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The Miracle of Number Seven

The Meaning of Number 7

The number 7 is thought to have a special meaning in life. Whether it's science, religion, philosophy and many other subjects, the number 7 seems to get involved in many occasions and events. There are several patterns revolving around number 7 and it can prove to be meaningful or meaningless. Many sceptics and critics assume it's an apophenia, in other words, these perceived patterns and connections of number 7 do not exist to prove anything, so they believe it's just a big coincidence. Number 7, may be an indirect answer to mankind, and whatever this phenomenal number is implying, it is up to man to seek the answers and truth about life. I will provide you with some examples of the number 7 and how it's related to many subjects.

Natural Sciences

  1. Rainbow: Isaac Newton, the famous scientist, first named only 5 colours of the rainbow which were red, yellow. green, blue and violet. Later on in his research he added another 2 colours which were visible in the rainbow and they are orange and indigo.
  2. Seven Seas: There are originally seven seas in the world according to the ancient Greeks. They are North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic Ocean. Due to politics and world education organizations, this geographical fact has changed and taught somewhat differently in certain countries.
  3. Seven Layers of the Atmosphere: According to the Islamic knowledge derived from the Holy Koran, there are seven layers in the Atmosphere, which is also known as the seven skies. Their scientific names are Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere.
  4. Seven Layers of the Earth: The seven layers of the Earth are Upper Mantle, Lower Mantle, Inner Core, Outer Core, Lithosphere, Astenoshere and the Crust.
  5. Atoms: There are seven orbits in an atom which have seven-layered structures. These seven atoms are basic building blocks of matter.
  6. Continents: There are seven continents in the world (excluding Oceania). They are North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Australasia. In some parts of the world, Australasia is regarded as a region of Islands which make up Oceania. So Oceania is acknowledged as a continent rather than Australasia in some countries.
  7. Food: There are seven food groups which are very essential for survival. These are vitamins, fibres, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and water. There is also a soft drink called 7UP.
  8. SI Base Units: There are seven units designed to measure basic physical properties. They are second, metre, kilogram, ampere, candela, mole and kelvin.
  9. Ladybird: The seven-spotted ladybird ( Coccinella septempunctata) is the most common in Europe and is known to have seven spots.
  10. Giraffe: The giraffe's (Giraffa camelopardalis) long neck is made up of seven bones (vertebrae). (Humans also have seven bones in the neck)
  11. Viruses: According to the Baltimore Classification, there are seven types of viruses.
  12. Celestial Bodies: There are seven celestial objects visible to the naked eye, and they are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.
  13. Metals: There are seven major metals of "antiquity", and they are gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and mercury.
  14. Planet Saturn: This one is a bit tricky and yet to be fully confirmed. However, there are believed to be seven rings encircling planet Saturn and they are named Ring D, C, B, A, F, G and E. These seven rings have four major groups and three minor groups which consists of other several smaller rings of Saturn. In 2010, another ring was discovered of Saturn and is named Ring O, but this is not fully acknowledged and space scientists may be doing more research to confirm that extra ring.

Social Sciences

There are several connections with the number 7 towards religion, history and mythology as well as other social connections. I will give you a list of the most popular ones below.

  1. Seven Sisters: You've probably heard about and seen the seven stars in the clear night sky. It is not always visible with the naked eye and a pair of binoculars may be necessary to view them clearly, but it depends on the density of the sky. The Seven Sisters are believed to be the number of daughters of the mythological Gods who were Atlas and Pleiades. The names of those Seven Sisters (Stars) are - Merope, Electra, Alcyone, Maia,Taygeta, Celaeno and Sterope.
  2. Seven Deadly Sins: There are seven deadly sins which one must not commit in Christianity. These sins are Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Greed, Anger and Sloth.
  3. Hajj: In Islam, every Muslim who performs Hajj in Mecca must walk a circular movement around the Kabaa seven times.
  4. UAE: There are seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. They are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaiwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.
  5. Solar System: There are seven stellar objects visible to the naked eye on Earth. These objects are the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.
  6. World Creation: In the Bible, it mentions that God created the world in seven days, the seventh day is the Sabbath day which God rested and sanctified.
  7. Roman Catholic: There are seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church which was Instituted by Jesus Christ. Those are Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Confession, Marriage, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick.
  8. Hindu Wedding: In an Indian wedding, the bride and groom must circulate around pious fire seven times. Hindus also believe in seven reincarnations.
  9. John's Gospel: There are seven miracles in John in the Bible. They are: Water Into Wine (2:1-11), Healing the Official's Son (4:43-54), The Healing of the Pool of Bethesda (5:1-9), The Feeding of the 5000 (6:1-5), Walking on the Water (6:16-25), Healing The Man Born Blind (9:1-41) and Raising Lazarus From The Dead (11:1-44).
  10. Land of Israel: There are seven types of fruit which is noted for the Land of Israel. According to the Bible (Deuteronomy 8:6-9), those fruits are barley, wheat, grapes, figs, pomegranates, dates and olives.
  11. Roman Emperors: There were seven Roman Emperors in Rome's ancient history. These emperors were Julius Caesar, Galba, Augustus, Nerva, Hadrian, Sallust and Vespasian
  12. Shepherds of Israel: The seven shepherds of Judaism are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David.

Others & Miscellaneous

  1. Seven days in a week
  2. Seven notes on the musical scale
  3. Seven heavens and hells (major religions)
  4. Mountain range of Seven Virgins in Sri Lanka, Asia
  5. The seven virtues are chastity, temperance, diligence, charity, humility, kindness and patience
  6. The Seven Sacred Hills in Tirumala, India
  7. The Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology
  8. The seven hills of Rome and Constantinople
  9. The atomic number for nitrogen is seven
  10. 007 is the secret agent number of James Bond
  11. The Magnificent Seven is a very popular western film
  12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story
  13. There are seven directions - Left, Right, Down, Forward, Back, Up, Down and Center.
  14. Most kids lose their baby teeth at the age of seven
  15. The seven liberal arts in ancient times were grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.
  16. The seven Sages of Ancient Greece are the seven wise men and they were philosophers and lawmakers.

There are tons more related to the number 7, but I've only given the most common significances and couple of other least important ones.


The Significance of Number 7



Jason Behm from Cebu, Philippines on December 09, 2018:

Amazing 7 indeed.. :)

Christina M. Castro from Baltimore,MD USA on January 06, 2013:

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The number 7 is very significant to me. This was a very informative hub article and I have shared it with one of the ministers in my church ministry who studies the spiritual significance of numbers.

Bryony Harrison from UK on August 29, 2012:

This is full of interesting fact; a great read.

Arren123 from UK on August 27, 2012:

Interesting hub, lucky 7, voted up and interesting :)

Zia Uddin (author) from UK on August 27, 2012:

CrisSp - Thanks for commenting and good luck in your research. I did not mention the 7 types of viruses here because those known 7 viruses are too complicated to understand and they are scientific words, and may make the hub look uninteresting. I just simplified it.

CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on August 27, 2012:

Ha..ha...ha...I like your number 7 --7UP! So, voting up on this hub! Very interesting subject to write about. Now, you also made me think about number 10- the 7 viruses since you did not identify them here. Must go research about them. (:

DragonBallSuper on August 27, 2012:

made me think of the seven seas that i wanna cross.. :)

Michelle Liew from Singapore on August 27, 2012:

Seven is indeed special, especially in biblical times. Forgive 7 X 7.. a number taken to mean infinity. Thanks for an interesting take on the number 7!!

Druid Dude from West Coast on August 24, 2012:

David, the Anointed King of Israel was the seventh son of a seventh son. Another cool number is three. There are no such things, these coincidences you speak of. I like the it up. Keep up the good work.

Sushmita from Kolkata, India on August 24, 2012:

My number (birthdate) is seven. Naturally I am quite interested to hear about the miracles of this number. It is true that the way it is served up at every instance of life- in this universe, that one may wonder if it does not have some magical quality? Nice hub with the facts packed in. I am really impressed that you also know of the seven encircling round the holy fire during a hindu marriage. Voted up.

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