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What Is the Luciferian Doctrine? Part Iii: My Conclusion

Jesus tells Satan to"talk to the hand!"

Satan came against Christ time and time again, but Jesus was not having any of it! Satan still tries deceive us with pretending to be of the light..but it is all a lie!

Satan came against Christ time and time again, but Jesus was not having any of it! Satan still tries deceive us with pretending to be of the light..but it is all a lie!

The "Big G" and the "magic Oion"

PLEAS NOTE: This is the third and final installment in my series of hubs on Lucifierian Doctrine and I recommended that you read those first before you read this hub to get the full perspective of what I am trying to convey.

Now since Bin Laden has been killed and his body dumped in the ocean, I have not been able to keep my mind from saying “how convenient!” Then when I see that Obama popularity has escalated since then, I start to wonder if there is some kind of conspiracy going on, like the whole thing was staged! Is the fact that I have recently done massive amounts of research on conspiracy theories have affected me and has made me cynical?

Yes, it is a fact that I have lost faith in the government. Not just one political party, or the government of the good old U.S.A, I have lost faith in all man made government systems! Like I have said before, I do not buy all of the foolishness that I read about the Freemasonry Order or any other form of hype about shadow governments. After all, world wide there is now over 6 million Freemasons. Another thing to consider is that not ALL of the Masonic Lodges are on the same page. Different countries have different traditions that may differ to a certain degree. Most of these members do not have a clue to any New World Order Conspiracy. Most have probably joined because they felt it would be good way to make business contacts or for other secular reasons.

It is the upper levels of the organisation that have the power-for this is the way that it has always been, the few have ruled the many. In fact it is the 33 degree Masons that have been the most influential in our society. The Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Wicca and The Golden Dawn has been some of the cults and Magical Orders that has been started by 33 degree Masons. However, we also need to consider that many other great men involved in politics and other important roles in society have also gone to the top of Masonry.

Even though the Freemasons are considered a secretive society, by most outsiders, the Masons do not see themselves as secretive-instead they are just “quiet”. Personally, I fell that “confidential” is actually a better term than “secret.” This opinion is formed from my own experience with other groups that kept certain information secretive. They did so mainly as a way to build a bond of trust between there members. For when I look back on some of things that were keep confidential by groups I belonged to, the information its self was not all that special or important with out the context of creating a bound between the members.

It is true that the members of the Freemasons have aspects about their rituals and procedures that they keep confidential. However, the very symbols they have chose to use scream out with meaning. These symbols have been “recycled” throughout time going back to…Egypt and Samara! Once again it is these two ancient societies that supply the roots for a lot of the symbols and basic rituals that have been passed on to the modern Masons.

Another thing to consider, is that the meanings of the symbols used by the Freemasons change from one level to another. In fact, the meanings of the symbols can be compared to layers of an onion. The more “leaves” you peal off the onion, the more profound the concept.To illustrate what I mean, we will take a look at the most common Masonic symbol. This is the compass and the square with a gigantic capital G smack dab in the middle of the symbol. Most will tell you that this represents God as being the center reference or the most important aspect of Freemasonry beliefs.

After all, the mere fact that the rituals involved in a initiate becoming a first level Mason includes an open Bible that they must take oath on is a good indication of the importance they place on mainstream religion, right? Maybe in the first levels this is true, and yet if you study these symbols they tell a different story. It is also been said that the meaning behind "the Big G" morphs into representing something totally different.

Another accepted view of the capital letter G in regards to the Masons, is the word geometry. This is a concept that will take us back to alleged beginnings of the Freemasons and its claimed connection with the building of Solomon's Temple. In fact, the main founder of the Freemasons is said to be a man named Huram- Abi.

Most of the solid evidence that he even existed, comes from only one verse in the bible- 2 Chronicles 2: 13-14. The main ritual connected to this man who the Masons consider to be the founder of their organisation, is an initiation ritual used for Master Masons. It is known as "The Legion of the Third Degree." The connection to geometry is the belief that this form of math was a skill that Huram (or Hiram as he also called) had mastered.

