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The Main Events from the Book of Numbers

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The Main Events in the Book of Numbers

Numbers 1

The Lord commands Moses to take a census of the whole Israelite Community.

Numbers 2

The Lord Instructs Moses concerning the arrangement of the tribal camps around the Tabernacle.

Numbers 3

The Lord instructs Moses concerning the Levites; the Levites are claimed by God to be priests in Israel.

Numbers 4

The Lord commands Moses to take a census of the three Levite clans - the Kohathites, the Gershonites, and the Merarites and assigns special tasks to each of them. The Levite Clans are numbered.

Numbers 5

The Lord commands Moses to send away any Israelite with an infectious disease. The Lord gives instructions concerning restitution for wrongs. The Lord institutes a test for an unfaithful wife.

Numbers 6

The Lord gives instructions about anyone who takes the vow of a Nazirite. The Lord teaches Moses what Aaron and his sons should say when blessing the Israelites.

Numbers 7

The Israelites bring offerings for the dedication of the Tabernacle.

Numbers 8

The Lord gives instructions to Aaron concerning how to set up the lamps in front of the lampstand. The Levites are dedicated as priests of Israel.

Numbers 9

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The Lord instructs Moses and the Israelite community to celebrate the Passover. After the Tabernacle was finished, the Glory of God covered and filled it.

Numbers 10

The Lord gives instructions concerning the making and use of two Silver Trumpets. The Israelites set out from Sinai.

Numbers 11

The people of Israel complain about hardships and The Lord punishes them with fire. The people complain about a lack of meat; the Lord sends quail and then punishes them with a plague. Two men prophesy in the camp.

Numbers 12

Miriam and Aaron oppose Moses and Miriam is plagued with leprosy. Moses intercedes for Miriam that the Lord might heal her.

Numbers 13

The Lord instructs Moses to send spies to scout out the Promised Land. The spies confirm that the land has abundant resources for living, but all but Joshua and Caleb complain that the people living in the land are too strong and cannot be defeated by the Israelites.

Numbers 14

All the people of the community of Israel weep and complain against Moses and refuse to enter into the Promised Land. God threatens to wipe out the whole assembly. Moses and Aaron intercede on the behalf of the people. The Lord relents but the people are sentenced to wander in the wilderness for forty years.

Numbers 15

The Lord gives more instructions concerning sacrificial offerings; The Lord gives instructions about offerings for unintentional sins; a man is stoned to death for breaking the Sabbath; The Lord commands the Israelites to sow tassels on the edge of their garments as a sign of separation.

Numbers 16

Korah, Dothan, and Abiram rebel against Moses.

Numbers 17

The Lord instructs Moses to get one staff for each of the 12 tribes of Israel and place them in the Tabernacle; The Lord chose Aaron's staff above all the others and it budded, blossomed, and produced almonds.

Numbers 18

The Lord instructs Aaron concerning the duties of the priests and Levites; The Lord instructs Aaron concerning offerings for priests and Levites.

Numbers 19

The Lord instructs Moses and Aaron concerning the water of cleansing.

Numbers 20

Miriam (Moses' sister) died in the Desert of Zin; The people of Israel complain about a lack of water; The Lord instructs Moses to speak to the rock  and water would come out; Moses strikes the rock twice out of anger; The Lord judges Moses and Aaron for their angry outburst and denies them access to the Promised Land. Edom denies Israel passage through their land. Aaron dies at Mount Hor and his son Eleazar is ordained to succeeds Aaron as High Priest.

Numbers 21

Canaanites from the Negev attack Israel and the Israelites defeat the Canaanites; The Israelite people complain again; God sent a plague of venomous snakes; The Lord instructs Moses to make a bronze snake to save the people. The Israelites pass through Moab; The Israelites defeat Sihon king of the Amorites and Og king of Bashan.

Numbers 22

Balak king of Moab summons Balaam the seer; The Lord forbids Balaam from helping Balak; Balak persists and Balaam gives in; Balaam's donkey saves him from the Angel of the Lord.

Numbers 23

Balak asks Balaam to curse the Israelites; Balaam prophecies twice and blesses Israel.

Numbers 24

Balaam utters three more blessings and goes home

Numbers 25

Israelite men commit sexual immorality with Moabite women. The Lord sends a plague among the Israelites; Phinehas, son of Eleazar the High Priest, sticks up for God's standard; 24,000 die because of the plague; Phinehas is commended by God.

Numbers 26

The Lord directs Moses to take another census.

Numbers 27

Zelophehad's daughters are guaranteed their family inheritance; Joshua is chosen to succeed Moses.

Numbers 28

The Lord gives instructions about daily sacrifices; about Sabbath offerings; about monthly offerings; more instructions about the Passover and the Feast of Weeks.

Numbers 29

The Lord gives more instructions about the Feast of Trumpets; about the Day of Atonement; and about the Feast of Tabernacles.

Numbers 30

The Lord gives instructions about vows.

Numbers 31

The Lord directs Moses to take vengeance on the Midianites. The Lord gives instructions about splitting the spoils from the victory over the Midianites.

Numbers 32

The tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh petition for land east of the Jordan River outside the Promised Land. Their petition is granted on the condition that they help the other tribes take over the land west of the Jordan.

Numbers 33

The stages of Israel's 40 year journey are recounted.

Numbers 34

The Lord sets the boundaries of the Promised Land; Leaders from each tribe are appointed to help apportion the land after they take it.

Numbers 35

The Lord instructs the Israelites to appotion towns to the Levites; The Lord instructs the Israelites to choose six cities as Cities of Refuge to where accidental offenders can flee from vengeance of blood.

Numbers 36

The daughters of Zelophehad marry their cousins and retain their father's inheritance.


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