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The Lunarian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mount of Moon


The Lunarian

Now we come to a type that is primarily known for their imagination. The area on the palm associated with the Lunarian is the mount of Moon and this is located underneath the upper mount of Mars. If you find the mount of Moon to be the most prominent of all the other mounts, especially if this mount is bulging outward, then you have a Lunarian subject. Note that the mount of Moon and the mount of Luna (Luna is the title of the ancient Roman goddess that personifies the moon) refer to the same area on the palm, and thus, these two terms will be used interchangeably.

This mount showcases imagination. It is rare to find the pure Lunarian type nowadays but it's more common to find people that at least have some Lunarian qualities. This is because most of us cannot live without imagination. But the Lunarian thrives on it. An excessive development of this mount is harmful, especially if coupled with a sloping line of head, as it might indicate that the subject could be led astray by a surplus of fancy.

Appearance-wise, the Lunarian's height ranges from above-average to tall. Their flesh is usually of the spongy kind. They are likely to have a protruding abdomen. This type is fond of eating, and if Lunarians do not keep their eating habits check, they will most probably become overweight. They are not athletic or muscular and thus you're not likely to find this type at a gym or any similar facility. The head is likely to be round-shaped and expansive above the forehead. The hair, whether on the head or face, is likely to be of fine quality, usually straight and of blonde or chestnut color. Their complexion is likely to be dead white and the eyes are often found to be moist. Although, they might have a lot of hair on their head, and might choose to keep a fulsome beard, there is a likeliness that there won't be a lot of hair found on the body. The nose is bound to be tiny in size, the neck is expected to be fleshy like the rest of their body, and they have a tendency of growing a double chin in their later years. They have broad legs and the feet are also expected to be sizable. They will most probably have small-sized ears and a high-pitched tone of voice.

The hand of a Lunarian subject will be generally flabby or soft, and the fingers will most likely be smooth to the touch, with a small-sized thumb. The color of the palm is most likely to be white as it shows both the coldness of the personality and the lack of proper blood supply in the body. The second phalange of the thumb of a Lunarian will usually be bigger than the first. If the finger-tips are pointed then these increase the idealistic imagination of the subject while reducing the person's practicality. With conical tips, the danger of impracticality is less due to the subject being inclined to manually utilize their imagination through writing, painting, etc. Square tips bring with it the inclination towards being practical in nature, while spatulate tips add originality to an already imaginative character.

Personality-wise, the Lunarian subject is creative and they usually reside in the mental sphere. They remind us that we need to exit our day-to-day material selves and look at the world through the mind's eye. Anything scientific or mathematic doesn't appeal to them unless it somehow complements their visionary aspirations. They are daydreamers preferring to build castles in the air rather than going through the humdrum of everyday life. They are also prone to travel, and if they have the necessary funds, will end up travelling a lot in their lifetimes. Lunarians have a special attraction towards water. Thus, you're likely to find them walking barefoot on beaches, or residing in houses or hotels that are near to large bodies of water. They also like to be alone, contemplating or working on their art, and thus you won't find many Lunarians at a social gathering. Though, you're bound to see them in cinemas or museums where they like to feed their mental cravings.

With the above descriptions, it comes as no surprise that Lunarians excel as film-makers, photographers, writers, painters, etc. They have an ample supply of vocabulary and are not only able to write, draw and/or capture mental pictures but are also able to speak expressively, and they consequently make excellent lecturers. This is especially true if they have a long Mercury finger with a dominating first phalange of that same finger. The field of linguistics is also beneficial to them due to their firm hold on language. If they write prose, it will be of the fiction variety especially historical fiction. If they write poetry, then the verses are likely to tinged with romance. If they draw, the paintings are likely to vivid. If they make films, they are likely to be sci-fi epics or heart-pounding thrillers. They are fond of music as well and if they start practicing music, then they will most probably render classical compositions.

Just like the fingers are divided into three phalanges each, the mount of Moon is divided into three sections. The upper world stands for intellect, the middle world for practicality, and the lower world for self-indulgence. If the upper one is developed then the Lunarian belongs to the class of thinkers and will excel as a philosopher, professor, etc. If the midsection is most prominent, then the Lunarian will make a successful film-maker, journalist, author, etc. If both these sections are developed, then there will be business sense added to the intellectual and practical capacities of the Lunarian, and thus the subject will be a moneymaker. If the base world is the most prominent then this Lunarian is likely to be a couch potato—especially if the other two sections are undeveloped—and without any positive indications shown by the rest of the hand, the subject is likely to over-indulge in activities such as eating, drinking, etc.

