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The Main Events of the Book of Exodus

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Moses Leads Israel Out of Egypt


Exodus 1

The Israelites greatly increase and multiply in Egypt; Israelites are oppressed by a new Pharoah.

Exodus 2

The Birth of Moses; Moses kills an Egyptian guard; Moses flees from Pharoah; Moses marries Zipporah, the daughter of Reuel (or Jethro) the priest of Midian.

Exodus 3

God appears to Moses through a burning bush; God calls Moses back to Egypt to deliver the Israelites from slavery to Pharoah. Moses objects to going back to Egypt due to his lack of ability.

Exodus 4

Moses continues to argue with God about going back to Egypt; Moses capitulates and goes back to Egypt.

Exodus 5

Moses appears to Pharoah; Pharoah rejects Moses' plea; Pharoah gives the Israeiltes more work to do; Moses blames God for the Israelites extra suffering

Exodus 6

God reiterates his promise to deliver the Israelites; The Genealogy of Moses and Aaron

Exodus 7

God begins sending plagues on Egypt; Aaron's staff becomes a snake; Egyptian magicians imitate Aaron's trick; Aaron's staff swallows the Egyptian staffs; Moses turnes the Nile River into blood.

Exodus 8

The Plague of Frogs; the Plague of Gnats; and the Plague of Flies; Pharoah refuses to let the Israelites go.

Exodus 9

The Plague on Livestock; The Plague of Boils; The Plague of Hail; Pharoah hardens his heart and refuses to let the Israelites go.

Exodus 10

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The Plague of Locusts; The Plague of Darkness; Pharoah still refuses to let the Israelites go.

Exodus 11

The Plague on the Firstborn of Egypt

Exodus 12

The Passover; The Firstborn in Egyptian family dies in the night; Pharoah allows the Israelites to leave Egypt; Israel's Exodus from Egypt; Passover Restrictions

Exodus 13

Consecration of the Firstborn; Pharoah hardens his heart one more time and pursues the Israelites to bring them back to Egypt

Exodus 14

God parts the Red Sea and the Israelites escape the Egyptians; The Egyptian soldiers are drowned in the sea.

Exodus 15

Moses and Miriam sing songs of joy and praise to God for rescuing the Israelites; The Israelites complain for lack of water; God provides water at Marah and Elim.

Exodus 16

The Israelites complain about lack of food; God provides Manna and Quail

Exodus 17

The Israelites quarrel with Moses about a lack of water and long to go back to Egypt; God provides water through a rock at Horeb (Mount Sinai). The Israelites led by Joshua defeat the Amalekites

Exodus 18

Moses is visited by his father-in-law Jethro; Jethro teaches Moses how to delegate responsibility.

Exodus 19

God fulfills his promise to Moses (Exodus 4) to bring him back to Mt. Sinai; Moses meets God on the mountain; God gives instructions for the Israelites to consecrate themselves before giving the Ten Commandmnets

Exodus 20

God gives the Israelites his Ten Commandments; The people are frightened by God's presence and ask Moses to be their mediator. God reiterates his command not to worship idols or erect altars to other gods.

Exodus 21

God gives instructions about Hebrew servants (Israelites who become slaves); God gives instructions about incidents concerning personal injury (eye for eye, tooth for tooth,bull for bull, etc.).

Exodus 22

God gives instructions about protection of property and social responsibility.

Exodus 23

God gives instructions about justice and mercy; God gives instructions about the day of rest (or the Sabbath day); God gives instructions about three annual festivals; God places his angel in front of the Israelites to lead the way to the Promised Land.

Exodus 24

God confirms his covenant with Israel; Moses explains the laws to the people; Moses consecrates the people by sprinkling blood over them. Moses takes Aaron, Aaron's two sons, and 70 elders up to see God. Moses takes Joshua up the mountain to meet God for 40 days and nights.

Exodus 25

God instructs Moses to make the Tabernacle (a portable tent for worshiping God). Instructions about the making of The Ark of the Covenant; about making a special table; and about making the lampstand.

Exodus 26

Instructions concerning the making of the Tabernacle itself

Exodus 27

Instructions about making the Altar of Burnt Offering; about making the Courtyard; about making the oil for the lampstand.

Exodus 28

Instructions about the Priestly Garments; about making the Ephod; about making the Breastpiece; and about making other Priestly Garments.

Exodus 29

God gives instructions about the consecration of the Priests.

Exodus 30

God gives instructions about making The Altar of Incense; instructions about a special atonement tax; about making a basin of washing; about making Anointing Oil; about making incense.

Exodus 31

God gives instructions to Moses about two special craftsmen to lead the construction project - Bezalel of the tribe of Judah and Oholiab from the tribe of Dan. God reiterates his command about the Sabbath Day of rest.

Exodus 32

Moses is gone too long; the Israelite people force Aaron to make an idol to lead them; Aaron makes a Golden Calf. Moses runs down the mountain to stop them. Moses broke the two tablets of the Testimony. The Levites side with Moses and kill three thousand of the other Israelites. Moses goes back up the mountain to intercede for the Israelites.

Exodus 33

God tells Moses the people can make the trip to the Promised Land by themselves. Moses and The Tent of Meeting (a special tent Moses used to meet with God); Moses sees God's glory.

Exodus 34

God gives Moses new stone tablets with the ten commandments on them. Moses pleads with God to fulfill His promise to take Israel to Canaan. God reiterates his covenant with Moses. Moses has to veil his face after meeting with God

Exodus 35

Moses shares Sabbath regulations with the Israelites; Moses calls on the people to gather materials to make the Tabernacle and all its articles. Bezalel and Oholiab are chosen to be the general contractors for the Tabernacle project.

Exodus 36

The construction of the Tabernacle begins

Exodus 37

The craftsmen make The Ark of the Covenant; The Table; The Lampstand; and The Altar of Incense

Exodus 38

The making of the Altar of Burnt Offering; the Basin of Washing; and the Courtyard; a list of materials used to construct the tabernacle.

Exodus 39

The making of the Priestly Garments including the Ephod, Breastpiece; and other priestly garments; Moses inspects the parts of theTabernacle.

Exodus 40

The Tabernacle is set up; The Glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.


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Exodus 19

God fulfills his promise to Moses (Exodus 4) to bring him back to Mt. Sinai; Moses meets God on the mountain; God gives instructions for the Israelites to consecrate themselves before giving the Ten Commandmnets

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