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The Michael Teachings: The Unexplained Ouija Board Mysteries

Have you ever used an Ouija board?

Have you ever used an Ouija board?

Have you ever used an Ouija board?

This book cover introduced me to the Michael Teachings

This book cover introduced me to the Michael Teachings

It is said that if the board is used improperly, spirits can escape to our plane of existence

It is said that if the board is used improperly, spirits can escape to our plane of existence

The Michael group eventually switched from using an Ouija board to hypnosis or channeling

The Michael group eventually switched from using an Ouija board to hypnosis or channeling

The original Michael group believed they were communicating with a being from another world named Soleal

The original Michael group believed they were communicating with a being from another world named Soleal

We are here with you tonight.

One afternoon in the summer of 1986, I leisurely wandered the aisles of a local book shop. In the “Astrology and Occult” section I noticed a small paperback adorned with a very odd cover. I saw an artist’s rendition of three stern figures, dressed in clothing from different eras in time, “emanating” from an Ouija board. In the background were mountains and a full moon. The book was authored by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and titled “Messages from Michael.” The back cover told of a dinner party where two couples amused themselves with an Ouija board. The planchette spelled: We are here with you tonight. The group found themselves in the presence of Michael, an ancient entity communicating from a higher plane of existence. Michael contacted this group to reveal his truths, and an eleven year exploration into the unknown began. I believed $3.50 was a reasonable price to pay for what appeared to be actual transcripts of Ouija board sessions, and went home to check out my purchase.

It was a slow read, but I was fascinated with the concepts. Michael identified a structure to our spiritual makeup that made odd references to entity fragments, soul ages and cycles, overleaves, and much more. Michael’s teachings seemingly provided rational order to the chaos of existence. It was thrilling to read the words and ponder their larger meaning. I showed the book to several friends of mine who were interested in the use of Ouija boards, and they were equally enthralled. They used an Ouija board on occasion themselves, and this offered a framework for new questions. Their interest in using the board was more than I could muster, but I sat in on some of their sessions and sometimes participated. We spoke with Dan, a spirit who claimed familiarity with Michael’s teachings and could adopt his distinctive vocabulary if we desired. My friends asked many questions about their lives and families, and I threw in a few queries, as well. Just as the Michael group had, we met with questions and furiously scribbled Dan’s answers, to be transcribed later.

Want to know more about the Michael Teachings?

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Much has never been revealed about the Michael group and their work.

The Michael Teachings grew in fame, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro produced three more books over the next 16 years: More Messages from Michael (1986), Michael’s People (1988), and Michael for the Millennium (1995). During that time, other groups began purportedly channeling Michael and titles not authored by Yarbro hit the nation’s bookshelves. A web site for the teachings currently lists 20 books written by authors other than Yarbro. In Michael’s People, the credibility of the “other” sessions and books were gently questioned, but no effort has been made to my knowledge to differentiate from the teachings of the original group and the others that followed. The Ouija board was ultimately abandoned in favor of a hypnotic trance or other forms of channeling, but the information always remained an extension of the concepts presented from the beginning.

Several years later I made a most amazing acquisition. A friend from California who heard about our Ouija board sessions asked if we would be interested in owning some of the actual transcriptions from the Michael sessions. Her father was a member of the first group documented in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s books, and she had inherited two huge volumes of transcribed sessions. She did not inherit her father’s interest in channeling, however, and had no real use for them. My friends were eager to peruse some of the original work, and the volumes were subsequently shipped to Kansas.

What we saw amazed us. Similar in style to the paperback books, the original transcripts typed Michael’s answers in all-capital letters. (We had no reason to doubt the authenticity of our newly acquired documents, but this was reassuring.) Occasionally, someone dutifully highlighted or drew boxes around Michael’s comments. There was far more to notice than the typing style, however. The Michael Teachings, unedited for public consumption, shed tremendous light and shadow upon the published works and the individuals involved. We first were amazed at how normal the original group seemed. On the back of one of the typed pages were handwritten directions to a potluck, accompanied by a simple map. The group asked for guidance about typical day-to-day activities—it wasn’t just about the nature of mankind or the fabric of existence. They asked about their parents and neighbors, careers, and even their cars. Michael dutifully answered all questions and sought to link their queries to larger topics.

Eventually the group became comfortable with Michael’s concepts, and their questions were geared toward his thematic structure. Their work became increasingly complex, and the group itself grew in purpose and scope. They struggled not only to integrate these odd teachings into their daily lives, but with how to function as a structured group. They noted in a session the need to charge $10 per month for photocopying, and also discussed becoming a corporation. Initiates were required to have several meetings with older members before attending an actual Ouija board session. Eventually the group envisioned purchasing land and building a community based upon the Michael Teachings.