However, I have yet another theory of the meaning of the Masonic capital G. That is the word Gnostic, or knowledge. For in many ways most magical orders worship knowledge. For it is this craving for knowledge that can be traced back to the very beginning and the "tree of knowledge" and the original lie. Like I said it just a theory, but I do think that I am on to something, for in many ways the Freemasons are one the greatest collectors of knowledge, symbols and rituals the world has ever known.

Is God really the center of the Masons?

This here is the logo for Freemasonry with several level of meanings.

This here is the logo for Freemasonry with several level of meanings.

Hiram Abif is a important figure in Masonic tradition, but did he really exist?

Hiram Abif is a important figure in Masonic tradition, but did he really exist?

Oh yes, the five point star! I could do at least one hub on this one symbol.

This one symbol is probable the most common of all symbols with several levels of meanings, both positive and negative.

This one symbol is probable the most common of all symbols with several levels of meanings, both positive and negative.

The so called King of Witches

I do not know how he be came a king for he was a follower of Mr. Gardner!

I do not know how he be came a king for he was a follower of Mr. Gardner!

A Source is a Source of course of course and everything has a Source OF COURSE!

I always been amazed by the attitude that some have taken-that life sprang up all by itself. That all it took was some kind of special “soup” and a whole lot of time and WHAM life began! Yea, I know the theory is much more complicated than this and yet-I believe that everything has an absolute beginning, a source. I am not getting into the old argument in this hub on the difference between evolution and creation for what I want to focus on is the source of evil!

I also get a kick out of people that keep saying that we are so much like the animals…and yet, besides disease like rabies that causes an affected animal to go berserk, animals normally do not kill without reason. They are protecting there young, their selves, their territory or killing to eat. For when was the last time you heard of a wild predatory animal going on a killing spree for no reason at all? However, men do this all the time! Psychopathic behaviour is a human condition.

It is also interesting that some entertain the theory that what I perceive as demonic activity could be the spirits of the evil dead! Or just an over-active imagination that has somehow convinced the brain that a phenomenon is happening. Imagination is a powerful force that is the spark behind every invention of mankind. It is also by the way, a big aspect in many so called “magical” practices. Even in saying this, this does not explain all of the supernatural events that have happened since the dawn of time!

The notion that the evil dead are among us creating havoc is actually the opposite of what my experiences have taught me. I have come to the conclusion that it is demons that are masquerading as the spirits of the dead! After all, does it not seem strange that humans can survive death without a source? The Agnostic or Atheist is willing to believe in the possibility that death is not the end, but is not willing to consider that there is a force behind both good and evil? Well, let me cut to the chase and explain why I am convinced in the reality evil spirits, or if you prefer demons:

Now, the reason why I am also convinced that “they”(evil spirits) are not products of my imagination or hallucination is:

  • A hallucination is usually not seen by more than one person (at least not the exact hallucination).
  • A hallucination is not capable of moving objects or leaving marks like scratches on a person’s body.
  • A hallucination is not cable of lowering the temperature within the room, as is often the case when a negative spirit is attempting to manifest or make its presence known.
  • A hallucination does not leave a foul odor as demons sometimes do.

One thing I saw on the TV show Ghost Adventures that really disturbed me, was when the main investigator, Zack was scratched by a demon. What he did not realise is that what the demon was doing was branding him! For in some Black Magic Orders allowing oneself to be scratched is considered a form of initiation into the higher levels of Priest Hood! It is similar to the concept of signing your name in blood or any other form of blood contract. These people that investigate a haunting do not realise that they are being caught up in a cat and mouse game with forces beyond there understanding and once they open the door to that world, it is very hard to close it!

As the time becomes shorter and shorter before the return of Jesus Christ, the demonic activity will increase to the point it will be almost commonplace! However, the demonic entities will do what is in their power to deceive people and make them think something else is going on. For example, I am convinced that so-called UFO activity is actually the handy work of Satan! Even the fact that a lot of claims made about these “Alien” races resemble the ancient accounts is part of the battle plan of that old “Bass Pro Angler” “The Father of Lies” “The Dragon” or what ever else you want to call him! For there are those who claim to have been abducted who speak of either reptilian/humanoid creatures or what some refer to as “the grays” an almost insect-like humanoid. Now if you study enough of the world myths you will see many similarities with the accounts of strange ships in the sky with the sightings of UFO’S in modern times. Our, the description of these “gods” or aliens has been repeated throughout out history and throughout the world. This comparison I am making is nothing new, except my conclusion is that it is not a race of humanoids from another planet but instead “they” are “heavenly beings” that rebelled against God and were cast out to this earth with the goal of tempting and misleading mankind!