As seen from the afore-mentioned example, there is a dark side to the Lunarian as well. Some negative aspects associated with their personality include self-centeredness, narcissism, etc. At their worst, Lunarians suffer from depression due to becoming slaves of their ever-rampant imagination. Their sensitive personalities can lead them to imagining that other people are out to get them—even though this might realistically not be the case. They are also one of the most lazy personality types and the tendency to not take the initiative especially when circumstances call for it is a common occurrence for the Lunarian and this aspect harms both them and the people closest to them. Lunarians should refrain from thinking too much about spirituality as they become negatively obsessed with ghosts, poltergeists, etc. They like dabbling in occultism and magic, but unless this hobby serves to further their creative ambitions, it would be wise for a Lunarian to distance themselves from the supernatural.

Health-wise, they are prone to obesity-related diseases if they stop taking care of their weight. Intestinal problems such as appendicitis are also common to this type. Signature diseases associated with this type include that of the kidney, bladder and womb, as these bodily areas are those showcased on the mount of Luna itself. Mental disorders are common with this type, and these range from depression and anxiety to actual insanity. A large thumb and strong head-line will counter these psychotic tendencies.

Relationship-wise, though the Lunarian loves solitude, they are not adverse to marriage. Still, they make the most weird choices, either marrying a person much older than themselves or quite younger. They often make bad spouses due to their selfish natures but only through a comprehensive study of a person's palm will anyone's marriage conditions be fully revealed.

With an under-developed mount of Moon, the person is bound to have a materialistic personality. With an exaggerate mount, the subject's imagination will most probably end up overpowering them. Hence, a semi-developed mount of Luna is the best version to be found on any palm. It will be hard for you to find the pure Lunarian specimen, but almost everyone will have some Lunarian qualities, as we all need the power of imagination to guide us through our seemingly monotonous lives, especially in this capitalist era.

Famous Lunarians: George Lucas, CeeLo Green, Alfred Hitchcock, Elton John, Michael Moore, and Truman Capote.

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Now let's look at the meanings behind the lines and signs present on the mount of Moon. Positive markings include the single vertical line, the star, the triangle, etc., and negative markings include the cross, the grille, the mole, etc.

The single vertical line on the mount of Moon means a singular focus of the imaginative qualities of the subject. The person with this sign will be able to take control of their thought-process and not let themselves be taken control by it. They can also direct their creative line of thinking in the pursuit of a practical goal. The more the number of the single vertical lines present on this mount, the more practical platforms are available for the subject to express their inner creativity.

The star on any mount means an explosion of the qualities associated with that area. If the star is present on the mount of Moon, it means that the subject has a great chance of earning fame owing to their creative talents. Many celebrated writers, painters and artists have this formation.

The triangle on the mount of Moon means that the subject will use their imaginative faculties wisely.

The square on any place on the palm signifies protection. On the mount of Moon, its presence acts as a safeguard against the negative Lunarian qualities such as over-imagination.

The circle is a rare sign to be found on the palm. On the mount of Moon, the circle is an indication that the subject possesses creative talents.

The cross on the mount of Moon is considered negative. Its presence is indicative of the subject's life being badly affected by their constant negative thinking—especially when they start becoming pessimistic even when their lives are going in the right direction. With a sloping line of head this indication becomes even worse as the subject might start imagining unfavorable scenarios happening to them that might not even realistically occur. The bigger the cross on the mount of the Moon, the worse are the aspects associated with it.

The grille on any mount is considered inauspicious. On the mount of Moon, it increases the likelihood of the bearer suffering from mental disorders associated with the Lunarian type such as anxiety, depression, hysteria, etc. If the subject ultimately succumbs to these peculiarities, then they are also likely to develop Lunarian health problems of the physical variety such as kidney, bladder and womb troubles.

The mole on the mount of Moon is also indicative of mental disease, especially hysteria, or any other that could lead to actual insanity. Only a comprehensive analysis of the hand will confirm the extent of the negativity associated with this marking.

The island on any place on the palm is considered inauspicious. If the island is present on the mount of Moon, there is some kind of obstruction hindering the full utilization of the subject's creative potential.

Before we end this section on Lunarian personality type, we must also look at one of the most interesting lines to be found on this area: the lines of travel; also known as voyage lines.

(Insert picture of numerous lines of travel on the mount of Moon)

These are horizontal lines that emerge from the side of the hand. The more the lines, the more the chances of the subject taking long voyages. One note to remember is that whenever travel lines are mentioned in old palmistry books, these are read as denoting long voyages on water. However, in this modern era, this does not hold true as air-travel has become the norm.

If these lines of travel are clear and uncut then this is an indication of smooth sailing for the subject. However, if these lines are badly formed, crossed, marked with islands, and/or other negative signs, then these voyages will be either dangerous for the subject or will prove unbeneficial. For example, (insert illustration) a travel line starting with a cross and ending with a cross: The subject had to work extra hard in order to visit a foreign country, and the line being untouched in the middle served as a confirmation of him reaching his destination, but when the line ended with a cross, an unfortunate event occurred which made him go back earlier than he had expected.

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