There were other differences between the books and the original transcripts, as well. Foremost among them: Michael was not the only entity channeled by the group. There are also extensive notes made channeling an entity named “Tomas”, “Crystal” and another named “Soleal”. It was not automatically Michael who spoke with them and many Ouija or channeling sessions began by asking, “Would someone care to communicate with us?” There was never more than one entity channeled for an individual session, but at least once Crystal dropped in to say hello before Tomas took over.

There were also stylistic differences among the channeled entities. Tomas’ teachings seemed similar to Michael’s but the jargon was de-emphasized—references to overleaves, soul fragments and other terms coined by Michael were absent. Tomas seemed more the higher-plane clinical psychologist, offering advice and solutions on a personal level.

Soleal was quite different from Michael and Tomas, though! Soleal lived on a planet 20 light years away and communicated telepathically with the group. Naturally there came talk of Soleal visiting Earth, and he was enamored (if a bit frightened) of the idea of meeting with world leaders. In fact, Michael commented frequently on the methods and practicality of interacting with this alien, and even suggested meeting him at the Oregon Vortex, explaining that each celestial body has a vortex through which planes intersect and can be used for interstellar travel.

The boundaries of the Michael group expanded quickly---perhaps too quickly as the members sometimes lost focus. In Yarbro’s later books, she reconnected with the original assemblage. Many seemed to burn out and wished to get back to a more normal existence. For years their contact with these entities was all-consuming and they seemingly grew tired; or perhaps after channeling for a solid decade, they couldn’t think of anything else to ask. Their recollections of those times seemed wistful in the recounting, as if they lamented the time lost in pursuit of a universal truth.

Neither the original books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro nor the Michael Teachings group that emerged later has (to my knowledge) acknowledged Tomas, Crystal or Soleal. I attempted to contact the Michael group via email, informing them I had some original transcriptions and asking if anyone had heard of the other channeled entities. I never received a response. My friend from the Ouija board days contacted Yarbro (also via email) and asked the same questions. She responded that the materials provided by the group only mentioned Michael. For the sake of writing a book, it seemed natural to edit out anything overtly personal from the published material. The nature of reality would sell more than discussions about how to stop smoking—at least in the occult section of a bookstore. However, that seemed an appropriate task for the author or her editors, not the group itself.

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Were these omissions only for the sake of creating a cohesive book, or are there other mysteries to be revealed? Why was Yarbro only shown transcripts from Michael sessions, with all references to Tomas and Soleal removed? What did they believe Yarbro might do with this information? The notes in my possession are not complete and make no reference to finally meeting Soleal, and eventually Tomas is no longer channeled. The land was seemingly never purchased; the community based on Michael’s teachings never built. Why did they stop communicating with these beings? Why did they abandon their plans? What happened?

Does anyone know? Is there anyone left from nearly forty years ago who can provide an answer? Does the current Michael group know the answers to these questions? What can we yet learn from a group of people that used an Ouija board nearly 40 years ago?

What, indeed?


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aaron shelton on October 29, 2019:

The Michael least the first 4 books (Yarbro) and the released transcripts..some of the best material of this kind out there. I've been a "student " of this type of information and discovered "Messages" in 1985. i personally place it in the top 1% along with Seth, RA material, Pathwork ..Cayce...

aaron shelton on October 29, 2019:

The Michael least the first 4 books (Yarbro) and the released transcripts..some of the best material of this kind out there. I've been a "student " of this type of information and discovered "Messages" in 1985. i personally place it in the top 1% along with Seth, RA material, Pathwork ..Cayce...

raven on October 17, 2013:

I just came across your site, Michael. It's nice to meet you.

Though I am not easily frightened, my 'spidey sense' tells me that the Ouija board is/can be dangerous, since it is/can be a portal. I also suspect that there are more ill-intentioned spirits or demons out there than many of us suspect. The world of spirit has been so cloaked with stories - both true and false - that the only things we have as guideposts are those places where the great traditions join, and our own soul's resonance. I know that, and when I read (you saying)that Michael said something similar, and urged his listeners to seek inner validation I was impressed. I've ordered the first book, and look forward to reading it soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us; you write well, and about some of the things that I am also interested in ... I am inspired to start posting some experiences of my own. Perhaps. Anyway, be well, and keep posting. Blessings.

Phil on May 10, 2013:


Googled you today and found your YouTube videos. I will be in Kansas City the last three weeks of May 2013 and am wondering if you are willing and able to meet with me during this time to talk about the Michael Teachings in person.

