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The Mercurian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mount of Mercury


The Mercurian

If the Saturnian is the most complicated type to study, then the Mercurian ranks second in this regard. At least with the Saturnian there is no two-facedness. The Mercurian subjects are one of the most financially successful of all the seven types. But whether this success is achieved by honest or dishonest means is what you're learning palmistry for.

Appearance-wise, the Mercurian is an athletic and physically active fellow, thus you will find most Mercurians on the skinny or muscularly lean sides, though they have a tendency to gain weight later on in their lives. They usually have a quick walking style which complements the agility that they are known for. The hair is often found to be chestnut in color. One signature quality of the Mercurian is that their expressions usually seem to indicate that they are seeing through you; examining you, and this is also bound to be true, as there is no better judge of character than the Mercurian, and thus, their eyes will have a penetrating feature. The face is usually oval in shape with a bulging forehead. The neck is bound to be muscularly attached to the body. Another defining physical characteristic of the Mercurian is that their average height will be five-feet-six-inches, and thus, they are the shortest of all the types. Their voice will never be too loud or too soft but will fall somewhere in between. Their beards are usually darker than their hair, and if they decide to sport one, it will most probably be a French cut. They are likely to retain their youthful facial-features till the end of their lives.

Their palms are usually elastic complementing the incredible flexibility of their intellects. The second phalange of their thumb (which depicts the amount of logic) is usually long, and so is the overall length of the thumb. If the fingers are long, then this subject will take everything into account. If short, then the natural shrewdness of the Mercurian is complemented by an even quicker bent of mind. Often you will find the skin texture of the Mercurian palm to be smooth and rarely coarse (unless your subject falls in the category of a bad Mercurian).

Health-wise, this type is not bound to be physically unfit as they like to both exercise and engage in physical sports. Obesity is not a problem as the Mercurian is one of the most likely to remain thin types (along with the Saturnian). However, they often suffer from nervousness and anxiety due to their ever-quick thinking minds. Liver problems are also a common occurrence with this type.

Personality-wise, the usual field that you will Mercurians in is the domain of medicine. They excel as both doctors and nurses and especially as the former. Not only is this type usually bound to become a medical doctor, but this type is also likely to gain fame and fortune from being one. The second most common profession for a Mercurian is becoming a lawyer, and here again, they find remarkable success as this field complements their nature to the fullest. The Mercurian is both clever and an unparalleled judge of human nature and these two traits can work better nowhere else other than the in the court of law. Mercurians, especially those with a long fourth finger, also make skilled orators. And thus you'll find many successful debaters, lecturers, and teachers as Mercurians as well. They are also blessed with the gift of mimicry and thus make superb actors. The business-side of this specimen is also well-developed and there is no other type more lucrative in the domain of commerce than the Mercurian.

Just like the thumb is separated into two phalanges, every finger is divided into three phalanges. If the first phalange of the fourth finger is longest, then the subject is blessed with a brilliant power of expression. This Mercurian will make a fine public speaker, writer, etc. If the second phalange is longest, then a scientific bent of mind is clearly seen. This subject will excel in any science-related professions such as medicine, psychology, etc. If the third phalange is longest on the Mercury finger, then the subject is blessed with business acumen, and thus, in any commercial career they shall succeed. Thus, you'll be able to guess which realm the Mercurian belongs to by evaluating the most predominating phalange on the subject's fourth finger.

Mercurians are fond of marriage and prefer not only to marry those belonging to their own age group, but also to those having a similar hand type. They love sharply-dressed women and are likely to have one to three children. As their minds are always working, they distract themselves by outdoor travelling, as a change of scenery is likely to stimulate their ever-working intellects. They like to read fiction, but only that literature which is true to life, and dislike fancy tales of romance. The Mercurian, though a lover of the opposite sex, is not a sensualist, and thus marries using his head and not his heart though after marriage most of the decisions are done with the latter. They are both good at choosing the right mates for their colleagues as well as for themselves thus this type is not apt to marry the wrong person. This type is a great handler of money and thus you might never encounter a poor Mercurian. They like to throw parties where they invite a small circle of friends and family. They are not too generous with money and thus have a balanced approach towards lending money to others.

Who wouldn't be surprised that the Mercurian—a type who is both an accurate judge of character and also an expert businessperson who can sell you anything—might also end up operating in the negative sphere? Just like any other type, there is bad side to the Mercurian as well. This type is quite likely to venture into criminality. Having a lot of scientific knowledge at their disposal, it's up to their own free will to use these either for good or bad. Mercurians are also to able to study the occult sciences well but if they become bad then they use this knowledge in the wrong way. They might not even grasp the entire complexity of fortune-telling and might end up becoming cold readers. The majority of pseudo-palmists, who read palms only for the sake of money, are undoubtedly Mercurians. As they are naturally able to say the right thing at the right time, they do so too with customers, and by giving fake readings in accordance with how much money they will gain from the consumer, they are able to swindle people. This is not only true in the case of fortune-telling as bad Mercurians are equally capable of lying, cheating and stealing in other industries as well. One reason for this is that Mercurians start using their planning power negatively in the form of scheming unsuspecting victims. They become so advanced in the crime, owing to their quick intellects, that even if they are caught (they are seldom arrested, however) and subsequently tried in court, they will always be one step ahead and will be able to beat the justice system through some preplanned loophole.

