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The Man Of Sin

Segun Tewogbola is the Author of the popular books; DESTROY THIS TEMPLE, and WINNING WIFE with a page on FB - over 12K members.

Resist The Man Of Sin

Resist The Man Of Sin

'Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,'

- 2 Thessalonians 2:3(KJV)

Among the world events that demand our attention is the American General Election where a President would be chosen by votes and not by a wish. This is so because the American President is almost the most powerful figure today in the world.

To become the President of America is not just a child's play, it takes more than what we see on the surface to become the President of such a large Nation. Not only that everybody is interested, the Devil too is interested, and so is God. The reason for this deep interest is that America influences the other nations of the world directly or indirectly.

This is a Nation that gained her independence many years back but is now losing her freedom day by day. The Statue of Liberty is becoming a status for the rebellious living among the children of the States. What their founding fathers used to build the Nation. has been thrown into the air by these father - less children. America is becoming morally bankrupt. This is the reason why Devil is interested in who becomes the President of this great nation because the Man of Sin seems to be already at work in this nation that does not know the difference between Independence and Freedom.

While God wants us to have total freedom from sin, we are demanding independence from God - A Big Difference! This is a suitable place for the Man of sin to promote sin and multiply sins. When sinners reproach the righteous, then you better understand that the Man of Sin is around. Is it not true that LGBT is now coming out in the Media to proudly announce their status? Like a terrible nightmare, are we not seeing gay and lesbian bishops on our blessed altars? Is it news anymore that a Nation founded upon the Word of God is gradually removing and taking away the Bible and Prayer from her schools? To nail it all, the Islamic nations came to America, and are telling Americans to abolish their God Who is called Jehovah - otherwise, these Muslims feel cheated!

All the above-described situations are possible because there is a falling away among the people of God - Heresy increases and a thirst for prosperity weakens the Churches in America. The Man of Sin was gaining ground on God's Own Country! Imagine that!

So, in God's wisdom, He brought a man with no political credentials to run the race for the prestigious United States Presidency - a man named and called by Donald Trump. When this was made known to the public in 2016, he became a laughing stock even to his party members.

I know that people's opinion does not matter when God is making a decision, so I went to search the Bible for Donald J Trump, and I came out with the man named Jehu in 1 kings 19:16, 2 kings 9:1 - 20

  • Jehu was not from a royal family, so Donald Trump was never a politician.
  • Jehu drove furiously, Donald Trump talked furiously.
  • Jehu was on a divine assignment, Donald Trump was on a divine assignment.
  • Jehu destroyed Baalism, Donald Trump destroyed Islamic extremists.
  • Jehu was not a clean man, so was Donald Trump.
  • Jehu was not the best king in Israel, the same might go for Donald Trump.

King Cyrus was used by God to accomplished the will of God, yet Cyrus does not know God as in Knowing, but God knew him. King Saul was chosen by God, but he messed up big time. It took time for Nebuchadnezzar to come to his senses and acknowledged that it is God that rules in the affairs of men!

As I am writing this post, Americans are at the polls. and the Devil is restless concerning the outcome of this election, but God's will shall be done on our Land. As I sat in church last Sunday, I heard a small voice within me saying, The Hand Of God on the Man of Sin. Simply put, is the Devil out of control of God? How much damage can the Man of Sin do to mankind before God intervenes?

It is not about Trump or Biden, it is about Americans standing up for that which good, it is all about the battle of good and evil.

Take back your land, and invite God again to His rightful Throne.

Preparing the Bride

Segun Tewogbola


Segun Tewogbola (author) from Texas on November 04, 2020:

Thanks for your comment. I think you are right about your statement - the worst Politician is our best leader!

Remain Blessed

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 04, 2020:

Interesting concepts. Nice comparisons. For some funny reason I think the worst politician is our best leader.

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