One of my favorite movie is The Devil’s Advocate because it is filled with truthful information about “the mind set” or the doctrine of the evil one! Throughout the move it depicts how The Satan” and his cronies work to manipulate humans anyway and every way they can! On the surface it is about an Attorney that finally discovers that he is the offspring of the Devil and yet, there are many layers to this “work of fiction” that hits the nail DEAD ON the head!

Al Pacino is a master in his role as Satan, making such profound statements like “The twentieth century was all mine, every bit of it!” Or, “The Millennium is coming the title fight, the final round!” He also proclaims the ultimate lie “I am the fan of man!” This is repeated in the doctrine of every single Satanic Order that ever existed! This distorted view that Satan really is interested in the welfare of man!

While we are discussing sources, I want to return to an earlier statement I made asserting that Wicca was the product of the Freemasons. For if you examine the REAL TRUTH behind Wicca and other forms of “whitewashed” witchcraft you will discover the roots to this “religion” is not where many Wicca “historians” want you to believe it is! Back in the day when I was a Satanist I use to scoff at the concepts and presumptions presented by Wicca that denounced any connection with Satanism! For when you scrutinize the evidence behind Wicca, you find a whole different picture presented!

So what about this that has been christened “ The Craft” or the “Old Religion”, is it really as old as it is claimed? Or is it more like a “cut and paste” job done by three 33 degree Masons? To begin our investigation, we should start at by analyzing the “mentality” of the late 19th and early 20th century throughout Europe and America. This is when Spiritualism and a renewed interest in anything to do with Occult were born. This was a time that could be perceived to be similar to a later era, the 1960’s It was a time of rebellion when people were questioning there prior beliefs and were bored with the status qua. This is when The Golden Dawn and Alcester Crowley answered the call for something different. Then as time progressed, another Occultist Gerald Gardner presents somewhat of a different flavor of the Occult than “Ceremonial Magic” of the Golden Dawn or the darker and more complicated concepts of Crowley. He instead claims to have been initiated into a “Nature Religion” Wicca! This secret coven was said to had been formed in “New Forest” England and could be traced back to ancient times.

Even though, no real evidence could be provided to actually prove these claims or for that matter, even the existence of the “New Forest” Coven. This did not seem to matter, for the popularity of this form of “white” witchcraft slowly grew, first in England and then the rest of the world. Mr. Gardner did not do this single handily, for he had the aid of yet two more 33 degree Masons, Crowley and Alex Sanders also known as the king of witches who started yet another “school” of Wicca, The Alexandrian tradition Now Alcester influence was at first was not as evident as the two other men, for after all-he was a confessed Satanist! Regardless, his profound understanding of the Occult and magic in general left its mark on the formation of “modern” Wicca.”

Besides these three men, there was yet one more great influence on the formation of Wicca as it appears today, and that was the book known as “The Gospel of Witches” that was said to be a secret and ancient “guide” to witches in Italy. I will never forget the first time that I read this book and my attitude was “you got to be kidding me?” For I saw it as a farce! Here are the reasons why….

  • The Title-”The Gospel of the Witches” the word gospel is Greek for “Good News” so why would an Italian book use Greek and not Latin?
  • Right off the bat it confuses the reader by giving conflicting information about Lucifer (remember him, the “Light Bearer” “The Morning Star”? “World renowned type error”?) It calls him the sun god AND the brother of the goddess Diana…. but wait, here is when it gets good! This is a direct quote from a book that claims to be a pagan manuscript!

Diana greatly loved her brother Lucifer, the god of the Sun and of the Moon, the god of Light (Splendor), who was so proud of his beauty, and who for his pride was driven from Paradise

This statement about Lucifer should lead us to conclude either (A) this book is hoax with conflicting information. Or (B) it acknowledges and agrees with the belief about Lucifer being a fallen angel, which would bring into question if Wicca were indeed as disconnected with Satan as they claims!