Phil Wittmeyer

Mike Lickteig (author) from Lawrence KS USA on March 15, 2013:

Bravo. I heartily approve the release of the original Michael transcripts. This information is so special and should be shared with as many people as possible. Congratulations on this important accomplishment.

Center for Michael Teachings, Inc. on March 14, 2013:

"Michael Speaks: the Legacy of Sarah Chambers" - now available

The Center for Michael Teachings, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of print versions of the original Michael transcripts from the 1970s — Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Sarah Chambers (Volumes 1 and 2).

“We are here with you today.” With those few words in August 1973, Sarah Chambers, her husband Richard, and their good friends Alice and Dick started a journey that took them far beyond anything they could possibly imagine. They explored the unseen realm of the spiritual world with their teacher “Michael.” Along with good friend Eugene Trout, they created a new spiritual teaching — based in love — that helps people become more of who they truly are. The group kept written transcripts of most of their meetings. Those transcripts were copied and passed around to their friends and coworkers, then copied and passed to many, many others over the years.

“Why am I here?” someone asked one night. Michael answered, “To hear the words you didn’t hear 2,000 years ago. Maybe this time, you will listen.”

Volume 1 (619 pages) contains the transcripts of those original sessions — digitized, formatted for easier reading and edited to change most real names to aliases. . . . Volume 2 (559 pages) contains charts, cartoons, drawings, three compilations made by the original group members, background information about many of the group members, interviews with several original members (including Sarah Chambers and Eugene Trout), interviews with Michael channels and a history of the Michael Teachings.

If you have a mailing list, newsletter, blog or website, please share this announcement.

To purchase printed copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2, visit

We want the books to be available to as many people as possible so we have set the purchase price at the minimum we are allowed to charge by the publisher so they will not be available via Amazon or other book distribution sites unless we raise the price.

Center for Michael Teachings, Inc.

- a non-profit organization supporting expansion of the Michael Teachings

5206 Markel Road, Suite 200

Richmond, VA 23230



"Love is the highest truth. Truth is the highest good." ... Michael

Center for Michael Teachings, Inc. on May 07, 2012:

Excerpt from a message that went out a few days ago:

Date/Time: May 5, 2012 5:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

For the past few years, we have been collecting copies of transcripts from the Michael study group in the 1970s with Sarah Chambers and friends. Most of what we have collected comes from members of that original group.

After consulting with legal experts, it has been confirmed that these original transcripts are in the Public Domain and may be freely shared with Michael students.

We are making these transcripts universally available to help dispel some of the false mystique, mystery and misunderstanding that have surrounded their existence, whereabouts and use before now. It is our intent to make them readily accessible, free of charge, to Michael students and other interested persons everywhere. We encourage you to download these transcripts, in whole or in part, for your own study and sharing with others. Since they are exact copies of the original Michael study group sessions held in Oakland during the 1970s, we believe they are an invaluable resource for expansion of knowledge about the Michael group and its teachings by interested students and scholars everywhere.

The transcripts may be obtained by contacting the Center for Michael Teachings, Inc at CenterforMichaelTeachings [at]

At some later time, we intend to release an easier-to-read version (with aliases for names), which will include an updated history of the Michael Teachings that includes interviews with members of the original study group.

Please share this message with other Michael students that you know.

Board of Directors,

Center for Michael Teachings Inc.

- a non-profit organization created to support the expansion of the Michael Teachings

5206 Markel Road, Suite 200

Richmond, VA 23230

Michael: “Love is the highest truth. Truth is the highest good.”

Mike Lickteig (author) from Lawrence KS USA on February 10, 2012:

Dan Greenspan, thanks for your comments and insights. You have asked questions I have wondered about--are the newer Michael groups truly talking to the same entity that addressed the original group? Is there even a way to truly know? I don't ask this to discredit this group--I have a great deal of respect for what they have accomplished. I just wonder if there is a way to truly know.

It seems certain that there might be differences in information between the old group and the new, and like you, I wonder what it might mean. I have no connection to the new group beyond interactions here and in a few emails, so I cannot address this. It appears as if you have, however, and I thank you for adding to the body of information this article now contains. The questions remain and are still compelling. Any search for the truth should be so exciting.

Thanks again.


Mike Lickteig (author) from Lawrence KS USA on February 10, 2012:

Beware of the Darkness, thanks for reading. I understand the interest in the transcripts I have--the Michael group is wondering if I have any information they don't yet have in their possession. It is possible, I suppose, and their curiosity is understandable. I withdrew from this topic for awhile because I needed to devote time to other things, but I don't dismiss their desire to know what I have. I respect their interest in expanding their knowledge.

I did find your means of addressing the comments here interesting and (frankly) amusing. I appreciate your stopping by.


Dan Greenspan on August 09, 2011: