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The Martian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mounts of Mars


The Martian

Unlike the rest of the types where one mount's predominance leads to the subject being the archetype of that mount (a person can only be classified as a Jupiterian if the mount that predominates over all others is that of Jupiter), the Martian is classified by three distinctly placed mounts, but all of them share the same name of Mars as well as similar characteristics.

(Insert picture of the three Mars mounts)

The first is the upper mount of Mars is present between the heart-line and head-line, with the exact area being below the fourth finger. This mount showcases resistance in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

The second is the lower mount of Mars. It is found under the life-line and above the mount of Venus. This shows a person's level of determination and aggression.

The third is the Plain of Mars and this is located at the center of the palm. A hollow Plain of Mars means that the person lacks the Martian traits of resistance and determination but with all other features of the palm being positive, it might showcase that the person succeeds through diplomatic tactics rather than with a show of force. A well-defined Plain of Mars means that the person is undeterred by what society thinks and is successful due to their professional and personal bluntness.

Everyone has varying degrees of Martian qualities. One could have the upper mount developed but the lower mount undeveloped. So, when all three are developed you are in the presence of a Martian subject.

Appearance-wise, the Martian is of medium height. They are usually quite muscularly built and one defining physical characteristic is their broad shoulders. This type usually has a small-sized head, attached to a powerful and shapely neck, and they are also known to have an ample chest. Their legs are bound to be shorter than the length of their bodies. They walk by taking steps that define the pride that the Martian type is known to incorporate. The face is likely to be either round or square with an expression that seems to be always looking directly at you. They are usually found to frowning most of the time instead of smiling. The ears have a tendency to be small in shape. The Martian voice is also quite resonant and thus is heard by every person in the vicinity of where they will be speaking. Their fingers are likely to be not only short but also shorter in proportion to the overall length of the palm. The first phalange of the thumb is likelier to be longer than the second denoting strong willpower as well as stubbornness.

If any person's thumb is formed with the first phalange shaped like a club, and the nail is quite short, then your subject possesses the clubbed thumb formation.

In ancient palmistry, the clubbed thumb was also known as the murderer's thumb. This is because this formation is associated with an ungovernable temper. I have seen it on an ex-classmate of mine, and the person doubly being a Martian, could not keep his temper under control. Though, I have also seen the presence of this thumb on a non-Martian subject, and he couldn't be described as an aggressive individual. Thus, if this clubbed thumb formation is seen on an otherwise non-aggressive hand, then there's a tendency of the anger for appearing out of nowhere but disappearing just as quickly. The individual with a clubbed thumb might not murder, as the murderer's thumb was an indication of old times, but coupled with a bad Martian hand, then the tendency to murder might be inherently present after all.

You are most likely to find this clubbed thumb formation on a Martian subject as they are prone to murderous anger (if they are bad Martians).

Personality-wise, the Martian is a go-getter and very straightforward in their dealings with others. In fact, this straightforwardness is often misunderstood for a lack of manners but Martians like to go straight to the point. They are strong in their views and like the challenge of pushing over obstacles. They are not talkative but win the hearts of others with their frankness. The best aspect of a Martian is undoubtedly their bravery. And thus, serving in the army as a soldier is quite lucrative for them. In fact, if an army was comprised of only Martian soldiers, then I believe that army would be unstoppable in any mission handed to them.

Thus, you will find many Martians as martyrs for the cause. They will head charitable organizations and will also serve in any capacity that supports the impoverished and the underdog. Subsequently, they make excellent generals, and usually lead their country's army to victory in any battle. They also make good politicians as their honest and strong-willed personality will most probably inspire the masses to vote for them. They also make good athletes especially in combative sports such as boxing and wrestling where they can use both their mental and physical strength to overcome any odds thrown at them.

The Martian has a strong tendency to marry due to their amorous nature. Just as they are passionate about their country, they will be equally ardent for the opposite sex. They love practical exhibitions of romance such as gourmet dinners, gifting their potential soulmates a bouquet of roses and/or a box of chocolates, etc. And what better way to express love practically than to be bound in a courtship? They make both loyal lovers and friends, though are likely to have only two to three close friends, as this type's lack of diplomacy makes them typically misunderstood by others. Yet those closest to a Martian know that behind all that aggression is a loving and good-hearted fellow.

Their love of patriotism is not limited by giving service as they adore nationalism in other forms as well. If they ever take up painting then the canvas will be filled with scenes of battle. In music, they like hearing band marches and also like listening to rock. They love reading historical literature (especially those about iconic battles of history) and also biographies of leaders related to the army.

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Health-wise, they have an abundance of blood in their system and thus are prone to blood-related diseases. They are also apt to develop lung-orientated illnesses such as bronchitis. Overall, they have a robust constitution but might also suffer from (though I won't term these as health issues) physical injuries owing to their tendency to play contact sports, or those related to being present on the battlefield if they are soldiers.

However, the Martian is not without their faults. They do not have a tendency to become criminal in the traditional sense of being a thief, but with such uncontrolled passions, the Martian is quite likely to commit physical assault to another, and in extreme cases, homicide. The latter will most likely be committed by a weapon such as the knife or ax. You will find the vast number of murderers, especially those involved in crimes of passion, to be Martians. Only a comprehensive analysis of the palm will confirm the likelihood of this tendency. A good head-line and long thumb will counter it. Though, as I've already mentioned before, if a clubbed thumb is found in the hand of a bad Martian, then the likelihood of the subject committing slaughter will be increased twofold. Even a clubbed thumb on a good Martian hand is troubling, as this rise to uncontrollable anger is then unpredictable, and without any forethought, the Martian downs the person who has wronged them at that instant.

For example, long back I had read a newspaper article about a construction worker striking down his boss with a hammer, as the latter had scolded him severely for being only a minute late, and without any of the other people predicting their fellow worker's sudden predilection to rage, the worker slammed his hammer into the boss's skull. He sat down and waited for the police to arrest him and offered no resistance. Later it was reported that this criminal had never showed murderous tendencies in the twenty years he was employed in that country. I have lost the photo of his hand now but he was undoubtedly belonging to the Martian type along the possession of a clubbed thumb.

If only the Martian would not be ever-domineering and occasionally listen to others' opinions will they attain a complete form of success. Their tendency to rush into situations due to their obstinate stubbornness and not heeding other people's advice is not always desirable for them. Still, this character is the bravest of all of the other personality types. And in this seemingly pseudo-liberal 21st century, we might just need more Martians who not only say the truth but also practice what they preach.

Famous Martians: George W. Bush, Rosie O'Donnell, Ernest Hemingway, Hilary Clinton, Richard Nixon, and Sharon Osbourne.

As there are three distinct mounts of Mars on the palm we will only be elaborating on the markings related to the upper mount of Mars and the lower mount of Mars. For the Plain of Mars, any presence of stars, crosses, and grilles found on it are markings that negatively influence the subject's temperament.

Now let's look at the meanings behind the lines and signs present on the upper and lower mounts of Mars. Positive markings include the single vertical line, the star, the triangle, etc., and negative markings comprise of the cross, the grille, the mole, etc.

The single vertical line on the upper mount of Mars stands for fortitude. This is a positive indication whereas when several of these vertical lines are present, it's considered negative, as then it will enhances the qualities associated with the bad Martian such as an ungovernable temper, a tendency of fatally pursuing love, etc. It might also serve as a health indication, i.e., denoting lung-related problems such as bronchitis, and/or any disease that impacts the vocal cords.

The star's appearance on any mount denotes explosion. If found on the upper and lower mounts of Mars it means riches and renown owing to the positive Martian qualities of resistance, preservation, fearlessness, etc.

The triangle on the two mounts of Mars means that the subject possesses excellent military-orientated tactics.

The square's appearance on any place on the palm means protection. In the case of being present on the upper and lower mounts of Mars it either means that it serves as a safeguard for the bearer's violent temper, or that it denotes safety from body-related injuries.

The cross on the upper and lower mounts of Mars is an indication of a threat resulting from the argumentative personality of the subject.

The grille on the upper and lower mounts of Mars means the probability of the bearer suffering from a blood-related injury such as a hemorrhage.

If a mole is found on the upper and lower mounts of Mars it is indicative of an injury resulting from a fight or battle.

Any horizontal line present on the upper and lower mounts of Mars showcases the presence of an enemy in the subject's life. The length and intensity of each line will denote how much influence that enemy has on the subject's life. Several of these lines being present on the upper and lower mounts of Mars is also a possibility. The more the lines, the more the enemies.

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