Also there is the notion that Wicca follows Celtic traditions that were handed down through The Barbs that was a form of Druid disciplined in memorizing the old legends and passing them down verbally. The problem in this is that the stories were not written down until Ireland and other Celtic countries had become Christianize. Because of this, it is likely that the monks who transcribed them altered these myths to fit into their beliefs!

In fact, it is now has been scientifically proven that these pagan people, these Celtic Druids were involved in human sacrifice, that was first denied by the witch/historians who tried to create a “hippy like” view of these pagans. To demonstrate in part what I am declaring, you should check out my hub St. Patrick Versus The Snakes that investigates these concepts in more detail. Check out my videos and the information on the peat moss mummies for it drives this point home! Finally, I will use the confession of a Wicca historian, Jenny Gibson who admits...

"We Neo pagans now face a crisis. As new data appeared, historians altered their theories to account for it. We have not. Therefore an enormous gap has opened between the academic and the "average" Pagan view of witchcraft. We continue to use of out-dated and poor writers, like Margaret Murray, Montague Summers, Gerald Gardner, and Jules Michelet. We avoid the somewhat dull academic texts that present solid research, preferring sensational writers who play to our emotions." In other words, they prefer a good story to the truth!

One of the bizarre directions that Neo Paganism to be marching towards is blending of Christianity and Paganism together creating a high-bred that some dare to call Christian Witchcraft! That is like the god of the oxymoron, for the Bible time and again denounces the worship of anything besides God! In fact, throughout the book of Isaiah God through his prophets speaks about the foolishness of worshiping idols or for that matter, nature itself! For in Isaiah 57: 5 it speaks of the worship of idols “beneath the oaks and every green tree” brings to mind The Druids and their sacred groves.

In Romans 1:25 Paul does not pull any punches when he speaks of those who should know better but still rebel against God. Using the NLT translation, I quote….”They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and serve the things God created instead of the creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise!” Paul’s view is if one can see the handy work of God, those things he has created and then refuse to acknowledge him God will abandon them to go their own way.

Chest nuts roasting on a open fire! Watch this, and I thik you will understand...Maybe

Man's New World Order Vs God's New World Order

So what is the conclusion that can be reached about this Luciferian Doctrine? Or more importantly, what is the future outcome in regards to The Real Light Barer, Jesus Christ AND the Artificial Light Barer “The Satan”? What can we expect to happen next in regards to this age-old tug-a-war that has been going on within our spiritual playing filed? For after all it has been over two thousand years since Jesus Christ left this world, so why has he not returned, or better yet why does it even matter?

We are living in a time that more and more people have become convinced that the world could end soon. Just take the look at the whole hoopla that has been generated around 2012! I have spoken to intelligent people who have become convinced that once all the planets align the jig will be up for this world!

Then there was the recent prophecy around the Rapture happening on May 21st of this year! This, by the way was the seconded attempt by this man to predict the return of Jesus and he is still at it! For he now says that the return will be in October! My intent is not poke fun at this man for he may be viewed as “the very elect” that Satan as a “roaring lion” has been trying to deceive! I am sure his heart is in the right place and he is honestly thinking he is dead on track, even though scripture warns us that no man knows the time when Christ will return! In my opinion I feel that Harold Camping needs to step away from his calculator and just except that the Second Coming will happen when God decides, our task is to be ready! Even though he states that that true believers in the last days will be notified of Jesus’ coming, Acts 1: 7 makes it clear that even the Apostles did not know. For once again it is made clear with these words:“The Father alone has the authority to set the dates and the times, and they are not for you to know”

Still, if we take a hard look at what is happening in the world today, there is indications that Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled!

  • First off, we are going through financial crises that has affected the whole world. It has been christen “The Great Recession” which I see as a profound understatement.
  • The friction in the Middle East continues to heat up, with Israel being one of the key players-just as the Bible predicted!
  • The weather has been completely out of whack, with tornadoes and floods breaking records-one after another
  • Have we every had time in recorded history when technology has advance as fast as it doing now? Short answer-No!
  • The world has become overcrowded and over polluted to the point that can no longer be ignored!

Even with all this-the people of this world refuse to see that something has to give, they think that somehow science will supply the answer, that we will “evolve” or way out!

Personally, I believe the only solution is this:

“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve and let it be the Lord!

Here are hubs that hits the nail right on the head!


GL Smit on September 28, 2018:

Great piece, but don't buy into the agenda 21 and 2013 crap of over population mate.

Jugs on December 19, 2016:

Very interesting hubs HVW!

So my question to you is, how do you feel this fits in with the recent (past 18 months or so) resurgence (and I emphasise "surge") in the Flat Earth (geocentric) theory/model and God's Firmament (Psalms 19:1)?!!

Luke Durham on September 25, 2016:

I have never read such a well research dissertation on the occult !!

And its impact on man . I'm not a fundamentalist Christian but lived in fear and fascination over satanism . I'm not an orthodox Roman Catholic and defender of the faith in faith and reason . Thank you

Free Macon on January 13, 2015:

Excellent effort! Although, you should do some more research, Samaria and Sumer aren't the same.

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on July 06, 2012:

Okay enjoy! So what does this make you, a cowboy or predator?

AFAM 3rd EOGD on July 04, 2012:

Weather at liberty to discuss these things or not, i do enjoy watching the cattle scurry about in temperral struggle to understand the mysteries. lol

markbennis on April 12, 2012:

Without knowing exactly the truth all I can say is everything is a possibility and very likely, maybe evil is not just Earth bound but maybe present in the Universe too?

Maybe it’s a dimensional thing? I mean we are supposed to be in the 3rd dimension of space and time and maybe evil or opposition to light is prevalent in this dimension, above this one or bellow this one?

The point is we just don’t know for a fact, but still everyone must make of it as they will, one day we know I am sure.

But regards to Earth yes it is a sinful place granted without argument on that one.

markbennis on April 11, 2012:

Well that maybe true but we just don’t know for a fact, but still would like to know for sure?

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on April 11, 2012:

Hello Mark, thanks for dropping in! Here is one point I wish to make in regards to the concept of the universe. If it is true that God is in charge, then maybe all the other worlds have not fallen into sin as our world has! That is the view I have reached after almost forty years of research into the whole "ET" provability.

markbennis on April 11, 2012:

Hello Highvoltagewriter,

Great Hubs 1 through to 3 and a fascinating topic with great information too, tough subject to try and openly discuss as it is humongous as we delve into its depths, seeking and filtering what is the truth.

The only thing with me is that I cannot for some reason stop feeling that good and evil are just solely conformed to the Earth. The Universe is gigantic and our own Milky Way galaxy has in excess of 100, 000000 Stars, which would by the odds alone, leave plenty room for life supporting planetary systems?

So the Alien issue and that of metaphysics would be a higher probability for my understanding, I feel the game itself is more complex as you would expect and that would have to include the Universe, also whatever is out their too.

Through my experience I have come to understand that evil certainly does exist and not just by man alone, no matter what clever people are instigating such horrors here with us.

Which also inadvertently makes you realise that God is real also, but this is where I just cant gel to the concepts of Religion, something just don’t feel right for me there. I think my concepts of the Annunaki are just what they appear to be, advanced extraterrestrials that have had a strong influence in our history.

My feeling is there is so much more going on and it governs me to look outwardly from this planet too, as it just doesn’t feel correct to me that all is centred around our planet and the rest of the Universe is null and void?

Anyway I could ramble on and on, and probably some more but like I said I haven’t found my truths yet as I am still seeking them, so everything is a fair possibility until I know with certainty.

Voted up!

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on September 30, 2011:

I could not agree with you more, itsthatsimple2011! I appreciate you stopping in and endorsing my views!

itsthatsimple2011 on September 30, 2011:

Written by highvoltagewriter:

Hay Trish, well at least your song remains the same...and we go back and forth with different views. However, all I can do is sow the seeds of what I see as the truth and then pray that some day you will understand! That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Oh by the way, can you tell me why the spirits respond to the name of Jesus?

