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Venus in the Sign of Aries

Tropical astrology has been a pursuit for much of my adult life. It helps me give the Wheel of the Year more spokes.

Venus Is The Planet of Love

Venus is known as the "lesser fortune" in astrology because of the blessings it bestows upon us. Venus governs harmony in relationships. Our beauty is said to be defined by it's placement in our charts. After all, Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty! What other planet could possibly bring us these blessings?

Venus is gentle and feminine. When it is in a masculine sign like Aries it is not thought to be the happiest placement. In fact, it is said to be in detriment because Aries is the sign opposite Venus governed Libra. However, there are positive things which can be said about this placement. Aries is an energetic sign which can balance out the lazy and easy-going qualities of Venus. Aries brings yang to Venus' yin.

People born with this placement are always looking for a thrill. Satisfaction is hard to find due to their impatience. They want to prove themselves through their actions. Love may be looked upon as a conquest.

An adventurer often longs to go off to explore uncharted territory. Usually they aren't interested in being domesticated. The impulsive nature of Aries means frequent poorly thought out decisions in the realm of love and potentially in the area of finances as well. There may be lots of fights in store if they are paired up with someone who values wisely conserving financial resources. While they may have a lot of initiative and enthusiasm, they can frequently be foolhardy.

Venus in Aries won't want to listen to the advice of others. They are their own boss and want to rule their own castle.


What Is The Sign of Aries Like?

Aries is a fiery, cardinal sign ruled by the planet Mars. It is always on the move. This sign has a pioneering spirit which is always striking out on bold new adventures. Enthusiastic, tough, and reckless. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. People with Venus in Aries may be naive and have a childlike approach to love.

Aries is the male creative impulse. It is the first sign of the zodiac and associated with the beginning of spring. Spring is a time of germination. When we plant a seed it may or may not grow to it's full potential. The nature of Aries is just as unpredictable.


Aries In Venus Is Socially Active

People with this placement may be active and creative in artistic matters. Socially they are movers and shakers who may be aggressive. You will find them out at all kinds of parties and gatherings. They certainly are easy to meet! Their outgoing nature may expose them to all kinds of new partners. Be careful for a straying eye if you happen to fall in love with them! They also like to gamble and take risks. Perhaps they will take a risk on you!

They may not seek social approval and can get people pissed off. They want to be noticed and appreciated, but sometimes do this in an abrasive manner. Aries is the child of the zodiac. Children love to get attention, but don't always do it in the most gracious ways. They may also be irritable and argumentative.


Seeks Sexual Fulfillment in a Relationship

They can be most passionate in love and romance. People with Venus in Aries have a need for sexual fulfillment in their relationships. They don't want a partner who isn't enthusiastic about sex. If you are longing to be their partner be ready for them to get physical. The love nature becomes more physical when Venus is in this passionate sign. They need an outlet for their powerful creative energies and sex is certainly on of those outlets.

Their relationships may also be based on physical attraction. They are prone to become entangled in some passionate involvements.

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Aries: Eagerly Rushes Into New Things

Aries is the sign of new beginnings. They are always willing to give love a chance, but may lack staying power in relationships. Not sticking around to see things through is one of their faults. They are known for their enthusiasm at starting new projects. Once that enthusiasm fades they abandon things. They are better at starting things rather than finishing them.

Aries people can be aggressive. Chasing after a potential romantic partner can be exciting for them. They are direct in expressing their feelings and may use love bombing to win over a potential partner. Make sure that they are willing to see who you are beneath the surface.

Since they are impulsive and prone to choosing partners based on physical attraction they may pick a partner they have little in common with. Sometimes they may decide to get married too soon. Selecting someone based on surface qualities who is unsuitable for them in the long run means that their marriages may be difficult.

Venus shows us the manner in which someone reaches out to other people. It also gives us a clue as to how they go about expressing their affection. Venus in Aries people are aggressive about self expression. Their outgoing personalities make them the life of the party. They are never shy about pursuing new love. They plunge in with great enthusiasm as they love the chase! Women who are born with Venus in Aries types may find the thrill of the chase alluring. They can abandon traditional sex roles in order to be the pursuant.


Venus in Aries is a Lover & a Fighter

They may find themselves in conflict with others because they are highly competitive. Life is a contest in their minds. Winning first place is their objective when it comes to relationships. They don't like to come in second to anyone. It crushes their ego. They simply want to be the best.

They are prone to use force to get their way. This may mean that they lack the ability to reason at times.Sometimes they can be foolish if they haven't acquired wisdom in matters of the heart. They refuse to back down and admit defeat. On the bright side they don't let failed relationships get them down. They bounce back with great enthusiasm and a lust for life. Their resilience can be an endearing trait.

Competing with rivals makes love all the more thrilling for these competitive lovers. The lure of reeling in a popular person who reflects on them in a positive light is extremely enticing to them. They may be the type who is driven to find a trophy partner.

Venus in Aries people demand a lot of personal attention. Their need to be number one can make them difficult. Their self-centered approach to life may mean that they are less thoughtful of your needs. Their wish is for you to cater to their desires. If Venus is afflicted in their chart they may possess bad manners. When Venus is positively aspected there is a positive attitude and cheery personality.

Their reckless nature with money can also cause quarrels within relationships.They can be very generous, but money may slip through their fingers. Their willingness to gamble is not always a bad thing. All new enterprises involve an element of risk. Venus in Aries people put themselves out there and make success possible. You can never win if you don't play the game! Having a prudent partner might help them even out their shortcomings.


How Can Venus In Aries Improve Their Relationships?

Venus is a planet about relationships. It shows areas where there is an ability to relate to people or where the difficulties may lay. Afflictions to Venus show problem areas which need to be worked on. If you have a bad chart there is no need to fret. You can always identify what issues you need to work on. Venus lets us know what we need to work on in the social realm and in terms of personal gratification.

People born with this Venus placement may need to learn how to become more considerate towards others. Improving their ability to relate to people is something which would definitely improve their lives. With a little introspection and examination of the consequences of their actions their relationship will become more solid. If they stop making impulsive decisions and harness their good qualities like willpower, self confidence, and regeneration they will get the most out of their relationships.

Venus indicates how a person expresses their emotions in a relationship.Venus in Aries people may overwhelm you because they don't hold back in expressing their feelings. Beware of love bombing from them if they don't know you very well! Their love of engaging in a passionate pursuit may cloud their judgment. Be sure to use your judgment when engaging with them.

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