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Possibly The Most Remarkable UFO/Alien Encounter In History - 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Marc Hubs is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD."

A picture drawn by one of the 62 school children that witnessed the incident.  All of them were separately asked to draw pictures of what they saw.

A picture drawn by one of the 62 school children that witnessed the incident. All of them were separately asked to draw pictures of what they saw.

Ruwa, Zimbabwe 1994

On 14th September 1994 a UFO was seen flying through the skies of Southern Africa by multiple witnesses. Two days later, on 16th September, a UFO was then seen by as many as 62 South African school children landing next to some trees near their school. All 62 of the children claim they actually saw alien beings emerge from the craft.

UFO researcher, Cynthia Hind, went to investigate the incident and eventually all of the children were interviewed separately by the late Harvard psychiatrist, Dr John E. Mack. The children were asked to draw pictures of what they saw. Each of the children were also questioned individually about the experience and Dr. Mack confirmed that there was no indication that he could tell of that any of the children were making the story up or lying.

The ages of the children who witnessed the incident were between 6 to 12 years old. One of the children explained how one of the alien entities had turned to look at her and seemed surprised to see her there. She also claims there was some kind of telepathic communication and that the alien entity seemed to be concerned about the welfare of planet Earth. The alien entity told her that we had become too "tech-knowledged" and they seemed to be worried about us cutting down trees and about the damage we are doing to our atmosphere.

None of the children had previously been exposed to the mainstream media and were therefore not very knowledgeable about the subject of UFOs before the experience yet all of their descriptions and illustrations are remarkably similar.

Then & Now Interviews:

The School Children Interviewed As Adults

Even more fascinatingly, over 14 years later, the John E. Mack Institute have caught up with the children who witnessed the incident, now adults.

All of them have confirmed that what they saw that day was very real and the John E. Mack Institute are now in the process of making a new up-to-date documentary about the remarkable incident.

Dr John E. Mack had previously carried out research into the alien abduction phenomena involving 200 people who were having such experiences. Mack carried out this research for a total of ten years and died in September 2004 after being run over by a drunk driver. Many people believe that the cause of Mack's death is questionable.

Can 62 South African school-children and all of their teachers be capable of perpetrating such an elaborate hoax?

Personally, I have no doubt that the incident was very real. Young children cannot lie like that without smiling or giving away small clues, especially a group of 62 of them.

Keep your eyes open for the new documentary Ariel Phenomenon (Ariel School Documentary) featuring the children, now adults, confirming what they saw that day back in 1994.

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Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on September 15, 2014:

Not quite sure what you mean by that comment Pel. Can you explain?

Pel on May 31, 2014:

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62 children for 62 alien children think about it .....

quantumthots from THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN on February 22, 2014:

very fascinating hub

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 21, 2013:

Thank you Angela, this has to be my favourite incident out of all of them.

Angela Blair from Central Texas on January 20, 2013:

Very interesting Hub and well written. This is a subject that interests me greatly -- thank you for sharing this as I'd not heard of this incident. Best/Sis

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 16, 2013:

Thanks for your comment Watergeek,

Indeed a group of kids like this would not be able to perpetrate a hoax like this without giving away many clues. You can see the look of concern and seriousness in their faces and the way they speak about the incident.

"Did you notice that early on one of the kids said the "visitors" had messaged her that we were cutting down too many trees?"

When I previously wrote about this incident I also mentioned the abduction of Travis Walton in 1975, he was a logger who cutting down trees at the time!

Susette Horspool from Pasadena CA on January 15, 2013:

If you've ever worked for any length of time with kids, you know they were telling the truth. You don't have large groups of kids interrupting each other excitedly to each say similar things that give a similar picture without having it be something they have actually seen in person.

I was a little ticked off at the hesitance of the last photographer in the video. He took such an incredible long time to say almost nothing, and didn't really add anything of value. Anyway, I find this information interesting and not at all surprising. Hopefully we've gotten the message that we're at the point now where we're screwing ourselves up with our technology.

Did you notice that early on one of the kids said the "visitors" had messaged her that we were cutting down too many trees? That's key and was never repeated in this vid. Trees are key players in the rain cycle and the rain cycle is so skewed, now, that it's not doing its job of cooling down the planet.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 15, 2013:

Even more so when they are such young children, they all seemed pretty serious to me. I did suggest that they make the children (now adults) do polygraph tests as part of the new documentary - there's no way all 62 of them (or even just most of them) would be able to pass if they were lying. Thanks for your comment Eric.

Eric Dockett from USA on January 15, 2013:

Very interesting. Whenever there is a group sighting its hard to say people are lying or even that they are confused. These are the accounts that are very hard to dismiss.

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