My answer:

The spirits respond to the name Jesus and the cross because he has dominion over them. Remember he holds the keyes to death and hades... Im sure you read revelations through and through:)

Interesting Hub!

iskra1916 from Belfast, Ireland. on September 22, 2011:

I have thoroughly enjoyed your 3 hubs and they have been a great help in my research into Freemasonry's links to the occult.

naturalsolutions on September 22, 2011:

I'm so afraid on what will happen to us before the return of our god, nowadays we experience a lot of tragedy that kills a lot of people. We can't hide to ourselves that our nature, the earth rapidly change.

But like the million story all over the world. There's a savior and the sun will continue to smile and greet us every morning.

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on August 08, 2011:

I even know people who do not have a strong connection with Jesus that have used the name of Jesus and have had results in warding of evil! A whole lot better by the way than the name of Buddha by the way (and yes I have tested tested this when I went though an attack)!

Also, back in the day when I was a Satanist, I delighted in showing those who did not believe in demons...DEMONS! you see, it did not matter if they believed or not, the manifestations would still happen! I dare you to go to a REAL Voo-Doo ceremony for it is very common for people who never been before to be PUSHED VIOLENTLY by something unseen! This has been documented several times!

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on July 22, 2011:

Hello Highvoltagewriter :)

I used to read a lot of 'weird and wonderful' books, on all sorts of unusual phenomena ~ as well books on religion, etc. I still think that the 'gaps' in our knowledge are particularly interesting.

What I noticed was that the more I concentrated on a subject, the bigger it seemed to get ~ if you follow my meaning.

Thus, when I read a lot about UFOs, I was convinced that they were real and I found this frightening. Now, I no longer read such books, and the subject no longer seems to be particularly important. Aliens may or may not exist. I don't know. If they do, then I hope that they are all friendly.

This is my attitude to the mysterious unknown now. I do not know enough about it to pass judgement. Something is happening ~ I know that, because of the experiences that I and others have had ~ but I cannot explain it. Maybe something is there ~ but where? In our subconscious perhaps? On another plane? ~ Maybe.

I will retain a healthy interest in the subject ~ but not an unhealthy one. I will not read so much about it that the subject takes up all of my time, affects my dreams and makes me paranoid. That was beginning to happen to me and I did not like it.

We are constantly learning ~ as individuals and as a people. Right now, we do not know or understand everything, so some things frighten us.

This is parallel to the ancients, who did not understand thunder and lightning. They blamed the god Thor. We can blame 'super natural' beings of our choice ~ this will probably include aspects of current religious beliefs and practices, such as those associated with Christianity.

We can draw conclusions ~ logical or illogical ones ~ but that does not mean that we are correct in our assumptions.

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on July 21, 2011:

Well Trish I have come to believe that it is much easer than people realize to be affected by spirits but the thing is they do not want people to know this! It is all about perspective, for what has come absolutely obvious to me may not be clear to someone else! For remember, I once thought similar to the way you do now!

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on July 21, 2011:

Hi again :)

'Why [do] the spirits respond to the name of Jesus?'

Because we want and expect 'them' to.

The best way not to get involved with 'evil spiritis' is simply not to get involved with them (ie. the subject).

Read about ideas, become educated and learn ~ but don't get 'involved'; don't let the subject take you over.

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on July 20, 2011:

Thanks for stopping in Sinbad and I hope you get to read my other hubs on this subject for this is the conclusion to that serese. Hay Lone Ranger you make many points that I have gone into in Part One and Two of this serese. It is obvious that you know your stuff.

Hay Trish, well at least your song remains the same...and we go back and forth with different views. However, all I can do is sow the seeds of what I see as the truth and then pray that some day you will understand! That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Oh by the way, can you tell me why the spirits respond to the name of Jesus?

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on July 20, 2011:

Hi Highvoltagewriter :)

Interesting hub ~ as ever ~ but I cannot really agree with you.

I do accept that there are things that we do not yet understand.

I also believe that people can get themselves into a position, where 'evil' seems to take them over.

Souls ~ good and bad ~ may, possibly, live on after death. I don't know.

There may, possibly, be something in various supernatural beliefs.

But I cannot believe that the Bible has got it right ~ I think that it was just an attempt at understanding the inexplicable.

Satan and Lucifer are Biblical creations ~ and they are not demons, even in the Bible.