The negative qualities associated with being a bad Mercurian are heightened if your Mercurian subject's fourth finger is crooked. If so, then the subject is either a habitual liar, or might become one if he is not able to control himself from stepping over the line of integrity. Nevertheless, only through a full analysis of the palm will you be able to judge whether a Mercurian falls into the category of good or bad.

You will still be able to point out in which area of life the Mercurian becomes unlawful. If the first phalange of the fourth finger is found to be in excess, then the subject might have a tendency to lie or cheat on mind-related matters. E.g., attaining a degree through dubious means. When the second phalange is found to be in surplus, then it illustrates the tendency of a Mercurian to use his scientific knowhow for evil purposes. If there's the presence of a bulging third phalange, then the Mercurian might become immoral in his or her business dealings.

The Mercurian hand might belong to one of the best people you do a reading for—or one of the worst. Only through a comprehensive study of the palm can you classify a Mercurian into good or bad. Don't rush in your analysis, and also remember to take every aspect of the hand into account. Just be careful not to get tricked, as this personality type, if found leaning towards the negative side, is not that easy to unmask.

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Famous Mercurians: Kevin Spacey, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, Harry Houdini, Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Putin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Steve Jobs.

Now let's look at the various lines and signs on the mount of Mercury. Positive markings include the single vertical line, the star, the triangle, etc., and negative markings comprise of the cross, the island, the grille, etc.

The single vertical line is considered auspicious on most of the mounts, and on the mount of Mercury it denotes the acquisition of an unexpected financial fortune.

The most interesting marking on the mount of Mercury is undoubtedly the medical stigmata. This is formed by the combination of three to six sharply etched parallel lines on the mount of Mercury. It showcases an inclination towards the study of medicine (Mercurians themselves make excellent doctors). I have often read differing opinions on this marking in 20th century palmistry books. I consider the opinions of these palmists on the archaic side as it is often mentioned that a woman having this line will make a fine nurse—and this is sexist as in the 21st century there are a lot of female doctors as well. I would also like to add that there are male nurses as well so if a person with this marking does not reach the position of a medical doctor, he or she can still make a competent nurse.

Another take that I've read on this marking includes the probability of the bearer to enter matrimony with a person in the medical profession (most likely a medical doctor). I found this proposition to be true as my own mother (a teacher) got married to my father who happens to be a general physician.

I have found the medical stigmata on the palms of people who are not at all pursuing, or belonging to, the medical field. Yet they happened to have the other power of Mercury and that is being gifted with the eloquence of communication. If the fourth finger is long as in reaching up to the first phalange of the third finger then the medical stigmata denotes prowess in verbal communication. If the tip of the Mercury finger does not reach the first phalange of the Apollo finger, then the Mercury finger is classified as being short, and hence, with the presence of a medical stigmata, the subject will have a knack for writing instead of speaking. Having this sign present could also mean that the bearer leaves a good impression on whoever he or she meets for the first time. This is why I urge potential palm-readers to assess the entire hand for information instead of relying on a singular marking.

The star, as I've mentioned in preceding chapters, denotes explosion. In the case of being present on the mount of Mercury, it showcases the positive amplification of Mercurian-related skills such as oratory, business, science, etc. Whatever be the profession of your subject, financial success will be a consistent factor in their lives.

The triangle on the mount of Mercury showcases qualities such as the power of speech and the ability to sway an audience with words. The bearer of this marking will find success in the domain of politics.

The square on any mount means protection, and on the mount of Mercury it denotes financial security.

The cross is a negative sign if found on most of the mounts with the exception of the mount of Jupiter. If found on the mount of Mercury in a bad hand, the subject has a tendency to deceive others for the sole purpose of gaining financial benefits (akin to the dishonest tendencies of a bad Mercurian). In a good hand, however, a cross on the mount of Mercury means that the bearer will be socially and commercially diplomatic.

If an island is found on the mount of Mercury it denotes the reversal of positive Mercurian qualities. The subject will find it difficult to express themselves and might also suffer in business-related matters due to a lack of interpersonal skills.

The grille on the mount of Mercury means that the subject is erratic in nature and suffers due to not having a specific goal in life. This marking also amplifies the negative qualities of a bad Mercurian, i.e. stealing from others, but with such a sign present, they will most probably not get away with their crimes.

The mole on the mount of Mercury is indicative of a tendency to resort to thievery.

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