying because while He is good, we are not”. What is a Holy and just God going to do with sinners who have blasphemed the Holy Spirit by rejecting His pleading? He “will not afflict”, justice will be meted out appropriately, perfectly. This is why the most terrifying truth in the Bible is that God is good – because we are not!

What are the Consequences of Dying without Confessing Jesus as Your Lord and Savior?

Friend if you die in your sins having not repented and asking Christ to save you, you will face Him on judgement day at the Great White Throne; and on your knees you will confess Him as Lord. You will be judged, and justice will be served. Do not pass up any opportunity to trust Jesus as your savior. Believe the Gospel which says that Jesus Died for your sins, was buried, and then rose again three days later defeating death and Hell for you (I Corinthians 15:1-4). Sincerely believe this, repent (change your mind about your lost condition and who Jesus really is, and what He has done for you), confess your sins to Him and call on His name to be saved. God’s word says, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

How Rejecting Jesus Christ Might be Your Last Act of Rebellion.

Years ago, at a church I used to attend in Florida, two young teenaged girls came under conviction during services one Sunday morning. The pastor, recognizing the Holy Spirit was dealing with these young girls, pulled them aside as people were leaving and tried to convince them that if they were under conviction they needed to settle things with the Lord before leaving the church. The pastor later stated that he had such a burden for these two that day. They informed the pastor they were not ready and left for home. These two young girls left the church parking lot, drove two blocks down the road and were turning onto a major highway when they were struck broadside by another vehicle which had failed to stop at the red light- both girls died instantly. These two young ladies rejected the calling of the Holy Spirit less than three minutes earlier, and in all likelihood are in Hell today, eternally remembering the pleading of the pastor moments before their deaths. If the Holy Spirit is dealing with you, do not reject His pleading, trust in Jesus right now. Do not risk leaving this life as did these two teenaged girls.

The Book of Revelation: The Scene at the Great White Thone of Judgement.

The Book of Revelation: The Scene at the Great White Thone of Judgement.

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Robert Henry Ditmore MA MEd (author) from MORRISON on September 22, 2020:

Thank you K.C.!

KC McGee from Where I belong on September 22, 2020:

I have only one word to discribe this.................Outstanding.

Many blessing Robert.

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