Lone Ranger on July 19, 2011:


"Yes I heard that and yet others in the order say different things." - Highvoltagewriter


Indeed...you made my point for me. Albert Pike, the author of Morals and Dogma, Brigadier General in the Confederate Army, Co-founder of the KKK and 33 degree Grand Inspector General simply stated that those in "the order" are lied to, "want to be lied to", and "deserve to be lied to" and they are often led on wild goose chases with promises of increased illumination, which is never delivered.

Please understand that many who belong to the Fressmasonic Order are consistently used and lied to for they are nothing more than pawns in a much larger and malevolent game.

Donald Beres Jr from Valparaiso, Indiana on July 19, 2011:

That is a Unique Theory of one I am inclined to agree with, for this is the very Act that caused the man and woman to fall and gave Satan his power to influence us at will. The Act of defilement of the marriage or union of the Man Adam and the woman Eve that GOD had so joined together.

It would in fact be something that Satan would Gloat about everywhere I am sure. This was an interesting write and informative in the way that Satan strives to create all the rabbit holes of which you speak of, trails that lead no where and take time away from seeking the truth.

Which is within you and me and all of us to find. By prayer, meditation, and fasting if your inclined, or by many years of being near to Death and living with his lies or experiences.

As getting close to Death and his teachings and misleadings are today common place and taught everywhere and anywhere. Even in our very churches of so called Christ followers.

The blinded are leading the blind right into this very trap laid out so well by your hub. This world Order is and has always been a plot of Satan's and it is allowed by God to separate the goats and the sheep.

Those who think they know and those who don't or care not to want to know. Thanks for this share Highvoltagewriter.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man it was long but, worth the read and the videos as well are worth watching too.

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on July 18, 2011:

Yes I heard that and yet others in the order say different things

Lone Ranger on July 18, 2011:


Just so you know, the letter "G" in Freemasonry is short for the "Generative" principle. This is a euphemism for the sexual act between a man and a woman. You can see this whenever you look at another Freemasonic symbol: the Washington Monument. At 555 feet tall (666 x 10 = 6,660 divided by 12" = 555'), the Washington Monument is a Freemasonic obilisk representing an erect male phalic symbol and the circle surrounding its base represents the female phalic symbol during the carnal act itself. The "G" does not represent God or Geometry or anything else. Those in the know allow the new initiates and ignorant to believe whatever they want, but in the end it is just another religious order that worships Satan and the sex act itself.

William Benner (author) from Savannah GA. on July 08, 2011:

Thanks Mag!It took me awhile to get this one published for it seems My old Boss(Satan) does not like me writing these sort of hubs for all kinds of things keep going wrong and slowing me down! Anyway, I am sure a lot of people are not going to like some of the things I have wrote about Wicca! Oh well, the truth hurts, for I did not make any of this up!

magnoliazz from Wisconsin on July 08, 2011:

Awesome HUB!! It deserves so much more than just a thumbs up. I find myself nodding my head in ageement with you time and time again.

people have to realize than whenever you do "magik" what you are really doing is asking demons to do your bidding. Maybe they will, for a while, but in the end, you will have to pay up for any favors granted. And that could get real ugly, real fast.

We see the media produce movies like "The Craft" and now more and more teenagers are getting turned onto the occult. there is an explosion of the paranormal, it is everywhere. All these ghost hunter programs are especially dangerous, because it gets kids involved in this kind of crap when it could be very dangerous. Maybe we need to write a hub about that, based on a true story where the "ghosts/really demons" follows the people home and turns their lives into a living hell. Years ago people knew about these things because they went to church where this was talked about. Not today, today lots of people are not even baptized which leaves a door open to the demonic big time.

And then there is the UFO thing. I believe the alien/human breeding plan is connected to the final battle. Only 1/3 of the angels are fallen, Satan wants more fiends to fight the final battle on his side, and thats what the alien/human breeding plan will provide.

I also believe the "grays" are probably the less powerful fallen angels and are the imps of old.

There is simply nothing new under the sun, but with God's help we can open our eyes and see what is really going on in this world. Time and time again the bible provides the answers.

Thanks, a truly great hub.